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Like so many women here, I've lost weight, worked...

Like so many women here, I've lost weight, worked out, starved myself, taken laxatives, body cleanse and hide my naked body from my husband. Now that menopause is here, I see a pear shaped troll in the mirror and live in spandex under my clothes. I'm 5'3 (or at least used to be) and weigh 140 lbs. I've been working with a younger group of women and now realize that I haven't resembled that body since my 1st son was born in 1979. I still looked 5 months pregnant when he was 6 months old. 14 years later I had another 4 kids all 2 years apart. I feel frumpy and disgusting. I remarried 2 years ago, and my husband insisted that he didn't marry "That Girl" and fought me every inch of the way on having this surgery. I've been back and forth with him on this, then just last week, he decided to support me. I booked my surgery last Thursday for February 23rd and couldn't be more excited!! Dr Harris has been wonderful as I've seen him twice over the last few months making my inquiries. One of the girls had him to work for her and recommended him to me. He explained to me that my abdominal muscles are separated from my rib cage to my pubic bone. The wide separation is the reason I haven't been successful on my own. The cause is most likely the multiple pregnancies. I have a short torso and my babies were all large. Where else can they go but out front? He explained the procedure in detail. You may notice an old scar from my rib cage to belly button. He will reopen that which will allow him to remove more fat from my upper torso as well as narrowing the scar to a hairline width. He'll also be able to make the lower incision shorter as a result. I'll get liposuction around my hips which will get rid of my "muffin tops" Yes I know I'm going to be sore but I'm more concerned about time off work. It's being said 2-3 weeks. If I know me, I'll be back at my desk before I'm supposed to be. So I have to learn patience. I've priced a toilet seat lift with handles for the earlier days, and my Mom said I can use her walker. I'll most likely use the spare room as my bed sits up very high. This spare bed will be easier to get in and out of. I'll be well supplied with fiber foods and also some laxatives for back up. I know the pain med's are brutal on the bowels. I'll post some before pix for you now. Pre-op is Jan 13, just around the corner. I will post periodically to share my anxiety with you ;)

56 Sleeps till post-op!

Is this really happening?!? :D

More pre-op pix

42 sleeps until pre-op appointment then countdown for surgery Feb 23. I'm focus on the problem so I don't change my mind.


I'm so excited I feel I could burst!! I've been feeling tired and blahhhhh.... SO, I called my husband to make sure he could cover me if I'm a little short for payment in full on Feb 9. He said no problem! I called my surgeon's office and told her I'm on my way with a cheque. When I got there the waiting room was empty. Inside the office there he was. Dr. Harris himself visiting with the girls at the desk. I was thrilled to see him smiling back at me! I told him "I do 3 miles everyday on my stationary bike while watching videos. The miles rack up quick and I'm not even tired. He said "Not surgery video's I hope" I said "YUP"! :D. He's afraid I'll get scared and back out. I told him it's my husband who is the squeamish one! Lol.. This is the real deal ladies! I'm realizing that the Flat Side is a reality for me :D

Should I lose weight before my surgery?

Hi Ladies. Feb 23 is my surgery date, and it's coming quick. I'm carrying around 10-12 pounds that shouldn't be there. Should I get on a diet to lose the extra before my surgery?

10 days until Pre-Op

I have a whole list of questions to ask the surgeon. This site has helped me immensely and I'm clear of everything I need to get more detail based on my surgeons intentions and procedure methods.

