Hi All!! 3.5 weeks Post Op! Full TT, 400cc Mentor Silicone Gel BA/BL/Lipo- Calgary, AB CAD

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*Treatment results may vary

Height: 5'8" ---short waisted. Procedures being...

Height: 5'8" ---short waisted.

Procedures being done:
--Full Tummy Tuck with diastasis recti repair and lipo to the abdomen, waist and flanks
--Lillipop Breast Lift (no anchor), tubular correction with nipple reduction, 397cc Cohesive Gel smooth round moderate profile + implants

The adventure begins:

Three years (and a lifetime) in the making, I'm really looking forward to this surgery.

I'm regaining the body I had before! Pregnancy ruined my body!! Time to get ME back!!!

Those are the common cries from so many here in RS land.

For me, I never had that curvy feminine figure to being with. I've always had my little "spare tire" square shape (no matter how much I work on it or eat super clean...) and I was born with my awesomely late developing, tubular, low-nippled breasts to top it all off.

They DID feed two babies though... and have still been a lot of fun ;) but it's time. It's long time for this change.

My cry is this: Looking forward to a new me! The me I know is in there. Somewhere.

I'm a simple girl. I love horses and mountains and horsey mountain men. (I have a wonderful husband who fits that category and so many more) I'm a sports-bra-wearing, bow-toting, pony-tail-flaunting, fly-fish catching kind of woman who would far rather hike the backcountry of Patagonia than sip coffee in the streets of Paris. (Tried the coffee Paris thing and spent that time yearning for the wilds of Scotia)

When I told my Family MD (love love love my family MD--he's an incredible man who delivered both my babies) about my decision to have corrective and plastic surgery he said "I would never, ever, have guessed you to be a person to choose that" then profusely apologized in hopes he didn't hurt my feelings. Heck no, I said. I take that as a compliment of the highest degree.

All this is not to say that I don't have a feminine side. She comes out often enough and I like to keep that balance. You know. The one where I'll say something like, eeeeeeek----spider! But then 10 minutes ago was chopping firewood like a pro.

I'm honestly looking forward to being able to choose a pretty bra instead of the pancake masher I usually do. Shopping for something new? Tried. So many attempts. Always a hasty affair that ends in either frustration or embarrassment. Shape aside.... my left breast is a whole cup less than my right. Fit that. Chicken Cutlets you say? They're weird. What a weird invention.

Isn't it easier just to keep them locked away in a sports bra? With the rest of the loose skin, belly, hidden beneath boxy shirts and hoodies? Yes? I thought so too at one time. But I'm tired of it. I'm so tired of my uniform as I call it. What I wouldn't give to just be able to throw on a pair of tight jeans with a simple t-shirt (in a size that does not come down mid-thigh to hide my middle) and just go... just go without worrying about tugging something into place, or out of place. Or tucking. Or untucking. Or standing or sitting or BREATHING or living a certain way.

And so. This adventure will at long last begin-------and I'm so looking forward to discovering the woman I've always known is there.

Consultations and more

There is a really good site called Rate MDs. For those still searching, it's a great place to find basic, helpful and precise reviews of the MDs' you are looking into.

For me it was especially helpful in finding Dr. De Haas. I initially went for a consult (paid $180 to see him) with another Calgarian Dr who has boat loads of experience and taught other surgeons at a world class University. He was very strongly opinionated, which I know isn't necessarily a bad thing mind you, of what size would be best with my height and shoulder width---I'm broad shouldered---the problem main problem is, I need a lift. So that implant will be sitting on a lollipop scar with all its weight and over time, have me needing another lift. The skin itself then stretches thin, creating stretch marks and requiring anchor lifts, interior bras or other procedures that do not need to be a part of my body---all because he's certain I need to look at implants 500cc and over. 550s are what he suggested we start with.

When I went in thinking 375 max.

I explained my lifestyle. That I love to rock climb. Hike. Ride horses.... huge boobs might hinder that for me. Not to mention never having any breast tissue and suddenly having DDs or bigger.

Enter RateMDs. I spent some time debating between him and another Dr. Thinking that the first ones experience would be an asset if I could only make him pinky swear not to put in 550cc while I was down for the count. To keep to the 375 range and no higher. In mulling over this, and feeling unsettled, I came across his review page and knew my gut spoke the truth. So many women on there disappointed about the size they ended up. Not only that, but in more difficult cases----like tubular breasts needing lifts---so many unhappy ladies lamenting how uneven the work is.

I happened across one review saying that she originally went to this doctor but upon needing the work fixed....one nipple showed out of her regular bra it was so high, while the other still pointed down.... :(.... she went to an MD by the name of William De Haas who does reconstruction for Cancer patients. She loved her consult and went with him and could not speak highly enough of his work--> (both tummy and breast correction)

Price wise, for Dr. De Haas to do the work, it was the same cost as breast alone from Dr. University.

Maybe that old adage is true. Those who can't really do, teach.

My consultations with De Haas were both wonderful. You end up waiting on him past your appointment time. It's not that he's trying to be rude, or arrogant---or anything like that---it's that he spends every minute you need in answering fully each question you might have. I bought an actual list to him, printed out. He chuckled, sat down and said, let's start from the beginning! I knew right there, I'd hit PS gold. ;)

Also, he does not charge for consultations.

