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Have my consult booked with Dr Jonathan Lee for...

Have my consult booked with Dr Jonathan Lee for sept 12!!

I've always been self concious about my breasts but always thought I was to young to do anything about it! I don't plan on having kids for another 10 yrs, so why not get the surgery now!

Hoping to get 325-350cc sub-muscular with the incision at the breast crease.

My journey begins!!

Wish pics

Love the size and how natural these look!


Consultation went great! Dr Lee was very informative and great at helping me choose a size. I said I wants 375, but wondering if I should have gone 400!! I know 25cc isn't a huge difference, but really going to have to think about it.

375 or 400??

When looking at the photo, left is 400, right is 375.

Count down is on!!

Always thought I was to young to have this surgery, but with not planning on having kids for another 8-10 years, I thought why not!!! Excited to go through with it and the countdown is on for November 9th. My nerves are getting to me, but so is the excitement!!

Can you tell I'm slightly excited?

Count down is on!! And here's a photo with rice sizers, looking at the photo left is 375 right is 400

Re-size appointment!

Had my resize appt and paid off my balance!! Yaaay. I mentioned to the nurse I wanted to be a small D and I was nervous that 400cc wouldn't cut it. So I tried on 485cc high profile and I love them!! Here are some photos in the rice sizers.

Some befores!

Wanted to post more before's, so there is more to compare once surgery is done. Can't wait to have a more proportionate figure! Currently look like a 12 yr old boy with a round bum!

So my surgery is in less then 3 weeks. I had another re-size appt with Dr Lee (since my first re-size was with just his nurse) he thinks 485cc's will be perfect for my frame. He said I have enough breast tissue to go over the muscle which is weird since I'm only an A... But he said if I'll let him on day of surgery he will decide which looks better! I agreed but now I'm second guessing it. I want a large, but not to large natural look. I'm worried that over's will look like big balls on my chest lol! What are all of your thoughts on over's?

The purple sports bra is a size 6 from lulu that clasps in the front. (not sure of the name) The black sports bra is the lulu tata tamer 34d (my wish size!!) and there's also a super cute deep v romper that I could never wear because I look to manly in it lol!

Back to surgery.... I was going to get prescribed Valium to calm my nerves the night before and day of surgery but after seeing Dr Lee again on Monday I'm so confident I don't think I need it anymore.

Counting down the days!
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