OMG Pre-op Tomorrow

I have such mixed emotions. I'm happy I'll finally be getting this long overdue TT. On the flip side, I'm extremely frustrated that the girls aren't getting some TLC too. Financially I can't pull it off and I can't even imagine going thru a 2nd surgery to get the lift and volume I need. Feeling a little down today

Pre-Op Today

Things went well. I was unexpectedly nervous. I've watched videos, read testimonies, look at photo's, made lists....laid awake many nights. Dr Harris told me that's all normal. I took pic's on my phone of all my vitamins and meds, along with a few questions. Dr and his assistant were so calm, compassionate and informative that I was more at ease when leaving. I was told to stop taking my arthritis medication, vitamin E and Omega 3 two weeks before surgery. I was given a folder with instructions, questionnaire forms, blood work requisition for the lab, and pre-op forms for my family Dr to complete. I was also given 2 different anti-swell and anti-bruising medications to start taking 4 days before surgery. The name of these meds are "Arnica" & "Bromelain". Dr. Harris asked me if I was also getting my breasts done on Feb 23rd. Suddenly I wanted to slap my husband. :-/ I wish he would step up and help me with the extra money. Anyway, I told Dr Harris I'm still working on that and have worked out a tentative arrangement with his assistant. I'm hoping maybe hubby will change his mind in enough time to get measured and order the implants. We'll see. Chat soon ladies.


I can hardly believe it!! I got the extra money and now I'm going for the works friends!! :D I still have butterflies....looking at all new photo's and reading all new profiles! Whoooo Hooooo!!!!

I changed my main headliner

Because what was a TT profile is now "Mommy Makeover" Stay tuned for saggy boob pix!

Pre Op Boob pix

I'm so excited I'll be getting the works on my surgery date!!

Did my blood work at the Lab today :)

Then I went and bought a power recliner! (actually my husband bought it. He just doesn't know it yet) hehehe ;) I got my car serviced then made dinner. My employer is letting me bank extra hours so I'll lose minimal wages while I'm off. I'm looking for a breakfast tray type of stand so I can eat and have a place for my laptop while in my chair and/or laying down. I don't want to put any weight on my lap while recovering. Bad for the circulation. Any ideas?

My Sister is an Angel!

I visit my sister today to get her signature on the loan documents. She asked me for my list of "Things to Buy" Low and behold, out she comes with 2 bags of supplies plus an bathing chair, hand held shower attachement, and an adjustable chair to lean against when in the kitchen. She is such a God send! My list consists of only a few things now and 37 sleeps to buy it all!

4 more lbs till goal weight!

I've been extremely disciplined with my food consumption. Bran buds (not flakes) with a few blueberries and skim milk for breakfast. Then lots of water so the buds expand for fullness Low cal low sodium frozen lunch entree from Walmart. Maybe an orange or apple for snack. I eat whatever my family has for dinner only 1/3 portion. Herbal tea, then 1/4 c bran buds before bed. I'm taking good balance of vitamins and drink about 100 oz water a day. Getting about 7 hours sleep each night, working 48 hours per week do my salary isn't cut while I'm off and still making time for family. I'm going to see the Red Wings play the Sabers in Buffalo tomorrow night then a big family dinner on Sunday. Even baked my son his favourite cookies last night and made "sexy time" for my husband. 33 sleeps ladies. Life is good!

Family Physician Clearance

Today I had my pre-op appointment with my family Dr. She's so happy for me! All my vitals are perfect and she signed off stating that I'm ready to roll!! This is such a bonus! I live a clean healthy lifestyle with no issue accept mental health. I spoke to her about my clinical depression treatment and expressed my concern for hitting lows during this recovery. She increased my dosage for a short period and sent me off with great advice and encouragement. 29 sleeps!!!! :D

I'm in the waiting room

Sitting here waiting to get measured and fitted. OMG The butterflies are crazy! She gave me an invoice showing zero balance owing! 27 sleeps!!!


Yes Ladies, I'm starting to collect everything I'll be needing one item at a time. I just ordered a front zip sports bra online, put in my prescription for T3's and the pharmacy, bought medical paper tape (cheap at Walmart). My sister gave me a box of gauze pads she had left over but after talking to Dr Harris, I think I'm just going to buy some mini-pads. They're shaped better for long incisions. I find that magnesium tablets work very well for constipation so I'll buy a fresh bottle of those in addition to All-Bran (Buds) and laxative of some kind just in case. I plan on avoiding the constipation issue that's for sure! I now have my power recliner but need a body pillow. I have my horseshoe pillow for around the neck during long flights so I'll use that too. My sister let me use her bathing chair and a couple other items so I'm almost ready.

