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Like so many of you on here, I wanted to get my...

Like so many of you on here, I wanted to get my nose done since I was an awkward teenager. When i was 8 years old i fell on the road straight on my face but it wasnt till I was in high school where my nose developed quite crooked. Through my teenage years I avoided photos and was quite depressed about my looks and dreamed on having a normal looking nose. When I got into my 20s I started to embrace my unique look and even though I dabbled in the thought of getting my nose done i just put up with it because it was mine. Going into my 30s I had my own sort of confidence about my appearance. So I thought why not just get a slight adjustment. Nothing major just to remove some of the hump. I never wanted a small nose, just a straighter more symmetrical version of what i had. I guess I was blind sided by the before and after photos. Thought that it was going to be conservative. I gathered all my bravery and money to book my surgery and on the day of surgery I was so scared I almost had a panic attack in the waiting room. If it hasn't of been for my mum having to fly across the other side of the country and take 10 days off work then I would've walked out that day. I wasnt sure I should be doing it but I felt like the pressure was on and I had come so far already that I "should" do it. I've always trusted my gutt instincts and for the first time I went against them. Now in hindsight I wish I hadve just walked out.
It's be the hardest, saddest and lonely 8 months of my life. I can't bare to look at myself in the mirror. I don't take photos, it breaks my heart to see old photos of myself. It's now that I can see what everyone else saw in me. That beautiful happy go lucky girl with a big nose and a big smile. Now I have an open roof deformity, more crooked nose and my smile is ruined. My surgeon told me it was going to be an improvement. Nothing about this surgery has been an improvement. It's created so many problems that I would do absolutely anything to take back that decision. I've turns into a hermit. I'm embarrassed and heartbroken. If they hadve told me that my smile would be ruined I would've never gone thru with the surgery. Even if there was a slight chance, I would've never of risked it. Now I have a crease under my nose and a double top lip. I don't even smile anymore. I wish I hadve listened to my friends who told me to love myself more and change my views rather than change my face. It's upsetting to think that for the rest of my life I'm going to have this hanging over my head. This deep sadness and regret. 8 months ago I never knew sadness and depressing like this even existed. For all if you going into surgery and thinking about doing it. Maybe take the time to look at urself the way other do. We are all beautiful in our own ways. There is no standard of what beautiful is. Be happy with what you were born with, because that in itself is beautiful and no one can ever have your uniqueness. Enjoy and value yourself everyday. I wish I hadve been stronger and accepted what I had and valued myself. My heart is utterly broken

So many people suffering

I've had so many sweet heartbroken people contact me privately that are going thru the same thing. I find it upsetting that everyone is suffering in silence. So many lives ruined yet no documentation about these bad rhinoplasty cases. I urge you to post your reviews. You dont have to mention your surgeon publicly, just get the word out there so more people know the ugly truth about plastic surgery and all the things that can go wrong. I know if I hadve seen more negative reviews it wouldve made me reconsider. The disappointment of not getting nose surgery cannot be compared to the aftermath of a bad surgery. I was none the wiser about what I was getting myself into. If this review makes a difference in one persons life and makes them reconsider such an unnecessary surgery then my job is done.

It wouldn't be me...

Before going in I didnt see many negative reviews. I'm pretty certain that the percentage for success was much higher back then when I was making my decision. As time goes on the percentage is dropping slightly. I went in thinking I'm not going to be one of the few bad statistics. We all think it won't happen to us. Then it does! No mattrer how well u researched and prepared urself it seems like even the best surgeons have their bad days at work. This surgery is such a gamble, u don't know how ur body will heal either, u don't know how ur nose will change 2 or 3 years down the track..the constant stress has just not been worth it. I hope that everyone thinking about rhinoplasty really considers all of this before going in and maybe also considers reading a few bad reviews to get educated on the aftermath of a bad surgery. To learn of the isolation, regret, grieving and depression that arise when things go wrong.

