Implant Removal With Lift, fat transfer

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This is my first post on RealSelf... I actually...

This is my first post on RealSelf... I actually just stumbled onto this site while doing BA research... and I'm so glad I did!
I had a breast augmentation when I was almost 18. My boobs were small for my frame, and uneven, and were a huge reason for my self confidence, or rather, lack thereof. I had a my procedure done in Kelowna, BC, saline under the muscle. My experience was fine, surgery-wise, but looking back, I had no idea what I would be in for... in a good way! My self confidence actually blossomed, and I felt beautiful and not abnormal. I'm sure I have the information somewhere, but being so young I didn't really keep track of what brand, CC's, etc... so hopefully my consultation will go ok.
After breastfeeding two children and gaining and losing baby weight, my once bright headlights have dimmed. I am wanting them to shine again. I'm not sure if I will need a lift on one side (the side that was initally bigger, also both babies favoured) or just bigger implants. I do know that I want to go a full cup size bigger... maybe more. I'm hovering around a C or D, but I want a full D or even a DD for my frame. Even at my post-op 13 years ago, I had wanted to be bigger, but didn't want to overdo it with my age, etc.
I am looking into Hospital Angeles Tijuana, and have heard wonderful things, but honestly not sure about the costs with travel, etc. Also recovery abroad... I'm not the best invalid, lol. My other choice by extensive research is MacLeod Plastic Surgery. I have contacted both and will further explore my options.
Another quick thing... I had found a lump in my left breast a month go, and got that obviously checked out right away. It turned out to be a benign (non-cancerous) fibriod tumor. I was given the option to leave it be or get it taken out, I have chosen it to be taken out. Although it turned out to be nothing, it was a scary experience and I don't want that in my breast. So I'm not sure if I'll be able to move forward with my implant exchange/augmentation until that is out... we'll see.

I'll pop back on and chat again... if anyone had made it this far through my novel of rambling... thanks for reading!

Looking like July!

I haven't written my own stuff in awhile, but I have been lurking, lol!
I have decided to get my lift/BA here in Calgary... I figured the peace of mind and being at home was worth the extra costs, rather than travelling... then again, our $$ is crap, so it really wouldn't be much of a saving anyway!
My place of employment was scheduled to be down for renovations in January 2016, but from the sounds of it, they're going to stretch that out until the summertime... I'm planning my surgery when the store is down, simply from a time off perspective. Also, it will be less obvious when I return, not that I'm incredibly shy, but I don't need EVERYONE knowing about my business.
I don't have any pics of my sad, sad boobies right now, but I can take them and upload them later (when my kids aren't running around, lol). For the meantime, here are some wish boobies! :)

more pics for my 'Hope Chest'

my embarrassing before...

I'm so nervous and scared to put these up...It seems ridiculous on a site with an amazing community of women helping and encouraging women, but I feel so exposed and vulnerable.
These are the current situation I'm dealing with... I emailed my original PS to get my original before/after pics from the 2002 augmentation, so I can put them up as well.

Consultations booked!

I have booked two consultations, one with Dr. Lee in Calgary in February, and the other with Dr. Hassel in Lethbridge in April. Not much more to update until then, to compare my results of those consults... their work, best suited for me, if they can remove the fibroid in my left breast, and of course, price.

Consultation coming up!

Nothing new to report, other than my consultation is in less than a week and I'm excited! I talked to Dr. Lee's MOA and she said I'd most likely to get the fibroadanoma our at the same time as the lift/implant exchange, but obviously the Dr will have the final say when he looks at me. Yay! Hopefully that's a go, as I would rather not be sliced open twice. I'm excited to try on sizers and pick my size... and if I like him, I may actually just go ahead and book, rather than wait for my other consult in April. But we'll see. I do sort of wish I had an unbiased person going with me; my hubby would say to go for the bigger size, and my mom will say smaller... ahhh! I guess I'll just try sizers on and trust my own instincts.


Had my consult with Dr. Lee today, and I unfortunately have more issues than I thought. the Fibroadanoma has grown to the size of a golf ball, and if removed, will create a 'crater' or indent of sorts. Although I'm aware of the possibility of an indent, I am 100% sure I want the fibroid removed. He will have to take some fat from my belly and transfer it to the breast.
I have a few other issues as well. My right breast has more skin and is saggier than the left, which is where the fibroid is. I also wanted bigger implants than what I currently have, about 500ccs, but left the decision ultimately up top Dr. Lee. Because of this, I have to have my surgery in 2 stages: the fibroid removal, fat transfer and breast lift (keeping my old saline implants for now) and then (as long as everything settles and heals well) the bigger implants down the road 6 months-1 year later.
Because of the Fibroadanoma, healthcare should cover a portion of the first surgery; I will find out an estimate and dates tomorrow. Obviously the implant exchange will be out of pocket, which I am prepared for.
I am a little disappointed I can't get everything all at once, but I absolutely trust my Dr's opinion and I guess I will just have 2 stages for new boobies instead. And I'm sure the final result of the lift (crater or not) will be a vast improvement to what I'm sporting now. But the sizers in the office were sooooo awesome, haha... I can't wait until those are mine! :)


I didn't hear back from the Dr's office on Friday, but I'm not too concerned. I know Dr. Lee's receptionist has to get ahold of Alberta Health regarding the Fibroadanoma, as well as my previous PS in Kelowna to determine the size of implants I'm sporting currently. I really hope she calls today... I want to get this booked and have a ballpark of what this is going to cost me. Once the fibroid is out and the lift is complete, I'm one step closer to the new, bigger, badder boobies! :)

I'm also wondering if I should start a new thread, as the surgery itself has changed course from a simple implant exchange to a mass removal/fat transfer/breast lift?

