39 with 2 Kids; 5'3, 130 Lb; Tt; Lipo Flanks and Abdomen - Calgary, AB

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Had a consult with 3 doctors. It was a very...

Had a consult with 3 doctors.
It was a very difficult decision as I had 3 different opinions as to where the scar from my old belly button whole is was going to be. In the end I picked the doctor with the more extensive portfolio. Although I wished I could go with the doctor who initially thought I wouldn't end up with a vertical scar. But after a second consult with him, he retracted his opinion, as he couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't have a vertical scar.

I'm happy with my decision. But feel a bit crazy for wanting this. Though my husband is diplomatically supportive,
he still thinks a Tt quite extreme. I'm just critically dissatisfied with my round belly, I exercise 5 times a week and often train for half marathons. Still I'm so apple shaped!!! And the skin is an issue, my second child was 10lb!!

But after logging many hours on realself, I've learned a lot. I hope I'll be able to say it's worth it at the end. As well, can you believe with all the medical risks involved, infections, seroma, bleeding, poor wound healing etc. My absolute biggest fear is fat redistribution after lipo. Hope I won't get a fat back!!! Lol!!!

Also hope I won't lose my physical conditioning after the surgery because I won't be able to exercise! Will I be ok without my daily endorphin kick?

Posted some pre-op photos. I noticed when I take them with my phone horizontal (white top), I look wider than with my phone vertical (blue top)
Dieting: I've gained 5 lbs since I've been on Alesse, going from 125 to 130. Can't seem to shake the weight off. I know I'm supposed to try to be my lightest for surgery but is it worth it, if I can't keep it off?

5'3" - 125lb.

Like everyone else, I'm trying to lose a bit of weight before surgery. Something I found terribly difficult. But downloaded an audio book called the Diet Fix by Yoni Freedhoff. (http://thedietfix.com/). It just offered sensible eating advice. Eating smaller meals and eating protein through out the day. Eating the minimum amount of calories for my height. And obsessively counting calories, which I've never really done before. I lost 5lb in 10 days. I'm sure a lot of it is water weight because I didn't eat much protein before. I heard that going on a lower carb diet depletes the glycogen stores in your liver. I wonder when I'll plateau. More info here (https://8fit.com/blog/glycogen-gluconeogenesis-and-water-weight/). I don't think I've lost any fat, my pants feel the same. It's hard to stick to a 1200 Calorie diet. Not that I'm all that hungry at all. But that it's just mind hunger, I miss snacking and eating larger portions. So far I like the predictability of the scale, I don't seem to surprised about how much I weigh at the end of the day. I really hope I can keep this up!


Paid my surgeon, just waiting to pay for the facility fee. Has anyone had any luck getting their insurance to pay for the surgical room, as a write off as a hospital stay?


125 lb.

More before photos

Wanted to see post pix because I lost 5lb. Same Tummy.

122 lb

Kids are back at school so I can get back in the gym. 122lb. Same measurements.

Weight has plateaued / Still scared

My weight loss has definitely plateaued, I'm between 122-124 lb. I'm still logging what I eat so it's between 1200-1400 calories. I guess I should be accepting of that. My surgery is about two and a half weeks away. I'm so scared and part of me actually wants to cancel the surgery even though I paid for everything. I just don't know if I'll be able to tough it out through recovery. I'm so happy with my physical strength and endurance, and I don't want to mess it up. Today I ran 28km for the first time, it was such a blissful morning. I didn't hit the wall and felt actually elated after the run without any fatigue. I experimented with fueling, using fizzy tabs in my water to provide myself with electrolytes from the get go, then took a gu gel at 21.6km. I just never felt tired. It was an amazing feeling. So I'm scared that I'm wrecking my marathon training by getting this surgery. I hope I'll be able to run after the surgery. I've had a hard time falling asleep at night as of late because of nerves about the surgery. I had to tell my kids last night that they might not be able to give me hugs for a few days after surgery, and they didn't take it so well. My daughter seemed really distraught about it. It does seem a little irrational to have all these worries, as I've seen so many women on here recover from there surgeries. But still, the nerves exist.

Made it!

Pain is intolerable!!! Way worse than any contractions! Have such a low pain tolerance. Can't wait till the pain meds kick in. Took out pounds of fat and three pounds ok skin.

I love narcotics!

Made it home. It's now not painful. Just a little uncomfortable, quite bearable. Haven't been able to peak yet.

Can't sleep so I'll blog

I'm so thankful for my kind ps. Who stayed with me after the surgery untily family came. What a nice, gracious fellow. He told me he took out three lbs of fat an 3lbs of skin, he seemed shocked. (I wasn't!!). So thankful that I survived, and for the amazing surgical team, even though I didn't really get a chance to thank them personally. Thankful that the drugs kicked in, as mentioned, because right after surgery, I felt like I was having a continuous contraction pains! I didn't know if I was going to make it. I'm thankful for my family! There presence has been the best morphine, literally, I was in less pain as soon as they liked at me. I'm greatful for my doting husband and my children. They are old enough now to actually want to be helpful! Such sweet angels. I'm thankful for my health. So glad I started marathon training before surgery. Recovery so far feels like recovering from a grueling long run. I did 32km 3 days prior to surgery. Only complaints I really have is the itchiness, though it is tolerable with Benadryl. I think I've developed a cold. Coughing like everyone knows hurts like a sob. So far so good! Knock on wood!!! I hope everyone the best with their healing! But maybe it's only tolerable because I have no other responsibilities other than to get better. I hope everyone is lucky enough to be surrounded by loved ones.