19 Days pre-op!

Hello Ladies! I find myself monitoring you all and seeing amazing results. I'm not frustrated anymore when I look in the mirror as I know soon I'll be on the flat side with a pair of perky ta ta's. I'm not overwhelmed or anxious YET. I'm sure that's all ahead of me in a week or two. It's a roller coaster getting to this point but no second guessing my decision to go forward. I stop taking my arthritis meds and Omega 3 in 5 days. I go pay my balance owing in 8 days and start my pre-op swelling and bruising pills the DR gave me in 15 days. Everything is written in my daily planner and I read over the instruction sheets from Surgeon every few days. I'm on track with prep...All is good :D

Today I stopped my Omega, Arthrotec and Vitamin C supplements

Can hardly believe that 14 days from now, I'll be recovering at the clinic on "The Flat Side" With a pair of rockin Ta Ta's to boot!! I get butterflies every time I look at the calendar getting smaller!

Photo's of supplies and equipment

Hello Realself Ladies, I'm sharing information and photo's of items I purchased and borrowed for a comfortable (hopefully) recovery. Not in the photo's are my king size bamboo pillows, neck pillow (I usually use on airplane) button up pj tops and fresh fruit. Thanks to all of you, I've been able to make a thorough list and prepare well. 9 more sleeps!! :D




I'm overwhelmed!! My employer dropped the ball HUGE!! We've been left without management and the place is in crisis!! My 15 year old son is home with the flu, I'm on the outs with my mother, and none of my kids came home for Family Day. As crazy as all this sounds (it's all real), I'm usually pretty good at sailing thru drama. Well, guess what? I just want to pull the covers over my head and ignore life on this planet. I'm pretty sure that having my surgery date only 4 days away is at the root of my near meltdown. HELP?!?!?!

My last update before surgery

You ladies have brought me so much knowledge, support, laughs, tears and most of all your embrace. It's all so powerful! I'll always be grateful to each and every one of you! Periodically I've second guessed my decision to go thru with this, and that's when I would take more photo's. I snapped these ones just yesterday and I'll tell ya'll, I'M SOOOOO READY TO GET RID OF THIS GIRTH!! 10 hours and counting girls! I'll see you on the flat side! xoxoxoxo

Mission Accomplished!!

Everything went well ladies! surgery was in the table at 8:00a then in recovery by 11:30a. The pain is far less than I expected. Yes it hurts but it's not brutal. I can see some high cleavage under there but nothing worth taking pic. I'll tell more tomorrow. My brain wants to shut down!

Almost ready to go home

This clinic is spectacular!!! There's two of us in recovery and two nurses! Michelle and Maggie have gone beyond the call of duty! They are like amazing hostesses with expert medical skills! Soon the Dr will pop in to change the dressings and remove drain tubes. My hubby picks me up by 8:30 then we're headed to the comforts of home. :)

Full Monty Lol

Hubby will soon be here to take me home

45 Hours Post

My 1st night at home was SORE! Thank God for this power recliner, and my husband is the perfect Angel!! I'm thinking shower tomorrow. I just changed into fresh stuff but not ready to tackle the shower just yet. Hopefully a BM today.