Before I even mentioned what I was hoping for results wise he was adamant that he does not perform breast augmentations where massive implants are put in. He is passionate about the breast being the most perfect it can be, moving in the pocket in a natural way, and being a size consistent with what the body can handle. He then said if I was interested in large implants, that I would have to find another PS!

I explained what I wanted and he was happy to suggest a lollipop lift, no anchor needed after measuring---but not to exceed an implant over 415cc at any point in my life due to the thickness/elasticity of my skin/breast/age/activity level.

He is very thorough. Kind. Dry sense of humour without making light. I knew right away, he was the only one I would go to.

I asked what his revision policy was. It was a question I also asked Dr University---and he said I wouldn't need revisions. His work would be perfect the first time around. If something did happen, I would need to pay for it.

Dr De Haas is different. He is careful in his lifts not to take out too much or lift too high. If too much is taken there can be splitting or necrosis. He says he is always happy to revisit his work, depending on how the body heals, and take a little more if needed. This would be an in clinic, quick procedure at no cost. Same for the tummy tuck. If there is an area with a dog ear, or thick section of scar, he is happy to revise it until his work is perfect. He very much prides himself on everything being symmetrical and natural and looking the way it should. He spoke of many surgeons choosing to have an implant look perfectly round on the bottom half of the breast from the get go. He does not do surgery this way. The breast looks almost flat on the bottom. But as the implant settles, the roundness takes shape and the perfect breast appears. This way----there is no bottoming out of the implant and a need for a revision because suddenly the upper pole has disappeared.

My second consult was a year later. Still preparing and saving for surgery. Checked in again with him, to be sure nothing had changed with my body for a future surgery date. (Consults with him are good for 6 months to a year depending on your age/health) All was the same and we took my pre-op photos which I'll get and post at some point.

So looking forward to my MM!!

Want the healthiest recovery? Start before surgery!

So I love healthy food. And I think we can take our diet a great big step beyond boxed dinners and make a mix packages. That for our own health, and that of our families we need to take the time to prepare low HI foods. Jason Vale (aka the Juicemaster) from England speak of HI foods. Standing for Human Intervention. We want foods that have been fussed with the least. Honey for example, straight from the hive, vs honey that is pasteurized (boiled to condense) and re-flavoured. Oh, it's out there. Think low HI when shopping and you'll be amazed at what can't go in your cart.

Try not to choose anything white. Go for Whole Wheat (non enriched!) flour over white. Go for sprouted brown rice, over white. Go for a low glycemic Coconut sugar, over white. The list goes on. If anyone would like to know how to find things like whole red wheat and wheat grinders to make your own flour in two seconds flat, let me know and I can post links.

You'd be amazed how whole ground red flour wheat tastes over something you buy in a bag at the store. And that's the other thing, lol, whole wheat flour? Organic? The price is crazy. You can make your own for pennies comparatively. And fresh. So fresh the germ is still intact in the flour and the enzymes are still living. Whole wheat flour should always be stored in the fridge and used cold. It keeps it alive for later use if it can't be all used at once.

This all said. I also love a company called doTERRA. I have three kiddies, all boys, and I use essential oils in my home daily. I also ingest them, diffuse them, apply them and yes---cook with them! Absolutely in love with what such good quality---pureeeeeeee----essential oils. Amazing what they can do.

I have a recipe I've made to treat my scars with the EOs. eeek! SUPER excited about it since I've had amazing results with smaller scars! More on that later. :D

In my readings I've come across some great ideas on how to start a pre-surgery bliz for health. It's something we can all do....and continue on to make better choices afterwards too.

Most of us are thousands in on surgery. Wouldn't a healthier approach to life afterward help in keeping and maintaining that investment?

Without further ado:

Start with a healthy liver:
In the case of operations involving a general anaesthetic, the liver is the organ that takes the hardest knock from the drugs used. A good form of preparation for an operation would therefore involve restoring the liver to optimum health prior to undergoing surgery. Avoid alcohol and saturated fats. Wake up to a cup of hot water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed into it. Eat grapefruit with your breakfast and plenty of fresh fruit with lemon juice squeezed over it. Eat lots of fresh, raw or lightly steamed vegetables, especially the colourful varieties. Drink plenty of juiced carrots, beetroot or any other vegetable juices you can tolerate. These will very effectively detoxify your liver.

Remember to drink drink drink! Water with Pink grapefruit essential oil by doTERRA is especially helpful in helping flush the body of excess water and bloating.

Sulphur containing foods best:
To prevent the after-effects of anaesthetics, such as hepatitis, eat foods rich in the sulphur-containing amino acid, methionine, such as free-range eggs, brazil nuts, fish and meat. St Mary’s thistle which contains the active ingredient, silymarin, is excellent in protecting the liver against anaesthetics and so is dandelion root. These also help to regenerate liver cells if there is damage.

Plenty of anti-oxidants are needed to neutralize the free-radicals which result from all the chemicals in anaesthetics and other drugs that may be prescribed. Mopping up of these free-radicals depends upon your levels of beta carotene, vitamin A, C and E as well as zinc, manganese and copper levels. Microplex MVp is also an amazing multi vitamin I can't be without.

