No longer confused.... DiazDoll March 2015!!!!!

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So I was suppose to go to Yily last year, did my...

So I was suppose to go to Yily last year, did my deposit went out there and turned back around. The signs were there not to do it. Anyways now this year I decided Cali, Columbia. Now before that I did a consolation with Dr Fisher and Dr Miami. It was understood I just needed BBL and Fat Transfer. Dr Fisher cost 5,200 and Dr Miami 6,000. Nothing included as in Meds, Stay, Garments, exams etc.... Now to Columbia I sent pics to Dr Villalobos and Dr Velasco. I actually met with Dr Velasco here in Queens. Such a sweet heart!! Love him very honest and will snatch that waist from his before and after pics. Only puts two holes. One b/w your butt crack and The one in front at the belly button, the drain comes out the side to the right so that hole there as well. I believe there might have been in the back but it's so tiny I couldn't tell on the ladies bc I was very interested in scarring. I don't keloid but to be honest I never had a cut or puncture wound like that ever. Just scratches that gave scabs. Anyways be checked me and said I needed a Tummy Tuck!!!! I died inside a little bc I only have one son that's five, I'm still 20 something years young (lol) and I gained this extra fat for surgery in the 1st place so I would spend my money on something worth while!! So it's like I went from 139 to 172 for a year on purpose and now I need a tummy tuck???!!!! :-( Anyways it's going to be 4300 basically for TT, Lipo, BBL. I didn't ask how much without TT bc I was so traumatized. Anyways that's just the price for surgery alone. Stay is 14 days $100 a day, meds, insurance, 2 faja's $700. And you must get there 2 days ahead minimum. Flight is $700. All this already exceeded my budget but if I want to keep my March Date I will make a deposit of $500 Monday and pay for my flight ticket to show them. That sums up Dr Velasco. He is such a sweet heart tho!! Oh and I did ask what will happen if I don't to TT bc I plan on having more kids and I don't want to feel the pressure my friends felt after having a TT. Plus yuck the scar after it was all stretched out is still imbedded in my head. My friend had a nice line healing nicely by as she became 7 months it was all stretched and darkened and cause her a lot of pressure and pain at times. She has to get it done over. That's besides the point, His reply was I will have loose skin afterwards that when I sit down is when you will really see that. I am honestly sadden bc I don't want a Tummy Tuck. And I really believe honestly that my skin may snap back. It did after my son minus around my belly button but that was my fault bc I kept my belly button ring in. I feel if I rub my belly with tightening cream it will work. I need your thoughts dolls! Any one with this experience?? My sister said I don't need no damn TT (her words) bc she seen bigger come out flat no loose nasty skin. However my best friend like well if the Dr says so do it. IM CONFUSED!!!!!! :-(
Oh and before I forget Dr Villalobos quoted me 4700 (said I need TT too :-( ) but that includes everything. Meds, insurance and 2garments and massages. Have the stay the same 14 days come 2 days prior and the Recovery home is sophistique for $100 a day. If I had someone coming with me (like my sis who rather go to DR) it would be $85 and we share a room together. However if I take out TT and just get my Lipo and BBL it's 3500 everything I stated above included. That's within my budget including the $700 flight and you out 10% down for deposit. So that's. $350. I'm going the same March.
Now before I end this I also want to add I spoke to Handsome Dr Manuel Diaz on What's App and do you know even on his day off he still wrote me back and said he will check my pics and give me my quote tomorrow Monday. Another sweetheart! I know two ladies or my complexion and a little thicker ( one that did tt and one that didn't do tt) both look great scarring wasn't that bad on the TT to be honest but it's there and that one end to the Other scares me. She has a handsome hubby and beautiful family with kids so it's cool. I am now single with one kid and will be very self conscious of my body. The other girl with no TL had a little Tummy but looks great!! No loose skin at all. Dr Diaz did that!! Did both great actually. And his pricing and package deals are great and with budget and I don't have to stay 2 weeks. Sigh.... I'm so confused. And I don't know what dates he has. I need it a specific time frame bc it has to be when my son is on break from school. So idk yet until tomorrow Monday what to do. I need to make my decision tomorrow as well bc that deposit has to go out to someone to lock In my date and get my flight ticket before it gets any higher.
Oh what I forgot to mention. The young beautiful ladies that was waiting to see Dr Velasco said Dr Villalobos work is great bc they know girls who went to him and loved it. Down side is the scars. He put to many holes. One under the butt cheeks, two in the back and in the front and looks big. I know it's bc he probably used a bigger lipo cannula to get more fat out at a time. If anything I will ask if he can use a smaller cannula but I don't want to insult him either. I'm so confused. Do I really need that Tummy tuck tho?????

