30 Yrs Old, No Kids, 110 Lbs - 345cc hp

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I've always been in between about getting breast...

I've always been in between about getting breast implants until a couple months ago when I found my wedding dress, that's when I looked at myself and felt I wasn't happy about my breasts.. I then started doing lots of research, read tons of reviews on realself, and started looking for doctors. After reading tons of reviews and asking friends and family, I decided to book a consultation with Dr. Paul Whidden. Originally the consultation was booked for October 6, but I had requested to be put on the cancellation list as I was hoping to have my surgery asap. Before my 30th birthday I got lucky a client had cancelled and I was able to get an earlier consultation, I was thrilled and excited. After meeting with Dr. Whidden I had no doubts he was the right pick, I told him what I was aiming for and he picked a couple sizes for me to try on there was no pressure for bigger nor was there any off suggestions. Dr. Whidden end up picking Natrelle inspira and I'm going with 345cc under, I left happy and left with no questions. But that didn't last too long, I went home and started reading more stories and started having questions, lots of it. Thank God the ladies at the office has been nothing but the best, especially Trista whom I've been in contact with through email. Recently i changed the implant size to 365cc instead which is the biggest that Dr. Whidden would do for me, I'm truly happy now with the size rather go slightly bigger and be happy not a big notice from 345cc anyways. My surgery date is on October 7.

I recently started looking into moderate and high profile images, what are you thoughts on this? I'm hoping to achieve the natural yet still has the umph cleavage look, without having just the two ball look without the drop.

2 1/2 weeks left!!!

Super excited! Dr. Whidden have given me a call regarding the questions I had about moderate and high profile. After a thorough explanation and my worries of not wanting the two round ball look, I am choosing to go back to the original size which is the 345cc hp. I can't we wait until my surgery date! I just purchased a wedge pillow as well as two gel ice packs to reduce the swelling. Will update more once the date gets closer.

1 week til surgery!!

Hey everyone!
Today marks my one week count down and I'm still excited for the surgery, hopefully it'll stay that way. I've been picking up a few more things before my surgery comes up.

- Bendy Straws
- Jello
- Prune Juice
- Extra Strength Tylenol
- Shea Butter

I will be picking up ensures and ginger ale this week as well. Am I missing anything else?
The doctors office should be giving me a call sometimes this week to give me my operation time so I will keep you guys posted :)

Last minute inquiry

Laying in bed last night I kept thinking how much I liked the 365cc vs 345cc looked on me. I guess I didn't want to wake up after surgery thinking that I should have gone bigger. But my only dilemma was that I didn't want that fake ball look, so I decided to email the office asking what if I was to get the 365cc but moderate profile will that be better and able to avoid that ball look. I'm just waiting to hear back from Dr. Whidden as his assistant had informed me already that she would pass the email along. Any ladies went through this? Would love to hear back from any of you who had experience this before surgery.

Running mind.....

Ugh, I'm a horrible patient. Literally counting down to the day and I feel so indecisive all suddenly. Dr.Whidden has been so good at contacting me and making sure he explains everything to me so I understand and the girls at his office as well. I thought after talking to Dr.Whidden yesterday regarding the moderate profile I thought my decision on the 345cc hp would be right but I'm still caught up on how the 365cc looked on me. Playing it safe and having that natural look would be staying at 345cc but even his assistant said 365cc looks good on me and it still fits my body type, it wasn't sticking out on the side, my only concern was the literally ball look but Dr.Whidden already confirmed that I wouldn't only people with no breast tissue and if they are going too big would look like that. After really really thinking about it I had email the girls again and told them if they haven't ordered the implants yet I would love to go with 365cc hp and this time I'm not changing my mind. So hopefully sometimes today they will confirm that change.

As well just wanted to say thank you to some ladies who comment and shared their stories with me, much appreciated.

1 more sleep!!

Worse luck ever! I got food poisoning last night so I've been in bed all day today trying to feel better asap. Hopefully I'll be all better by tonight and I'll be ready to go tomorrow morning. I'm to be at the surgery centre by 10:15am. I'm super excited can't wait! I've already rearrange my room as well so I have better access to meds, books, ipad ect. I'll be washing my bedsheets tonight as well. Until then, I'll update when I can. Good luck to everyone going into surgery tmr!

2 day PO

Hi everyone, just wanted to give you an update since I had my surgery. On the day of my surgery it was fairly a quick process; I met with the nurse who had given me my blue gown, warm robe and slippers to wear and we had gone over discharge instructions, medications, and took my blood pressure. After that the anaesthetist doctor came in and explain the step by step process of what he would be doing and a few mins later Dr. Paul Whidden came in and made the markings on my breasts and confirmed that we were going with the 365cc. Not long after that I was walked into the surgery room and met 2 nurses they were really nice, made me feel really comfortable and just like that I was out. I believe the procedure took an hour, I was very groggy waking up from the anaesthetics but didn't take me long to be OK. From a level of 1-10 my pain level was about a 1 I just felt a lot of pressure on my chest. From there on after getting dress and heading home everything was smooth sailing, no nausea no vomiting. I got home I ate, took meds every 4 hours and I even slept good at night. The nurse called me the next morning to check up on me and at that point my pain level was maybe a 2-3 nothing more just discomfort from the pressure on my chest. Surprisingly, I've been really good with everything thought it would have been worst for sure, even sleeping upright with my wedge pillow has been good, maybe it's because of the meds that's making me sleep good. Today would be my 2 day PO and I'm still feeling heavy and high, hoping that my breast will slowly drop soon and that my skin doesn't feel so extended. Hope everyone else is doing well after their surgery.


I know it's only been 2 days post op but I just want to know if any of you felt this before or feeling it now. My chest feels super stretchy, rubbery feeling skin.. No pain though. Is that normal as it is in the healing process? Help plz.

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