Had my 1st shower today

Last night was crazy. The constipation was building so I quit narcotic pain Meds and started with Tylenol extra strength only. I stayed with extra magnesium tablets but I didn't have much room for food so my bran buds were a fraction of what I use normally. I ate protein bars, shakes and even used a couple doses of milk of magnesia. By 9pm last night my compression garment was on its last 1/4 inch of Velcro and I felt like I was about to explode! My husband took a drive to the 24 hour pharmacy in search for an enema. I was desperate.
He was gone 5 min and I was on the potty. WHOA!! No enema needed. My CG fits again and things are still moving well today. So by noon today I was having my first shower. So grateful to my sister for setting me up with her equipment. It was like heaven in there. I do have some bruising around Lipo on flanks but very minimal as I usually bruise horribly. I'm thinking that's because of the Arnika and Bermolain I've been taking since 4 days before surgery? The swelling I think is minimal. Hard to say with all that girth that's now gone. Not sure how much more I'll shrink down.
The girls seem happy. Sore yes and a feeling near my right inner armpit..almost like a pulled muscle feeling. I remember that being there right away in recovery. Anyone have an idea on that? Well ladies, I can tell you the "Julie necessities" at this point. 1) Power recliner
2) Meds
3) Laxitive
4) Small snakes
5) LOTS of water

I'll get a new photo tomorrow :)

4 Days PO

I'm not sure but I think the girls have settled a bit. No CG here just a little tape rolling back under the dress.

5 Day PO

I'm really missing my normal sleep position. 5 nights on my back is taking its toll. I'm going to try my own bed tonight. It's huge and a bit of work getting up on to it but I do have a step stool around here somewhere. It's a deep pillow top so I'm hoping my back pressure will be relieved. Had a long shower today. I cut off the loose tape that had peeled back and stuck down fresh tape over the exposed incision areas. Snapped a few more photos

6 Days PO

No way I could've fit into these bottoms and my boobs would've fallen out the bottom Lol. Size 8 from Venus. I have a feeling there'll more room in it b4 I leave for Cuba Mar 31
I noticed some swelling upper belly. Soooooo, I'm surrendering for the rest of the day

Walmartian Today

Well ladies, it was sports bra shopping for me today. The girls made a break for it and that plastic zipper didn't stand a chance! Moral of the story.....Buy the cheap pull over bra! These beauties have power!! Lol

First PO Appt Today

We had a terrible storm but hubby already switched work shift so he can drive and attend with me. I stepped on the scale this morning. I'm 11 pounds less than the morning before surgery. I'm so amazed!! 131lbs this morning and I haven't even tried yet!! WOW!!

I'll post more pix after PS gets rid of some tape :)

A+ :D

PS gave me a thumbs up 8 days PO. He snipped a few stitches a I believe he was quite proud of his work. I know I am. He removed loose tape and told me to do the same as it starts to peel away. Don't try to take it off, just snip the edges that come away from skin. I have permission to drive, sleep on my side, mildly stretch, and massage only the exposed scar tissue. He said it's hard to know what size bra I'll be until the swelling is gone which should happen over the next 2 weeks. I expressed concern that my binder slips off TT incision so he recommended spanx. I now wear both spanx and binder, at least for now. I'm good for swimming in that crystal blue water at Cuba Beach resort in 29 sleeps AND.....No problem riding my motorcycle by the first big charity run May 7!!!!!!

Concerned 9 Days PO

I'm snipping tape as it falls loose and massage scar with cream. I asked PO yesterday about my off centre BB and crooked scar. He said it's a muscle and it will relax on its own. Boobs really haven't dropped much and sore. Today I'm tired and cranky

Good Night

I drove today for the 1st time PO. I picked up my son at school and took him for his passport photo. A few more stops but didn't get out of the car for those. Came home and slept for 2 1/2 hours. I did a whole lot of nothing after that and fell better. Hubby on nights then off for the week end. A good night to all xoxo

12 Days PO. Back to work tomorrow

I've been very blessed gliding thru this journey as quickly as I have.

Hubby and I had lots of fun shopping yesterday for new Cuba attire, undies and swim suit for me. Then out to dinner and home to bake a carrot cake from scratch.
Daughter coming for dinner today then back to work tomorrow.

All has been great so far. Adding some pix from today. (all greased up with bio oil after my shower).