Your surgeon may insist you stop all vitamin supplements just prior to and immediately after the surgery until your mega-pain killers are flushed away. This is good advice due to reactions with the chemicals being used: but do try to get back onto them as soon as possible to give your body a fighting chance against infection. Prior to surgery eat plenty of pawpaw, beetroot, carrots, broccoli, apricots, kale, spinach, all citrus (unless otherwise directed by your doctor) even the pith, and green, yellow and red peppers.

Afterward, drinking swollen Chia seeds will literally suck the toxins from your intestines that your liver disposes there. To make a Chia drink: mix 1 TBPS black chia with an 8 oz glass of water. Let sit for 10 minutes until the seeds have their jelly coating on them. This coating is what mops up the junk---and as an added bonus will help you go #2 post surgery as well. :D Add in a few drops of your favourite EO (being certain it's safe for ingestion, many are not but the ones I use from doTERRA are. I like the Lime or Wild orange.) Give a good stir and chug chug.

Preventing blood clots
For at least a month before your operation take an amazing grade fish oil capsule called xeOMega (there is also a vega option!! Which is hard to find) as well by doTERRA. It's one of the most incredible fish oils you will every feed your heart and brain. And one of the only ones I've ever noticed a difference in my body while taking. Do take them daily to keep your blood thin and prevent clotting after surgery. You will need to tell your surgeon you are taking these as he may wish to put you on a blood-thinning drug such as Warfarin and the two should not be taken together as this may cause excessive bleeding during surgery. Continue with your fish oil capsules as soon after surgery as possible.

Healing of wounds
Build up your liver stocks of beta carotene a week prior to surgery with carrot and beetroot juice which will also detox the liver. Beta carotene converts to vitamin A in your body and will improve wound tensile strength, thus preventing possible tearing. Eat lots of apricots and watermelon if in season. Vitamin E promotes healing of ulcerated tissue and helps prevent hard scar formation. Use it mainly as an ointment rubbed on the scar after the wound has closed but the vitamin E in your plant-based multivitamin supplement will also be of great benefit.

I will be using a recipe I made from incredible EO's stay tuned for before and after pics of wound care.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C promotes elastogen and collagen formation and prevents pressure sores. Mouth ulcers, common after surgery or chemotherapy, heal faster with 250 g vitamin C at meals and 500 mg at bedtime!!! Eat broccoli, pawpaw, kiwi fruit and oranges pre- and post surgery.

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, reduces oedema and inflammation. Either eat lots of pineapple or take bromelain in supplement form. With plastic surgery, minimize bruising by using Vitamin C, bioflavonoids and zinc before surgery and bromelain after.

Arnica is also amazing for bruising and promotion of wound healing. Be sure to use before and after!

In general our diets pre and post surgery should include fish especially wild salmon, good organic red meat, oysters, brazil nuts, eggs, pawpaw, apricots, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit, all citrus including pith, pineapple, carrots, beetroot, brussel sprouts, broccoli and capsicum (the pepper family).

Then, because I'm talking about anything natural, I have to add this: Disclaimer. All information here is for educational purposes only and is not meant to cure, heal, diagnose nor treat. This information must not be used as a replacement for medical advice, please listen to your doctor's advice in all things.

Pre surgery Shopping List: Goodies to Get

Starting with the most important:
lol---I'm obsessed.

We need to stock up on foods that are easy on the stomach, easy to pass (who wants constipation post-abdominal surgery!), low in sodium (let's not add to swell hell), and easy to make in case we're not fortunate enough to have someone around 24/7 to help out after the first week.

Instead of buying soups and frozen meals, it's better to find good, wholesome recipes that are easy to tuck away in the freezer in zip-loc containers in those waiting-days before surgery.

Possible foods include vegetable soup (sans added salt but with lots of garlic, oregano (promotes circulation) and onion. Always good are individual portions of lean meats and veggies that can be reheated or popped in the oven. Preparing enough meals for at least two weeks post until you're comfortable on your feet again for longer periods.

This is a site I LOOOOVE. Not only are the recipes amazing, and amazingly photographed, but she is the first site I found when I made my switch to healthier eating. I love meat. I do. Simply put. But most of the week I do eat Raw/Vegetarian/Vegan because the food is so darn appealing!

Check her out though: lovely!!



