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I will 40 in August and have wanted a tummy tuck...

I will 40 in August and have wanted a tummy tuck for the last 11 years. I am a mother of 2 boys 14 and 11. I gained 40lbs with my first and approx 50lbs with my 2nd. I can't even remember when I had a flat stomach. I have always been up and down with my weight and when I'm down, I still do not feel good, due to my saggy tummy.

I finally made a appnt to see a PS in January and he advised that I lose 30lbs. I weighed just over 200lbs. I was floored, I could not believe I weighed that much. My surgery is scheduled for July 15, 2013, I have lost 27lbs. I was hoping to have lost more, but I wanted to lose the right way. I feel good, getting very excited, but nervous at the same time. Just counting the days.

2.5 weeks left..(i hope?)

2.5 weeks left. I am so excited... but a little stressed, the surgon office is located in one of the worst area's where the flood hit and I can't get through to his office. From what the news states, I'm thinking next week. I just don't want the date to be moved again. My mom has booked her flight, my husband booked his holidays. I would be so disappointed... will post pic's soon.

surgery canceled for now

Well I received the call I've been dreading today. My surgery has been canceled for now, due to the Calgary floods. The elevator at my surgeons office is broken and it will take up to 6 months to fix. On the plus side, my surgeon is trying to rent a space from another surgeons facility, so I will know in a week or two when my next date is. Another plus side is that i will hopefully lose more weight.

I have decided to take 2 weeks holidays with my husband and kids and have been approved for borrowing 2 weeks from next years vacation.

April 2, 2014 finally scheduled

I was scheduled last year for July 15, 2013 for my Tummy tuck, then the floods happened here in Calgary and the surgeons office was right in the heart of the red zone. I dreaded for the call to say it was not going to happen. I received the call a week befor surgery that their elevator was damaged from the flood and they would need to postpone surgery. I called every month to ask if the elevator was fixed. Finally this January the elevator is fixed, of course I was the one calling the office for information. Set the date for April 2 , 2014. Could of scheduled sooner, but had gained some pounds from Xmas .

My mom has decided to come and help me for 2 weeks, I pretty excited. We have bought a new house and are moving March 15th. Everything is coming together :)

finally brave enough to post some pics

one more

Worried about my dog

I sit here on Family DAy in Alberta, looking through posts, I am concerned about my dog and what will happen when I have my TT. I am worried that he will jump all over me. Does anyone have any ideas what to do with your dog? I know crazy question???

April 2 coming fast

I can't believe April 2 will be here soon. This last month has gone by so quick. I've been exercising daily and eating a low carb diet. Except for Friday when my work bought pizza for the staff, I had 3 pieces, feel so guilty but was sooooo good. I have not been on a scale , I just go on how I feel and how my clothes fit.
Looking forward to the flat side!!

5 more days until the Flat side!!

Well 5 more days, I'm getting really nervous. My mom will be here Sunday evening for 2 weeks, just came back from renting my recliner, 150.00 for the month. Plus I have a cold and I can't take anything, some suggested Tylonel, but I'm not quite sure??

My mom has arrived

We'll my mom arrived last night and it is so nice to have her here with me on my journey. My surgery is Wednesday, dr office called last week and I need to be at the clinic at 8:00am. I'm getting so nervous, I feel I'm going to walk in and they r going to cancel and say I need to loose more weight... How awful that would be. I've work so hard and have waited so long. I'm 7lbs from my goal weight and I hope they will accept this weight.

On the flat side

Holy shit , this is surreal, I made it to the flat side. A lot of pain... Will post more tomorrow

It's 3:00am

All I can say is WOW!! Did not expect the way I feel. I guess I'm getting better but now I know what us meant by your tummy feels like falling out. Every time I get up it's painful, it's getting better I guesc but holy shit, I know know how I'm going to get through this. My nurse Carol was so great, I hope all if you have a nurse like her. My mom is fantastic and up every 3 hrs helping me to the bathroom. My dog jumped on me a few times and that was hell, finally the kids put his harness and Leash on. I haven't seen myself yet, my mom and I have to switch the binder around in the morning. I'm sure dreading that. I will let you know how it goes.... I feel like such a baby


Sorry about grammar and spelling , stupid phone

PO day 1

I just took my morning pain meds and anti bionics. Slept off and on through out the night. Hubby off too work and kids are getting ready for school. Thank god my kids aren't little. Waiting for the boys to leave so we can flip the binder. Surgeon took 5lbs of skin off and lipo 1000cc (2.2lbs).

Binder flip

That wasn't so bad.... Here are some pics. I spoke to the nurse and Dr Perron about the type of bb I would prefer, they said it would round out, so I guess we will see...

Day 2PO

Today I feel better. Went to dr office at 930 and Carol, my amazing nurse, said everything looks great. Advised to buy some Robax platinum. Just had a little snooze while watching Ellen. I should tell u that I awoke at 230am and had to go pee and I felt so nauseated that I thought I was going to puke and die, then I started and felt better. My mom and carol said I need to eat more and not worry about calories cause your body needs food to heal. So I made myself a yummy tuna sandwich when we came home. My puppy is whinning for me and someone suggested to put a pillow over tummy area for him to lay on.

Day 3

Slept pretty well, was up at 430 for a pee. Took my last targin at 730am. Had a mini melt down and balled my eyes out to my hubby and mom. I need to remember to stay more bent, as it is better for circulation and healing. My husband has been doing man stuff around the house. Since my mom is here, he feels he can. My mom is such a great help. I do feel bad that I have snapped at her a few times. Love you mom! I feel like a complainer and big baby today. My mom helped me wash my hair, so I feel somewhat better. I'm too scared to take the binder off and stand up to take pics.