Happy healing Ladies! Chat when I can

My Alter Ego

Yes this is me. Heals at the office by day.....THEN LOOK OUT!

13 Days PO

1st day back to work was great! Got lots done then went and got my nails done. I didn't even realize how tired I was until I got home. Laid down for an hour nap and I'm doing great. My husband is working nights but left the house immaculate! My son is working till 8pm so I'm going to enjoy having the house to myself for a couple hours. Great day overall.

Open wounds

No I don't have any thank God. I've been paying attention to this issue and I've noticed a great deal of patients who remove the incision tape early, do suffer from open wound issues.

I'm leaving mine on. PS can deal with it 2nd PO next week

Vertical Scar

Hello Ladies
There's been questions, concerns and criticism of my PS decision to cut vertical. It's difficult to put into words so I went back on this profile and found this pre op photo. As you can clearly see, there really is an old scar on my torso. crouched down on all 4's over the camera you can also see that scar tissue has zero elasticity and impossible to stretch. Standard horizontal incision was not an option. My surgeon left the decision to me. I decided to have both incisions as not only did that ugly old scar pull up on my new belly, I also had added skin removed when he pulled the new vertical scar together. My PS is not only multi board certified, he's also registered at several hospitals and Head of plastics at Joseph Brant Hospital. I strongly recommend Dr Harris for any and ALL your cosmetic needs. He and is entire staff are INCREDIBLE!!!

15 Days PO

Work is going well. I still get a little discomfort but nothing that requires Tylenol or anything. Hubby does everything at home so that's taken care of. I do some stuff that requires minimal effort but I behave for the most part. Posting this mornings after shower photos. I'm very happy :D

19 Days PO

Still on the go more than I should be. Worked 45 hours this week Mon to Sat. It was nice to sleep in today but then I was off again. Saw s nice play at the theatre with my sister in laws then to s family birthday dinner. The scars are doing well. Here's a peek

20 Days PO

Here's the TT scars girls. I feel bloated today. Bowels aren't as loose as normal. I totally know I didn't drink enuff water last couple of days. My bad

3 Week PO A+ !!!

I'm so happy right now I can't sit still! (not like I did much of that anyway) Dr. Harris gave me the green light to having my warm bath again, light exercise (specifically core as it will strengthen Ab's giving me an even smaller waist), wear the bra of my choice in one week, get rid of CG in one week and I CAN RIDE MY MOTORCYCLE WHENEVER I FEEL UP TO IT!!!!
I promised my Hubby that I'd stay home in my PJ's this coming Sunday. My onesie bakes so........ Lol
Hope everyone is doing great! I'll post more pix soon I promise! more thing. PS showed me how to do scar massage. Starting that tonight :)

23 Days PO

Things are going along very well Ladies. My scars are all healthy but I do have concerns about my off centre BB. It's early yet and the last thing I want to do is see the inside of the OR right now. I do see PS on April 27th and if things haven't improved by then, I will address my concern. Other than that...yes I get sore boobs sometimes, I swell by the end of the day, I steal naps when I can remain cautious with movement. Shopping for a new bra was an adventure. Lol.. Bottom line? I went from a 34D to a 36DD..YIKES!! Needless to say, I handed over half my wardrobe to my daughter (who was very grateful) So the new bazooka lasoo's (1 black 1 beige) are in the drawer waiting for Wednesday which is when I ditch the sports bra (prolly still wear that at night).
I'm up to 100 pilates each day and I think it's working. Maybe its just my imagination but I seem to be taking on some shape. Like...who knew?! Lol.
My husband who takes great pride in his clothing purchases for me, has gone a little nuts with my wardrobe. Yes we are leaving for Cuba March 31, but I have enough tropical wear for a month without doing laundry. I returned 5 outfits yesterday and took the store credit. I figure I'll need that for new jeans once the swelling is gone. (3 months or so) I hope

Well friends, my 15 year old son just bought a pick up truck. On my way home to snag the keys so I don't have to deal with "Joyriding" before he gets his licence! :0

What's this?