So maybe Dr Velasco is a go..... Hmmm

Ok so I followed some lovely ladies on here honest advice and told the Dr I don't want a Tummy tuck. He said he believe I should get it but if I don't that is ok however he will just do lipo on my back and some on my stomach. Basically he won't be aggressive with the lipo to my stomach bc he doesnt want to risk the extra looking skin bc that's not his work. Oh and he will just charge $2000.

Now I totally understand him but I want as much fat out my stomach and to create a fat butt. However that price tag is perfect and worst come to worst I can add another area to get more fat out like my inner thighs I guess. Or I will just come back again next year for round two. Right?? He is a great Dr and does good natural work so I think I should be ok.

Dr Diaz hasn't wrote me yet to give me my quote but once I finish work I'm going to make a deposit some where. Also the meds, insurance, faja, blood work, ekg, massages $700. If I stay for less then 10days my stay is $120 a day however if I stay for over 10days its cheaper. So from The 23rd to the 3rd is $990. All under my budget so I think I will add doing my cheeks for an extra $600. MAYBE Lol. So yeah Dolls I believe the sweetheart Dr Carlos Velasco will be my Doctor. I will send another message to Dr Diaz just in case... Lol

It just got real!!! Decisions.....

Decisions!!!! Dr Velasco assistant hit me up like she can't hold the date for me anymore after tomorrow and now I just finished talking to Dr Diaz!!! So this is some of what he emailed me:
The quote for Lipo (abdomen, back, sides, thighs)+ BBL is 3400 US dollars and this price includes: blood work, x-ray, ekg, cardiovascular evaluation, anesthesiologist, surgical procedure, one night at clinic, garment, massages and follow up. I can make a package including 8 days stay (minimum amount of days need to stay), transportation from-to airport and pos op meds for 4200 US dollars. The flight is not included. The payment is cash only.When are you planning to come for surgery? You will have to save the date with a 300 US dollars deposit to our Bank of America account ...... Etc etc etc
Ummm yea!!! Lol I will go for that. Flights cheaper too. The only thing is idk if he doesn't fat removal from the cheeks like Dr Velasco does. I will ask later. All I need to know is the dates he has available. It will make or break the deal for me. I'm very excited but still who to choose! I will give update shortly if not tomorrow morning. Both Dr's have bank Of America accounts so it's who account ima make a deposit into.... ( I know I'm dramatic lol) :-)

It's Official, I will be a Diaz doll March 2015!!

Ok I'm pissed bc this is my 4th time trying to post this update. I swear Real Self on the phone isn't a good look smh..... Anyways in nut shell I'm just writing to say I am confirmed for Diaz March 24th flying out the 23rd. Anyone going from NY we can be travel buddies. I already purchased my ticket. I bought stuff from Amazon but I'll post it another time when Real Self isn't acting up.... I'm very excited and ready to do this and get it over with so I can get thru the pain and start showing out lol.
Later Dolls.... Also below is the last email he sent me this Morning on stuff to bring...
Here is the list of things to bring: bed chux, extra pillows, warms socks (due to coldness from anesthesia), at least 3-4 sun dresses, arnica cream, water pills (for swelling), vitamins of your choice, compression socks (if you don't want to buy them at cipla), a bobby pillow, a rolled up yoga matt (for BBL patients, for extra lumbar support when laying and sitting), dry shampoo, extra warm comforter (de to coldness from anesthesia), at least 4 packs of baby wipes (any brand, fragrance or not, doesn't matter), 2 big packs of pads (the poise brand preferable, the biggest you can find), 5-6 cotton t-shirts (for comfort when wearing your garment). Keep in mind some of this stuff are optional and not all of the items are 100% necessary, however, will make your recovery a little bit easier. If you have any other question don't hesitate to ask.

