339 cc silicone unders - 33 yrs old - 5'3 - 145lbs - 36B to 36D *3 months post-op*

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Hi ladies, I'm very excited to soon be part of...

Hi ladies,

I'm very excited to soon be part of the New Titty Commitee! My surgery is set for December 16th, just under 3 weeks away. My PS's office actually called me today to say that they had a cancellation and offered to move my date to Dec 6th instead. Oh how I wanted to say yes! Unfortunately I'm traveling from out of town and it took a bit to coordinate time off and travel plans for myself and hubby so I had to decline.

A bit about me:
33 years old
no kids (and no real plans to have any)
145 lbs (carrying a bit more than usual right now since I quit smoking 6 months ago)
I have a fairly athletic frame with a broad ribcage and wide shoulders. I want implants to add some fullness and improve the overall shape of my breasts. I also have a pretty bangin' butt and it could use a little up top to balance it out. :D
I'm getting smooth, round, cohesive gels, under the muscle 330cc. My PS says this should put me at a full C and probably a small D at Victoria's Secret.

I'm a little nervous about the recovery process and hope I don't have frankenboob for too long. I plan to quit eating sugar and refined foods Dec 1 to assist the healing process. Frankly I need a bit of motivation to clean the junk food out of my diet and I'm hoping this will be the kick in the pants I need. Other than my sugar junkie habits, the rest of my diet is pretty clean with lots of veggies and fruits, beans, nuts and seeds. I don't eat much meat and no dairy at all. I'm trying to focus on non-inflammatory healing foods for the couple of weeks before and after surgery. Anything to get those girls to heal as fast as possible! :)

At some point I'll also need to teach my little dog that my chest is not a trampoline. I never noticed how much she jumps on my boobs until I set my surgery date!

A bit more information...

I forgot to mention that I'm going with moderate plus profile and periareolar incision.

I'd like to look as natural as possible afterwards and I'd prefer to be too small over too large. I'd rather leave some room to upgrade down the road after gravity has its way with them. Then I can likely go with a bigger implant instead of a lift when the time comes.

My husband is getting nervous...

I'm about 1 1/2 weeks away from my surgery date and I feel nothing myself other than a bit of excitement. I'm not feeling nervous or questioning my decision... it just is. Maybe it's because I've quietly thought about it in my head for so many years that when I finally made the decision, I didn't need to question it anymore. I've already thought about the risks, weighed the pros and cons and now I feel like its go time.

My husband, however, is starting to go squirrely. He asked me today if I was getting nervous. I told him 'No' and then he asked if he could see my boobs. I showed him and he said, 'I can't believe they're going to be different soon!', with a face like that kid from the Home Alone movies. Then he ran away while giggling like a school girl. True story.

A little later he told me he was nervous about the surgery. 'You're having major surgery! Doesn't that freak you out? I'm freaked out!' I said no but that's probably just because I'm super cool and he's a big wuss. I let him play with the old boobs for a while and that seemed to sort him out for now. ;)

Today is the day!

I'm off to the surgery center in less than half an hour. I'm feeling good and not to nervous so far. I'm uploading a couple more before pics that give a little more perspective on the balance of my body. I can' wait to see what it looks like after!

All done!

Hi ladies, I'm on the other side and feeling surprisingly well.

The ladies at Dr. Perron's office were wonderful. After an admittedly lengthy wait (almost an hour), my husband and I were taken to a back room where we were thoroughly briefed on the surgery, what to expect and after care. I was given a percocet and an anti-nausea med which started to kick in just as our briefing was ending.

Then my husband left and I was taken to a room with a comfy bed, dressed in a gown and had my vitals taken and an IV line put in. Honestly that was probably the most painful part of the whole procedure and it wasn't that bad... just a pinch and a bit of burning after.

A short wait later, the anesthesiologist came to introduce himself, ask a few questions and explain what he'd be doing. After that, I walked into the surgery room (a little wobbly from the perc ;)) and Dr P came in and verified our game plan, made his marks and then I was out like a light.

I woke up feeling a bit groggy but surprisingly clear headed. Just the same kind of wooziness I felt from the perc before surgery. They gave me a fresh fruit cup and a very nice herbal tea with honey. I felt very slightly nauseous but nothing major there.