Filler disaster

I had filler (restylane) done 2 months ago initially to improve symmetry and fill in the dent in the bridge of my nose and i was surprised at the improvement to the mess of a nose that i have been left with. Then the second time i went in for a top up he overfilled and created a lumpy mess on my bridge. I didnt think that i could feel worse about myself and then this happens. 3 days later the filler i had to get it dissolved and it left me with dents and my skin texture is lumpy and lost volume. I dont know why i ever trusted my surgeon again to do filler if he cant even get the surgery right in the first place. Its like he has absolutely no asthetic education at all!! Ive decided that i wont be seeing him again. He never listens to anything i ask he just does what he thinks is best. This is why im in this mess in the first place. I didnt think things would go from bad to worse but they have. Ive been left with absolutely no confidence and wish every day i dont wake up to have to face this disaster. It makes me so sad being on this website seeing all these people prepare for their surgery. So many beautiful faces that should just be left alone. I would do anything to go back to my pre op days just to feel like myself again.

11 months post of depression and regret

Im almost 11 month post op and i had hoped that by now things wouldve improved. But unfortunately they havent. My depression from my regret seems to grow as the days go passed. Ive spend so much time on the internet researching if everything my surgeon messed up can be fixed and so far i havent seen anything that answers my questions. I never knew that things would end up like this. For all the things i disliked about my nose it doesnt compare to the dislike i have for this mess on my face now. I dont know where to begin to forgive myself for doing this ("this" being trusting someone with a knife and chisel to my face) Not a day goes by that i dont miss my old face with all its quirks and assymetry. So many people want a smaller nose but all i think about is wanting my longer/bigger nose.
My nose is still swollen in the mornings and when the swelling goes down in the afternoon u can see the impression of strut graft pushing out at the end of my nose tip. The skin texture on my nose bridge looks like sand paper, lumpy and dry, my nose tip is wide in comparison to the rest of my nose and get wider when i smile, the skin on the right side of my nose is still stuck to the nasal bridge bone where the cast was pressing, the rh side of my tip is buldging out and numb, the dent that runs down the left side of my whole whole nose is starting to appear again as the filler is reabsorbed, smiling is still strained/tense and feels like the strut graft is probably responsible for this tension feeling, crease under my lip when smiling is still present (not that i smile much anymore), i cry alot so blowing my nose with all the thick scar tissue in my reduced nostrils is more of a mission then something that comes naturally. If you asked me before what i hated about my nose i wouldve said "the hump" and that was it..... i never had a problem with smiling or blowing my nose or skin issues. It was just a hump (that bothered me from profile view) i would have gladly lived with my hump for the rest of my life and been happy. Ultimately thats all i went in for, a slight hump removal and he reconstructed my entire nose. It just makes me so sad. I wonder if there are any others out there that have won this battle with the grief, regret and depression that comes along with being mutliated? I have completely given up hope and dont know what to do :(

I wake up every morning and hope its just a bad dream...

but unfortunately its reality. Wish i could go back to the surgeon and return this broken ugly nose he gave me and get my old nose back. If only things worked like that in real life. All that bothered me was a bump and now its been replaced with so many other problems not to mention still being numb and uncomfortable 11 months post op! Will the feeling ever return to normal?
I have been frantically researching revision drs. I dont care where i go or how much i will have to pay, i would go to the ends of the earth to have this nightmare be over and to get a shred of my self confidence back. I have my first consult on the 4th Sept with a plastic surgeon that specialises in rhinoplasty. I need a second opinion on whats going on with my nose. This constant "tension" feeling when i talk, smile and yawn doesnt feel normal. I hope i can get all my questions answered so i can start planning forward.

Lies after lies...