Less than a week to go!

I'm actually ready to do this and want to get this over as soon as possible so I can come back home to my baby. I'm not scared just want to get the show in the road already. I took my blood today so by Friday I will know where I'm at. I been taking a lot of vitamins and pills (not a good pill taker) along with liquid iron. I was 12.4 last year so hopefully it's higher. I only have 5 more days to get it a 12.7 so we'll see. My vitamins are making me a little sick so I plan on discontinuing them till after surgery. I will just do the iron and Bromelin and Arnica Montana tablets for now. Also I am bathing antibacterial soap as well as taking antibiotics my Dr prescribes for patients post surgery. I "borrowed" a lot of stuff from my old job for this surgery like sterile water, normal saline, antibacterial wipes, sterile, drapes, gauze, sterile gloves, sterile q-tips. Also chuck pads and deposable pillow cases (I'm really funny like that lol). I have a little donut, lipo foam, pee cup thingy for women, stool softener, two types of arnica gel, adult desposable wipes that I will use with my antibacterial soap, and the overnight pads. I'm bringing my son's spider man sleeping bag, a robe, 4 maxi dresses, one big sweats to wear and come home in, a back of wife beaters and white tees to wear between my skin and the lipo foam then my faja on top. I don't want to risk any burns and/or lines from the faja. I have a towel I'm throwing away there and a pack of socks. Also I'm going to bring small water bottles and a pack of nutriments. 6 & 6 should do bc I figure they will feed me lol. I'm not a big eater anyways when I'm sick or not feeling well. I also have a pills my Dr prescribe for anti nausea I will take before and after surgery due to the anesthesia. Even have an Ativan and Valium for relaxation and to sleep just in case I'm antsy or in pain that I can't sleep. Oh and Vicodin as well for pain. I got the hook up lol. What else do I need ladies from your experience? I just want to be safe and sound and return home with no issue. I know I need the compression socks and water pills I believe.

Hemoglobin :(

I been taking iron pills and vitamins which gave me a bad headache so I switched to just iron pills twice a day. Well I got my labs back for my hemoglobin and it was an12.1 :( I am so sad I been crying. I know my Hemo is suppose to be 12.7 for surgery. The last thing I really want is a blood transfusion but even worst for Dr Diaz to tell me he isn't doing my surgery. My menstrual cycle is coming but that's usually like the 25 26. And last for 3 4 days. I thought if I do it before it comes I would beat the low hemoglobin but no. I only have 3 days so I figure I will just endure the upset stomach and bad headaches and take my vitamins and take my iron pills three times a day along with pur absorb (liquid iron). Tonight I had fish and broccoli. All suppose to be good. Tomorrow buying a big bag of trail mix, shrimp, pineapples and spinach. From then till now (if I don't die from iron overload) I pray it will increase.
The reason I'm so serious about this is because I honestly only have exactly what I need for my surgery. I only work per Diem bc I go to school for nursing. I have a little one and I just don't have the money. My family doesn't support me so the only help I'm getting is to have them watch my son and with that I still have to buy his snacks and food. I'm leaving by myself Monday Morning to the airport by public transportation. That's how much they don't support me. Any ladies have an idea of how much the transfusion cost? Can me taking $210 US dollars be enough. Only thing is on Friday my BFF said she will send me $100 out of my paycheck so I'm thinking since I'm staying at the Hospital they will give me time bc I'm not going no where.
Side note I really been anemic most of life so being a 12.1 is actually good lol

Wish Pic

Said I wouldn't do one bc I want to be realistic however how many times you think I have to do a BBL to achieve this??!! Lol

Bad news... :(

I tried it iron overload this weekend. Yesterday had fish and broccoli with orange juice filled with liquid iron and all my vitamins plus iron pill. Felt sick but went to bed. Then today I had orange juiced filled with liquid iron my vitamins and iron pill. Felt nausea and ate a burger n chicken nuggets. Drank a ginger ale bc I was feeling so sick. Later ate a spinach salad with beets, baked chicken, tomatoes and cucumbers. Drank fresh squeezed orange juice. Took pills and that was it. With hours I was throwing up uncontrollable. 5 times!! Even driving myself home I threw up and was on the side of the road nausea headache and all. Got home cleaned and passed out. I threw everything up but I'm still waking up now feeling the urge to throw up. I give up. No more pills no more orange juice and liquid iron. I'm just going and seeing what happens. Maybe I will not do my thighs. Just lightly on my tummy and flanks then bbl. I have such a bad headache and sick to my tummy. I haven't packed or anything into my suitcase. Worst feeling ever and I only have two days to get it right. It's all in God's hands now. Still sad tho.... :(

