I Just Want to Buy Bras at Victoria Secrets!!!

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I have always been on the smaller/average size,...

I have always been on the smaller/average size, 5'4", 135lbs, 32AA, very active in competitive skating, practicing yoga, biking, running, occasionally weights. After having my 3 lovely babies, losing all my baby weight for the last time I thought I would go buy some new sexy bras. I was so pumped! I got measured and the lady brought me bras in that size. They didn't fit. ..This happened 3 times. Finally, after trying on an A cup and that didn't fit, I left the store sad, depressed and in tears. They just don't seem to make sexy,easy to buy bras for small chested women. Not to mention lingerie, dresses and tops just hung off of me. I broke down one night when my husband was fondling my breast and that was it. We found a plastic surgeon through a friend of ours. The initial consultation was overwhelming and the sizers felt beyond huge on my body. I found it difficult to choose a size I was comfortable in and wanted to go ultra conservative with the smallest implant they make. As time has gone by and I have gone back in to try on sizers numerous times, I have gradually been more open to larger sizes. I have another consultation with the nurse tomorrow to make a final decision. While I was pregnant /breast feeding I ranged in size from a 32AA (now) to a 36DD. I was very uncomfortable having a 36DD chest and am hoping for something in the 300-370 range. I will see how it goes tomorrow :)

310cc or 340cc? barely any difference???

I have been nervous about my upcoming procedure. Some days I am excited, some days I question if surgery is right for me. It's not that I am concerned about my current size. It is more the fact that I do not feel comfortable naked. It took me months to even look at myself in a mirror because of the way my breasts hang. It seems the more kids I had, the smaller my breasts got. I don't mind the fact that I do not have to wear a bra. I would really like to get the 310cc implants but as I am reminded, most ladies wish they had gone bigger. I have ruled out the 370cc however. I believe it will be too big for me and the look I would prefer. I think if I really want to play them up, I can buy an add-2sizes-push up bra. However, it is difficult to down play a large chest. I have a few friends who wear an underwire bra AND a sports bra on a regular basis. That is not what I want!!! I decided to go with high profile as there were more options for sizes and they suited my frame the best. Now I am trying to decide between 310cc and 340cc. It is not a lot of difference really. I am also trying to think long term and how I will look in 10 or 15 years. If they need to be removed, the smaller implants will also do less damage to the tissues and are less likely to sag over time.

I actually weigh 123lbs...

I just caught a mistake in the first blog. I was 135lbs pre-3-babies, a size medium/8. I am now 123lbs, size xs/s/4 and done with babies. My children are 6,5 and almost 2. I am concerned as to how my daughter will perceive her mother as having had a breast augmentation when she is older. I have never been very confident in my skin but I do not want to send her the message that you can fix your flaws with surgery. I don't want her to know until she is older that this is why I have done something so extreme to replace my breasts (in a way). And I also want her to grow up accepting her body the way she is. I pray she doesn't get picked on as I did for having a small chest and friends nick naming my breasts "molehills". Some things just stay with you wether you want them to or not. I should mention my daughter (she is 2) is half Chinese so very petite as it is. The other thing I struggle with is that I am going against nature and Gods will. I am not an overly religious person but we still carry the belief that God made everyone this way for a reason, that we are all unique. I feel like I am messing with Gods ideal me. Does anyone else have these feelings on here? I feel like I can't stop thinking of boobs. All day, all night. I really want to know what predicted size a 310 would put me in vs a 340cc. I did have the surgeon order the 310,340, and 370cc. Ultimately. It will be decided on that day. Getting close now, only 20 days until my sx.

only 2days to go

While I am looking forward to Friday, I am still a bit nervous. I am still undecided about the 310/340cc. I really don't want big bouncy boobs! Just nice full small ones would suit me just fine. The nurse called today to see if I had any questions. Unfortunately, I was not home. I will have to call her tomorrow! My main concern right now is when can I get back to yoga and skating!!! Lol!!! I am also hoping my kids will not be too demanding over the weekend. Especially the 2yr old...

Really looking forward to not seeing this anymore!!!

Its done!!

Well it is done! Today was surprisingly stressful for me though everything went smoothly. I was just so nervous!!! And I had a long night with one sick kid, a toddler who decided to have a party at 0300 and the third who got upset because his brother was sick. Oh well!

My husband and I got to the hospital at 0900, got admitted and then waited for 2hours (I would recommend taking a book or magazine with you just in case). I have to add here that I had my sx in the hospital as a precaution (I have sleep apnea). We were taken down to the OR around 1100. The anesthetist came and talked to us first and described step by step what he would do. Then Dr Campbell came and spoke to us. He is such a nice gentleman with fantastic bed side manners. I was able to speak to him about the sizes and ask any questions we had. I decided to go with the 340cc. I did have a moment of doubt and again questioned him once I went into the OR and he was marking my breasts. Dr Campbell took the time to show me the boxes and compare measurements. We talked about how the 370 would look vs 340. There was not much difference (0.5cm larger in diameter but only 0.2cm difference in projection). I stuck with the 340cc.
Then the anesthetist came in and next thing I knew I was in RR. All the nurses were great, from OR, RR and Day Sx. (Dr Campbells nurse was not with me as she does not work in the hospital).