Fibroadenoma Removal and Fat Transfer to Breast

I had originally gone in to see about a breast lift with implants, and possibly removing a marble sized Fibroadenoma at the same time. A year after diagnosis, the Fibro has grown to the size of a golf ball, and my PS is concerned about the shape of my breast, especially combined with another procedure. My left breast (where it is located) had a tubular restriction deformity, which was corrected by implants when I was 18. 

Because the Fibro is so big, my PS is going to do a fat transfer to fill up the space left behind. After breastfeeding two children, and them both favoring the right, there is a slight difference between them, of course the tumor is in the smaller side, lol. Although it is benign, it is bothersome, and I am excited to have it removed... and then I can go back to researching and saving for my 'pretty' lift and implants!

The saga continues....

Me again. So the last week or so I have been feeling some discomfort in my right breast. It almost feels like a tugging or pulling, almost dropping sensation, and is less uncomfortable when I wear a tight or supportive bra. I was concerned that my implant has shifted or is dropping, so I called me PS. After talking to his assistant (Nikki... love her!) she scheduled me to pop in, just so Dr. Lee can see what's going on. He then phoned me (at 6pm on a Wednesday; I was super impressed) to see if I had any additional concerns or questions.
I'm still going to go in next week, but it does seem like the implant has shifted. Although I'm going to see what he suggests, I'm about 99.9% positive that I would like to take these old implants out at the same time as the Fibro removal. I'm going to get a lift at the same time... I toyed with just explanting, but with all the boob issues I have (size difference, sagging degree difference between the two, the fibroadenoma) I would like a lift and fix the size issue once and for all.
If everything goes as planned, I can always get implants in a year or so, once I'm all healed from this time around.

on the other side

My surgery was yesterday. I went in at 5:30am (overestimated the drive time, lol) for my surgery at 7:40. The whole experience was probably the best I've ever had; everyone was truly great. The anesthesiologist was hilarious, the nurses caring and I was not nervous at all, joking around and just happy to get this first step done. Dr. Lee asked if I was ok with a medical student watching the marking and procedure itself; of course I said. She was so cute and eager, just lovely.
We went over the procedures again, and I was off to the operating theater. The nurse couldn't get my IV in, as I was dehydrated, the anesthesiologist had to use a pediatric IV on me! Lol we had a good laugh about that, he gave me an oxygen mask and told me a joke, and I was out.
I was sleepy in recovery, so they kept me for a few hours, and I dozed on and off and chatted with my mom. Dr Lee came in to check the incisions, and I got a glimpse... I actually have more than expected in the boob department. I get to remove the dressing today and shower, so I'll get a better look then. Thanks to everyone at Peter Lougheed Memorial Hospital, and especially Dr. Lee... I know that I was a difficult case, but hopefully a good patient!
I'll update more pics when the dressing is off.

first peek pic


more pictures

Feeling pretty good. My back is getting sore, but that's more from lying on an angle on my couch... I miss my bed, but worry I'll roll over in my sleep! I showered and the tapes from the liposuction were lifting, so I removed them and put on new bandaids. The lipo incisions look great and are so tiny! My boobs seem to be less swollen, but bruised. Still super happy with the results so far, and I feel like I'm turning the corner with healing. I never did take any prescribed oxycontin, just T3s, and have been down to only one in the morning (waking up hurts) since yesterday. Yay!

Follow up appointment

Just got back from my post-op appointment. Dr. Lee was pleased with the healing so far, and went over what surgeries were done. I found out that all my volume is from the fat transfer... Once the implants were removed, I was extremely deflated. The fibroadanoma was huge, and starting to deform (gross!) so I am so glad I had it removed.
I had the steri strips changed and a peek at my nipples... They are so cute! Another 2 weeks, and I can likely start scar treatment. I'm so happy with my results, especially as I was a bit of a challenge. Yay!

3.5 weeks post op

I haven't updated in a while, as no major changes occurred. I was getting a little better day by day, and feel pretty much like myself again. Obviously not doing any heavy lifting or anything too strenuous, but I have a lot more energy than last week and don't get as tired by the end of the day.
Went to see Dr Lee on Friday to ensure healing is going well... The steri strips should fall off soon, and if not, I can take them off this week. I had no concerns, other than the fat seems to be staying better in the right side (which is to be expected, as the left had a lot more healing to do, trauma to the area, tumor on the blood supply line, etc). When everything is settled, in 6 months, I can do a 'top up' to even things out.
Otherwise, I am extremely happy with my results so far, and actually enjoying the smaller boobs, lol.

6 Months Later

No news to report, other than I (finally lol) hit the 6 month mark and can get more fat transferred into the left, smaller boob! YAY! I was surprisingly quite emotional when I went to the Dr's office... I think I gave Dr. Lee's nurse a start, as I've always been quite mellow, joking, funny, etc... and all of a sudden, I was this crying girl in the office. Fingers crossed that more fat could be put in, and would it be covered under Alberta Health as reconstruction, etc. I have been wearing 2/3 of those pads from bikini tops on the smaller side to even it out, and I do NOT want to wear these for longer than I have to. I was so nervous, especially since I got implants when I was young to even out my breasts in the first place.
Turns out, all my tears and worries were a waste, as Dr. Lee was planning all along to top up the side that absorbed more fat (due to trauma of the area, where the tumor was). I really need to stop overthinking, lol...
ANYWAYS, so my 'top up' reconstruction is booked for November 16 (the day after my brother is having day surgery... my mom is sure going to be doing a lot of waiting and caregiving!). I'm not looking forward to being couch bound, locked up in the house (which was the hardest part of recovery, not being able to do anything), and now that I know lipo hurts, dreading that a bit too. But it's a considerably smaller procedure than the one in April, and I'm excited to be more evened out.
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