Pain-wise, I woke up at about a 2 and am now at a 3 - 4 a couple hours later. I feel like I worked out my pecs a lot, plus a feeling of pressure and the odd minor shooting pain. I'm sipping on a homemade vegetable juice with ginger that I prepared before and it's hitting the spot.

I won't be taking my bra off till tomorrow but I snapped a couple pics right after I woke up just because. :)

I'll update more tomorrow after my post-op.

Day 1 post op - feeling good!

So to recap, yesterday I had Natrelle 339 cc moderate plus profile implants inserted under the muscle. Today, I had my post-op appointment with Carol, a great nurse at the clinic. As an aside, if you're expecting to see much of Dr. Perron outside of the consult or sugical room, you won't. He has staff to take care of everything outside of those spheres and they are very good at what they do. Carol is awesome and incredibly informative and the rest of the staff are very caring and attentive as well.

The post op went well and I was shown some stretches and how to wear the band properly. I was given a band right after surgery as my left started to crawl up right away. It's really not noticeable when it's worn properly.

Yesterday I watched a few movies with my husband but made sure to get up and move around and stretch every hour or 2 which really helped to ease the stiffness before it set in too much. I didn't manage to get to sleep until around 2am and just dozed off and on until 5am. I'm a stomach sleeper so I found it really hard to get comfy on my back. Around 7am I kind of figured out how to angle onto my side a bit and that helped me sleep pretty deeply until 10am. My husband and I took our dog out for a walk for a half hour today and I felt fine.

I've been able to wash my face, and brush my hair and teeth without pain. I've been moving my arms through their full range of motion every hour or so and it feels really good to do that. I've been taking 2 regular strength advils every 4 hours and that's been plenty for pain management. On a scale of 1 - 10 I'd say I haven't experienced anything over a 4 yet. Well except last night I accidentally tried to push myself up in bed with my arm and got some good shooters through my left boob. Won't do that again!

I'm eating really well and am avoiding sodium as recommended by the clinic. My appetite was actually pretty lively once I got home from surgery and I had lots of homemade blended salad smoothies, juices and vegetable soups. I had prepared and froze a bunch of drinks and meals beforehand. I've been snacking on pineapple with plain yogurt and nuts and drinking herbal teas with manuka honey. I did cheat with a doughnut today but my boobs haven't fallen of yet so I think I'll get away with it.

I know some girls have had issues with bloating and constipation so I'll mention that I've already gone with no issues. I think that's because I haven't been taking narcotics though.

I'm posting pics from yesterday and today along with this post. You can see how much the bruising has developed underneath and between my breasts between today and yesterday. I started putting arnica gel on today so hopefully that helps.

Still doing well.

Today was another good day. I slept pretty good and was wide awake by 7am.

We had been staying in a rented condo as I had surgery out of town. This morning we had to pack up and head home but first I had my hubby hop in the shower with me to help scrub me down and then lotion me up. He's such a great man. :)
Then we packed up with him doing all the heavy lifting and me just putting away light stuff.

By 10am I was bagged though and laid down for a few minutes while he ran stuff out to the car. Still no pain, just really tired and feeling the need to rest. I slept for the last hour of our 3 hour drive home and felt much better afterwards.

I did a bit of work on the computer this evening and got a good half hour in before my back started getting sore and I wanted a rest again.

I'm just taking Advil when I take my antibiotics today which is every 6 hours. I'm not feeling anything more than some stiffness in my pecs and a bit of a heavy feeling on my chest. I actually have to remind myself not to lift or grab things since I don't have any pain keeping me in check.

I've been putting arnica on 3 times a day and I really notice a difference afterwards. My breasts soften right up within 10 minutes of putting it on. I think it's making my bruising surface faster too.

Everything looks pretty much the same so I'm just adding a pic to show the bruising.

Boobs, boobs, boobs!

I love my new boobs! I seriously can't keep my hands off them! They're starting to soften up and I just love feeling the weight of them in my hands. This morning they were really soft when I woke up and had rounded at the bottom. They tightened back up again as soon as I started moving around but it was like a little sneak preview of what's to come. :)

Yesterday I showered by myself and washed my hair. I did some tidying up in the kitchen and went out for a few hours with my husband to do some running around and grocery shopping. I was really tired after a few hours and it felt like my boobs had tripled in size by the time we were done. Still no pain though, just discomfort when they tighten up. The more I move, the more they tighten. Today I shaved my legs and it felt like they were climbing up my throat by the time I was done! So now I'm trying to arrange my day so that I do something for an hour or so and then rest for an hour or so. That seems to be working pretty well for me.