I made sure the nurses topped up all my pain meds. And I asked for ice packs when I got back to the unit. ******a must. I would recommend keeping two sets of ice packs in your freezer for when you get home. This way you can alternate sets of packs and keep the swelling down******. I would also recommend having an anti emetic at home in the event the pain meds make you nauseated (Gravol etc).

My boobs are swollen and sore even though I have taken lots of pain meds. It was really difficult to adjust myself in bed. However, I am sure I made the right decision in terms of size. They look really good! Even my husband, who was afraid I was going too conservative, was really impressed. I am so happy with my choice. And I don't have those weird looking boobs when I bend over! Yeah!!! I can not wait to see how they will progress over the next little while!!!

Dr Campbell came to check on me, prior to my d/c. He answered any other questions we thought of and even gave us his cell number if we thought of anything else or had any other concerns (my husband who is also a physician was very impressed that he took this extra step).

I highly recommend Dr Campbell and am beyond happy with my result (albeit swollen). His nurse Joanne was great, took extra time to spend with me when narrowing down sizes, phoned me back promptly, answered my questions, even called me prior to the surgery:) and the ladies at the front desk were fantastic as well and always remember my name. This is a great team!!! Highly recommended!!

things i have found useful

- keep taking your pain meds regularly
- ice packs!!!
- I used my breast feeding pillow to sleep at night (helps keep me propped up and gives me something to rest my elbows on)
- polyethylene glycol (PEG) as a stool softener
- do not take the compression bra off while resting during the first 24hrs!!! almost more painful to get it back on than the sx itself...
- expect Franken boobs!
- do lots of sit ups prior to sx! I find that having strong abs to get out of bed helps immensely! You never know how much you use your pectoralis muscles until every movement is painful.
- It may be useful to ask the pharmacist for easy open bottles for your rx.

happened to get this in the mail...

So I got this in the mail yesterday! What appropriate timing as yesterday was my sx! Thought I would try it on today. I think my size guesstimate was pretty close:) 34 C (I could probably have bought the 32C but I find a 34 band more comfortable). Once the swelling goes down this should look great:) Please excuse the belly swelling. Narcs can do weird things to your body!!!

say what??

Just another thing I forgot to add from my above list...
- if you can get your arm pits waxed do it before sx. I have never waxed but wish I would have waxed them just this once. The swelling is not only in my boobs but armpits as well and I am not able to shave them!!!

Funny story: my sick little 6 year old was sitting beside me last night cuddling while we were watching a movie. He had been looking at me weird the last few days trying to figure out what was different, or maybe how to ask.. last night he poked my book and said "MaMa, how did your boobie burgers get bigger?" my husband and I laughed about it. So innocent and cute. Except nothing gets by this kid!!! They knew I had sx just not really for what! (and boobie burgers is what we called my boobs when my daughter was breastfeeding. It stuck!)

one week post op

post op day 18

Things are going well. I went for a run post op day 8... skating day 17... I tried push ups tonight and found them more challenging than usual. I guess yoga will have to wait a few more weeks! I am not entirely sure about the size of the implant. I feel they are very large and stuck on my chest. It's not that I can feel them move or anything but when I am top less they look HUGE! Maybe it just takes some getting used to. I did find some fantastic bras at Lululemon that have a zipper in the front. I bought a few. They are nice and snug and comfortable to wear without underwire.

finally dropped

My right breast finally dropped so now they look more even. I find I have still been having soreness on the right side. Most likely because I am right hand dominant and tend to favor that side. I have gone for another run and done a bootie work out. I also found that breast massage has helped stretch out and relax the right breast.

hot yoga this week

Looking better everyday! I am still not used to the size and sometimes I look down and think "WHOA!!!". I have been working out, quite a few days a week. Skating, yoga, running, even light weights. I have not been able to feel the implants very much which is just fine with me. Even Chataraungas in yoga were just fine. I will be the first to admit I an the exception. I always heal fast and well. however, I have another unrelated sx scheduled for Friday and I am hoping the two surgery within a month of each other don't knock me out flat!!!


Noticed some natural-like jiggling today! Yeah! It made them feel less like rocks stuck on my chest. My mom may be coming for a visit this weekend. She does not know about my augmentation. I have no intention to tell her as we are not close but it will be interesting to see if she says anything...


I got measured this week for bras. The girl at Victorian Secrets measured me at a 32DD/34D. I think I am smaller than that. I would say a small 34D. But it depends on the bra of course!

4 1/2 month update

So it has been four and a half months since my sx. I completed a 30 day challenge at my yoga studio. I don't even notice the implants moving. I have done a little bit of weight training as well. The only time I notice the implants moving is during push ups. And then it is only slightly laterally, something only I would notice. Some days I think I went too big but overall I am happy with the size.
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

Dr Campbell is fantastic!! He is a genuinely nice gentleman who cares about his patients. I have been around lots of Drs in my day,professionally and personally, and he is just a super nice guy who happens to be an excellent surgeon. Dr Campbell was recommended to us by one of his own plastic surgeon colleagues. He took his time at my initial consultation and prior to my actual sx to answer my questions and concerns. He even took the extra step of providing us with his cell number in case anything happened after my surgery. I am so happy with my results thus far. The incisions are small which will leave less scarring :) he came to check on me prior to d/c (I worked on 2 surgery units -this is not standard!!!). His staff is also great. They remembered my name and Joanne RN was always available to answer my questions and help me choose sizes. She also provided me with her cell number and email should I think of any questions/concerns. Overall a really fantastic team and highly recommended!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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