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Dr Campbell's office is excellent, very...

Dr Campbell's office is excellent, very accommodating and extremely helpful. I had a confusing consult with another surgeon, and had booked the surgery anyway, upon reflection I wanted a second opinion... Seeing the reviews and website for Dr Campbell, I knew I wanted to meet him. When I tried to book a consult, they were booked for a few months and couldn't actually get me in until the day I was scheduled with the other surgeon. After explaining, they wanted to make sure I could get a second opinion before having the surgery, so they fit me in after a few weeks to start the consult with their RN, Joanne, and then complete the consult with Dr Campbell. The consult went amazing, Joanne was extremely knowledgeable and helpful when trying on sizers. We spent almost 2 hours going over everything. By the time Dr Campbell came I barely had any thing to ask him. He was extremely kind, and made me feel very comfortable. The questions I did ask he answered in a way that was easy for me to understand. He did an exam, took measurements and he assured me that the implants I selected from trying sizers with Joanne would work well for me and give me the look that I wanted.
They ended up having a cancellation, so could schedule me in for surgery within 10 days. Since this is something I've wanted for a long time, and was very excited for I took the earlier date. It worked out so well, that I'm convinced it was meant to be :)
Every one in the office had been amazing. Since scheduling, and the date coming up so close I have been panicking a little everyday about every single thing haha, I've called Joanne almost every day and she hasn't gotten tired of me yet haha, still extremely helpful and accommodating. She even gave me her personal number in case I need to contact her after hours or on the weekend. She assured me that it's completely normal to stress out as the day gets closer. I have my surgery on Monday, and I am so excited I can barely focus on anything else.
I am 5'8", 185lbs, and carry most of my weight in my hips/butt/thighs. I wanted to look proportional, but not too fake. I am getting 500cc mod+.

Getting closer! So excited and nervous

Surgery in 3 days. Driving down with my fiance on Sunday as I am from out of town. Planning on doing laundry and packing tonight.
I'm getting 500cc moderate plus mentor silicone implants. I've been panicking and flipping back and forth whether I'm going too big or not big enough and stressing myself out reading every scary thing online haha.
After making my own rice sizers I must have tried them on every day to see the size difference... I think it's freaking me out because it's such a huge difference to me and a big change, but the more I try them on the happier I am with my choice. I even wore them to Wal-Mart to try on shirts to make sure I picked one loose enough for after the surgery... My fiance came with me, but he didn't come to the consult, so was also getting used to the size... He seemed happy about it tho haha :P
I know it's a big implant, but I'm a bigger girl, and I don't think they will look freakish on me, I think they really balance me out and make me look sexy :)

Counting down :)

Posting a few more before pics in a bikini. Excited to see how it fits after :)
We drive down tomorrow. Super excited.

All done... Sore, but happy

Finally done! The whole process went well. I slept terrible last night, kept having nightmares. We got to the surgical center early, which worked great, as a ton of people came in after us to get checked in. Dr Campbell and the anesthesiologist were both very friendly, the nurses all nice too. They explained everything to me, and I remember the iv being put in, and going to sleep within a few seconds. Woke up very groggy and sore, the nurse was really nice a bright me whatever I needed, when I started feeling better she brought me to a reclining chair in my own small room and my fiance met me there. We hung out until I started feeling better and they explained the after care to both of us. Dr Campbell came back to check on me and told me everything went great and gave us more info for after care as we'll as his personal number. I haven't taken th bra off yet, but I am happy so far with how they came out.. Sitting pretty high, but I expected that from reading other reviews. Dr Campbell and his team have been the best.

Day 3, feeling much better

I cut back on the drugs a lot, mostly because I don't like how dizzy they make me. I find ice and Tylenol help a lot, but if I'm laying down the pain is worse, so I take a couple of the prescribed pills and just take a nap.
They feel quite hard and firm, I'm thinking it's all the swelling. Had my follow up with Dr Campbell yesterday, he told everything looked great and he was happy that I was feeling and looking so good only 24 hrs later. I'm pretty happy about that too, I was afraid I'd be much worse, and have heard it going both ways. He told me I can shower now and lift my arms so I'm excited to get clean haha.

Back to work tomorrow

Day six, and the pain has decreased a ton. I'm sleeping on my sides again, doctor said it was ok right away, but it was too painful for me at first.
I bought some new clothes to wear for work to try to hide my new additions. Also picked up some normal sports bras, as I'm able to comfortably lift my arms and put them on. I have between wearing my surgical bra mostly for comfort, they told me I didn't need to, but sometimes the compression feels good, especially at night.
Dr Campbell had been great, he gave be his cell in case I have any questions. I've messaged him a few times already and he's responded very quick. So unexpected and great for such a busy and important guy.

