36 Years Old, 2 Kids, Crossfiter, Weight Lifter, 492 Midrange - Calgary, AB

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After having 2 kids, loosing 35 pounds from Jan...

After having 2 kids, loosing 35 pounds from Jan 2015 and going from 40% body fat to 18% in 9 months, my girls were drained. My pecks stood out further than the twins. After having 2 friends use Dr.wayne Perron from Calgary Alberta and loving their results, I knew he would be my plastic surgeon. He is an amazing doctor and his staff are equally as impressive. I travelled from Edmonton to Calgary for the procedure and it was worth it.

After my consult I was nervous and worried that They wouldn't be big enough to look proportanate to my body. At 5'9, 175 lbs, 14bwd my frame is wide. He said I could handle bigger implants but because I was so active he wanted to make sure volume would not be an issue so the team suggested a midrange implant. We decided between 457 and 492 but he went with the 492 midrange Allergan Natrelle. He was happy with the choice and I ultimately left the decision in his hands.

Today was my surgery and so far the only pain and discomfort I have felt it similar to a real hard chest day workout. The incision is periareolar and under the muscle.

Granted this is only Day 1 but so far I am very impressed with the entire experience. He kept asking if I had any questions but his staff answered them all so well, all I said was please use your best judgment and explained again what I wanted out of the end result (volume, natural and proportanate to my frame). In the end I wasn't concerned with overall size, but he seemed satisfied with these.

Day 1/ 2 post op

Day 1: I went in for my post op and it was fantastic. Carol explained everything to me again and fitted me with a strap. I haven't taken any pain meds at all yet. It honestly just feels like a hard chest day. I've walked around and rested too.

Day 2:I woke up a bit stiff but that worked itself out as I got up and moved around. These seem so big to me but they aren't heavy at all. The volume is perfect, just what I wanted. I know my frame could of handled bigger but I'm glad I chose these.

Day 3 post op-range of motion back

Wow! I woke up this morning and had to touch myself to see if my girls were attached still, lol

I have been wearing this compression band and for the first 2 days it was torture but last night It felt fine, and more secure. This morning I don't even feel it anymore. I wonder if they are starting to soften and migrate down a little more. I have good range of motion again. I have been slowly stretching out as advised by my post op nurse. My goal was to be able to lift my arms fully extended up in a door frame and I'm there already. I'm hoping to go for a good walk today. Yesterday they still felt a bit uneasy when I took each step.

Does anyone remember how long it took before they could safely drive again? i can open and shut doors without discomfort but I don't want to push it.

I will post new pictures later. I have been taking daily shots so I can see how these girls progress.

6 days post op

It's almost been a week already????????. I can't believe it! So not much has changed with me. I'm not in any pain but my breasts are tender on the bottom and sides. I presume that's where my breast tissue is and it's still swollen. I have been wearing a compression band 24/7 and that's the only thing that causes me real discomfort. I am still in the bra they gave me post surgery. It hurts to lift or move them still so I hope that changes sometime this week. They are still high and hard. Some days I feel like the top has softened a bit but who knows. I have been taking daily photos but I don't see too much change. Maybe they will notice something at my post op on Tuesday. I really do love the volume of these and am very pleased with my choice so far. Now if they would just settle a bit more. They look awkward naked but really good in this bra. I will be patient though but it would be nice if I could move them so I can wear other bras. I will post pictures tomorrow at my 1 week post op.

Day 1-6 post op comparison pictures

While I am noticing a slight change in the shape of my side profile, my Frount still looks like same. I feel like the look like jelly beans and I don't like it. Anyone else had this experience?

I seem to like the better in this bra right now than naked.

1week post OP pictures

I defiantly felt better waking up this morning. My chest is still tight but It's actually a bit softer. I can now touch them everywhere and not feel uncomfortable. I got for my 1 week post Op tomorrow so I am going to ask about taking a robaxacet to relax my chest muscles. They feel like they tense up every so often, especially when I get a chill. I wonder if this white bra they gave me is too tight? In the pics I posted yesterday you can see all these lines.

They didn't hurt as much to move today so I bit the bullet and tried on this bathing suit I had and I was in love! I could get use to this????

Day 9-Workout Time!

This is day 2 of no morning boob-I love this recovery!

