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I finally did it. I have been wanting to have...

I finally did it. I have been wanting to have some work done down there for quite some time. I have had two children and been with 3 men in my life. Had a child then 10 years later had another. Things changed down there and I believe it was a direct result of having children, both of them were 8-9+ pounds. Very long and strenuous labours. I found out that the labia grows when pregnant as women have 100x more estrogen and as a result the labia can grow. My husband of 25 years told me I was crazy to get work done down there, he loves me as I am. I love him for it, but, If I can tell and feel a difference during sex I know he does. We don't have sex a lot, that is due to his libedo and not mine let me tell you that, but when we do have sex I don't feel I can clamp down enough, he is not big down there, I would say probably normal to maybe smaller? don't have a lot of experience to compare. I only know that over the years, and mainly since my last child was born, we have full intercourse once every month or two. I do know he likes to pleasure himself and even when we do have sex he finishes himself off 75% of the time. So how does that make me feel, well it confirms my feelings that I am not the same down there. I have been on RS for a couple years and read and am happy for so many women that have done whatever procedure to make them feel better. Life is truly short, I think our bodies are just a vessel to carry our souls around, a shell so to speak, so why not decorate it with tattoos, piercings, BA, TT, BBL, or what I have done. When we die we leave the shell behind. I was raised in an old fashion home where we couldn't even get our eyes pierced because if god wanted them we would of been born that way. Anyways.. I grew up and see things for what they are. So my journey began yesterday. I had booked my appointment over the phone with Dr. Allan in Calgary. He is a plastic surgeon but a Gynecologist, a specialist in that area. I am the type of person if I want to go and get something done, well I will go to the best in that field. I know regular plastic surgeons do these types but I wanted someone who knows that anatomy 100%. I booked it over a month ago, and since have been scouring and researching about this. Dr. Allan does this by local anesthia so the thought of being awake for that scared the hell out of me. You see my pain threshold on a scale of 1 to 10 is a -10! I couldn't even believe that "you wont feel a thing" but I booked it and tried to prepare myself. I love RS, everyone posts the good, the bad and the ugly and so I wanted a full rounded truthful information. I must say that I was even more scared. I already cancelled once and pushed my appointment as it "was my time of the month" and didn't want to be in that condition for this procedure even though you can do it then. Anyways I sucked it up and kept the appointment. I live 3 hours away from Calgary so Saturday morning I was up and ready and out the door for 7am. Erin works for Dr. Allan and I had been in communication via emails with her, she is AMAZING.. she got back to me fast answering all my questions or concerns. I drove directly there, before my 10:30 apt I gassed up my car because I wanted to drive directly home afterwards before the freezing wore off. I had a bowel movement before I left the house thank god. I suffer from constipation and have suffered for almost 15years. Lately I have been drinking Metamucil each morning and find that helps some. The more I researched on the internet about these procedures the more I thought OMG I do have that retrocelle or a prolapse or a cystocele... I thought forsure I had a retrocelle as it is where the muscle weakens and the walls of the vagina sort of collapse on your rectum and many women with this condition are constipated and have to push down there to help them go... I do this many times, so self diagnosed myself. Now the procedures I have will not really help that condition. So when I went into my appointment I was shaking, I was dry mouthed and felt as though I was going to pass out. The fear and anxiety were so bad. Bailey the front desk receptionist was there to greet me, she gave me forms to sign and then said I could go to the bathroom and come back to the room. She informed me Dr. Allan would come and do an exam, apply topical freezing and we would go from there. Dr. Allan came in, and he was FANTASTIC, very friendly and personable answered all my many questions and concerns and I told him about the fact I thought I may have a prolapse or a retrocelle. He said that during the exam he would know if I did have this, and if so we could discuss where I need to go from there, you see I still hadn't paid for my surgery yet. If I needed other work we would go that route! This is why I went to the expert, as other plastic surgeons who are not specialist in this area would of never knew how to check for prolapse or retrocelle. He told me I had great collegen, that I did not have any of those things and began to explain my vagina to me.. OMG all these years I had no idea about my vagina, I wondered what the pink fleshy skin was in the opening of my vagina and he told me that was part of the