cali colombia here i come!

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I'm Going to Colombia on the 19th of March, 2015...

I'm Going to Colombia on the 19th of March, 2015 and im so excited!!!! Im seeing Dr. harold paz and he is an AMAZING doctor with AMAZING results. I know 2 girls PERSONALLY who has seen him and WOW are the results amazing. the procedure is 4500, 800 for the medication and post op necessities, and 75$ per night for the recovery home which i have to stay at least 20 days because the airlines now want patients staying for 20 days after their procedure before they can fly! Can you believe that??? Anyway here are some photos of me NOW, and if he can fix this than you know to go see him!! Im a hard case with NO A**!!!! Ughhhhhh! I need a doctor!!


Wow time has flew!! 2 WEEKS AND I'll be changing my life forever!!!! I've been living in this body for 23 years and I'm so excited, but i cant stop thinking about DEATH! Is this NORMAL???? Do any of you girls who had plastic surgery go through this death faze? No matter how much work I've seen him do, i keep thinking what if IM A DIFFERENT CASE??? I went to the doctor and they cleared me, to operate my hemo needs to be at a 13, and without even taking supplements my hemo is already at a 14. So I'm taking 36 MG of iron supplements a day which the doctor approved is ok. Im so scared!!! My first surgery EVER, and then its OUT OF THE COUNTRY! A country I'm not even from! If it was Puerto Rico at least i have family there just incase im in need... Damn someone ease my mind! Half of the surgery is already payed for.. I guess nothing to it but to do it!


Got my test results back to be cleared for surgery, and im NEGATIVE in all my tests! Thank the Lord! Im CLEARED to go! I suffer from seizures as well so now off to the Neurologist to clear me to go under anesthesia! Hopefully he accepts. Anyone with any health issues like epilepsy who got the procedure done?


HOLY CRAP!!! Nervous!!!! Now look at my BOD!!!! I NEED HELP!!! I DONT EVEN THINK HE CAN FIX THIS! No hips, flattest ass in the world, long back.... Ughh


Ok so I'm not doing roaming because my phone bill will still be high, and im not jailbreaking my iPhone6. T-Mobile said my calls will be free as well as texting as long as im under wifi, anyone know where i can get a portable wifi that would work in Colombia? I've tried best buy but they dont have international ones! Help! :-(


been here for 2 days... Saw Harold paz yesterday and he says i need a tummy tuck. Im scared!!!!!!! 3 girls are here who are in recovery walking around in no pain like nothing happened... But im the only one getting a tummy tuck!!! HELP! Im scared!!!!!!!


Tomorrow I get full body liposculpture (including the arms), brazilian butt lift and a tummy tuck. IM SCARED!!! Please everyone who reads pray for me, thank you all!!! WILL UPDATE YOU ALL :)


Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. Why didnt anyone ever inform me the LIPO AND INJECTIONS HURT LIKE HELLL!!!! I cant move, hurts to pee, i have NEVER been in so much pain. My back is killing me too. The tummy tuck is the least pain. I thought i was going to die when they picked me up to use the bathroom because i got so lightheaded and couldnt see. i always got a HUGE allergic reaction on my face due to the plastic on the oxygen mask, and that hurts too. So not only am i in surgery pain, but now dealing with a swollen face! Dr Harold Paz was GREAT! Hes an awesome man and made me feel so calm before the surgery. DEF recommnd him. Thanks for all your prayers!!! Xoxo