Day 8 (yesterday) was my 1 week post op with my ps and nurse Carol. It went very well. I was told to do more stretches and by next week they want me to have full range of motion meaning being able to do a full circle forward and back with my arms. I was quite reserved this week with my motion after reading that some people were not allowed to raise their hands over their heads. But those were my I structions for day 3 to 7 and they meant them. My implants are slowly settling in nicely. It's a huge change from day 1 and Carol was pleased with my progress so far. I do have to wear my band for another week but it actually feels good to wear now. I Was also told that I should be using my arms like normal now and putting on shirts normally and doing everything normal again. Up till this point I have been very cautious but they want you recovered so as long as the movement does not cause pain, it is ok. Let's face it, they are the experts so I went shopping after and tried on clothes, opened doors and I was fine, I could do it all and this morning I feel really good. My tapes came off yesterday also and my incision looks beautiful. I literally almost cried when I seen how perfect it was. My incision is under the nipple and it was never painful or itchy. I also do have sensation in my nipples still and they do get hard! Lots of people ask that and ask why I didn't get it done under the breast but this is how Dr.Perron does his augmentations and he has many good reasons for it. All I can say is that Everyone I know that has used him has had this similar experience which is a pain free recovery, no nausea after surgery, perfect incisions and fast post recovery and mobility. He is a very skilled surgeon and I couldn't be happier with my choice. It's such a beautiful, welcoming facility with such amazing staff. They all were happy to see me and I even brought a friend in for a tummy tuck consult and she left in tears because he was so great with her and put her mind at ease after explaining the technique and surgery to her, and he had a genuine interest in her story and helping her.
I was also given the go ahead to head back to the gym with the instructions of "if a movement causes you pain, refrain". The other obvious ones were no lifting heavy but all I want to do is ride the bike and see what else I can manage to do. I am so excited to go to the gym today! My lulu lemon sports bra even fits, well I have cleavage now and they are hanging out, lol but This will do till I can find a front zip up one.

Here's to a much needed Gym day!

I did a spin Class-day 9

I just got back from the gym. I walked in thinking I would casually ride the bike but then decided to join the spin class. I wore my lulu sports bra with a strap and a t-shirt to cover and it was all secure, no bouncing. I started at level 5 then as my body warmed up I was able to follow the class but was just mindful of how my body felt. When my heart rate got high, I backed off and then the last 15 mins I basically just cooled off and stretched my arms and was able to get them full circle around. I was pleased with my result. I then came home, showered and I feel great, no tight feeling or soreness.

Tomorrow I am going to walk stairs and see how that feels.

This is exciting for me because I am so active that not doing anything depresses me.

I am a mess-my band is anyway

This is what you get eating in bed with your band on, but I swear tandoori chicken is the best! This was just a funny picture post.

Swelling in stomach going away-Day 10

I think it was worse to have my stomach swell than having morning boob when I did. I woke up this morning and my tummy didn't look as gross. It honestly looked like I had a huge bulge above my belly so I am happy that it seems to be going down. I am off to do stairs now, see how many sets I can walk.

Stairs Day 10

This is day 2 of working out for me and I'm feeling fantastic. Boy did my body miss it. I wore my purple lulu bra plus the band on top and they never moved a bit. My girls were snug like a bug in a rug

After doing 5 sets of stairs I did a set a little faster pace, almost like a jog but I had both hands on my boobs just invade. They felt fine do I did 1 more that way and then for my last 2 sets I squatted up then for a total of 10 sets (178 stairs/set) and then did my arm stretches and my boobs feel fine.

Spin sept 23-2015

Thursday sept 24
179 stairs/set-40 mins
1 set singles walking
1 set doubles walking
1 set singles walking
1 set doubles walking
1 set singles walking
1 semi jog doubles
1 semi jog singles
1 set doubles walking
1 set leading left leg squat up
1 set leading right leg squat up

Before/after inc me 35 pounds heavier

I can't believe this is me. I love my new girls. My old sports fit and are nice and snug. They also look good on me which is never something I thought would happen in a sports bra. Here are a few before/after comparisons. And Because I was asked to show a photo of my body in January before I lost 35 pounds I will. If this helps someone that makes me happy. These aren't the easiest pictures to show but this is how I looked in January of this year. I gained the weight in morning after my mom died and Once I finally was able to let go I decided I needed "me" back and so I just worked hard and here I am.

2 weeks have flown by!

2 weeks have just come and gone but this actually feels like forever because I just want to be at the gym. I send my photos in and I need to wear the compression band for another week and do more stretches on my left. The left is higher. I can do most things comfortably now. I haven't lifted anything heavy but I can moves my arms everywhere now. The bottoms are still tender and my breasts are so much softer.

I did lunges around the 400m track today but nothing crazy. I'm just going to slowly ease into this but I badly want to lift.

Bra Shopping

Things just keep getting real. I went to Victoria secrets just to try on bras and I was sized at a 34DDD ???? I first tried on the 36D but I was falling out. However the clevage looked good. I still have to wear this sexy band (that I should probably wash) but it doesn't bother me anymore. They are slowly moving down. I'm stretching lots to help that. But it's day 17 and everything is feeling great. Oh I did notice a bubble looking thing under my right breast but my ps said it was just the swelling moving down and it will go away as they drop so I have to still wear my sexy surgical bra all the time, under everything.