Just getting back from the hospital

I had to be rushed to the emergency by my boo. I was trying to go out to support my best friend for her birthday. Still throwing up and still going to the bathroom but I tried. Well we got outside and I felt so dizzy walking and threw up again. I couldn't stand anymore so he carried me down the block to the hospital (thank God I live by the hospital). I was given IV bc I was very dehydrated. I info was translated wrong bc they thought I took meds to over dose and kill myself. My boo is an idiot smh. I was able to clear it up and they explained that too much is toxic and etc etc etc. I just needed quiet for my pounding head, cold water for my throat and to get the taste out my mouth. I didn't want or need my tummy pumped bc I have thrown up so much their is nothing left. I threw up cake from the other day it looked like. I just wanted to headache and sick feeling to go away. Anyways fast forward I am now back home in bed lying down still. I do feel a whole lot better. Just a slight headache only. I am going to just try and take the iron pill alone. If I'm still getting sick from one iron pill alone then I just might not go tomorrow. I mean how will I withstand and iron drip in DR then? Idk but let me rest in my own bed where it's comfy and take this one iron pill and see how I feel later

Good news Now!!

I am a mess lol. Well I had emailed Dr Diaz about my hemoglobin and he stated 12 is good for surgery and a blood transfusion is only needed after surgery only if your hemoglobin drops which will be $250 US 2 pints of blood. I pray I don't need that!!! I feel a whole lot better now. Ok now for that nap then waking up to pack. My flight is 8:30 in the morning. Sheesh I have so much to do and go buy! God is good :)

Finally Made it!!!

And what a day I had smh. It started out with me missin my flight this morning bc this idiot over slept. I had to pay $200 to get on the next flight so I dipped into surgery money. Then after a 4.5 hour wait I get to DR only to wait another 1.5 hour for my pick up. Turns out the Driver Predo was waiting for another girl to come to Armonia ( Yayyyyyy!!) however they failed to tell him she cancelled her stay with Armonia to stay somewhere else associated to Dr contreas. I believe stiletto or something. So if course I missed the Dr and he said I will do everything tomorrow morning at 7am. Now I'm scrambling to get funds bc this jerk of a man.
Anyways everyone is nice Myra is very nice. This place is beautiful. Made it to the mall in time for western Union bc it close by 8. Was able to get just enough for tomorrow. I just pray I don't need anything extra. Here are some pics of the place. A rush job bc we ran out to the mall and now I need to hurry and eat my last meal before 10pm. Before pics coming next! I'm so happy and nervous!!

Today is the day!!

I woke up like every hour on the hour thinking it was time lol. I barely slept for the past week (bad toothache, anxiety, excitement) so I just pray that with all the backed up sleep I can really get rest and sleep and heal (or Valium it is to knock me out lol). I'm about to shower with y Antibacterical soap, which might I add TSA went in to my broke my lock and took the other four I had in there out. So I'm left with the half bottle I had kept in my personal handbag. I'm going to take a good shower bc I think I will only be able to take about 3 good ones or at least this good one 5 small bird bath little ones with the adult wash clothes I brought and one good one before I leave for home. I have to hurry now. The nurse came to check if I'm almost ready now and have everything. Here are my before pics. I will let you know what's what's when I get to Cipla. My out constant prayers are helping bc I feel more excited then nervous! Thank you!!!

