39 Year Old, 5'3, 115 Lbs. No Kids. Getting UHP 480cc Mentor (Under Muscle)!! Canada

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Hi all! In less than a month, I am getting my BA....

Hi all! In less than a month, I am getting my BA. I am BEYOND excited!! Since I've been reading all of your stories on here - I thought I would contribute a story or two! I love how supportive, helpful and honest everyone is on here!! I went for my post-op yesterday. Now we are at 25 days and counting....

11 more days!!!

Getting more and more excited! Not really nervous....I know I will be in good hands and I have nothing to worry about! Just wanted to post some "before" pics so you girls can see the wonderful change that is going to happen on May 11!!!!

Home and Recovering!!!

Made it home two hours ago, and feeling great!! When I woke up in the recovery room, I was a bit groggy so I lied there for a bit but it was uncomfortable on my back. My amazing nurse had me sit up, gave me a Percocet and then got me dressed. I sat upright in a chair and ate crackers and apple juice, and in 30 minutes, I was ready to go home! No nausea, no real pain --- just tightness when breathing! Home now, feet up, watching the Totonto Raptors game. Just had my second Percocet and loving life! I haven't taken a peek at my new additions, but plan to before I fall asleep! It was a super exciting day for me! Just happy to be home!

First peek!

Too lazy to go to mirror and take a selfie! My fiancé snapped a picture for my first look!

Day 3

Feeling great! Dr. Waslen did a wonderful job! The lighting in this picture is terrible, but placement is symmetrical and I love that my implants are not up under my chin! So happy with my decision to go with 480 UHP implants. Very proportional to my body type!!

Almost a week post-op

Things are going great...my breasts are a bit sore after a full day at work, but no real complaints! I have been wearing Champion Smoothie sports bras, and they are the best things I bought! Very supportive!

Wedding Dress Will Fit! :)

With a few minor alterations, my Katie May dress will fit! Looks like I won't need to panic and buy a new one at the last minute!!

What A Difference A Week Makes!!!

Bra Shopping!

I am a 32DD!!

3 1/2 Months Since BA....

I actually decided against my Katie May dress, and went for something a bit more "conservative" for my wedding... :)
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

I've met Dr. Waslen twice (consult on April 8th, then pre-op on April 15th) and he is very professional and easy to talk to. He is straight forward and knows what implant size would look good on my body type. I left feeling so confident that I am making the right choice with 480cc, Mentor UHP (under muscle). When I went back for my pre-op yesterday, I had the last appointment on Friday afternoon. I am sure everyone there had such a long day (it was really, really busy when I arrived). Dr. Waslen came in to the room, and had the patience of a saint. He even took the time to sit down and look at pictures of my wedding dress and answer my questions ("Will 480cc give me too much side boob? Will my dress still fit?"). Dr. Waslen was wonderful. He even went one step further, and sent me home with an implant-like insert. He told me to put it inside of my dress, and it will give me exactly the image of what my dress will look like with 480cc. Let me tell you, he put my mind at EASE!! I am so excited for surgery. 25 days!!!

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