Day 4 po

Just tried going to the bathroom, I feel something going to happen today. My mom gave me a suppository to help things along. Got up by myself 2x during the night. Everyday is progress , looking forward to Wednesday for my drain to come out. Haven't taken any pain meds since Saturday am, took a Robax this morning, my back is killing me.

Laughing good, but painful

Omg! Had a good laugh with mom while getting ready for the day. Had my poop, that was a chore, but I feel better. Tried on what I thought was sexy undies, not so sexy right now. My thighs are so huge now compared to my tummy. Going to have to work on those when I'm able to start excercising. By stomach is so numb and sore. Still haven't dodo up without binder on, I think that will happen Thursday when I can have a shower.

Day 6 po

Been pretty active the last few days. I'm worried that I'm not going to get my drain out tomorrow. The fluid is still a little bloody, not clear. It was clearing up a few days ago? I think I need to slow down. I've driven the last few days, not sure if that's a no no?

PO day 7

Had my drain removed this morning, that was a weird experience, kinda of stung when she took it out. I guess everyone has different experiences. All is good.

PO day 8

I tried to sleep in bed last night, thought I would give it another try as my hubby is out of town for the night. Didn't work out, felt like my stomach was stretching and I couldn't get comfortable. So I came back to my recliner at 12:30am. Fell asleep right away. Was woken up at 1:30am by my dog whining. So I had to go all the way upstairs to let him out of his kennel, then let him out side. Was not a good night. I am looking forward to my shower... Going to attempt after I drive the boys to school. Will keep u posted...


Well, that was a awesome shower, my mom was there to help me. looked in the mirror at my results and i am so happy so far. there is still lot of swelling, more so on one side and on my pubic area... I feel so good...


So can't believe how swollen I am just below my incision line down to my pubic area, it's crazy.... Does anyone know how long this lasts?

PO day 9

Had a very busy day, and I'm so spent.... Think I over did it.... Took my bandage strips off, that was weird, I think one of them was glued on, took me forever to get this one off and it hurt do much... Love my scar, it's so thin.... My back still hurts and I'm having stomach spasm off and dad arrived today, so great to see him, he's very supportive, love my dad so much... My mom has been so awesome, she's been such a great help and has taken great care of me, luv u mommy. ???? still very swollen, i can't edit to see the final results... Happy Friday..


Again, pls excuse the typos


Had a great dinner too..

Day 10 PO

Everything seems to be going well. I'm still swollen on my lower part, wearing my binder 24/7 except when showering of coarse. I expect to be swollen for a while, nurse did advise that the the nerves need to reattach them selfs to the muscle and that can take weeks or months.. Trying to be patient, just need to follow the rules...

PO day 11

I am happy to report that I slept in my bed last night. Had an ok sleep. Tried sleeping on my side with pillow under me but I was so worried to wake up and all the swelling would be on one side. My pArents are leaving this afternoon, I can't believe my mom has been here for 2 weeks. I pretty confident I will be back to work next week.


So kinda of worried about my BB, my mom is more worried than me. Took some pics, maybe slight infection?? My pics show swelling on sides and down bellow. I think my BB is just starting to separate and all the oozing is Vaseline. Please realself friends, let me know what you think...

PO Day 15

Just knocked on wood.. My swelling has gone down so much, woke up and took pics right away. I totally relaxed yesterday, sat in my recliner all day except for when I had to rake my son to his badminton tournament. I thinking about returning to work on Tuesday. I think my period is going to show soon, nervous about that. I really want to buy a sexy number to show my bod off to my hubby.

I think my BB is infected

I think I'm going to go to the walk in clinic today. My BB is looking very red around the inner edges and is discharging goop...I'm kinda of concerned. And my period arrived this morning.


PO day 19

Went to dr re: BB, no infection, just a stitch that came undone. Carol my nurse gave me a medium size binder, as the large was getting to big. SAw a lady just leaving from her TT and told her she will feel better soon. Hubby helped me try on a little giddy up.... And.... we know what happened there..... Lololol.. Life is good, and feeling great...

Back to work

Went back to work last Tuesday, the week went by fast. Only had Sunday off, very busy day. I've noticed more swelling. Waiting for my BB to heal more. I would love to have a bath or even go the hot tub. It will be 4 weeks this Wednesday. I'm getting sick and tired of my binder! I want to start exercising, I have a little bit of back fat right under my bra area that's driving me nuts. I know once I stop wearing the binder it won't be as bad. I feel that the pics I take and post look bigger than I'm actually am.

26 days po

Also I have been sleeping in bed for about 2 weeks, and I'm able to sleep,on my side. I would love to get a breast lift, but hubby is like nooooo.... I guess we will see. Lol

Tummy really sore

My stomach is sooooo sore today. I think I over did it this week, feels like someone punched me and my muscles feel so bruised. I've taken some extra strength Advil. It's Been a month and 2 days and I still love my results. I think my BB is starting to take more shape.

PO 4.5 weeks

I feel a some what better today. Stomach muscles not as sore, I'm very swollen though. I slept with 3 extra pillows under my legs last night and made sure not to sleep on my sides. Did a little shopping this morning, but relaxing the rest of the day. Feet up and watching some t.v.

Blue day

Actually I feel kinda of blue today, even though my stomach feels a bit better, I just feel like eating carbs and drinking some wine. I really want to go in the hot tub too. I want this swelling to go down, so today I'm feeling kinda of sorry for myself. All my hubby wants to do us work on his wine cellar and I just want attention... I'm such a baby or maybe I'm just PMSing .... Lol

7 weeks PO

It's been awhile since my last review. I'm doing really well, I can't believe the difference. I have been sleeping without a binder for a week now and it feels awesome. Next week I can start weening off during the day. I very swollen this week as my period has arrived and I sucks. I started going in the hot tub again. My BB is healing good too.

Some swollen pics

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