Petite Build- No Kids - Wanted to Feel Proportional!! Excited for my New Look! - Calgary, AB

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I wanted to put a review up because I recently...

I wanted to put a review up because I recently just got my breast augmentation done; and the ladies that have been on here helped me a lot!!

So hopefully I can do the same for others! I just want to feel proportional.

I have always wanted to get my breast done; and finally took charge and got it done! I'm excited to see how it plays out!

Stats: 5'1"
Weight: 108
PreOp: 32A-32B (depends on store of course)
Post op: not sure yet!

Day 4 Post Op!

Woke up at 5 am with extreme pain! Took 2 pain killers because I felt like I was going to burst open :( slept for a little bit feels a lot better after my medication. Hoping they will drop soon! Getting so antsy over it but I know I need to be patient.

Changed into a light sports bra on day 3 Post Op. Feels a lot better. But saw a review on real self how she bottomed out because she wasn't wearing her compression bra as often as she was suppose to!! So gonna switch back to the industrial bra! Everyone is telling me on day 4 or after things start to feel better. I really hope so!

I'm not sure how to change the title...

Not sure how to change the title on my cellphone! But I forgot to mention the size I got. I got 535 UHP!

Day 5 Post Op!

Day 5!! I wanna say it's going by pretty fast and I've been healing really well. Around day 3 I didn't need my pain killers anymore throughout the day. They make me very nauseated so I try to avoid them. But I only take 2 every morning around 3-5 AM, because I wake up feeling major tightness and pain In my chest. Bleh

Anyways day 5 is going pretty well, pretty tired which is normal since my body needs to recover. I can do majority of my Normal routine, I can raise my arm up pretty well. I can sleep flat on my back now, which I thought would take a lot longer until I could but feels fine doing so! They're still sitting pretty high obviously but I see a tiny tiny change in drop or maybe the swelling has gone down so I see less frankenboobies!! Only time will tell!!

Day 6 Post Op!!

Day 6!!!!! Already been a week it's crazy!
I took pain killers are 5AM My boobs were really tight. But I realized I should be taking regular Tylenol instead of the intense narcotics. So I remembered that during the day which was nice. Not so out of it when I take Tylenol lol.

Stinging pain here and there like a pin sensation. Nipples hurt as well when the pain hits. Incision on my left side felt stingy :( and itchy. Apparently it's due to it healing so I'm not complaining!

It's slooooowwwwlyyyy but surely dropping. I'm annoying my PS by asking so many questions but he's amazing and handles all my questions :) I'm glad I went with him!

Anyways my boobs are slowly dropping but still very tight of course I hope by 3 weeks it'll be looking more like my boobs so I can find a bra and head back to work!

8 days post op!!!!

Hey ladies ! Time flies when you are laying in bed and doing nothing hahaha 8 days today and it starting to look more like 'melons' as my boyfriend told me. He loves them, as well as I! It's a bit sore and a stinging/pin pain sensation here and there. And my nipples tingle too once in a while. I was told that was normal though. So I'm trying not to freak out everytime it happens haha

It's dropping nicely I'm starting to become more happy with the results. I know I need to be super patient :) I can sleep on my back fully without any complications as well as my side here and there, carefully. My side area on both sides are pretty sore. My PS says that's normal as well. When I wake up it's sort out tight and sore. I'm off all pain killers and on regular Tylenol, so I take one probably every morning, due to the tightness still and soreness I get. I cannot move whatsoever.

I just can't wait to start working out!! So hopefully soon.

9 day post op :( BOOBIE Blues ???

So day 9 today! And I can't get over how small they look. But everyone keeps telling me to be patient and my muscles are holding my implants for dear life at the moment. So I just want them to drop now! So I can see if my money went for the boobies I wanted :( wahh I hope they look like the big boobies I have in mind. Wish I went with the 590UHP .. Hehe at the moment I'm feeling that way.

They do look bigger today, dropped a little more and swelling is more gone. I can sleep fully onmy back as well as my sides. Certain positions of course when I'm
Fully on my side my boobs end up hurting each other since they're sitting on one another. Only took one Tylenol this morning :) and feeling great!!

Day 15 post op! 2 weeks now , thinking I went too small :(

2 weeks already. Nothing is really changing so I put off updating since I figured out now real self doesn't allow you to delete your photos! :O but not much has changed. Swelling seems to gone down. Sore here and there. Can sleep on my sides pretty comfortably and just feeling really tired. Seems a lot to do my daily activity. Not excited to go back to work on the 3rd week. Feeling very small actually so I hope when it drops it looks more fuller and bigger because this is not what I was thinking of size wise! But time will
Tell :( I went 535UHP, thinking I should have went to the 590UHP

3 weeks and 1 day post op!

Not much going on during the 3rd week range. Pretty much can do all my regular activities now. Still dropping. And starting to look more like boobs but still very very high according to my follow up, which is good to hear it'll still be dropping lots!

A month and 1 week post op!!!!!!

It's very squishy now, not too too much has changed. Feels like more apart of my body now, however my left boob is definitely my favourite booby right now. Right has got some dropping and fluffing to work on. My left looks nicer :) scars are healing very well

2 months and 1 week!!

Still got lots more to drop I feel but it's looking good! Still kind of wish I went bigger but only time will tell for the final results!
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

Dr Earl Campbell was amazing, I went to a few other doctors before him actually and they didn't seem to fulfill my needs I was actually ready to give up and call it quits. Until my boyfriend motivated me to go one more time to see one more Doctor and luckily I listened! The nurse Joanne is amazing. So caring and makes sure you're set for your surgery before and after. Dr Campbell himself was very genuine and kind, my mom was by my side throughout this whole procedure and she was very happy with his knowledge and patience.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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