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My surgery is next week and I'm equally excited...

My surgery is next week and I'm equally excited and nervous. I have already had a medically necessary abdominoplasty performed by this doctor so I am very confident he will do a good job but it is still surgery! I'm really hoping that everything goes well and that recovery time is minimal. So looking forward to being able to buy pretty bras and fill out a bikini top.

Two days pre-op!

Still excited / nervous. I almost feel like I'm finally about to go through the final stage of puberty and get my "big girl" breasts. The only time in my life they've been proportioned to the rest of my body was when I was breast feeding and I was so sad when I weaned my youngest and they shrank back down to almost nothing. Here are some bikini top pics for future comparison. I would say at this point it is when I feel the most self-conscious about the size of my current breasts. Can't wait to see how it looks post- surgery.

Surgery Tomorrow

Surgery is tomorrow and I'm having a hard time believing this is actually happening! This is hands down the craziest thing I've ever done. Really hope I'm happy with the results!

First post-op pics

Surgery done! Everything's good so far. I went in to the clinic and after changing into the robe, booties and slippers I met with the nurse, the anesthesiologist and then Dr. Harris, one at a time, in that order. They were all very pleasant and professional. There were some questions, pre-op meds and then a little wait time. Then I went into surgery and after the anesthetic kicked in the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. :):) Still felt super groggy, the nurse gave me water and helped me get dressed. Then downstairs in the elevator to my patiently waiting husband. Pain at this point is minimal, sort of just an achy, bruised feeling, very similar to when I was engorged during breast feeding. I took a T3 when I got home as a preventative. So, so sleepy right now. I think I'll finish up my bone broth and go back to bed.

End of Day 1

End of Day 1 and feeling pretty good. Slept on and off all day. Still just stiff and really tight and sore around the chest area. Haven't felt the need to take another T3 yet all but thinking I will take one now before I go to bed.

The big reveal :)

First bandages off pics...They look so stressed out! Dr. Harris says they look exactly the way they are supposed to so I am taking his word for it (and having seen everyone else's pics helps a lot!) Other than the discomfort I am very happy so far.

Day 3

Last night was rough for a couple of hours. The pain was pretty intense, but it seems to be mostly muscle spasm. I also haven't taken any meds since the night before last. I just want it out of my system as soon as possible. I started massaging the muscles above the breast (ouch!) which hopefully will help things relax. This morning I woke up feeling good and well-rested, although it seemed like I sweated a lot while I was sleeping. Took my first shower which felt great. Everything is still very stiff and tight. I love them already though. How funny is that? It kind of feels like they were just always supposed to be there. :)

Day 4

Not much difference at this point. Left side is definitely more sore. So looking forward to being all healed up!

Want to work out.

Uugh. I feel so gross from not being able to do a real workout! I'm so impatient to get the green light for "back to normal". I'm sure it will be worth it in the end though.

Scar Pics

Day 10. I'm allowed to take off the tape today! They peeled off easily in the shower. :) Here are pictures of the scars. Better than I thought they would look!

I'm massaging three times a day and every day feel a little stronger and less sore. They are definitely bigger than I had imagined but they fit my body and my husband loves them. ;)

Before and After Bikini Top

Wow. I can't believe the difference. They look so good. :):) I feel like a grown up lady!

Week 3

The last week has been up and down. Definitely some mood swings like a lot of people mention. Also breaking out like crazy! I guess my liver is a little overwhelmed with all the meds and anaesthetic. :)

They are feeling a little softer but still sore if I overdo the activity level.

Starting to look and feel natural....

They are starting to look and feel natural although I am still adjusting to the size. Sometimes I feel like they are too big but everyone says they look very proportioned to the rest of my body so I'll trust their opinion. :) Unfortunately, they have slipped down a little so I do have to undergo a revision. Not super happy about it but what can you do? I do like filling out bathing suits, dresses and shirts and just generally feeling more feminine and attractive.

Post Revision

Here are some pics after the revision to correct slippage of the left implant. Everything is looking and feeling fantastic!
Burlington Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Harris has always taken the time to answer all of our questions. I feel quite comfortable with him and he did an excellent job on my abdominoplasty.

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