The next 24 hours

God is good all the time!! Ladies what a 24 hours I had. I calmly waited in my room and about to 2 I took the blue pill. I still was up just waiting but from there things went into slow motion lol. The guy comes gets me puts me in a bed and wheels me out to the elevator. Idk what floor we go to but it was different. I get picked up and placed on another table in the OR room. Clean and big. I tried to eye ball the instruments but It was sealed closed. The guy in the OR now said my name and I said si presenté. Then a lady laughed and said my name again and I said presenté again. This turned out the be the anesthesiologist. I knew bc she stuck the IV In my hand. I said haste frio (I'm cold if I'm spelling it right) and the guy rubbed my arms as he took my gown off the held me to the side into him. I'm damn this is real sweet how he trying to keep me warm. SIKE!!!! 4 sticks In my back. I was friends with him anymore. Anyways I was turned around my thigh compression socks this lovely lady gave me for free ) so I didnt have to pay the $20 they were asking for) so kind! Thanks Diana. Another Diaz Doll snatched up!! :-) Anyways he pulled it down to my knees where it's been all this time now and started using bedadine to clean me. He soaks me down turns me and like pour a lot on to sterilze my skin. Then IV hooked up and blue sheet placed up and I was out. I woke back up at the end when I was being turned around and faja going on and I seen the Dr tall handsome self pulling me or the faja idk but felt good to see him and fell back asleep. I wake up in a different room I started with, nursing Hooking up a new IV bag and draining my bags. 1st I search for the closet and peep that bag is in there. I look over my Spider-Man pillow and blanket (sons idea to remember him by

Ummm where is the rest of my post!!????

Cont'd from above---- is on the sofa beside my bed. I feel better but notice I was freezing so I told them in Spanish and they put the blanket over me. I covered my face bc all the bright lights and talking going on around me. This was like around 6 now. I slept and realized that I had a nurse staying with me. I'm like who is this still sitting here Wont turn off the Tv??!!! Lol then around 7 the Dr came in to check on me before he left for the day. Soon after whatever drugs I had in me weared off and I was in PAIN!!! Idk but I can't sugarcoat this pain. From a 1-10 10! And you are on us butt. Can't move at all. Even if you tried it hurt more. I just periodically used my arms to lift myself up for a second of temporary relief. I am still in pain. I probably slept 3 hours total thru the night. Got pain meds in my IV like 9 that barely worked for like an hour then I was crying and around 3 another round. I slept till 5. I was up trying to think happy thoughts and looking forward to getting up. This is when the action begins. 7 blood is drawn to check my hemo. 8 Brulinda comes to give me massage. It's so painful sitting up and getting my faja removed but as soon as she starts and I'm sitting up I start to feel dizzy and almost pass out. I have sweating bullets despite its cold and I have to lay back down. My nurse fans me and gives me water while Brulinda rubs me down and helps me lay down. Brulinda calls the Dr and he comes like 8:30. Makes me get back up to look at me and check me and breaks the bad news to me. I NEED A BLOOD TRANSFUSION :-( My mom say no don't do it but bf said yes to get strong n come back home and sending $250 for it. I just want to go home to my baby. I'm still waiting on blood lying on back in pain. I won't do this again. Can't wait for blood so I can get up and put faja on. I'm swelling and it hurts more. It's 10:45 just get meds for pain. My nurse is so good to me. I advise everyone coming alone PLEASE GET NURSE! Best $50 you spend. She still here with me up until I go to recovery home. She gave me her blanket even to use with mine bc it's freezing. She is so good to me. Fatima is her name and its Armonia Recovery. I'm trying to
Stay strong but it hurts. I pray blood comes soon. Dr Diaz came back to check on me. Give me meds like antibiotics, pain pill n scar cream. Off to surgery he said but will come back check on me again. Such a kind man. Held my hand, empty drain and reassured me. Ok will check back after blood transfusion.

Blood Transfusion

I triple checked to make sure they know what blood they're giving me. Make sure it's my blood type. I'm only getting one bag for now so that's 150 I believe. I will pay tomorrow or when I come back and give it to pebbles the Dr said so that's cool. There is absolutely no way I would make it to western union like this. I'm still lying down on my back and butt. Still hurts but pain is at 7 bc I made myself roll over and rubbed my butt. I still don't know what it's like. The nurse looked at my before pic and said its big but idk. She has nothing so before to her I had a booty too. Once the bag is done my blood will be drawn again and I will try again the process of getting up and stuff. I pray I'm good this time. I can't wait to be able to walk around and eventually leave and lie on my tummy. I will keep you guys updated. I really want to take after pics for ya'll.