hymen, when you first have sex and it breaks that is the skin left behind he would "clean that up during procedure if it bothered me" and it did, as I wondered what the heck that was in my opening. He explained that the inside of the vagina is much like a mans penis, if you cut it in half and lined your vagina with it as it has as many nerves and stimulants as a mans penis! OMG.. so, I couldn't feel my husband 100% therefore I was not getting the stimulation I should, and It confirmed it for me that if I couldn't feel him 100% then when he had sex with me, he was not getting stimulated either. What is a man going to say, "love you but you feel a bit loose down there?" They will never say that. Anyways the put the numbing cream on and I got dressed and went to pay and sit for a bit.. I told him to double up the cream.. I told him how scared I was, how I couldn't handle pain and why oh why did I not go under to get this done. He assured me as did Erin and Bailey that it was virtually painless, but I thought "yah, sure, they tell you that until you are going through it and then you are committed and cant leave at that point" Dr. Allan came to get me, brought me in the surgical room, they had Television on, magazines, told me I could play on my phone whatever I wanted to do so that I wasn't laying there. Once I was ready and on the table Dr. Allan came in, he made sure I was comfortable on the bed, that my legs felt comfortable, put a blanket on me.. loved that. then started to see if the freezing was in. I guess he was poking around but no pain what so ever. He then told me he was going to start putting the needles in the labia and then my legs started to shake, I started breathing in and out like Lamaze and he started to freeze me. Now I am telling you all 100% that there was NO PAIN what so ever.. and for the life of me I couldn't believe this?? I kept waiting for it, it never came. he then told me he was going to make his markings and show me and then see if the freezing had taken. He did that, showed me the markings how the labia would be trimmed to flow down from the clitoral hood. Showed me the markings on the vaginal opening of where he would cut and then pull the sides together to tighten the opening it was a diamond shape about the width of your thumb. I was good with that. Then he said he was going to freeze me now deeper into the vagina, and then said I may sting a bit, and he is sorry if it does.. I started my Lamaze breathing, my legs shook and he told me each time when he was about to freeze me. I waited for the pain, I focused on it down there and again NO PAIN... WTF ? How could this be?? I hadn't slept in 2 days leading up to this in fear of the pain and it didn't come?? I then fully relaxed, my legs stopped shaking and I was fine the rest of the time. I talked to Dr. Allan, watched the news, and almost drifted off to sleep but throughout the whole procedure Dr.Allan kept asking me if I was ok, if I was comfortable.. what he was doing..etc. When he was done, he showed me what It looked like, where the stiches were, how to care for it, how to take my pain meds. He then added more freezing for my trip home. I got up, dressed and could walk totally normal, nothing weird, .. they called in my Tylenol 3 to the pharmacy around the corner from them, gave me naproxen, gauze pads, polysporin, and away I went. I grabbed medication, Tim Hortons Coffee and wrap and hit the highway. My appointment was at 10:30am and I was out of his office at 1:30..
When I got home 3 hours later I could start to slightly feel a burning sensation, just ever so slightly.. so I got in, took a Tylenol 3, went pee and put on lots of polysporin and laid on couch, with an icepack down there for the swelling. By 6pm I am pretty certain the freezing was out and the burning pain was there. It felt like when you burn your finger and you put it in water to take the sting away. Although there was nothing to take this sting away. The tight underwear with the pad I had on, and the ice pack were the only things to keep it feeling bearable. I was so tired but could not sleep,. just laid on couch. Every 4 hours I took the Tylenol 3 and every 12 hours I took the naproxen. I also took 2 sedocate before bed to help me with my constipation. Icepacks and pressure worked, and finally around 1am I fell asleep.. got up to take pain medications and by 10:30 am a full 24 hours later the burning pain sensation is only about 25% now.. Totally better. I am walking much better, no bowel movement yet and it is 2pm now... that is scaring me. Took Metamucil so I will hope and pray when I do go it will be okay. I will keep you all posted on my progress and the pain. Last night I did question why I did this, but this morning I am very happy now that I made the step and did it.
Calgary OB/GYN

Dr. Bruce Allan is a PRO. He is a specialist in Gynecology, and these types of plastic surgery. He has amazing bedside manner, the way he works during surgery is to tell you 100% of what he is doing, he teaches and educates you about your body. He constantly asks you how you are feeling and if you are okay and comfortable. I love this doctor, I would recommend him to my mother, my daughter my best friend. AMAZING

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