27 Y/o - 5"3 105 Lbs Augmentation Post Breast Feeding 1 Baby - Calgary, AB

I Had my consult today with Dr Perron. I'm looking...

I Had my consult today with Dr Perron. I'm looking for a very natural look and only to restore volume that was lost after breast feeding. He measured me at 11.9 so the largest he felt comfortable going was a 304 moderate profile. We tried that first and it was too large for my tastes. Ultimately we decided on 265 moderate +. I'm not scheduled until September 23 as I have to wait 6 months from when I stopped breast feeding my daughter.

BA booked

I paid my deposit for my BA. It's in less than a month due to a cancellation so technically 23 days. Not sure what to expect, but the nurse will be calling me today or January 4th to go over my pre op instructions. I've taken 5 days off work and hope that is enough. I sit at a desk all day so it won't be too strenuous.

Surgery postponed

I got bronchitis over Christmas which then turned into pneumonia. My surgery date was supposed to be tomorrow but now has been pushed back. I've been since for 3 weeks so I'm a way I'm relieved. I didn't want to go into surgery sick as I already had some apprehension about being put under. It would be my first time under general anesthesia so better to be in tip top shape. I spoke with my surgeon and he has suggested we reschedule in a month or so, and will need to see a clear chest X-ray before then.
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