28YO, 2 Kids, 6ft Tall, 150lbs - Calgary, AB

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I am so excited. I have wanted implants since...

I am so excited. I have wanted implants since having my first baby, but wanted to wait til I was done having kids. After my second baby literally sucked the life out of my boobies I figured now is a great time to get them done !

I saved and saved and my appointment is January 6 !!
(I'll upload photos later ????)

A month away !

Okay. I officially have more pre made frozen meals than I did before giving birth. My deep freeze is FULL ! My husband keeps looking in there to 'have a sample'. HANDS OFF !

I've got my meds, food, pillows, entertainment, babysitter (my parents are taking the kids for the weekend) ... is there anything else that I NEED TO GET before the surgery ??

What was your favourite recovery item ??? Any suggestions ??

And I know, I know ... before pictures. I'll get to that ! ... later ...

Before Pics

My before pics ! Not quite as perkey as they once were

Lemons to Melons

The deed is done !!
Soo happy with my results ! I went with 339cc mod profile. Things are looking good !

Right now I'm not too sore. That could definitely be the Percocet ! But the feeling I am getting right now has nothing on being over engorged with milk when I was breast feeding !

I just got home and am resting in bed now

Lemons to Melons

Last night was not too bad. I woke up once at 2am in a bit of pain from being so still. I walked around my room for about an hour and shook my arms out then went back to sleep for another 4 hours ! (Of course I took Advil night time too !)

Bruising is coming in on the under side of my breasts and I am feeling quite tight today ! Swelling is very real !

I just put some bio oil on which feels amazing. Keeping hydrated and eating for nutrition, not because I'm hungry. At all ... I've never not had an appetite !

Feeling VERY tight and swollen !!

Pics before bed ! I am happy with the results ! I do hope they go down a little in size after the swelling passes through and a little drop & fluff happens

Bruising under my boob is hard to see but I sure can feel it !

Feeling pretty good

Took some pics of my bruising and swelling
I'm not having any restrictions with my range of motion which is awesome
...I definitely didn't think I would be able to move my arms this much

Feeling good !

Well ! Today I am feeling great ! Not taking quite as many Advil, finally had a BM !(happy dance) and my boobs are a little softer today.

Swelling has gone down, bruising has gone from purple to now yellow and the swelling has moved down to my gut (excellent. )

1 Week Milestone !

What a week ! This is all going WAY better than I was expecting. I thought I would be sore, constant pain, unable to move my arms, swollen for a week ... I feel great ! So happy with my results !

Look Good Feel Good

Today is my 2 week mark ! Feeling great !

I saw my PS a couple days ago and they said everything is looking and feeling amazing. They are very pleased with the results, as am I. The bruising on my right nipple is likely from being right handed and over doing it on my right side last week and this week. (Aka - I should stop lifting my toddler)

I can't believe how soft they are and way more squishy ! Love them !

2.5 weeks

I'm about 2.5 weeks and I am just so happy with my results !

3 weeks !

I am loving my new 'old' self ! Look and feel exactly like I did before having kids.

Another pic


5 week pictures

Implant weight

I just did the math and my 349cc implants weigh a total of 1.6lbs. I was hoping they would weigh a little more so I could blame this stubborn plateau on something ????

Why is it that the last 10lbs are so damn hard to loose ?!
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

Dr Perron was so nice ! And knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Took one look at me, measured my breast plate and gave me two options that he thinks will be best for me. Very professional, very comfortable.

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