Starting to feel down

Day 25 post op and I got the go ahead to stop using my band but I feel like something is wrong. I don't like feeling this way but I have this feeling that won't go away. Maybe I just need reassurance, more of it.

After surgery I noticed my right breast was different. It kinda looked like it had a weird indent in it around the area of the incision, just beside it in fact. But I figured it would disappear as my implant dropped but it's still there. Then I noticed the extra sag under that breast and it creeps me out. Apparently it should be less over time but I don't see it getting any better and that indent looks weird.
Here's some pictures, it's driving me nuts!

Sports bra shopping

I went to Victoria secrets for a sports bra because my Ps wants me in an underwire with individual cups and no push-up. I found 2 that I love. I bought the Ultimate in 36D but also loved the knockout Frount close in 38C but I wasn't completely covered in that one. However it was the one that cupped my breasts the best. The D cup wire didn't fit snug on the sides but I didn't have too much time so I'll go back and try that one again to get the right size.

Anyone else find a sports bra they love?

36DD unlined Underwire VS bras

My surgical bra feels too big now so I wanted to get another bra similar to it. I was told to stick with underwire and something that allows my breast to take the natural shape that it wants, so unlined. Victoria secrets had a special so I got 2 for $80. Then I got a fun little outfit for my hubby but not from Victoria secrets. I love the size of these, they are a nice handful and look so nice in everything.

As far as exercise goes I have been doing lots of legs and stairs and spin once a week. I'm itching to get back to lifting but being patient.

5 weeks Post, resumed cardio!

I have been doing random activity like stairs, lunges, spin and other low impact lower body workout so I decided to try playing basketball again. I wore 2 Victoria secrets sports bras and my surgical bra and those babies didn't move! I got 19 points my first game back and had ZERO discomfort. My only limitation was I wasn't in the shape I was prior to surgery so I got tired faster and could not run as long. But I could shoot, dribble and even jump for rebounds! It was awesome.

So then I did a cardio HIIT class with all my bras on and we did, burpees, mountain climbers, and other exercises that required me to put body weight on my arms and I was fine. I can't wait to resume lifting next week but I think I will be fine! Anyone else resume regular exercise?

I have read some comments about why I never also got a lift etc, but Let's be honest, I'm a mom of 2, then went from being overweight to extremely fit and got my breasts done. My PS won't do a lift with BA together (for good reason) and He wasn't sure if I needed a lift cuz I was borderline and to wait 4 months-a year post BA to decide if that was what I wanted and as my breasts settle more they are looking better. I'm 36 and you know maybe in a year or so I might want a lift so my nipples are higher but to be honest, I love my breasts, I'm okay with this look.

My muscles shrank

Well since my boobs grew, my muscles shrank! Can't wait for them to grow back again but this working out is feeling great.

Did spin today, followed by some back squats because they don't work your chest. I had a friend load my plates for me. In a couple weeks I can lift heavy instead of all the cardio! But man do my boobs look huge in a sports bra ????
October 21 2015
47 min
358 cal

5 week comparison

Wow! It's neat to see how much they have changed and dropped. I am so in love with them! I'm glad I picked this size, they are plenty huge!

6 week Anniversairy

I love my girls!!
But I need to get back to heavy lifting to get my body back! To be honest my diet has not been 100% clean either but lifting sure helps keep me fit.

Lifting heavy again with lots of Crossfit

It is amazing how much change happens from wk 6-8

I started light chest exercises at wk6, mostly 5-10lb dumb bell chest presses and 35lb bench presses and everyday I lifted a little more. I also started hanging from the cage at 6 weeks and trying to pull myself up little by little daily.

At first it felt like my boobs were going to burst out of my chest but by week 8 it was fine so that's when I started lifting heavy again, back squat, snatch, clean, jerk, shoulder press, pull-ups, chest to bar, etc... I did start slow to get use to the weight though.

I'm now at week 10.5 and I am almost back to my pre surgery PR weights. My cardio isn't as good but I am still doing really good considering. I can finally do a strict pull up again, but only 1????

I can do about 10 close grip push-ups at a time and burpees are good but I can feel it a bit.

Today's wod was an AMRAP of
21 burpees over bar
18 box jumps
8 90lb Frount rack lunges
3 90lb ground to overhead

And I got 3+24 Rx. I finished top 3 in the class so that was good. My cardio sucked???? I was struggling with the burped by the end. We had 16 mins to do it and I rested a lot.

I'm hoping to clean up my diet more this week and kill the woods next week. I'm also just getting over a bad cold so my energy is low.
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Perron is very personable and I trusted him completely. He was honest and took all my wants and needs into consideration as to fit these to my lifestyle. He even said he could literally put bigger implants in because of my wide frame, height and 14cm bwd but ultimately suggested a wider midrange implant that he felt would work best.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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