2 days POST OP

My body looks beautiful but this is the LAST time im getting surgery. My boobs will sag FOREVER because I cant handle the pain. My back is FULL OF liquid where the nurse gives me a message then drains it and my entire back is NUMB. I got the worst face rash that I didnt sign up for, and it hurts to even lay down. Im uncomfortable 24/7 this pain is SERIOUS!!! I am the only Puerto Rican here.. The recovery house is full of dominican girls from Nyc who all had surgery in DR and said theyll never do SX in DR again. Something to consider. When i asked why they said over here its different, they lipo isnt aggresive, the anesthesia is better, and they dont leave the drainage in your body which hurt like hell. One girl here had a tummy tuck from Cabral and her scar is the highest scar I ever seen, and two days post op my scar is barely visible, right above my vagina, itll be invisible in 6 months. Something to consider ladies. Im so home sick though, and even though Im in love with my new body, when the pain hits i think what the hell did i do to myself. But they all tell me deal with the pain because when its all done itll be worth it. I hope so because im in so much pain I almost collapsed yesterday and couldnt even see. PLEASE PREPARE for post op pain, if I knew it was gonna be like this, i wouldve stood the way I was.

4 days POST OP

Every single day I count the days because I wish a month will fly by already so this pain could relax. I wake up in the middle if the night in so much pain and getting up from the bed hurts even more. Moving a muscle hurts. What did i do to myself!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so home sick. I cant wait until the day I can take a shower without help, or I can look at a chair without being so scared to sit on it. Time, please fly!!


HEY GUYS! Sorry i havent been on this for a while, but today I am 1 MONTH post op!! I finally feel so much better, am walking straight and the pain isnt unbearable. I am EXTREMELY swollen still and do look 3 months pregnant, but overall i am SO HAPPY with my results. HAROLD PAZ is amazing! Look at my before pics, and take a look at my after pics! Thanks Guys! Xoxoxo


I FEEL AND LOOK AMAZING!!!!! My butt jiggles and my lump is GONE! harold paz by far is AMAZING. Most of my swelling is gone just like they said it would go but ladies u WILL go through that depression stage of worry you might still be fat. Let your body HEAL!!!!! Because my stomach is SO FLAT only 7 weeks. I have sex now with my boyfriend and not an ounce of pain. The pain was horrific the first 9 days, then it was minor pain but annoying itching and tossing and turning at night, now, i sleep on my stomach no problem! Enjoy my 7 weeks post op pics... And for all the ladies who thinks their body is bad or no butt and NEEDS SOO MUCH WORK... Take a look at my before and after, just one session with Paz!


Ok so I'm about 12 weeks post op and I couldn't be happier. Harold Paz took great care of me, my mother even ended up going after seeing my results and she looks 10 years younger! I recently got my faja tightened because as the swelling goes down, my faja gets loose. Ladies the pain was unbearable for the first 2 weeks, but it was all worth it! Im 26" on the waist, and 40" on the hips!!! I'll return to Colombia for more lipo in October as I want a little more hip ???????? overall I'm happy, my body has completely changed and I'm even a size S!


Ladies I have received your messages and I know so many of you wanted to see my post op scar, or questions of how I'm feeling etc. well, everything was ALL peaches and cream because I was so happy of the change I didnt realize how serious It was. So remember when my tummy tuck kind of opened up, and i had to put medication on an open tummy tuck for it to naturally close. Well, i happened to receive a small infection as well as fibrosis!!!! I keep seeing doctors out here but no one would touch me to help me because of the fact that I did my surgery in Colombia. Having surgery in Colombia is such a HUGE risk, and think about the side effects as much as the beauty part of it because I had no ide that I would be going through this. On top of it all, I dont know if I told you ladies but during surgery, my face burned because of the face mask so make sure you get checked for LATEX ALLERGY before you do any surgery which they didnt check for me neither!! My nose is practically burned off and I'm so upset and hurt and in pain emotionally. I have to take an emergency trip to Colombia because no doc wants to help me here and I cant afford it fully. So I've set up a gofundme account that im having family help me with and ladies if theres anything you can do to help i would truly appreciate it! Every dollar counts! I cannot continue to press the issue how important it is for Post op Massages as well as STAYING IN COLOMBIA AS LONG AS THE DOCTOR TELLS YOU TO MAKE SURE NOTHING GOES WRONG! REMEMBER ONCE YOU HIT THE STATES, IT WILL BE SO MUCH HARDER! Love you all ladies and thanks so much for all your love and support and any questions please fee free to message me anytime! Xoxo muahs
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