Waiting 3 Years for This and Now Its Less Than 3 Weeks Away! - Calgary, Alberta

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Hey ladies!! So ive been reading on this website...

Hey ladies!! So ive been reading on this website for a while now and decided now its my turn. Your stories are truly encouraging and make me feel a whole lot better about the process. I've always had a bigger chest since ive had boobies! I'm only 5'0 so having 38DD's is really hard on my back and shoulders. I used to have 38DDD's but I have lost about 30 pounds since and I weigh about 135 now with the DD's. My surgery is scheduled for May 2. Thats less than 3 weeks away!! Eek!!!! I had my consultation 2 years ago and originally had it scheduled for Aug 31 of 2011 but my best friends wedding was 10 days later and I didnt want to miss that so i ended up postponing it. I can't believe how fast time flies. My biggest worry is the recovery and what Im going to look like after. My surgeon has given me two weeks off of work and Im hoping that it will be enough. Im honestly so scared of the pain :( I've read some stories where it just seems that its too much to handle. I hope my recovery goes well. And I also hope that im small enough. My surgeon says I will be a full C cup after. Heres hoping!! I do have some questions for you ladies. I currently have a personal trainer that I train with 2-3 times a week. How long did you wait before hitting the gym again?? And i would love to take up running or something to increase my cardio so I can focus on shrinking my belly now. Im worried that if i dont work out ill gain some weight back :( I hope everything goes okay.

Okay theres 9 days left and i feel completely...

Okay theres 9 days left and i feel completely unprepared. I was planning on going to get some bras this week for after the surgery and some other things:

- Sports bra
- Button up PJ's
- sweat pants and zip up hoodies to wear while im at home
- gauze
- benadryl in case of itching

Can you ladies recommend any scar lotions or oil? I have bio oil but i dont really like it. And is there anything else i might need?

I don't think its hit me yet. I think it will later on this week. I guess im still kind of in shock that this is really happening. I hope the next week goes by quick!

Well hello all! Tomorrow is my last day of work...

Well hello all!

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I went and got a few things yesterday for next week:

- gauze
- ScarZone
- Terrycloth bathrobe (Secretly i wanted one for a while anyway! :p)
- button up pajamas

Im going to stock up on books next week. I'll have a couple of days off before the day of. The hospital called me yesterday to walk me through the process when I get there. I have to call them on Tuesday to find out what time I need to go in. Its finally happening. I feel like my whole life is going to change. At the same time though I dont want to get my hopes up so much that Im dissapointed. Whatever happens, I realize that it will take time for swelling to go down until I see the actual shape. Im very impatient though. I guess we will find out in less than a week!

So excited!!

Time is ticking away. 2 more days. As in the day...

Time is ticking away. 2 more days. As in the day after tomorrow. Eek!! I have a couple days left and im just finishing getting a few more things. Going to stock up on books and moving my brothers PS3 to my room so I can watch Netflix. It's happening. I hope the next couple days go by fast. I will keep you guys posted!!

Hi ladies!! I made it :) wanted to update...

Hi ladies!! I made it :) wanted to update yesterday but was too doped
Up to do anything lol. Surgery took about 3 hours he said. Took 600g out of the left and 520g from the right. They do look much smaller! The pain however...ugh. And the nausea. Was up all night throwing up and had a really bad headache. Feeling much better now. I will try and post pictures later this week.
Dr. De Haas

So far ive seen him twice; once at my consultation and the second time at my pre op. He seems very kind and patient and answered all my questions. I've read up on him and hes had excellent reviews.

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