--Fresh Citrus to eat at will. As much as you'd like.
--Fresh pineapple always cut up and ready to go.
--Low sodium soups, easy to heat.
--No salt or low sodium saltine crackers
--Nuts---again no salt. This is a given. You can find roasted, unsalted but raw is always best!
--Oatmeal---this freezes well and thaws like a dream. Add a little almond milk (unsweetened) drizzle with natural organic maple syrup/dash of cinnamon and a sprinkle of chia/hemp hearts and presto! Magic in a bowl!
--Yogurt. Again avoid things sweetened with white sugar or corn syrup or even fructose. You'll be looking for low ingredients like Krema Greek Plain. And don't be afraid of fat here. This kind of fat is good fat. You can sweeten with your choice of sweetener: just shy away from white sugar, brown sugar or aspartame.
--Cottage cheese. High in protein. You can add Dry curd cottage to the plain Krema yoghurt above, with a grated apple and cinnamon/coconut sugar. Preeeettty tasty. Just watch the sodium in the cottage cheese you choose.
--Popsicles: making your own ahead is super simple. Choose juices that are raw if you can find them, nstead of pasturized (which is boiled down and concentrated and also why boxed juice tastes stronger than freshly squeezed, pressed or juiced.) I have a Juicer and I'll make a carrot/apple/beet/lemon to drink for a morning and popsicle the rest. Super yummy!
--Lean meats. All kinds. Preferably Red for recouping blood loss/infection and Fish for the omegas/leanness.
--Fruits and vegetables---All. Don't forget or overlook your dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and Celery is actually quite high in natural sodium to be aware of this.
--Whole grains. Sprouted is best. If it's not a whole grain when you get it in your hand. IE: red wheat or sprouted brown rice. Don't eat it. Stay AWAY from processed breads like they are the plague. They'll slow down your circulation and recovery.

--Water. Liven it up with Essential Oils. I use doTERRA and love it. Pink Grapefruit is amazing for circulation and kicking water retention's patootie. Yay for Water!
--Gatorade and other electrolyte drinks might seem like a good idea but they are high high in sodium as they're supposed to replace sweat. They taste a lot like sweat might too, funnily enough.
--Avoid Cooked juices---it's better to just drink water.
--Freshly juiced veggie and fruit juices!! YES to these!! You can go days on these. Weeks if you need to and they CAN be frozen ahead. Invest in a juicer. A good quality one like a Breville and you won't regret it. A good friend of mine has done 75 days straight of nothing but amazing juice. His body was full of life and energy. Check out Jo Cross on the Reboot for recipes, you'll find hundreds!

Your PS fav germ-fighting soap
Paper towels
BABY WIPES :D (these come in so handy. From bathing to hand washing, to spills and messes. Keep them close by and you'll be amazed how many you use)
Toilet paper

Prescriptions filled.

In general, everyone will want to have the following available:

Medication time chart
Vitamins as soon as you can: speak to your doctor.
Medical tape
Compression garments
Ice packs
Silicone scar sheets----and lotions or oils you may have to use. Begin when the wounds have closed and sealed and you've been given the go-ahead.
Correct X by doTERRA. It's like polysporin but AMAZING!!!
Arnica Montana/ Bromelain

Books downloaded
Shows saved
Games prepped
Something very cool to do as well are Adult coloring books like this one:
---> there are amazing studies out about the benefits of coloring even when you're older. :D
Besides. What's not to love about it?

So that's all I can think of for now. I'll likely be writing an additional list as the time gets closer.
Love to all my RS ladies!! Happy Healing!!

Wish Pics

I know what I'm hoping for results wise. But it's so hard for me to imagine those results for my body.... does anyone else?

There is a profile here on RS that I found a year or more ago---she's so entertaining to read!! Here's the link in case you'd like to pop over there and see the whole profile. http://www.realself.com/review/kansas-city-mo-mommy-makeover-two-new-tatas-skinny-binny-belly-scheduled-for-4-18-12#

I love her results and am hoping for something similar. It's so nice (and rare) to see surgery on out to the year or over mark---So here and now I promise to update my own profile until 13 months or longer PO so everyone can see what changes take place over that time. Updating monthly with pictures. :D

HUGE thanks to all you here who have done this before me. Who have been brave enough to post your photos and tell your stories and open your hearts too. It's such an incredible help, every single day as we prepare to have surgery and are able to see who has gone before--- so thank you!! Thank you!


I've honestly been dreading posting befores. Definitely a right of passage---but in taking these today....I realize that it's also a letting go. In a way, it's my chance to really see what I've been dealing with (I avoid the camera like the plague so I don't have tons of pictures of myself) to see it this way...at those angles... lol... gives me the ability to post them. Maybe help someone else, as others have helped me, in making the decision to let go---and move on.

The Countdown is on....

T minus....

Looking at the actual number makes it seem further away for some reason. But looking at the calendar at what has to happen between now and then---that's when it seems too close!


Just a Cowboy Passing Through...

Ahhh Calgary....


Hoping to update this again at some point and see a whole lotta inches gone.

Soft tape around belly button and the (un)love handles, relaxed abs: 43"
Hips and Belly button, abs flexed: 42 1/2"
Around mid rib (where bra sits) 34"
Hips/butt 43"

Pre-op call tomorrow!!

How to make Rice Sizers

Using uncooked rice, you can make your own sizers at home to see the approximate cc you might be interested in choosing.

