Vaginoplasty: 33 Years Old, 1 Child, Not Having Anymore Children by Choice. Calgary, AB

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I had a laser vaginoplasty today, under local...

I had a laser vaginoplasty today, under local anesthesia, which includes not only tightening of the vagina (inside and out), but also tightening, toning, and strengthening of the muscles. Had the consultation on Tuesday, and thankfully the doctor had an opening today (Saturday). They told me that they usually book the procedure two weeks after the consult, but I just couldn't wait. I was so excited that I had butterflies in my stomach!
I must say that next to giving birth to the love of my life seven years ago, this is so far the happiest day of my life!!!
When I told my hubby that I wanted to have the surgery, he told me that he is happy with my vagina. Well, what else could he say? This is one of those tricky questions. If he said sure that's a great idea, my reply would be, "So, you are dissatisfied? And, you're only telling me now?" If he said don't do it? "A little support please!" Lol
I live in Edmonton, drove to the clinic in Calgary, and back to Edmonton right after the procedure. The doctor was ok with it, and gave me a three hours freezing that lasted my entire trip back home.
After thanking the doctor on behalf of all women, I told him that next to the emancipation this is the greatest advancement in women's human rights! Lol.
Seriously, humour aside, it transforms a woman's life I'm so many levels (sexually, emotionally, psychologically...) that it should be covered by provincial healthcare plans. Anyways, best $7000 I ever spent in my life!
I had the procedure at the Allan Centre, a women's clinic, in Calgary. Doctor Allan is a GREAT doctor!!! He is kind, considerate, professional, honest (gives very realistic expectations!), has an incredibly ethical bedside manner, which is step by step explanatory (he let me know what he was doing at all times, to the smallest details), and most importantly he knew exactly what he was doing! (has been performing the procedure since 2001). I highly recommend him!!!
I lay there for 45 minutes, under a cozy blanket, watching a movie, while doctor Allan worked miracles on my vagina, and cut at least 15 years off my age. Lol.
After he finished the procedure, he gave me a mirror, and good Lord, was I happy!!!
Btw, for those of you who wonder what the laser part is all about (I did as well), it is just to cut the excess skin and muscle. The vagina was sutured the old fashion way, with absorbable stitches.
I look forward to the Inauguration in six weeks!!! ;)))

The Inauguration

It will be six weeks tomorrow, and today was the inauguration, and OMG!!!!! We followed the doctor's instructions to go very slow, and use lots of lube, and had some wine to spice things up, and the music going, we were both super excited, and then the moment of truth arrived! I apologize for vulgarity, but only two word can truly describe my experience: painful s**t!!!!! OMG... Array for the hubby who kept saying, "It's sooo tight," but very bad news for me! I feel so exhausted, I can't even right a full update. I'm praying next time will be better.

Inauguration - Two Days Later

So, we tried again two days later, and it was much better! Certainly less painful. We decided that I was going to orgasm first, and then hubby would penetrate me. My natural lube felt better than the commercial one. It was still a little painful, and I bled a little, but more pleasurable. The hubby wasn't able to push it all the way through (only about 70%), because the vagina is ultra mega tight. Once he was inside I couldn't do as much movement as pre-op. At this point, shaking what my mama gave me = pain, and we are strictly limited to missionary - the only position that makes the pain bearable, yet. Nevertheless, after less than a minute of intense moaning by the hubby I was completely flooded ;). Right after hubby's orgasm, I asked him to remove his penis immediately, because it was so big ,and it began to feel so painful that I felt as if my vagina would explode! Although I'm not yet fully benefiting from the procedure (I'm referring to orgasm through intercourse only, 'cause so far the tightened, toned, and strengthened muscle has made orgasms through masturbation absolutely surreal, and nearly HEAVENLY! ), I must say that my sexual ego, morale, and esteem have not felt this high in years. I feel like a real WOMAN. The challenge now is getting the hubby to stop following me around the house, grabbing me, wanting to do it ALL THE TIME! Lol. He even wanted to do it in the parking lot of the restaurant, at noon. Lol. Not that I'm not enjoying the attention ;). Hubby and I just sent a message to the Dr. to report that the tightness is above the expectation, and to thank him from the bottom of our hearts. Funny, the same hubby that was telling me that everything was fine, and he was happy with my vagina pre-op is now joyful enough to make jokes about it. I asked him if the extreme tightness felt uncomfortable to him. His reply was, "To feel uncomfortable, a vagina is never too tight, only too young." LOL... In short, I'm really glad I had this procedure. It was definitely worth it. Best money I ever spent!!!
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