I had my 12 month review with my surgeon and all I got were lies. I specifically asked at 6 weeks if anything in my nose tip was cut because I hated how short my nose tip was and his answer was "no" then today he admitted that he did cut my septum and my alarm cartilages!! I saw him at my 3 month post op mark and told him how distressed I was about my nose tip and that I didnt like it, he told me that he could perform a small revision at 12 months and that we could start planning it at 9-12 months. Today he told me he would not suggest doing anything to my nose for another 3 years! What the F*CK! Not that I would ever let him touch my nose again... But honestly where did he pull that time frame from??
I asked him for my surgical notes and told him that I want to know exactly what he did because he didnt discuss any of it at the pre op. he pulls out my file and shows me some drawing he did and told me he discussed everything with me. I know for a fact he didnt! He made out like the procedure was simple and conservative and that he was only going to lift my tip with sutures and not narrow it in to make a point. He sat there and argued with me saying he told me! I am so f*cking angry right now! I would've have never agreed to all the things he did to my nose tip when my nose tip was the thing that didnt bother me at all before surgery, only the hump on my nose! I cannot express in words the anger, sadness and betrayal I feel right now! He talks down to me like I have mental issues or bdd and that I am wrong and he is right. But I have been trying so hard to retrace my steps to figure out where this all went wrong that I know for 100% certainty he didnt give me all the information and did things without my consent because he didnt feel he needed to tell me! It probably wouldve cost him the sale. he was after my hard earned cash that I spent 2 years saving. I would love for him to put himswlf in my position and get someone to operate on his face and just do what they thought was best then he could tell me know he felt about it! If it was any other part of my body I wouldn't be so sensitive about it but it's right in the middle of my face and there is no hiding it. I wish I could honestly crawl under a rock and die. I'm sick of being treated like shit by this bullshit lying surgeon who thinks he is god and has not once taken responsibility for his mistakes! He just blames everything on swelling or my septum curving again. even when my septum was a zig zag before surgery my nose didnt look as hideous as it does bow! where was this improvement he was talking to me about?? Nothing about this surgery has been an improvement! I'm sick of looking in the mirror and hate what I see. I'm absolutely traumatised by this whole experience. I have my sisters wedding in a couple months and can't even be a bridesmaid cos I don't want to have any photos taken of me. It's my only sister and it's my first time being asked to be bridesmaid. My heart is so broken that I can't enjoy and function normally anymore.
If I had to do this again knowing what I know I definitely would not have had this surgery done. I probably have permanent nerve damage to the whole right side of my nose cos till this day I can't feel it properly. I have a open room deformity which he masked up with filler which in time will only look worse and more obvious as my already thin skin keeps thinning. All that was wrong with my nose is that it had a bump. Now I have a list of problems. I'm just so utterly sad and there is nothing I can do to fix it :(

1 year and 8 months post op

Not much has changed. The whole side of my right nostril is numb and still buldging out, my nose hasnt straightened up at all. Its not swelling like my surgeon said and i knew it wasnt but he was trying to buy himself some time. The other side of my nose is caved in and i usually shove a bit og cotton or tissue inside my nose to "fill" it out. My nose tip is crooked and my nose tip graft is really obvious and pointy. When there is light shining from above you can see a point sticking out at the end of my nose as if i have a pimple. I may have healthy skin now but i cant imagine when will happen in 10 years time, the graft will probably end up being exposed. My nose bridge is uneven and natural outdoor lighting just shows up every single deformity. I have blood on my tissue every time i blow my nose. I dont have any normal mucus in my nasal passages only dried up green chunks. My nose is always dry and when the weather is cold i feel the air burning my nasal passages. Althought i have come a long way emotionally and have done my best to forgive myself and not let my deformed nose define me, i still struggle everyday. Not a day goes by that i dont pray to look and feel normal again. I took my looks for granted before surgery and didnt realise how good i had it. Trying to find a revision surgeon is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Even the best surgeons have less than stellar reviews. I completely agree that having rhino is a gamble, no matter how much u research there is a still a chance that ur nose cant even be fixed and look the way you want it too. I dont know what i would do if i had a second surgery and it didnt go well. I am seeing my surgeon again in a couple weeks to get answers, to find out every single detail of what he did to my nose. Im sick of him treating me like a moron who doesnt understand, i dont care how technical he gets with me, i want to know everything. I have done enough research to understand most of the techniques used and if i dont i can research it. I will also be asking for compensation, blowing out blood everyday is a clear sign of a bad surgery. Even though no amount of money could ever make up for the damage done, i would want to get some money back to put towards rescuing my nose if its even at all possible.
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