**Note: implants will look slightly smaller if placed sub-pectorally.

Cut a 12-inch length of pantyhose (do not use the foot portion).
Tie a knot in one end.
Fill the length with rice according to the chart below:

Rice Amount Simulated Implant Volume
0.53 cup 125 cc
0.63 cup 150 cc
0.74 cup 175 cc
0.85 cup 200 cc
0.95 cup 225 cc
1.06 cups 250 cc
1.16 cups 275 cc
1.27 cups 300 cc
1.37 cups 325 cc
1.48 cups 350 cc
1.59 cups 375 cc
1.8 cups 425 cc
2.01 cups 475 cc
2.22 cups 525 cc
2.43 cups 575 cc
2.64 cups 625 cc
2.96 cups 700 cc
For Sientra Breast Implants:

Rice Amount Simulated Implant Volume
1 cup 245 cc
1.25 cups 285 cc
1.33 cups 315 cc
1.50 cups 355 cc
1.66 cups 380 cc
1.75 cups 410 cc
2 cups 465 cc
2.25 cups 545 cc
2.33 cups 550 cc
2.50 cups 595 cc
2.75 cups 655 cc
3 cups 695 cc

Tie the remaining open end so that the rice sits in a nice (not packed in tight~!) way and will conform to the breast shape when placed inside a bra.
Ziploc bags can be used instead of pantyhose, but the nylons are usually more comfortable and conform into shape more easily when placed inside the bra. You can also use whole raw wheat kernels, buckwheat, barley or any other rice shaped grain.

This is the easy and quick measurement: If you want to get really picky, it's best to overfill the sizers. For instance, adding 20% to accommodate for lost volume due to body compression (your skin and muscle pushing against the implant once it's inside you.)

The picky way to measure:

Common sizes:

350cc Sizer = 420cc Final rice Implant Size
350cc x 0.20 (20%) = 70cc extra fill
Final volume = 350cc plus an extra 70cc

400cc Sizer = 480cc Final rice Implant Size
400cc x 0.20 (20%) = 80cc extra fill
Final volume = 400cc plus an extra 80cc

450cc Sizer = 540cc Final rice Implant Size
450cc x 0.20 (20%) = 90cc extra fill
Final volume = 450cc plus an extra 90cc

500cc Sizer = 600cc Final rice Implant Size
500cc x 0.20 (20%) = 100cc extra fill
Final volume = 500cc plus an extra 100cc

Good luck ladies! Hope this helps :D

Post Surgical Garments

I've been reading reviews and digging for research on the best support garments post-surgery. Leonisa offers really low shipping to Canada without extra charges at the border. Their garments are great quality and always have rave reviews. Not to mention the cost seems really reasonable---especially considering how long they last.

I've ordered this one and will let you know how it fits. I'm hoping to be a full C, small D when all is said and done.


I love that the shoulders adjust, and the front closure as well as the back support/posture corrector

The materials all look smooth and comfy....

Pre-op call: Doctor doctor give me the news, I've got a bad case of lovin....

I've had 3 consultations with Dr de Haas over the years. Haha---so we decided just a phone call was needed to review everything for surgery on the 23rd.

He is going to order an implant for the right side just under 400cc and for the left just over 400cc. I will know the actual numbers the day of, he's going to try a few to see which ones fill our my asymmetrical tissue the best.

Other than that, they will be moderate + profile, round and smooth. I originally was interested in the sloped implant--pear shape also textured. But after more research on them---and other Ladies issues with them turning in a pocket too large etc (upside down pear boob anyone?) I decided rounds are best. Sub-muscularly.

He does the diamond technique for tummy tucks. Shortens the belly button stem to make an innie instead of an outie---or a button will fleshy bobbles in it---and also has a specialty move that makes the midline look super toned. I'm really hoping to have a symmetrically nice curved low incision too. We shall see! 18 days to go-----

All paid up

It's a funny thing, money.

And here I thought I was past the guilt.

For months, years, I've nursed my not so inconsiderable nest egg. As life has dictated it has shrunk and grown again as we've seen emergencies come and go.

Just. Life.

But yesterday. Getting that money into a bank draft and put into the name of one doctor... (Dealing with the scorn of the bank teller---I've NEVER in all my years been treated that way at our bank and I've been using the same one for 10 years....) Sealing it away in an envelope and walking it into the clinic---my stomach dropping. My hands sweaty. My mind pouring through the myriad of things this money could do. It's potential, which had nothing to do with my physical appearance...

And my three boys. Loves of my life!!! School has already started here in AB. All young but I should be saving this--- for college. For groceries. For ANYthing.

One step. Two. I needed my girlfriends just then. But alone, I did it. One foot in front of the other. Back out to the car and found myself crying as the door closed. Called hubby to tell him. Heard his soft chuckle and a gently reassuring "You're fine. We're fine. I love you."

Somehow he brings things back to what's important. Love. Love him. Love my kids. Love our life. What we've struggled to save and build.

But what I'm learning to do, is love myself.

How is it that as women we put ourselves last? Forget that to love others, to strengthen, help and lift, we must start with ourselves. How is it that we pour all we've got elsewhere and yet become confused when our aquifers grow dry?

I'm learning still. So slowly.

And this is a big step in the right direction.

Sitting there. Phone in hand. Looking out at those passing by, the streets here constantly bustle, everyone unaware of the giant step I just took---I could allow my relief to wash over me.

All paid up.

No turning back.

17 days.

What to expect Post-Surgery

Some great information today and thought I'd post.

