38 Yr Old Fit Mom of One Looking to Satisfisfy Longtime Want. Lethbridge, AB

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After 25 years of feeling like my breasts are out...

After 25 years of feeling like my breasts are out of place on me, I'm pursuing the option of an augmentation. I have one child and breastfed only 6 wks, so was lucky that my breasts never suffered too badly as a result. However, I've always been unhappy with their size and feel it's time to fix that

Some wish pics

My consult is in 2 days. Feels like all I've been looking at and thinking about is boobs these last few weeks LOL
I've been saving a few pics that catch my eye. Should give an idea of the volume I dream of. I'm not as lean as many of these women, but, getting there. Here are some of my faves.

More wish type pics

Appointment is only a couple of days away. Just looking through all the images that appeal to my eye. Here are some more of my favourites.

Consult complete.

I met Dr Perron on Oct 8. Both myself and my support person/best friend (who happens to be a male) really had a good vibe from him. We agreed a 371cc moderate plus (not high) profile will be best. They would be placed under the muscle through my areola. He was very specific with measurements and the 371s are the largest size he will place for me. I definitely need to trust his professional opinion. If going larger will send my nipples pointing down or give me other undesirable results, then I want to stick with what he knows will work best. I didn't remember to ask M to take a pic of me in the sizers so can't remember what they looked like. But he thought they looked great on me and would satisfy the look I am going for. I have to remind myself that I live an active lifestyle and that after years of not having boobs getting in the way of my golf swing or my horseback riding that going for an overwhelmingly large breast might drive me crazy after the surgery, even if I love how they look when I'm naked. I must remain somewhat practical through this journey.
There were 3 surgery dates available before Christmas but I have an appointment booked for a second opinion on Nov 23 so didn't go ahead and schedule, even though the timeline was perfect for me. I thought about cancelling my second consult and just booking surgery but M convinced me that I should meet the second doc just so I know for sure that it's the right choice for me. Guess that's why he's my BF. He knows me well and knows for a fact that I'm one who likes to make a comparison before I do something so I can feel I made the right 'choice'. Fortunately, he will be there with me for the second appointment so he can give me his trusted opinion. I'm getting impatient about waiting but it's less than 2 weeks away now and then I can make my decision and get something booked. Been waiting for 20 years to make this change, another few days isn't that big of a deal to ensure I've made the right choice for this huge decision.

Made a decision

After a second consult with a different surgeon, I opted to go elsewhere. So this is the end of this review.

Consult with Dr. Hasell in Lethbridge on Nov 23

My best friend and I went to meet Dr. Hasell. The appt was quick but efficient. He took my measurements, talked me about the outcome I wanted and then I tried 3 sizes. Starting at a 375cc and then up to 400 then to a 425/450.
I came home and called the next day to book a surgery as the timing needed to be perfect for me or I was going to need to wait till next winter once horse show season was over as I did not want to have to deal with too much time off to heal when I needed to be training. As luck would have it, I was able to get a date for Jan 15. I got all my life details in order and the weeks flew by.
I didn't do a whole bunch to prepare for the procedure. Just picked up a couple of front zip bras at Walmart and made a pot of soup and froze it so I would have some food to eat when I got home.

The big day

My best friend and I travelled up to Lethbridge on Thurs afternoon as I needed to be at the hospital at 6:30am and live a few hours away. I had moments where I felt nervous and I didn't sleep real well the night before but overall I was excited for the day to come and the procedure to happen.
I got to the hospital at 6:30am as instructed. Got checked in at admitting then went up to the day surgery area. It wasn't long before they called my name. My nurse, Carla, was amazing. She took my height and weight and then took me to my room to get settled in and changed and then started my IV ( which for me was the most terrifying part of the day). She was patient and kind and got it the first try and it really didn't even hurt. My best friend was able to stay right with me until they were ready to wheel me down to the preop area, which was very comforting for me to have him there. I was tired but being able to chat with him kept my mind off the things that were running through my head as this was my very first surgical experience ever so didn't know what to expect with going under and what recovery would be like. I was scheduled for a 9am procedure and I think they took me to preop on time but I ended up getting bumped by an emergency C-section so laid in pre-op for about 45 mins and fortunately was able to sleep a bit to pass the time. Dr. Hasell had come to see me in pre-op and marked me up and took some before photos. He talked to me about recovery and figured I should be able to go back to the gym and start riding (at a walk) in about 3 weeks likely wearing two bras. When it was my turn, another nice nurse came and wheeled me in. They got me onto the surgical table and gave me some oxygen and the last thing I remember was the burn in my shoulder of the anesthestic. The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery area. They gave me some pain meds through my IV and not long after wheeled me back to my room to recover.
I felt really sleepy and would go from feeling really awake to really sleepy in just minutes. When I tried to get up to pee the first time, I ended up really nauseous and had to lay down again as I actually turned green lol.
They gave me more anti-nausea meds in my IV and then I slept a bit more and was finally able to get up, go to the washroom and then get dressed and check out. We left the hospital at 5pm and drove home. I had to spend the night alone as my support person had his daughter for the night and couldn't stay with me. I was able to manage my pain with just Tylenol and Advil. Slept on the couch mostly upright.

Day 1 post op. Hello new boobies. Approx 425/450ccs

I spent the day at home with my kitty. My best friend stopped by 4 times. Brought breakfast and supper and ran to buy me Tylenol when I realized I ran out. I've not taken any percocets. Just using Advil and Tylenol as I'm trying to avoid the dreaded constipation so many girls complain about. Drinking lots of water. Had yogurt and bran and raspberries this morning and hamburger soup later in the day. Supper was delivered (cute delivery boy lol) and it was chicken Parmesan with steamed veggies and garlic toast. I'm having no issues with nausea. Just a sore back from sitting around and sore boobs. I had a shower around lunch time and had some help getting my dressings off when my BF was here checking in. Needed to wash all the iodine solution off of me!
So far, so good. They feel super hard and I'm swollen but all to be expected.

