28 Year Old, Always Wanted Boobies! - Calgary, AB

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I've been thinking about getting myself some...

I've been thinking about getting myself some boobies for the last 7-8 years especially since I lost a bunch of weight after University and I went from a small C to barely fitting an A now. However, it wasn't until July this year when I decided to finally get a consultation with the PS. I had my consultation mostly with Lana (one of his nurses) and she went through all the history, sizes and differences of silicone vs. saline implants. Dr. Perron did make an appearance for the last 5 minutes of the consult when I was trying on the sizes after he measured my breast plate and I did appreciate how attentive he was during the consult.
I went in without having any idea about what cc's I wanted. I knew I wanted silicone since when I researched online, most people agreed that was the most naturally looking. Also I only want to go to a full C or small D, nothing more. I knew Dr. Perron was known for the natural results for the BA's that he has done.
After that I just set my surgery date, scheduled my time off work and here I am.
He recommended the natrelle midrange profile 339cc for me in which I liked at that time. I did not have a chance to try on any other sizes and he did tell me during the consult that if I went small, it would look too small (since I had a larger breast plate) and if I went any bigger, it would steer away from the natural look that I was going for.
However, now that I am researching more online, I've noticed that most girls that have undergone BA in hindsight wished that they had gone slightly larger....so my question is....should I try the next size up (the 371 cc I believe) or I should stick with what the PS recommended?


My surgeon just called a couple days ago and unfortunately Sept 9th no longer works for them so I had to postpone it for Sept 12th. I know it's only 3 days later but still...I wish I can just get the surgery done and over with!

My stats

Sorry I forgot to add my stats in:

Age: 28
Height: 5"6'
Weight: 137 Ibs

I will definitely be adding some before pictures on here as soon as I have the time :D
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