Many surgeons don't necessarily offer a full on info packet prior to surgery, while others do. Here is part of what mine includes:

Recovery time frame
Because procedures are performed together, the benefit is that you only have to endure one recovery time. The first week will be the worst, and you will still feel like you are recovering for about two to three weeks. After that, you'll probably be feeling pretty well, but you will not be able to do any heavy lifting (such as picking up your children) for six weeks. Here is more information about what to expect:

The recovery period is significant and can be intense the first few days. We recommend that you speak with your surgeon about using a pain pump as well as medications to control pain and discomfort, so that you can move about and sleep as needed.
The tummy tuck component of the makeover is the most uncomfortable. Make sure you follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully. The first two days are the most uncomfortable. Discomfort typically drops down to a "nagging" level by five to seven days.
Full recovery is about six weeks. You should be up and walking slowly the day after surgery.
By the end of the first week, you should be walking around the house frequently, but you are still unable to drive.
You will probably be comfortable enough to drive a car in two weeks, when all of the sutures and drains will be removed.
You will likely go back for follow-up evaluation with your surgeon within five days. During this visit, your doctor can remove the drainage tubes. Swelling should subside within five weeks, and the results are apparent within three months.
Having both procedures done at the same time does not lengthen the recovery. For example, breast augmentation recovery is approximately seven days, and tummy tuck recovery is ten to fourteen days. Your recovery period for both procedures will be in the ten to fourteen days.
Healing from mommy makeover surgery
Follow all postsurgical instructions. This will include information about wearing compression garments, taking any medications prescribed, and the level of activity that is safe. Your doctor will alert you to the signs of problems to watch for, such as signs of infection. It is important to realize that the amount of time it takes for recovery varies based on what your mommy makeover entails. However, there are some basic precautions and instructions that you should follow to help this recovery go as smoothly as possible, including:

Arrange for someone to help you get around the house and help with your medication for at least the first twenty-four hours after surgery.
Make sure you continue to have lots of help at home—this cannot be stressed enough. You'll be tempted to try to help around the house quickly, but you won't feel like yourself for at least seven days (ten to fourteen in many cases) and you still shouldn't do any heavy lifting for four to six weeks. If you have small children, you must put someone else totally in charge of their care for two weeks.
Try sleeping with several pillows under your back and keep your legs slightly bent at the hips to minimize the tension on your incision, reduce pain, and facilitate a thinner scar.
Call your surgeon immediately if you notice an increase in swelling, pain, redness, drainage, or bleeding in the surgical area, or if you develop fever, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting. Other red flags include shortness of breath, chest pains, and unusual heartbeat.
Your surgeon will likely supply you with a surgical bra to wear early in your recovery after breast reduction or breast lift. This will help minimize swelling. Most swelling should subside within a few weeks, although some swelling may persist for up to four months after breast reduction.
You will need to wear an abdominal binder during your tummy tuck recovery. You may shower after the dressing and gauze pads are removed. This usually occurs within seventy-two hours of your mommy makeover. After showering, pat your incisions dry and replace your abdominal binder.
Avoid heavy lifting, contact sports, and jogging for up to six weeks.

Any good book suggestions?

I love Romance novels---historical mostly. There is a series by Karen Marie Moning (lol on the name. perfect for a Romance Novelist!) Called The Highlander series. Touch of the Highlander, Kiss of the Highlander... etc. ALL of them are good. Her writing style is witty and smart and oh so entertaining!

Anyone out there have any suggestions? What are your favourite books to read?

I'm happy to branch out. :) And I need a WHOLE list to keep me sane over the next coming weeks of downtime--recoup time.

Thanks in advance!!

5 days and counting!!!

Soon soon soon soon soon.....

Two days. Playing it cool. (Yeah right!)

Scrambling it seems. Making lists and still hoping I just wake up on the table when all is said and done. Packing is mostly done. I just feel like I am forgetting everything. Is this normal??? Haha!!!

Here's to a quieter mind, and calmer days and happy healing ahead......

See you on the Flat side!

Well Ladies. This is it. My last post pre-surgery. Next time I check in, I'll be sore and angry with myself. But SOOOOOOOOOOO relieved.

Wish my luck. Send good vibes my way. Keep me in your prayers.

And thank you. For all your wonderful support! For all the cheering!!

See you on the flat side.

I did it!

Made it through. My tummy is numb and foreign feeling. Doctor DeHaas says I have a bit over 300 stitches as of right now. I, soooo afraid to cough. I swallowed some water the wrong way and hoy moly. Panic and terror. Lol lol

My boobs feel huge! High and tight and in my armpits as everyone else has said. He didn't need to do a lollipop lift! When he got in there he took enough out to give me a great result with a periola lift. I don't have scars under or down my boob. Just one around my nipple, they reduced the size of those as well.

I go in Monday or tuesday for my drain follow up. I'll take pictures then when everything is unbandaged. I'm doing good otherwise!

The anesthesiology was no joke. I kept feeling when I was coming out of it that I was going to stop breathing. I had to lay there and focus on breathing. The implants feel like bricks on my chest and my skin is tight. But they don't hurt that much, surprisingly.

And I was sooooo nauseous as well. I had a bit of a drive to get home that night and ended up staying in day surgery/recovery from 3pm after the surgery (I was to the hospital for 5:30am for paperwork etc) until 9pm at night. Trying to get the nausea under control.

Each day will hopefully just get better and better! Thank you for the support ladies! Happy healing to all!!