I know I've seen and read about this but I can't remember what the explanation was. I have discolouration under both breasts. Doesn't hurt but looks like bruising. Anyone?

On goes the new bra.

Its 4 weeks today ladies and on went my new bra. It was kind of awkward looking down at myself. I'm used to seeing the girls suppressed by the restricting sports bra. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I also wore hi waist spanx instead of my CG. I couldn't wait to get home and put it back in. Baby steps for me on this one. Happy healing ladies xo

33 Days PO

Happy Easter Friends! Extra Pilates after that meal! Took some photos yesterday. Things are going along well I think. I was a little sore after the Garth Brooks Concert 2 nights ago. Put my CB back on for now. Leaving for Cuba early Thursday and really looking forward to vacation. Happy Healing everyone

7 weeks PO

Hello my awesome RS Friends! Cuba was incredible! I've never felt better! I do have one areola off to the side more but as the saying goes, "Sisters not twins". I get swelling cuz I'm far too active but wear my CG every night and it goes away by morning. How's everyone? Sorry no time to remove BB plug. I wear that 4-5 days a week also

Finally here

This scar gel is supposed to be amazing!! Stay tuned!


I wore my jeans to the hockey game yesterday. Not gonna lie...I was sore and swollen by bedtime! The great news is, my new scar treatment is working :)

What a difference 8 weeks can make

I can't even get my head around all this! It's just crazy looking at these two photos together!! Wow!!!!

Going out tonight ;)

Here I goooooo!

9 week post op

All is good ladies! PS was quite proud of himself checking his work ;). I did ask him about the back side of my flanks. I still have more volume there than I want. He told me he did more than the 340cc that I was originally told by nurses (I was doppy, could have misunderstood). He assured me that it's still settling. He recommended daily core excersize so I've picked up the pace. I think I over did it a bit. I can sure feel it in my abs today. That's alright, I'm going strong at it again today. PS wants me back for another PO Oct 5. Said if flanks are still more than I want he'll fix it. Love my Dr Harris :)

Is this "Swell Hell"?

9 weeks PO isn't a long time for the surgery I had but I'm wondering? Is it normal to have back side of flanks this big? Is it normal to have a small bulge at the end of my horizontal scar? And why do I have this sore burning sensation in middle of my upper vertical scar?

9 1/2 weeks PO

Heaven on my motorcycle today and I'm back out tomorrow with another 400 riders. First Charity Run this year. I'm running blocker (stopping traffic) so I need to be strong and awake! PS made me promise to be careful as my bike weighs over 800 lbs. All good. They're all weightless once you get going. I'm posting some pix. Someone asked me about my BB. It's going well as 3-4 times a week I tape in about 3/4 of an earplug. Really helps keep the shape nice. Also my flanks are still too big. PS said he'll fix that if needed after the healing is finished. Also a glimpse of the laying flat position. Happy healing Ladies :)

Almost 12 PO. Still worried about flanks

Is this normal? I've been wearing my binder 12 hours a day minimum since the beginning.

3 month swell hell?

Hello Ladies, So, I've backed off on planks and only do Pilates, I haven't been riding, bowels are good, no weight gain sooooo, where'da pfffft is this belly coming from?!?! I'm sore too. Like something is pulling under there below BB. :(

4 Months. Need revision

The girls are good. Not twins but definite sisters. I'm very disappointed with the handful hanging at end of each belly scar. Also, my flanks SUCK!

4 1/2 Months PO

I'm happy with the girls (reaching up with right hand so they're lob sided) The scars are fading beautifully
I am however concerned about my TT and Lipo. As you can easily see I have loose skin on my hips and my flanks are huge!
I know it's still early and I shouldn't be overly concerned, but I am. I have no regrets getting getting the surgery but I'm really hoping things will go down. I'll be furious if a revision will cost me a dime.

