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I have had back surgery which left me with scar...

I have had back surgery which left me with scar that starts at the front of my stomach and reaches around to just below my bra strap. I have also had a C section and have lost 80-90lbs which has left me with a significant amount of hanging skin. I would love to be able to where a bikini one day the last time I wore one I was 10 years old and my back surgery was performed when I was 15 and left me with a huge scar. I am so excited to have booked my surgery!!! Now for the count down. I will post pre-op pics closer to the date.

2 weeks pre op

I decided to add some before pics, I'm completely disgusted. Unfortunately the dr told me he wouldn't be able to rove any of my scoliosis scar. He says that it will likely be moved closer towards belly button. Oh well still no bikini but at least I will look good in a one piece and into clothing. My mood is switching between excitement and having anxiety about the pain. I have continued to lift weights because the nurse told me that having my other muscles strong will help with recovery.


Just a few more days and am I ever paranoid about getting sick! Everyone at work has a crazy head cold and my doctor does not want me taking anything herbal because it is suppose to induce swelling. So I have been eating fruit and washing my hands like crazy! I can't imagine getting a head cold and coughing my fool head off during my recovery. Anyway I have a question? Has anyone purchased one of those rectangle pillows to go underneath your knees while you sleep. Was it worth it? and how long did you use it for?

One more day!!

A little more about me I'm 37, 5'4" and 152lbs. The smallest part of my stomache is 31" the biggest part of my stomache is 39". I have been eating prunes and drinking prune juice for the last two days since I am prone to constipation I'm hoping this will help. I am also going to try not to eat a whole lot today just mainly fruit hopefully that will clean out my bowls. My Dr. didn't want me eating any salt and just fruits, veggies and protien for 5 days before and after the surgery, which I have stuck to. He doesn't want me taking any herbs, protien shakes or vitamins for two weeks before surgery because it leads to swelling. Wish me luck and please everyone send me positive vibes and white light tomorrow!!!

I made to the flat side

Well ladies today has not been bad at all. No pain just discomfort! The dr told me my stomach were separated by 5". I've been prescribed Targin for pain, an anti biotic, anti nausea, regular strength Advil, low dosage aspirin and stool softener.

Sneak a peak

Painful evening

I believe I ate too much for dinner I had a chicken breast and lettuce. I was having trouble breathing and I had indigestion. Loosened my binder I feel way better now. Crazy I will only eat a little bit every two hrs

Car sick

I got motion sickness from the car ride home from the dr office I was on the car for 30 min with no anti nausea meds not fun. I would say 90 percent of the pain is back pain. Tonight at 7 30 will be my last narcotic pill. Then tomorrow I will be switching to robax platinum, muscle relaxer. The nurse told me that I wasn't walking over hunched enough and because of that some of my skin does not have good circulation running through it. So stay hunched ladies!

Drain is out!!! Whoot! Whoot!

I had my drain taken out today and I feel great. I never thought that the drain bothered but now that it is out I see what nuance it was and there is no pressure on the one side anymore. I got another binder today now I just have to wear one binder instead of two. I guess I have a really long torso and they thought that I would need a 4 panels which is two binders but having a 3 panel seems to fit fine. The nurse told me that the dr cut off approx. 2 lbs of skin and 2 lbs of lipo fluid. I thought that I needed way more then 2 lbs sucked out of me..I guess not. My next pre-op appt is at the 6 week mark.
I tried to do a big grocery shopping yesterday like one weeks worth and I barely made it through. I suggest just running out to do a day of groceries at a time I was ready to just lie down on the floor in the middle of the super market. I slept in a bed last night no more recliner and slept good. I had two pillows under my head and two under my knees. After a week of being at my mothers I am going home today hopefully I will have the energy to care for my daughter by myself. She is 11 and doesn't need a whole lot of help. The nurse says I can shower now but not alone for the first time because I will feel really light headed. My mother has a stool that can go in the shower I will use that. I will post some more pics in another week, no change since the last ones still crazy swollen.

Weird pools of swelling

Because I have scoliosis my change sits weird and is causing the swelling to make me look even more deformed. When I was 125 lbs I didn't look this deformed. The nurse has asked me flip my cg several times a day and has asked that I start wearing spanx under cg to help correct this. I hope it works if not I hope he does a revision for free.

3 weeks

Starting to not look as deformed. My weight is back to the pre-surgery weight. I am starting to be able to see a two pack! At this stage the only discomfort I feel is if my abs decide to come alive. It feels like there is an alien in my stomach trying to get out. Also if I eat anything processed I swell up immediately

4 weeks

I took my measurements and the smallest part of my stomach 29.5" down a inch and a half. The biggest part is 36" down 3 inches! Weight still 152. This makes me happy since I am still swollen in my lower tummy.
However I'm totally done with this recovery. I never had the blues after the surgery but now everything seems to be catching up to me. I am a tummy sleeper and cannot sleep on my stomach so the sleepless nights are doing me in. I'm a single mom who works full time and goes to school part time so I need a lot of energy to complete my day. I need to start asking for help.
The cg is my nemesis! It digs in and leaves spots of swelling in certain areas because it lies incorrectly. Half the nights I rip it off in the middle of the night because I can't stand it. The last couple of days I have walked around without it on for a couple of hours. I don't know if I'll be able to keep this thing on for another two weeks.

8 weeks

I had post op appt and he told me that if that bit of fat on the left side doesn't flatten out after 6 mo that he had no problem lipping it out. Thank gawd! I can't imagine paying all of this money to not look the way I expect to look. I cannot golf for another month and no abs for another month. The nurse did ask that I try to suck in my stomach a few times a day. I still can't sleep on my tummy which really sucks and my energy level is still no where near what it used to be. I still weigh the same but the smallest part of my waist is 28" down from 29.5 a month ago and 31" pre-surgery. The biggest part of my stomach is now 33" down from 36" last month and 39" pre-surgery. I can't believe it! Hopefully the scale will pick up sometime soon. I need to be wearing my binder 50 percent of the time for the next two weeks after that just spanx for other two weeks, then I'm done!


Does anyone know when I can go for laser hair removal again. My PS didn't know he said to wait awhile. The only thing he could compare it to was the laser they use for scar revision and they don't do that until 8 mos post. Any idea when I can go for laser hair removal?

Fat that needs to be lipo'd

Calgary Plastic Surgeon

Loved everything about my dr and his staff I doubt my results would be this good going else where. I'm sure having scoliosis is a PS's nightmare. He positioned my scoliosis scar so it is less noticeable, he took more fat out of certain areas and took less in other areas so that I look more straight

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