Calf Implant Swollen Leg

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The procedure was very painful and I would not do...

The procedure was very painful and I would not do it again. I wanted to create symmetry and that is the reason for doing it.

In the beginning it was okay but the leg was always a major problem, with swelling that was contained with aspirin. But lately I have become more concerned. The leg is visibly larger than the other and now the summer is here and I feel uncomfortable.

I had calf implants done in 2001 - the left leg has always been more swollen but now it's become very visible - there is slight pain, it feels very hard where the implant is, which is not silicone but rather a firmer substance. I've been to a cardiovascular doc. to make sure none of my arteries/veins are being compromised.

I've also been back to the orginal doctor who had done the surgery and she doesn't have any suggestions/solutions for me. She is a Board Certified doctor. any suggestions would be so much appreciated.

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I have swelling and she had no suggestions for me.

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