Day 3 post op

Recovery is going well. I've been resting at home a lot. My BF came over Sat night and we watched a bit of hockey and part of a movie. He got me settled in to sleep on the couch. I still managed my pain with Advil and Tylenol. No percocets!
My BF brought me breakfast Sunday morning. My first cup of coffee since Thursday!!! Yesterday afternoon was my first attempt at going out of the house. Was going to go and watch a little of my son's hockey game but my BF thought that might be too much, too soon. So we went for a short drive and I walked around with him while he did a little shopping errand. We went for a drink and I ordered some takeout supper so I wouldn't have to cook again. I laid around the rest of the evening on my own but overdid it trying to pull the drapes closed in my living room when I was settling in for bed. It was rather painful. Put me in tears. Not sure if I was also just being emotional or if I really overdid it. Anyway, must be much more careful with the whole pulling actions around the house. The night was a little more restless than I had hoped. No percs but made it through another night on the couch. I think I'm going to try my own bed tonight as the couch is really hurting my back. I wake up every morning with terrible back pain and with no real issues with my boobies.
My BF brought coffee and a bagel again this morning and stayed with me for awhile. Was nice to have some human company. I showered myself again this morning. Managed to get some shampoo and conditioner into my hair this time. I got myself. My GF was in town this morning so came and picked me up and we went for lunch together and had a visit. It was nice to get out. My BF came back over and shovelled my snow for me and brogue my vehicle back so I had my first attempt at driving as I had to drive him home. Keeping my hands low and 'feeding the wheel' I was able to drive the 5km and back. It was a bit uncomfortable so won't be doing too much if I can avoid it for a few more days.
Pain has been quite manageable for me. Nights were probably the worst. Hoping each day will continue to get better as it logically should.
I'm feeling pretty sad this afternoon as my BF has to go back to work tomorrow. Really going to miss having him checking in on me.
I have 10 days off of work so the time at home might be a little long but I know I'm not ready to go back so must just tough this out and be brave.

Some other pics

Here are a couple in clothes

3 weeks later

I'm a little over 3 weeks post op now. Went back to work on Monday. Felt a bit strange about going back as I was feeling a little self conscious that everyone would be figuring out why I was gone from work. Just dressed extra conservative and no one seemed to notice a thing.
Pain has been at a zero for quite awhile. I thought I had done an update after a week but maybe it didn't save. I did my whole recovery without taking any narcotics. Just used extra strength Advil and Tylenol combo for about 5 or 6 days. Then was down to just a dose at night. Back pain was worse than my boob pain.
They feel great now. Are softening quite a bit considering how tight they felt 3 weeks ago. I have not returned to the gym yet. Hoping to go start riding the bike this week. But, I was able to ride my horse this weekend twice and I seem to feel ok. Maybe overdid things today as I lifted my son up a bit to try get him on the horse in the field and that was a mistake. Advil was a necessity tonight.
My incisions are healing up nicely. Can't get over how small the incision in for the size of the implant that goes in.
I raised my arms fully above my head for the first time today. Had just been avoiding that motion but BF encouraged me to try and it was all ok.
So far so good. Really pleased with my results. They are a good size for my body and I don't feel they will get in the way of my active lifestyle.

2 months post

Here are some photos from 2 months post. I was feeling pretty good at this point. Had resumed riding regularly and at same intensity as before (able to sit comfortably at a lope/canter). And also back in the gym doing mostly cardio.

3 months post

Here are pics from 3 months post. Scars are healing nicely. Have resumed lifting in the gym. Just not doing much for chest as still looking for more drop and don't want to make chest any tighter than it already it. Finally went and was measured at lingerie store. 32DD/E , depending on bra. Bought my first real bra that day.
I'm happy they are even and things are going well with them so far.

A few more pics

From approximately 3 months post.

4 months post

Here were some pics at 4 months. All is going great with healing. Had my followup with Dr Hasell on Apr 25. He was pleased with how they turned out. Said they were about perfect. I'm thrilled. No regrets.

5 months post

Things are still going very well. I've noticed changes in them again the last while. Dropping more and the muscles above is softening so the ridge I had before is lessening. I have been dealing with a little soreness/tingling on my left side but lifted a really heavy plant pot about 10 days ago and think I strained my chest muscle a bit. Can't feel or see anything otherwise. I bought new swimsuits at Victoria Secret. Was fun to be able to fill out a top. Hardest part was finding ones that were big enough. Never had that issue before. Scars are healing great and falling in the proper fold. No complaints!

9 months later

Life with my new boobs is still good. Only issue I had of late was trying a like chest press in the gym. Didn't like how it made them feel after so won't do that again. They're so much a part of me now I still sometimes catch myself forgetting I didn't always have this look.

10 months today

It's hard to believe 10 months ago I was heading home with my new additions. I don't notice any pains anymore but still the odd movement that makes them feel tight. They must be dropped but I think that my chest was tight before from working out and maybe some of my upper chest still hasn't fully relaxed. Maybe it never fully will. But thats ok, I love them anyhow. Here's a few pics taken today.
Alberta Plastic Surgeon

Was referred by a friend. Really like Dr.Perron. He was easy to talk to and very much a professional. He was precise with his measurements and suggestions. Ended up having surgery done by Dr. Hasell in Lethbridge, who was amazing.

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