23 weeks PO

Hello Ladies, thought I'd pop in with a quick update and pix. For the most part I'm happy with my results so far. I see that my left breast has dropped lower, too much loose skin on top of front hips and I'm trying very hard not to fixate on my large flanks. I went to my July 25 app to express my concern but PS was backed up and I had to get back to work. I still have my regular PO in Oct do I'll point these things out then. I'm happy with the scar healing and I do feel great. Still a little tender if I move the wrong way or overdo it in the planks but outside of that I feel great. Happy healing all! :D

App for your phone :)

Check out this APP!! Really cool!

Follow Up Appointment

I'm see PS on Monday 22. I'm going to point out the flab around the incision ends. Also my large flanks. I'm really not sure what to expect when requesting a revision in terms of fees. I will share after my appointment


Dr Harris has once again put a smile on my face. My complaints are legit. I have "dog ears" and my left breast is need of a boost. Sooooo... drum roll please....

My revision is being done at the Burlington Hospital on Dec 15th NO CHARGE!!! whoop whoop!! ;)

He's making a small incision where the T joins under my left breast, removing the existing implant and inserting a larger one so I can have volume up top like I do on the right side. The horizontal incision will be slightly re-opened at both ends to remove the access skin and puckering! 3-4 days and back to work.

I don't relish the thought of more surgery, but this will be done with local freezing and I'll be gone home shortly after the procedure. I will be getting my money's worth for sure!

Thank you Dr. Harris xoxo

Waiting on Revision

Hello Ladies! Sorry I haven't stopped in lately but there's not much to update. My weight is still down from where it was b4 my Feb surgery. I've been working hard to tone by abs and hopefully get my flanks to settle down. I'm very unhappy with how large those luv handles still are. Also, my left breast becomes more and more obvious that it is smaller. PS has no problem fixing the breast and taking off my dogears however, I'm stressed about the flanks. I fear I'll walk away from all this looking like I have a flat ass cuz my flanks are still too big. I've spent well over $17,000 and I'm done with paying. Hopefully Dr Harris will fix everything up. My revision is Dec 1. Happy healing Lovelies xo

Revision Pre-Op Nov 2

Hello Ladies,

I haven't been posting much these days as all is the same. I'm still doing my work out/toning and counting every calorie. My weight is 7lbs under original Feb 23 surgery. I'm trying to stay positive and have faith that my PS will make things right. I have no doubt that the "ears" will be gone but I'm still concerned about these huge flanks. Dec 1 is my revision...fingers crossed. Happy healing Bella's xo

Pre-Op Today

I'm a little lost for words. I'm not sure if I misunderstood my PS or if things have changed. I'm told today that my left breast has to be fixed on one date and that my ears revision is done separately. On Dec 1 I'm to go to hospital to have the implant removed and replaced with a bigger one. 45 min and I'm done. THEN I'm told that the rabbit ear revision isn't going to give me the results I'm looking for. He said that because of the lipo, my skin is loose and should be removed. He wants to pretty open up my existing incision almost to the middle (if I understand correctly) and extend it all the way around. Like a 360? Of course this is considered an additional procedure with more expense. I'm sooooo discouraged right now :(

One year on RS

It's been quite a whirlwind Ladies! I just realized I created my profile one year ago tomorrow!
Update on revision. I'm going ahead with the Dec 1 surgery. My PS is fixing my left breast as it's clearly not a match. The existing implant will be removed and replaced with a larger one so hopefully I have a matching set. Not sure how this happened but it is what it is. PS is taking off ears the same day. There's quite a bit of loose skin there. They will put me under so he'll hopefully get things tightened up nicely. No charge for this revision.