Transfusion done

Finally getting up now. Oh how it feels great. My back and butt has been on fire for what I want to say a good 24 hours just lying down. I just want to throw this faja on and walk around and leave to go to my recovery home. Eat some chicken with pineapple juice. I have to be back tomorrow to see the Dr and pay my money for the transfusion. I wish I still had the catheter bc I'm thinking how I'm going to pee now?? Lol ok well see how night 2 goes......

Back home

Hi Dolls! What an experience! Idk if I will do it again lol. Let me start by saying my service sucked ass at Armonia and I was downstairs in a room without a mirror so I couldn't take consistent pics and to have Brulinda do it, horrible. The nurses lol not any better so I was like this isn't worthy of you guys. I regret it now bc you just need to see it regardless and just maybe reading your comments could have possibly made me feel better. By day one and two I had the fattest butt in Armonia the ladies joked and told me every time I passed. By day 3 I was depressed, sad, unhappy and with Fever. I believe thats what contributed to the ill thoughts and feelings. I also was jealous that I couldn't be one of the girls with the instant results. Then I felt stupid for being so helpless at times when girls who did more are managing. This is more so an emotional thing to be honest. I didn't get out of bed all day Friday and Half of Saturday. The nurse knew something was up and took my temp and turned out I had a fever and put ice on my head along with Tylenol extra strength. By Sunday I was up and tried to move around with the other girls. Ladies walk but don't exert yourself. I was dizzy and almost passed out at the DR version of Walmart bc we was in there for 2 hours lol. Oh and the looks and stares... GET USE TO IT! I'm telling you this now bc had I went with my lil sis she would have beat everyone in there. They all state at you up and down in Ya face look at your body, your drain, your wisdom in the back of Ya mouth everything. Just smile and keep it moving. That's their culture. In America it's rude but to them, blah.... Let me add pics and after this much needed nap I will write another post with specific details I want to share to yall. Also most importantly THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT AND PRAYER!!!!

Post op at home

It's seriously no joke. I kinda took for granted the help and just how the nurses at the recovery home made it easy for me. I am more stiff and in pain then when I was out there. My swelling actually seems more that I went from closing my stage 1 faja at 3 to closing it back at one! Smh a mess. No daily massages either. Brulinda would come to me early in the morning massage me. While I get massages the ladies at the recovery home would come in and take my breakfast order, pick up my faja and whatever clothes to wash it so in a few hours I get a fresh clean faja to put on after I am cleaned down. Tuh! My mom barely likes helping me put my faja on so I'm either just stuck here and no one to help. Sheesh how I miss DR. The Dr did tell me to drink water the swelling is normal. Also he gave me the number to two massage ladies. The 1st one is actually a few blocks from me in the bronx vs the other one on a different side of the Bx so I booked her This Saturday at 1pm. It's $50 for an hour. This will help greatly and it's pretty much the same amount as if in DR. To be honest it's $25 for like 30mins. So girls got less the 30mins for a different massage lady that comes to Armonia. Brulinda was good and it would go up to 40 mins with her. I had 10 massages included in my package. She would come twice in a day. Try to get you all your massages before you leave. I'm hoping I feel better. I try to just walk around my house for 20 mins standing straight but it's exhausting and painful. The only thing I can say over staying in DR is I can take nice warm baths Daily at home. My mom ran the water in the bucket bc direct water from the shower head on my body Hurt. She also put Dettol antiseptic liquid you wash in. It's good for my little incisions to be cleaned. I react to bacitracin after a while so I stopped using it. This helps. And to eat a different variety of food! It's almost the same thing everyday at the recovery home. It's all good food (minus the hamburger in my opinion that got me sick and with diarrhea) but always chicken! And rice and beans. By day 5 I was ready for dominoes or something lol. Let me sum up my stay at Armonia, I would stay there again if I go by myself bc I have 3 friends within the nursing staff that I keep in touch with now and will always take care of me well. If I'm with someone else I would try a different place. AC is fine but only on the rooms so the common area is hot when it's hot out and a lot of flies and Mosquitos. For me I hate Mosquitos and bugs period ( which is a me thing. I go to the park trying to kill bugs lol) so that and getting hot which in turn made me itchy was good bc I wanted to sit out and talk to the girls longer. The real mirrors are upstairs. I found that out on my last day bc I made myself walk upstairs to go into then other girls room. Mirror heaven! My room didn't have a mirror. I would have to cross over naked pass the dining table to the mirror galore on the other side downstairs. A lady and her husband were next door so I didn't there do that. It also can be overwhelming so the working ladies may forget to come back in time for something. You get a call bell and that bad boy was ringing off all day lol. Poor ladies! Lol, oh and it's very clean. The cleaning lady comes like 3 times s day to clean. Bed sheets changed daily. Myra runs it. Very nice lady and speaks good English. I just advise that you make sure you get what you pay for. For instance a 24 over night nurse when you stay at the hospital after surgery is $50 in your package deal with them. A girl only did her breast and came the same day back to the recovery and didn't need a nurse. They didn't say anything so she had to go to them for that refund back. And Pedro is the better driver. David will try and charge you more in my opinion. So I give Pedro the money as tip bc he doesn't ask or charge you. Armonia is beautiful, very big and deck area lovely upstairs. More updates later but here are a few pics of Armonia and me on the deck and in the upstairs rooms at the mirror.

