27 Y/o - 5"3 105 Lbs Augmentation Post Breast Feeding 1 Baby - Calgary, AB

I Had my consult today with Dr Perron. I'm looking...

I Had my consult today with Dr Perron. I'm looking for a very natural look and only to restore volume that was lost after breast feeding. He measured me at 11.9 so the largest he felt comfortable going was a 304 moderate profile. We tried that first and it was too large for my tastes. Ultimately we decided on 265 moderate +. I'm not scheduled until September 23 as I have to wait 6 months from when I stopped breast feeding my daughter.

BA booked

I paid my deposit for my BA. It's in less than a month due to a cancellation so technically 23 days. Not sure what to expect, but the nurse will be calling me today or January 4th to go over my pre op instructions. I've taken 5 days off work and hope that is enough. I sit at a desk all day so it won't be too strenuous.

Surgery postponed

I got bronchitis over Christmas which then turned into pneumonia. My surgery date was supposed to be tomorrow but now has been pushed back. I've been since for 3 weeks so I'm a way I'm relieved. I didn't want to go into surgery sick as I already had some apprehension about being put under. It would be my first time under general anesthesia so better to be in tip top shape. I spoke with my surgeon and he has suggested we reschedule in a month or so, and will need to see a clear chest X-ray before then.

2 days out

BA on Friday. Still debating between 265 or 286.

Surgery tomorrow

I'm nervous. I work today then plan on hanging out with my husband and daughter. That's the reason I'm most nervous, because I'm a mom, and I worry about the anesthesia. My surgery is at 10 am, so I'll get to see my daughter a bit in the morning before I go. She's just over a year. Not getting to pick her up doing the recovery phase is going to be hard.

Feeling excited though! I bought a new bralette yesterday to celebrate. Joked with my husband that I was going to burn all my small, old, poor fitting bras.

Before photos

Haven't decided between 265 or 286. Going to let my doctor choose tomorrow.

Surgery day

It's just about 8. I'm due to the office at 10 so probably surgery around 11. I've finished all my water I'm allowed. Pic for comparison after. Bye small boobs!

I'm done!

Surgery was great. I felt comfortable the whole time. I guess I snoozed for an extra hour after I was done. Mom problems lol. When I woke up I had some berries and a tea then They sent me on my way. I'm home now and feeling great. Watching tv and having some snacks. My office doesn't issue pain meds so I'll be on Tylenol for the next week or so per pain. The surgery bra my office provides is actually awesome, and I have to wear it for the next two weeks Day and night. Ended up going with the 286 Natrelle mod plus.

Peeking at the goods

Day of surgery. Redness from icing.

Day 2

Alright, last night sucked. I seem to be having an uneven amount of pain. My right side is awesome. I can open doors, brush my teeth, get food, pretty much anything. My left side is painful. I couldn't get comfy last night at all. I missed my Advil dose because my husband fell asleep on my daughters floor after she was up and being cranky. I'm back on track now and feeling extreme tightness. Morning boob?

I need to get up and moving at some point. My body is sore from being in bed. I hope the left side settles. If both sides felt as good as my right does I'd be in great shape.

Day 2

Lots of tightness. Left boob is having muscles spasms and pain. Right boob feels amazing. I could go out today if both boobs felt this good. Hope this isn't an indication of early capsular contracture. Also, the bloat you hear about is real, and bad. I've been drinking 3 litres of water a day, eating fruit, and fibre and still haven't been able to go to the bathroom.

Left boob hurts so bad

Anyone else experience this? I feel like I could do anything on the right side. Left is a whole other story.
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