33 Years Old, TT, Muscle repair and Lipo. Calgary, AB

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I have been feeling awful about myself and a trip...

I have been feeling awful about myself and a trip to Mexico was my final breaking point. I hate that I can't wear bathing suits and swim with my kids because of how I feel about myself.
So, once I returned to Calgary I booked consultation with Dr. Frank in mission.
I have not shown anyone the extent of damage to my body and so I was really nervous to bare it all for the doc.
It went really great and I was comfortable with him right away.
Now I am booked for my pre-op appointment this month and surgery is set for May 24th eeeek!

More before pictures...

Hoping I can shed a bit more weight before my appointment with the nurse!
My goal was 20 pounds in 2 months which should be ok considering I was pretty unmotivated with this stubborn rubber tire and it's not really hard for me to shed when I stay focused.
Now I actually have something worth working for!
I am an Orange Theory member and work my butt off at the gym 5 days a week but my diet needed a MAJOR tune up!

Recliner or power bed?

I am starting to stock up on supplies and trying to figure out if I am going to rent a power recliner or power bed from the medical supply center.
My diet has really changed in this last week for my final push before surgery. I am hoping that my diet change with my usual workouts I will hit my goal.

Pre-op appointment is on Thursday!!!

I am so excited and nervous!!!
I have already started most of my prep as you can see in the picture.
Let's see what my list looks like on Thursday!!

More before pics

I've managed to shed a couple of those stubborn pounds I have been holding on to.
Hopefully a few more will go before the big day!
I definitely don't want to over do it because I want to be really healthy and full of nutrients for the big day.
Protein! Protein! Protein!

1week today! Can't wait to be on the flat side!

I have been batch cooking and organizing everything for when I am down for the count as well as grabbing all of my last minute items to help with recovery. My little ones are 2 and 4 so my husband will be really busy, he is really hands on but not for super long stretches lol. Truth is, I am keeping myself busy so that I don't have too much time to psych myself out! I have some blood work today to check my hemoglobin and other than that we are all set for Tuesday! Does anybody even read this stuff? Lol

More before picks. Yikes!

This is a picture of me in a downward dog position.
I can't wait to be rid of this loose skin and negativity.

The time has come....

I leave tomorrow at 6:45 for my surgery and I'm freaking out!!!!
Excited, scared, anxious, confused ( why am I doing this to myself).
So many emotions!
I will update as soon as I can and snap a few more before pics in the morning.


I'm alive!

Not going to lie, I'm in rough shape.
My PS prescribes a slow-release narcotic called Targin (oxycodone) and it does not seem to be working for me. I keep getting sweats because the pain is so intense.
I am hoping that tomorrow is better.
I will update as I go along.

First peek!

Took a little break from the binder before we had to change its direction.
The swelling is UNREAL!!!
I slept a bit last night and once again, my 12 hour pain med had wore off by hour 5.
I'm going to talk to them today about my meds.

What an experience!

This experience has so far been one of the most challenging things I have gone through.
It's is a total mind****!

I'm on day three and still question whether or not I made the right decision. It's a very emotional and painful thing to go through and not having any of the usual daily distractions makes you question it even further.
I know I will be much happier with the outcome but my one important suggestion ( other than DONT COUGH!) is to go into this 100% sure, ready and educated about all of the emotional challenges.

Today is a bit easier for a few comfort reasons ( no more muscle spasms, stabilized my pain meds, not as physically drained) but more challenging for the emotional reasons. You feel pretty trapped and you are almost 100% dependant on others, so be prepared and have someone you trust and are really comfortable with.
I have my first post surgery appointment tomorrow and hope that it won't be too hard getting to and from the appointment...my biggest physical complaint is the lower back pain from being hunched over since Tuesday.

Day three notes:
-Appetite is good.
-Lower back kills.
-Swelling is a bit better.
-Pain meds are working.
-Sleeping is getting easier.
-Digestion very poor.
-A bit of burning at incision line but bearable.
-moving around isn't as hard or intimidating.
-Binder is a pain in the ass.
-Don't cough lol

Wish me luck tomorrow!

4 days PO

Swelling is better. I have been taking Arnica and Bromalain and have noticed major improvements since taking it consistently. First BM (sorry for tmi but you will see how big of a deal it is lol). No more abdominal muscle pain. Incision pain is almost nonexistent. Lots of lower back pain but spending more time sitting up with my back straight and some Robax really helps. I went to see the nurse today and she helped me adjust my binder and said everything is looking great so far!! Back on Tuesday for drain removal... I hope.

Treat yo' self!

The best thing you can do is buy one of these babies for your recovery.

Drain removed on day 7

Had my drain removed today and it wasn't as bad As I was expecting! Hurt for a millisecond.
I am off all pain meds as of day 6 and feeling like I have more energy.

Removed tape and first shower on day 8

Feeling really sore and raw after removing my tape yesterday. The first shower (yesterday) was really challenging and I had to sit on a shower stool for most of it. I'm still really swollen and spend a couple hours in my bed last night but ended up back in the recliner. My muscles are killing me today. I will be spending the day resting and hope to regain some strength. The shower today was a bit easier but the soreness is pretty intense! On another note: My 2 year old has the flu. Great timing universe!

Day 13

Feeling pretty good today other than a really bad sleep last night. It was my second night in my bed and it's hard to get comfortable! Incision feels raw and I can't seem to straighten out yet but I'm pretty darn close!

2 weeks post op

Recovery is better than expected!
I am walking and able to do all of my normal activities med free, except my workouts are ofcourse still forbidden until 6 weeks.
I think that being really active with lots of HIIT classes before the surgery helped with my mobility during the last couple weeks which made my recovery so much better.
Still a bit stiff in the mornings and I take an Advil/Tylenol before bed for a better sleep... sleep is still a struggle FOR SURE!
I am back in my bed %100 and so finding a comfy position is very tricky! I usually end up on my side (more comfy than you would think) and have to flip back and fourth.
Had my 2 week appointment today and my PS was impressed with my healing and activity levels so far. Incision is looking right where it is supposed to be at and I can now drive and go for some walks!
I can't believe that just 2 weeks ago I didn't feel like I could ever get through this!
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