Some pics didn't upload....

Idk but whatever... More pics and reviews to come later


I had my 1st massage today. Here in the Bx. $50 for an hour. Basically the 1st 30 mins if a full massage, with the machine that has a frequency you hear in your brain (don't ask just know it happened lol). It was a deep tissue painful painful massage. ALL massages are painful. Let me be clear ALL massages you will get are painful however you will feel better when it's done. Like I was able to get up a little faster. I stood up a little straighter. Not as stiff as before. Just really achy. Then the last 20 mins she wrapped me in an ace bandage that was wet around my black, chest, stomach and then wrapped me in a foil that warmed me up and I fell asleep. Then I woke up and she got me up and dressed. She's very busy so make sure you call before coming. My appt was 1 but she told come back an hour later and still didn't get to me till 2:20. Still wasn't able to get me into my stage 2 size small faja but she said within another week or two I will bc I am very swollen and inflamed and my entire lower back needs to be drained out. I told her no draining out bc that's another $50 or so. Maybe $200 idk but it's nothing I can afford right now. I will try this Lympathic drain cleanser that supposedly helps with that. Take it twice a day and you pee A LOT!! I put a picture up. Ladies post op care after you leave DR is hard. You really must wear your faja 24/7. You will be so uncomfortable, stiff, in pain and extremely swollen. Your vajayjay gets swollen. Feet might still be swollen. Body inflamed hurts when touched smfh. They don't really warm you about this. And this last for a month!! That's the massage lady told me. She see 20 girls a day and after the 4th week the massages aren't as painful. The drainage and swelling down. I am miserable more so then I am happy. I want the days to go by. I take pain meds twice a day and Benadryl before I go to bed for the itching. I drink a lot of water and eat regular. I take bromelin as well. Sigh... One day at a time. I looked at my butt bc it's gone down some and say oh damn I need a round two for real. Then I try to sit down or pick something up or go pee even and it's like why did I do this and hell no I'm not doing this again lol. The motions!! Lol

I need draining

The spoke to Dr Diaz Easter night and sent him my pics. Also this morning and he really wants me in my stage 2 faja but says it's ok if I get my back drained bc it looks it. He asked me to feel it if it feels like liquid and my pain sensation also if I got massages. He really cares about his patients. I'm still going to get my massage tomorrow however I'm not letting her drain me yet till the lymphatic drain stuff comes in the mail. I can't stand needles. Also I have info about a Dr in Washington Heights that see patients from DR. $100 1st time he sees you and $50 every time after. I might consider going to him for the drainage as long as its not an additional whatever afterwards. Ladies make sure you save about a good $500 for post - op care/needs. In like buying new fajas, getting massages, maybe draining, not being able to go back to work as soon as you thought. I was thinking I can go to work like this Wednesday to make a couple dollars but nah not happening. I need the full three weeks off. I can't even walk up straight yet lol. Tomorrow I have an appt along with a few errands and my massage later. Lord help me lol I put up pics from when I went to go get a massage. Oh and before and after pic. This is just two weeks out. Remember I am inflamed, swollen, and have fluid build up. I will make another before and after in another two weeks. I'm hoping after a change in faja, no fluid build up, X amount of massages I will have improved. Thanks for following my journey dolls :)