Other things, i draining like crazy 100 ml every 2 hours. My hands,face and rest of body is starting to swell. Insomnia at night because I've slept all day. And I got my period today. I'm drinking water like a fish, heard it's supposed to help with swelling and healing.
Prayers and good wishes to everyone who is healing.
I forgot mention how thankful I am to all those who shared their experiences and stories. Being mental prepared of the journey ahead of time has helped immensely. I'm usually not a tough woman at all. Xoxox'nn

4 Days After Treatment

There's not alot to show still. Don't bother reading if you are waiting for a better before photo. I'm so bloated! But the on the bright side is down from 140 bloat weight to to 130 bloat weight. My friends ask if I'm happy or if I can see a difference. It's still early on in the game so if this was was the aftermess, I would be upset. I extremely rotund, my legs as well as my pubic area is also very swollen. So I still look like an English tea kettle. It's awful and bruisy looking. But I only had one nap today. I've bound myself super tight with an extra binder, so it's more comfortable when I walk. I don't have any pulling pain on my incision sight when I'm walking. However my back kills for sure when I'm walking. I like that I'm able stay perched at my computer nook at watch youtube and ellen videos for most of the day. I'm trying to ween myself off hydromorph to tylenol. We'll see how that goes tonight. I hope it doesn' t take months for the swelling to go down.

The horror!

Day 6 - ps office visit today!

Swelling has gone down lots last night. Ps visit today. Maybe my drains will come out. They don't bug me too much. I still have 2ml of fluid, that's still red. Brushing is bad from Lipo. I have bruising on parts which weren't even lipod.

Day 7 post op

Ribs: 29"
Belly button: 34"
Hips: 36 inches

All feels better. Still very swollen. Itchiness is gone. Starting to see my new shape. Walking and more mobile, but belly still feels very tight. Drains are still in, and draining a lot of fluid. Starting to get cabin fever in a major way!

8 day post op

Under ribs 27"
Waist size at belly button is 31"
Hips 36"
Swelling has come down lots.
Weight is 121lb
Loving the results so far. My skin
is super taught, numb and a bit swollen.

Still draining 25ml of liquid / day.
Taking my bromelain, eating pineapples, and double binding my mid section to keep swelling down.

Still feel a bit wide and thick, maybe that's just genetics.
Sleeping seems difficult because my core is so tight and sore. It's difficult to find a comfortable position.

Before aftrt

More before / after

Before after

2 weeks post op!

I'm pain free! Off all meds! Can move like before. Just slightly swollen and bruised.

Weight 119lb
Ribs: 27" / waist: 28" / hips: 35"

The best part

You can't pinch an inch. ;)

3 weeks post op

Lost 1" at the waist
Bruising has gone down lots. Still a little bit swollen. Graduated from a CG to spanks in the day. Tried on some bikinis this morning.


Scar is nice and thin. But it's supposed to darken before it gets lighter. Using silicone scar gel in the morning, Mederma cream at night. Love my new belly button.

Week 4

Swelling has gone down a little. Wearing spanks in the day, and told compression garment at night. Bruising is mostly gone. I love how I can wear body con dresses now.

8 week update

I'm very happy with my tummy tuck. But alas, my metabolism is still the same. I was doing great with maintaining my weight for a while. Then Halloween happened, which was an indulgent time. My husband asked me to make some molasses cookies, and I must of ate like 5 of them after they were done. Then I had 3 birthday parties in one weekend (meaning I was on a cake diet). I have another 2 birthday parties to go to today. And I wasn't tracking and measuring my food. So I've gained about 3 lb. Which isn't much. But all of it went straight to my gut. I mean it doesn't look that bad, but it's very bloated. I am exercising, but it's not enough. As they say it's 25% exercise, and 75% diet. So let this be a warning to myself, not take the surgery for granted. I will always have this body that keeps weight in my abdomen. I'm now trying to get myself in the mind set of starting to eat consciously again.

7 months post op

I've basically bounced back and recovered, it's like I never had the surgery. The scars are noticeable still, but they are slowly fading. My long lower abdominal scar is strange because parts are raised keloid scars are parts are flat and are turning white. The PS said that he might do some freezing to get rid of the keloids, but now it's just a waiting game.

My belly button scar is a flat colorless this line. But alas the line is still noticeable like a heavy looking scratch line. I might get a tattoo in a year or two to cover up the scarring.

My bust, waist, hip measurements are now 35"/26"/35", and I'm 130 lb. I've gained 6-7 lbs since surgery. Pre - surgery measurements were: 33/30/35. Some of it might be muscle, but I've definitely gotten bustier, lots of side boob and back fat as well. So I'm glad the way the fat distribution worked out, that I've gotten bustier. Still very happy I got the procedure done.
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

I've been meaning to write a review for Dr. Earl Campbell for a long time, and just haven't had a chance. I really think he was a really great choice. He was the only doctor I went to who was able to take one look at my belly and tell me where my scars were going to be. He is very attentive and has a great bedside manner. His staff are cheerful and very helpful. I loved being able to text my nurse the week of recovery and she got back to within minutes to ease my worries and anxieties.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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