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After wanting bigger breasts since high school I...

After wanting bigger breasts since high school I finally decided to spend the money on myself. Surgery is booked for September 14, 2015. I have decided on 400cc and 350cc High profile gummy bear implant. The staff at the clinic took a lot of time with me picking a size and Dr. Waslen knows breasts,


I had my sizing appointment yesterday and I think it went well. My width is a 12 (if you know what that is). I was told that the largest I could go with a high profile implant is 400cc. I liked the look of a 475cc but it had to be in an ultra high profile, and I'm not into that. So I am going with the doctors suggestion. He is the expert. The doctor and the nurses said that should bring me up to a large C. I think that sounds great.

So I booked the hotel close to the clinic. We have to drive 3 hours to a different city for me to get it done. Now I have to figure out child care and a place for our dogs to go.

The countdown is on!!!

Sizing is always on my mind

Sizing on my mind

It is crazy how sizing can fill up your mind. I for my end look I do not want a lot of side boob, so I need to stick with the high profile implant. I keep wondering if the size is going to be big enough. I know that each woman carries the CC differently, but when I see women get 500cc I think they look great. Is 12 an average band width or is it on the small side?

Surgery Day Update!!!

Hello all, not a lot to write about until now. Monday was my big day and I am recovering well. I got up around 7:30am and laid in bed until about 9:45am. It didn't take long to get ready considering I only had to wash my face and brush my teeth. Hubby dropped me off at the clinic and got my prescriptions to fill while I was getting surgery. I was being admitted before I knew it. I went over some questions with the nurses and waited for the doctor. While I was waiting I felt nervous but still had a big smile on my face!!! I couldn't believe that my day was finally here. The doctor came and marked me up then shortly after I was of to dream land.

I woke up in a lot of pain. I remember thinking to myself how awful the pain was. The nurse came in and gave me some pain meds, and about 30 min after gave me more and that really took the edge off. I laid for a bit and was quickly able to get up, use the bath room, and have some juice and crackers.

I was back at the hotel room around 4pm and had some ice cream and juice. Hubby took great care of me. I stayed up for the rest of the day and wasn't groggy at all. I felt pretty good all things considering. The pain meds are making me nauseous, so I might only take them at night and stick with advil for now. We shall see. I'm icing them as well to help with the swelling.

I ended up with 350cc in my right and 400 cc in my left, high profile gummy bear. I got a nipple lift as well, which I think I needed. The doctor said he had to work to get them even as I had a lot of loose skin and my breasts were different sizes. Good thing he is the expert.
I know they will never look the exact same but so far I am really happy with the outcome.

In a week I can start massaging them and will exchange the tape. Very exciting times a head!!!

Day 2 post op

My hubby went out and got me a recliner to sleep in, best decision ever!!! I tried sleeping propped up on pillows on the Monday night but it was an awful sleep. I made it through the night and I only had a Percocet before I went to sleep.

Waking up was the worst though. My chest felt very heavy and tight, I was not comfortable at all. After I got up and moved around a bit I started to feel a bit better. I took an Advil when I woke up and just took some Tylenol. I really don't like the way the Percocet made me feel, so I am trying to keep them just for at night.

Also, the smooth move tea did the trick. Thank god!!!!

Morning Boob is the worst/ Day 4 post op

Ok so getting up in the morning is the worst!!! My chest feels so tight and uncomfortable. It actually feels like when your milk comes in after having a baby. Painful!

I have noticed that some of the swelling in my stomach has gone away but my breasts are still very swollen. I still feel like they are to large and make me look thick. From reading others that is normal and the feeling will pass. If everyone different with how much size the lose after the swelling goes down? What can I expect??

After Sunday I can wear any bra that I want, I'm going to grab some comfy sports bras. A friend suggested ones that zip up in the front.

Day 6 Post Op/ Blues

Hey all!! So I'm sitting her 6 days post op, hard to believe a week has gone by. Yesterday was really hard for me and I found myself crying in the car after trying on sports bras. You know, they really don't prepare you for the mind fu*k that comes with surgery. You see, I am a very active person and always doing something fitness minded. Right now I feel so bloated all over my body, by breasts are still swollen and weird looking, and I don't feel like myself. I don't feel sexy and I feel like there are these large foreign objects on my chest making me look like a tank. I know that it will take time to feel like myself and the swelling to go down, but its still hard to deal with. Part of me yesterday was wondering if I did the right thing and hoping that they get smaller. Sad Panda!!!! Hubby helped cheer me up.

I started the messages today, which felt uncomfortable. I have to do them 3x a day for a month then once a day.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good zip up sports bra? On Wednesday I'm going to start walking and ad of right now I'm still in my surgical bra.

1 week

I'm starting to feel more like myself. My chest is still tight and the implants feel heavy. I'm totally off pain killers now but still sleeping in the recliner. My incisions feel a little sore but not bad. I went to change out my tape but noticed that they started to bleed so I chickened out and stopped. I emailed the doctor and they advised me to wait a few more days then remove the tape and replace it with new stuff.

Day 8 owning my breasts

Day 8 here and feeling great. For the past week I have been feeling like my boobs were way to big. I went out and bought a cheap normal bra and wow does that make a difference. I also tried on some of my more revealing clothing and wow do I feel sexy. My tops still fit but now I actually fill them out. I hope they don't get any smaller, fingers crossed. Cheers for loving yourself!!!! When I'm able to hit the gym I'm sure I will feel even better.

Day 9 post op

I'm feeling more attached to my implants as the days go by. It's funny but I have a hard time allowing myself to be sexy. I decided to let it go and embrace the new me, and so far I'm loving it. I tried on an older sports bra and it still fits, I mean I'm not going to run a marathon in it but it's on.

I have morning boob when I wake up but it's not near as bad. I have more soreness on my right side, which was the bigger implant. Massaging is feeling better and my mobility is getting better. Seriously, the first week sucks but it's getting better every day.

2.5 weeks post op

Here I am 2.5 weeks post op and I'm feeling great. I have started lower body bodyweight exercises and walking on the tredmill. Exercise is definitely my therapy and I missed it.

I took the tape off my incisions and I'm pretty happy with the result. It will take time for the scars to fade but I'm glad I did the nipple lift.

I really do love my boobs the way they are and don't want them to change. I like my upper pole fullness and where they are sitting. But I realize that they will never be perfect, they are 100x better then what I had.
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

Staff at the clinic were wonderful. Dr.Waslen is to the point but is a skilled surgeon.

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