Final CCs

Turns out on the operating table, that to get he same size from left to right there was a 25cc difference. Might not seem like much but yep--basically a cup size. So happy to not have to deal with that anymore!!! Right side, mentor smooth round silicone cohesive 1 at 375cc. Left side, same at 400cc.

Recovery is been good so far, the days are passing and with each I have more strength to do more, easily.

Not much drainage, from the drains, but I do have a massive butt/side thigh bruise that I can boast about for sure!! Starting to you Cypress and Arnica on it and already looks and feels much better!

Looking forward to tomorrow, getting to take all the binding and bandaging off at the PSs office to see how everything looks!

Hoping to get a drain removed tomorrow and a couple of pictures taken! Wish me luck ladies!!

Week One: After Pics :)

Well----where to begin!!

What a whirlwind the first week. I must admit that I'm glad it's over.

The first three days are a haze of pain meds and ups and downs. Just being as still as possible and letting the incisions properly seal. Trying to pee----the catheter used during surgery really stretched things out and it took five days before I could sit and go without a 10 minute concentration/balancing session. So hard to do when you're all stitched up and sore.

I wasn't hungry. At all. I'm still not and have to force myself to eat, knowing it helps my body recover better and quicker!! One of the few things I could stomach was the Bolthouse Green Juice. Thank goodness for that.

I'm weaned right down to a tylenol a day now. Maybe two if I feel like I might need one but all in all my pain in minimal.

A good suggestion from my PS was to wear a tank top/cami underneath my binder instead of directly against the skin. Your stomach is quite numb post surgery----and will be for some weeks as those nerve endings grow back. A cami keeps the binder from rubbing in strange places----and you not being able to feel it. This is especially important along the suture line. Definitely don't need to lose any skin or have irritation there. So far, I like it much much better! It slips upward easier but it definitely feels much improved with that little extra layer.

Each day I try to move about more but still listen to my body and nap if I need to. I'm super blessed to have the full support of my mum here to take care of my energy filled boys and keep the house running.... and everyone fed and clothed. Super lucky, I know!! I rent her out, if anyone is looking for a full time nanny/maid/cook.... ;)

My boobs feel like the perfect size for my body. I'm glad I didn't go bigger, and I'm glad I didn't go smaller. Smaller especially! I was worried they would be too big but after reading SOOOOO many of my fellow RS reviews, and how everyone says---they wish they'd gone a wee bit bigger.... I went for the upper range of my size choice. And yep!! Glad I did!

When I was in recouvery, my PS came in and put his hand on my shoulder to wake me. Gently he said everything went really well. With the size of the implant and the condition/amount of skin he decided not to do a full lollipop lift. I felt my throat fill with emotion and I smiled wide, not really still being able to see at this point as I was still coming out of the anesthesia, "You did a Benelli lift??"
Later when speaking with him, he said how surprised he was that I knew the term! But that is the beauty of three years of research----and reading so many reviews here in RS land!! We tend to be more informed that the everyday patient. At least, I hope we are!

For me, this is a culmination of 3 years of hard work and reading.

So far so pleased!!!!!!! Healing great. Feeling great. Just each day at a time and trying to be positive and let my body go at its own pace.

Any questions, fire away!

Binder Woes...

Researching stage one garments to replace White Lightening that the PS sent me home with---might as well give it a cool name even though I'd like to burn it---and came across a preference for Marena garments here in RS land.

Does anyone out there reading this have Marena garments?? How do you like them? I found there is a dealer close to my province---since it seems it's impossible (and bloody expensive!!) to get them shipped into the Great White North by dogsled to my igloo.

How do you like the fit/feel/comfort of them? I'm looking into model FBS. :)


Move aside milk if magnesia, jump back gassy stool softeners!

There's a new kid in town!!

1 TBSP of chia seeds soaked in 8 oz of water (10 mins) with a squeeze O'lemon before bed each night. Presto morning change-o so say goodbye to bran cereal or stomach bloating fiber drinks. Chia is amazingly good for the bod and full of omega oil too without being some kind of nasty pharmaceutical that doesn't work anyway!! Thought I'd share. Who knows, might help someone else out there too.


Just looking at my befores again, then my most recent afters and see that in 2-d land they might not look too different. To me they definitely do but I have the real life scenario to look at and feel.

Even though over 300cc of fat was lipoed from each hip/side/love handle area and over 7 inches of skin was taken vertically from the front lateral incision.

And now? When I look down, I can see my thighs, no belly. Which is stunning. And I even have a waist. Which I've never had. Even with the epic swelling.

Don't get discouraged. If you're feeling like it's not good enough results wise, or that it does not look to others to be major. When that swelling goes down, and life is back on track again---the difference is going to be stunning. Even now, in clothes it's HUGE. To me. I wish I'd taken a before in clothes now so I could compare! lol. Something to keep in mind for all of you starting on this journey---take a clothed pic. In something you wish you could fit!

New Binder!! I'm in heaven!!!!

I ordered in the Marena stage one binder I've heard so much about and boy oh boy-----I can't believe now wearing this thing that I made it through 2 weeks with White Lightening! But I did----I've had really sore collections of yellow/purple fluid/bruising where the two panels of Lightening come together on both sides of my hips/waist. They were hard and really sore to the touch and making me grumpy. Not everyone's shape fits a standard velcro panel thingy the same---mine apparently hated it.