My incisions are itching a bit here and there which I take as a good healing sign. The bruising is almost gone from the middle and top of my chest. There's just a bit of dark bruising left on the bottom which I've included a picture of. The arnica gel I'm using is amazing so I'm including a pic of it as well. I guess this particular brand had a much higher concentration of active arnica concentrate than most others. I found it at Shoppers Drug Mart.

I was also able to sleep fully on my side last night which was great. :)

Caturday... Now with boobs!

Bath time!

I know, I know... we're not supposed to take baths for a while... But it's no-word-of-a-lie -30•C out today and I'm a warm bath on a cold day kind of girl.

I covered my incisions with 2 overlapping waterproof bandages and then had my hubby tape over that with surgical tape. Voila... heaven!

Tomorrow is my 1 week so I'll be taking my incision tapes off and doing a progress update then.

1 week Post-Op

So first of all, I'll begin by saying that my bath time tape job did not work out that well in the end. Once I got all the tape and bandages off I found that some water had leaked in. I ended up removing my incision tape a bit early so I could clean them. I didn't want any bacteria from the bath water sitting on them overnight. They were fine and I still had my last antibiotic to take as well so I don't think I did any damage. Anyways, the moral of the story is 'Don't Do What I Did'.

I was really nervous about taking the surgical tape off. All I had seen was a thick, dark line through the tape and I was expecting to see a big, nasty looking scab on each nipple. To my surprise, the dark line was just dried blood that came off with the tape. The incisions themselves are barely there and have healed very well so far. Dr Perron is my hero! What an awesome job! I can't even believe how good they look at this stage... such a relief!

As for the rest, I'm feeling really good. I was able to relax with my hubby, cat and dog all day Saturday and it seemed to do a world of good for the healing process. Sunday I had to go into work for a couple of hours to do an interview with my partner and that was fine. I rested for a bit when I got home, then ran a couple of errands, then went to my sister's for a family dinner. My energy was better and I had much more stamina than the last few days. I was still really tired by the time I got home but I had accomplished a lot more than usual before hitting the wall.

Yesterday and today I've been driving myself around and haven't had any problems or pain. I was a little worried about getting behind the wheel because 'driving' here is really 'manhandling an SUV through mounds of rutted ice and snow'. It takes a bit more strength and handling than driving on dry pavement.

I'm finished taking antibiotics (yay!) and have only taken 2 advils so far today for the muscle stiffness. I'm feeling less stiff today than before and I have less of the feeling like my upper chest muscles are 'grabbing' the implants. They are much less heavy feeling and I have times through the day where I don't even notice them now, usually when I'm sitting down or laying back at an angle. I notice them the most when I first stand up and when I'm walking around. That seems to really bring them up to the top of my chest again. I'm still doing gentle chest, arm and shoulder stretches which help a lot as well as using the arnica gel. I've been getting the odd zinger feeling that just flashes through my boob really quickly. I'm attributing that to nerves healing.

Oh, my nipples woke up yesterday (before I took the tape off) and have been quite sensitive. But sensitive isn't really the right word... more like tender I guess? I don't feel them all the time but I sure notice if I touch them or brush them against something.

2 weeks post-op

Hi ladies,

Week 2 has been interesting. I've actually been more sore this week than in the first week. It feels like my muscles are loosening up so I no longer have that discomfort but now my breast are hurting where the tissues are expanding to allow the implants to settle. I've also been working a lot more and busier over the last week so that probably doesn't help either. But overall, I'm not in a lot of pain or anything. I still get tired easily and feel like I need lots of rest.

They're getting really soft and I can squish them together now. :)
The pics I'm attaching are at the end of a long work day so they're looking a little higher, tighter and bigger than they have been the last couple of days.

3 week post-op

Week 3 was the week of the Very Angry Nipples. For most of the week it felt like someone skinned my nipples and then stuck me in a bra lined with sandpaper and battery acid. Luckily I got the green light to ditch my surgery bra (a playtex 3040) and picked up a Maidenform Comfort Devotion extra coverage bra. What an amazing difference! This bra is so soft on the inside and feels like it's lined with a thin layer of memory foam. Instant relief! Once I switched to this bra I was pretty much down to zero pain and back to normal with my life. My energy levels are almost back to 100% now too.