I've decided to work on loving what's left of me after this revision. I can certainly understand how one could get addicted to making physical changes through surgery and I'd like to avoid the ongoing process. I did what I set out to do and as of November 15 my loan will be paid in full. A five year loan paid off in 9 months. I think it's time for me to enjoy what I paid for and accept that no matter how many surgeries I have, I'll still have flaws. We all do.

I'll keep you updated. Happy healing everyone xo

Pre-op Family Dr Done

Glad to see my weight is still under what it was 9 months ago. Blood work at the lab soon then this comes off Dec 1

Count down

I'll be relaxing in my electric lazy boy chair one week today with these dogs ears gone and left breast implant replaced. I'm not thrilled about another surgery but I'm happy to be getting what I paid for.

24 Hours I'll be finished

I saw Dr Harris two days ago. He's replacing my left implant with a larger one and I have no upper pole volume. Also, he explained how the dog ear revision goes. My incision on both sides with be a couple inches longer and the actual piece removed. I should be in and out of surgery in just over an hour. Surgery time is 10A and I should be in my chair at home by 2-3pm. I'm soooooo done after all this!

Revision done!

Hello ladies! I was home in my chair before 2pm yesterday. I said no to pain meds and was regretting that decision half way home. I was in and out of OR in one hour. Wide awake, vitals textbook perfect! Got released from recovery in half hour and back to the day surgery before noon. I got up and went to the washroom without help. A bit dizzy but fine. Halfway home my head started pounding and the soreness elevated. I tried to eat and the nausea set in. I took Tylenol 3 to take the edge off. I don't remember feeling that sick last Feb when I had the full surgery. I heard my sons alarm going off this morning and routinely jumped out of bed. I nearly collapsed! Sat down and the sweat, dizzy and flashes started! I barely made it back to bed. Getting back up a few hours was no different. Scary! It occurred to me that coffee withdrawal may have some effect so I choked one down with some crackers. An hour later I was fine!! So ladies, I'm in my chair cuz now I don't have to lay flat with a barf bowl on standby now. Yes I'm taking it easy and the best part .. THE girls are now a matching pair! Ear areas look better. I think swollen somewhat but I put on my CG so that will help. Happy healing all!!

I always did have a thicker waist and small size...

I always did have a thicker waist and small size butt. After my very 1st born in 1979 the stomach never went flat again. I had four more kids back to back in the 90's and wow! I always looked pregnant out front. I had no idea that there was a problem with my Ab muscles! They were separated a good 4-5 inches. No exercise in the world was going to fix that girth! Yes it was expensive and yes I was in pain, but it's been worth it! I did have to have a minor "Dog Ear" revision last week, but all is good! You're worth it Ladies! I can now wear a knitted dress again!!! :D

I'm worried about right dog ear revision

The photo with blue curtain was Dec 15 (2 weeks PO). The 2nd is 4 days later. It's still large, bruised, sore and hard. I put CG tight yesterday and it bleed a bit. Anybody?

My left side is perfect

Problem Solved

On Dec 30 I was lounging and reached over to to massage the swollen ear revision. The tiny little scab fell off and everything BURST!! Blood everywhere! I ran to the bathroom and it just kept coming. Down my leg and on the floor. I can't believe how much blood came out of that little pinhole. The good news is, after I realized that lump was a pocket of blood and after I squeeze it all out, the hip area started going flat. Very pleased

More surgery??

I want my flanks reduced. I promised myself no more surgery but these babies gotta go! My weight is exactly what it was pre-surgery. I do have minor concerns there. My right TT incision is still puffy. I think the actual cut is way to low. Anyway, I'll ask him about that March 29 when I go for a flanks consultation. The last I saw him he suggested a continuation of the TT so I get the 360 circumference which will remove the big flank bulging. I have concerns about this only because after my butt lifts from the skin being removed, I'll have no butt at all. If I get a little of that fat transferred into my butt, I won't be able to sit down at my desk at the office. We'll see. Hope all is well my lovelies xo
Burlington Plastic Surgeon

Very gracious about my revision. Zero cost to me

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