28YO, 2 Kids, 6ft Tall, 150lbs - Calgary, AB

I am so excited. I have wanted implants since...

I am so excited. I have wanted implants since having my first baby, but wanted to wait til I was done having kids. After my second baby literally sucked the life out of my boobies I figured now is a great time to get them done !

I saved and saved and my appointment is January 6 !!
(I'll upload photos later ????)

A month away !

Okay. I officially have more pre made frozen meals than I did before giving birth. My deep freeze is FULL ! My husband keeps looking in there to 'have a sample'. HANDS OFF !

I've got my meds, food, pillows, entertainment, babysitter (my parents are taking the kids for the weekend) ... is there anything else that I NEED TO GET before the surgery ??

What was your favourite recovery item ??? Any suggestions ??

And I know, I know ... before pictures. I'll get to that ! ... later ...
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

Dr Perron was so nice ! And knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Took one look at me, measured my breast plate and gave me two options that he thinks will be best for me. Very professional, very comfortable.

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