My PS says I need to continue wearing an unde rwire bra daily for the next 3 - 6 months. Apparently this will help to reinforce and shape the pocket. I've been told that it's okay to go bra-less at night though.

I've been catching guys staring down my shirt this week which has been a novel and kind of fun experience. ;)

5 weeks post op

I meant to post a lot sooner than this but I've been feeling so good that life has resumed it's usual hecticness and time has managed to slip by at a brisk pace.

I'm almost 100% back to normal now. They only time I really notice the my implants is when someone hugs me really tightly or hubby puts his full weight on me during happy times. I still get the odd zinger or feeling of tenderness around my nipples but that's infrequent and not super noticeable. I can feel some lumpiness under my incisions - kind of like raised tissue under the skin. It diminishes every day now and is almost completely flat on my right side and just a bit left on my left. Maybe its the last of the dissolvable stitches in there? But that's not really noticeable either unless I feel for it.

The girls are super soft and squishy now and feel totally natural to me and my husband (ok, and all my friends too... I've made everyone check them out and touch them :D ). They can take a lot of manhandling and squishing - they actually feel more tender to light touches, hard squishing doesn't bother them at all.

They've still got some more dropping and fluffing to do but I'm very happy with them already. I can't wait until they settle in and round out at the bottom a bit more. I'm really happy with the size I went with. I think they balance out my frame but will look totally natural once they've finished settling - exactly what I wanted.

3 months post-op

Hi ladies, I haven't been on here much lately but I figure it's about time I made an update!

Yesterday was 3 months since my surgery and things are completely back to usual for me. My boobs are awesome and they feel like a normal part of my body. They still have a little bit of settling to do but they already look great and feel natural. They look a little uneven on the bottoms - my left is more rounded and has a better crease than the right - but it's not too noticeable and I'm sure they'll even out over time. The incisions are much less noticeable now and no longer have any raised areas.

That's all for today, happy boobs everyone! :)

Forgot to mention...

I went bra shopping the other day to pick up another comfy bra. The Maidenform Comfort Devotion full coverage bra has been so comfortable to wear all day long. I had a 36D one but I've lost a bit of weight and probably some swelling has gone down as well so the band felt a bit too loose. So it turns out that 34DD fits me like a glove. 34DD!! I don't think they look that big so I was pretty surprised by that. I'm a happy girl but definitely glad I didn't go any bigger! :D

Found some pics I forgot about!

These are from when I went on vacation last month. They would have been right around 2 months post-op then. I've never felt better in a bikini! :D
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr Perron for consult in Sept '13. I had done a couple of consults with other doctor's but was won over by Dr. P's friendliness and frank honesty. Where other doctors had pressured me to choose from a range that I thought was too big for the look I was going for, Dr. P recommended a conservative approach. He took my measurements and said that 339 cc's would give me a nice, balanced, natural look. He said flat out that he wouldn't want to go any bigger on me. He also mentioned that with my build type, a larger implant would probably make me look fat which was right in line with what I had thought when trying on rice sizers at home. I really appreciated that honesty from him. His surgical center is top-notch and the staff that work there are very friendly and knowledgeable. I sent a few emails before surgery and they were very quick to respond. Carol (I'm not sure of her title but she seems to be the surgery pre- and post-care nurse) called me the week before my surgery date to go through all my questions and tell me what to do in the days before surgery as well as confirm my prescriptions and their usage. The day of surgery Carol talked to me and my husband about the surgery itself, aftercare, and what to expect during the healing process. She was very thorough and honest and really put our nerves at ease. The surgery itself was very fast (slightly over an hour) and Dr. P was very kind but efficient in the surgical room. He didn't waste any time in confirming my choice, marking me up and putting me under. I like that he was so fast about that process so I didn't have time to get nervous and second guess my decision while I was in the operating room. The recovery room at the facility was really nice and aftercare was great. Carol gave me her email address and was quick to respond to the 2 emails I sent even though it was over the holidays and she was at home. The only negative point that I can offer is that I waited over an hour at the office for both my consult and surgery. But that's because Dr P takes as much time as he needs to when he's with a patient so I don't mind waiting as long as I get undivided attention when it's my turn. ;) I was whisked in right away for my follow up visit the day after surgery because I was just meeting with Carol and not Dr P himself.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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