Tummy Tuck with MR

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Hello all, I'm now five days post op. I had before...

Hello all, I'm now five days post op. I had before pics but I deleted them not thinkin I was going to write a review. Sorry about that. But I will be showing after pics. I went into surgery 5"3, 136 pounds and i'm 36. I didn't take any vitamins before or after surgery I just ate a healthy diet. The first day wasn't too bad. I would say the key is staying ahead of the painkillers for the first 4 days. I took gravel with the pain meds every time to avoid the nausea. I set my cell alarm to go off every 3hours and 40 min and then took the next dose. I slept fine the first night in a lazyboy (and lots of pillows) which is another must have. 2nd day you should start taking laxaday or something similar (one scoop a day is fine) I ate healthy low sodium diet which was and still is hard for me but it helps tons with the swelling. Drink plenty of water and have a scoop of laxaday till you have a bowel movement. I had my first one today after a medium double double (the coffee could have helped too) lol which was day 5. No pain at all I thought it would be painful like a lot of women say on here but it was just like any other time. The other nice thing to make sure you have is a toilet riser, I got mine at walmart shipped to the door for 25bucks. I still can't stand totally straight but that is normal. I will be putting updated pics a few days from now. Oh and I had two drains, one got removed today. One more to go!

Hello! I made it 10 days!

Hi Ladies, so it's 10 days since my tummy tuck and MR. Let me tell you it has been hard. I am still sleeping on the lazy boy, I have tried several times to sleep on my side in the bed but I just have this pulling sensation in my stomach that I just can't take so back to the lazy boy I go!A few days ago I was able to take a short nap on the bed but I can't seem to get to that position, could have been when I was on more pain killers. I feel lots of pressure in my stomach underneath my belly button and where the drain is coming out. That's what wakes me up every night. I am still draining about 35cc's daily so I don't know if I'll lose the drain Tuesday. Hope so. Also, my lower back hurts me more than anything else. I had a sore lower back before surgery and I think it's intensified because of sleeping in a lazy boy all the time. My first outing was my one week appointment to see the surgeon. It was nice getting out into the world. But I couldn't stand straight and am still hunched over today. I'm hoping ill be able to stand up straight soon. Have any of you ladies taken a long time to stand straight? My one drain is really sore at the opening. It looks like dry blood around it. I'm hoping it's not dead skin though so I'm kinda worried about that. but if it was I'm sure it would smell right? Sorry, just a little paranoid. I attached a picture of it. Has anyone had blood come out of the hole near the drain? Not sure if I should take it off. I will probably wait to call the surgeon Tuesday. Would call tomorrow but it's a holiday. Hope all of you guys are doing great! And thanks for the tips! :)

hi all, see pics

Pictures didn't upload the first time.


Hi Ladies, I was just wondering if some of you can tell how much cc's were coming out of yo drains before they were removed. Right now I have one left and for the last two days it's been draining 29cc's.

before photos

Hey Ladies, I found some before pics on my phone. I am also going to ask the surgeons office if they could send me my pics that they took of me before surgery.

new photo

Here's any update pic for today, just had 2nd drain removed. Wow, I feel so much better, can't believe how much discomfort that drain was causing me. I feel I can even stand a little straighter. Still bent but i'm getting there.

2 week pics approx.

Hello, I wanted to put up some pics. These are at around the 1 to 2 week mark.

more pics

These pics are about 3 weeks post opp.

28 days today! Updated pics!

So far everything has been pretty good. I had one drain in for 2 weeks the entry way got really sore. it's all scabbed over right now but it took a while to heal because I took the tape off to soon after the drain came out and ripped the scab off and it started bleeding but it's good now. Besides that I have a seroma which sucks I had to go in last Thursday to get It drained. 30ccs which isn't so bad and today he drained 24ccs so it's going down. The size of the needle might look scary but since I'm still numb it was painless, thank god! I'm kind of a big suck when it comes to pain.
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