Stressed. Post op blues

I'm getting all panicked about work. I'm wearing a loose shirt and scarf, but I'm still worried they'll notice. I'm a professional and work with mostly men, I'm afraid of losing respect.
I'm also starting to miss my old boobs... But I think it's because they weren't funny shaped and didn't hurt haha. I love how I look with clothes on, from the front. From the side I still look really strange. I'm wondering if anyone else has felt this way afterwards. A lot of reviews I read people are just super happy with everything, and it makes me wonder if maybe I made the right choice. I'm terrible for over thinking everything. At least when I'm at work I can focus on something else.

Nobody seems to notice :)

I think I camouflaged them very well, and it seems like no-one has noticed at all yet. The scarf hides the highness well too... I'm lucky it's winter and that I normally wear scarves with my outfits. I'm feeling much better about my choice now. It was really stressing that I might have gone too big because I didn't want people to notice in my professional life. Now that it's out of the way I am feeling more confident and happy :).


Just posting some bikini pictures for a progress update.

More pics

Just adding more photos. Today started out rough for me, it helps a lot sharing here with people who have been through the same thing. I wasn't going to pay a review at first, but figured that since other people's posts have helped me so much, that I ought to give back. Hope my updates and pictures helps at least one person. Can't wait to share my final results :)

10th day. Feeling good.

I've stopped taking any tylonol, even at night, which is nice. They are feeling slightly softer and I'm a lot more comfortable massaging them. I have full sensitivity in my right nipple, but I'm still kind of numb/tender in the left. My surgeon assured me this would get better in time. I'm much more confident and comfortable with the new me than before, not stressed or anxious about them anymore, just getting excited and impatient for them to drop haha. I'm really happy with the size too. I'm glad I didn't chicken out and go smaller.

Tape came off last night.

Tape finally came off, it was pretty loose so I helped it. Didn't hurt like I thought it might...I actually don't really feel the incisions much at all... But I generally avoid touching them . I put some silicone gel that the doctor sent me. He didn't think I'd need it but sent it anyway. The lines seem very thin to me too, so I'm not really worried either, but the gel can only help, so I use it anyway. I can't even see the scar unless I use a mirror or my phone camera underneath.
My left nipple is still feeling a little tender and numb... Also doesn't shrink like the right when it's cold. The right feels the same as preop, maybe even a little more sensitive. Dr Campbell told me that it's not unusual and sometimes it can take a while to get back to normal. I'm not worried yet. Lots more healing to do all around.
I don't think I'll be posting any more updates until there's more of a change. Things are going well and I'm feeling very happy and exited again. For any ladies feeling the postop blues, it does pass :)

Day 16. Progress update

No significant changes, just updating for the sake of progress.
They are feeling a bit softer than at first, which is comforting, but they're still very high. I'm happy with the incisions, they're thin, and right at the crease, so I'm confident they won't be noticeable at all. My nipple area and natural breast tissue still seems tender, I don't notice any discomfort unless I jump, or if my little dog decides to jump on me haha. The only time I actually feel any pain now is when I try to reach too far, but even that is getting better. The left nipple is being more normal too, at least the sane as the right... I'm sure in time they'll both be great :)
I'm getting more comfortable laying in different positions too. And just more comfortable all around.
I'm not depressed anymore at all, just excited and anxious for them to drop and look normal. I'm not going to let myself worry about it until at least 6 weeks :P

6 week update

I don't feel any pain or discomfort at all anymore and they are much softer. Still some more dropping to do, but my doc says I'm healing as expected.

2 months

They are feeling way softer, almost natural... I can still feel the implant in spots where it's a little firm, but otherwise they are totally soft and squishy. They're looking less freakish too, which I'm really happy about. Still some dropping to do, but it's still early. I am very happy with how they're turning out. Can't wait for my 3 month update :)
I gained a bunch of weight, partly from not being able to do as much in the beginning, but mostly from eating badly. I live far enough north that the winter days are so short that when I'm working I don't see any daylight. I get depressed every winter, not fun. BUT it's the first day of spring today, and I'm determined to get back in shape :)

Happy happy

Just posting some more pics. I'm really in love now. Boob greed is a real thing haha.

3 Months. So happy

It's the 3 month mark, and I am super happy with my results. I gained a bit of weight, which is a bummer. It's been tough getting back to where I was before the surgery.
They are super soft and squishy and feel pretty natural. In some positions I can still feel the implant, but I guess they are still maturing, and settling.
I finally bought some real bras with underwire last week. I wasn't measured, but the size that fit me was 36D.... it was also at la senza, and their sizes are all over the place.

Trying on old bikini.

Just adding some more photos. Had some fun trying on my old bikini too haha... I think I need to go shopping.

5 months

Just posting some update pics. Very very happy. Still a little numb/tender on my left nipple, but I've heard it can take a year to regain total feeling so I'm not stressed. Right one is totally normal.
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