One night in this Marena get-up and those hard lumps are completely gone. It's tight. I ordered a large and might have even been able to squeeze into the medium but it would have been a figurative and literal stretch. This one isn't a challenge per-say, but it's definitely tight enough that I feel safe and supported. By measurement from the Marena site I was supposed to order an XL, so I'm definitely glad I went smaller. Besides---how can you truly get a good measurement with oedema?

If you can't pinch the material from your body while you're wearing it, it's too tight. I can pinch it---not easily---so it's good.

I'm wearing underwear because there is the open you know what'sit area and otherwise you get baboon butt because it hangs out...lol lol... This might be TMI but I showed hubby and then we were crying laughing and I was so sore....totally worth it. If I were brave, I'd post a picture so you could all laugh with us.

So comfortable though!!!!! I was able to even find a dealer in Canada in the next province over---I called in my item number and she had it to me in 3 days!!!!! Puralator, no extra charge. I was/am impressed!! And will definitely be ordering my stage two garment from her as well. The fabric of the marena garment is super thick, super smooth, yet----super giving as well. I can breathe. And surprisingly, peeing is easy with that handy opening. Number 2, I wouldn't attempt. I think it would just be awkward. Maybe I do have a too big-baboon butt after all... ;)

Three weeks tomorrow!

I can't believe it's gone by so quickly. I'm doing better/more everyday. Simple things like being able to reach up and grab something...not such a big deal anymore. I'm definitely in swell hell!! My midsection feels thick and firm. I'm trying to enjoy each stage and let my body do its work.

One thing we did invest in was a recliner. We found one for a really really great deal on clearance at our local Sears. $200, which might seem like a lot but it's SO comfortable and matches the house well---and is also Canadian made with kiln dried hardwood. So I figure, it'll stand up well to the three boys--who've been giving it an extra special workout each day for me.

Anything new is soooo novel. lol.

Regular price it's $900. So I'm pretty happy with that deal :)

For sleeping, I've been so incredibly surprised how comfortable a recliner is. We have an amazing bed so I was scared that I wouldn't be able to sleep---hahahaaa---not a problem. It's like going to sleep in a marshmallow each night. Down comforter, smooshy pillow, lala-land! The main plus is that I don't try to roll onto my side like I was trying to do in bed :P

For the First three weeks I have to have three pillows to prop me up and two under my knees. For the 4th and 5th two pillows under my head and one under my knees and from the 6th- 7th weeks one and one. Then only One under my head. My scar is thin---what I can see emerging from the steri strips so I'm thinkin' that maybe this sleeping propped is helping? Who knows. But what he says, I do.

So far so good!!! I'll post 3 week pics tomorrow!!

Three Great Weeks

Knock on wood.

Alls well so far! Healing is going well---definitely in the swell hell stage and I keep reminding myself that it just will get better and better each passing day.

I sometimes have to double binder it in the evening so there isn't s much pressure on my lower incision.

Which I think is looking pretty good for three weeks out?

Can't wait to hit the gym.

And THAT is never a line I thought I'd write!! ;)

Really though. The days are colder here in Calgary all though we've been having a BEAUtiful fall. I'm only allowed to walk until 6 weeks. NO equipment until then---at all. No baths until then and only if nothing is leaking or 'oozing'. Super medical term there. lol.

I've been wearing my binder still during the day---but going braless and binderless at night. How weird it was in the first few days to not feel the security there when I shifted or moved... but now, it's like whip it off--woohoo... sleep time!

We removed 6 stitches that were lingering around my areola. They kept getting caught on my towels and bra and tugging. oi. Like anyone needs that!! So got the all clear and cleaned the area/tools with alcohol and snipped them out. One side of the loop under the knot, snip--and gently pull the rest of the loop out. Super easy---and they were literally healed over in half hour. So so ready to be gone!!!

Other than, everything is still looking good! I'm feeling swollen and bloated with the looming onset of my period. Y.a.y.

Has anyone else had hard lumps form (like an inner deep bruise? That you can't see?) in your lipo areas, and what do you/did you do to help those along?

I've been treating my scars (no tape or silicone strips) with a cream I've made. It's breaking up---which is the only way for me to describe the feeling of it when I run my hand over. When you get this surgery done, there is a super hard line of swelling under the incision site. About an inch and a half wide. Mine is starting to shrink under there, and gap in spots so all I can feel is the top incision. Even that too, is looking better than it was. Dark---but I know this will fade in time.
Dr. William De Haas

Knowledgeable, skilled and professional. Dr De Haas is one of the trusted magicians behind breast reconstructions for Cancer survivors in Calgary; making much from very little. He is also adeptly familiar with tubular breast malformations and other difficult cases. Where other PS's struggle, De Haas's results are beautiful to behold. He is honest and if need be---desires to revisit his perfectionistic work over time (in clinic at no additional charge) to be certain outcomes give the best results possible. This talented experience, definitively elite skill set and ability to completely grasp a patients' vision----paired with an incredibly soft demeanour, dry sense of humour and solid common sense... makes for one incredible PS.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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