Officially 3 weeks

Today I am officially 3 weeks. I am now driving but very slow bc of the bumps and moving a little faster. The swelling is no better. Except my Vajayjay isn't swollen anymore. I opted out of my massage lady draining me until a month hits. If I still have fluids by then I will do it. I have gotten smaller and feel a little too natural. I feel l look like a regular girl who just happens to have a flat tummy no fat any where and a plump round little booty. No wow factor. Yesterday my 5 year old son basically said he's embarrassed with the way I look. I look like a old lady bc I walk slow and I'm not all dressed up. I do admit I have been looking a bit "homeless" according to my best friend. I wear a baggy loose shirt and baggy sweats and a big long sweater. I haven't worn real clothes since I got back lol. And I wear flip flops. Well I only go to the massage lady and back home. Did like two store runs but sat down while the family did the running around lol. Anyways yesterday Monday, I wore some leather joggers that was a size medium from Forever 21 that was baggy on me and a dress that's a medium that before I left I tried on in the fitting room and fit nice hiding all my rolls and fit close to my skin. Well the pants fit me now. Not crazy tight tho but the nice kind of fit you can say. Also the dress was so big on me I had to tie the waist part tighter without it looking stupid. I rolled it under to make it a long cute shirt instead. Now I didn't try anything else on bc to put all those clothes on by myself with the faja and padding was a lot of painful work. The bending down, lift my arms over my head to take off clothes put on clothes. Very exhausting. I left it as is and kept it moving. I mention this bc my advice to girls having surgery soon DONT BUY ANY CLOTHES IN PREPARATION FOR YOUR NEW BODY! I was thinking about my butt that I didn't buy bottoms ( except the leather joggers) but I bought dresses like in size medium and large (smh). Now I haven't tried on any size large dresses but I know I will be swimming in it. For starters I'm like oh my butt will be so huge that I won't fit a small or a medium. I totally forgot about the fact that my stomach and waist and back will all be small. He made me back to the size small I was prior to all the weight gain. I totally didn't factor that. And my butt isn't even that big. Wtf was I thinking??!! I have receipts and stuff but I'm not a return to the store type of person so I will be giving away a lot of new clothes. (All my friends are happy). Also I had put in bags old clothes I felt I wouldn't fit. Yea ok once I am about 2 months I will go thru the bags and put it all back up in my closet. What a tragedy lol. It's bc I made myself so sloppy looking and fat gaining weight for this surgery I looked at myself in the mirror daily like yuck I'm so shapeless, un-cute, FAT, big belly rude gal. My best friend wanted to slap me yesterday bc she told me not to buy clothes especially bigger clothes and she told me I was never fat. I always was a slim girl with a belly and muffin top.

Self image is everything to us women but it can be lost in the facade of what we want to really look like verses what is really there. I look at other women and say I want that body but to be honest we are all shaped different and what may look good on her not so you. And after coming back from DR and even going for consultations with Dr's from Columbia and Dr Fisher and Dr Miami a lot of these girls go back several times! Yes 2-3 times. So not the 1st time around you not going to look like your wish pic but you will look a better you. A throwback you even before the weight gain or before the child(ren). I am happy with my results in the sense I am my old self plus with a booty. Now do I want bigger HECK YES! Lol booty greed is real. I wanted an ass you can see from the front lol. Now would that had looked right probably not but still lol. Anyways I put pics up of how I'm healing now. slow process but I'm getting there. Massages hurt like hell still Lord have Mercy smh. Take a pain pill 30 mins before you go for real. I am still not in my stage 2 faja and I feel that why I'm like a stand still with my progress so I'm going to force somebody to do it for me. My stage 1 don't do it for me anymore except those moments in the day I wake up from lying down and I'm swollen like hell. Or when I sleep without on my heating pad while it air dries over night. I spoke to Dr Diaz and he wants me in my stage 2 like since a week ago so we shall see who has the strength to stuff me in there. Thanks for following my journey dolls!!
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