40years Young Pre-op Transwoman Breast Augmentation. Austin, Tx

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I am a transgender woman, currently pre-op. I have...

I am a transgender woman, currently pre-op. I have been on HRT for four+ years and I have achieved a meager 36A breasts. I say meager as depending on the bra I almost fill it out completely. LoL
I mostly wear push up bras or bras with lots of padding which is usually very hot as I work outside in the summer heat and would love to one day wear a non padded bra. I do not want big just a proportionate 38C or so, I just want as normal and realistic as possible, as I am awaiting 3D imagery from a doctor to see how it would actually look. I have surgery for GRS scheduled for the end of next year, fingers crossed, and plan on having a BA at the same time. Currently saving for the procedure. Already have GRS approved by my insurance and my letters done. Marci Bowers is going to be my surgeon. I am in the process of talking with Dr. Joel Beck for the BA. Enclosed are some pictures of what I would like and a few that I do not. I will enclose some photos of me at a later date. Currently trying to get someone to take some photos of me half naked. LOL
I will add more later. Thank you for reading and comments.

similar to my stats and build

This is a picture close to my stats. I could definitely live with these results.

pictures of me preop 11/9/15

Pre-operative pictures after 49 months on HRT
36A breasts

Dr's update

So after researching my options I have figured out that I should be able to get my BA done a few weeks before my major, lower surgery, and be fine they are only worried about carrying luggage, thank you family, and the anesthesia. I will find out more when I have my consult. I am going to a consult with Gary Lawton in San Antonio Monday 11/16 at 2 pm so I will post another update with what the results of that visit is. Just trying to weigh my options and get a few opinions before making my final decision. But I have pretty much decided that I would prefer someone local whom I can see afterwards for checkups instead of flying to California or just not doing them.

Consult With Gary Lawton

So sorry it has taken so long. I am finally getting a chance to post this update regarding my consultation with Gary Lawton in San Antonio. He gave me a whole lot of information about how bad Silicone implants are and the president of the company stepping down and said he only does Saline implants. So I have quite a bit more research to do on this. I mean if they are so bad then why are there a lot of doctors still using them? I would appreciate others info as well but I will do my own research as well. Enclose are pictures that I took at the office. The consult with the doctor was very brief and I felt very rushed even though I was there for three hours most of which I was stuck in one room or another. He also did not have that many pictures of transgender women, far more transmen. So I am also back to the table to interview more doctors. He was very polite when I saw him and he tried to answer all of my questions. We did settle on 360cc Salline implants. Although no brand or type so I have no clue regarding that. I did however stress to him my importance of looking as soft and natural as possible and my desire for natural feeling as well. He just agreed and said Saline will work well. He also showed me some pretty bad pictures of Silicone implants gone bad.

Still alive and kicking but the search may be over!

So I am still working towards my BA and have settled on Dr. Chike-Obi at Westlake dermatology. It is local here in Austin he was very friendly and knowledgeable and even though he lacked experience with transgender patients he was very confident he could give me the outcome I wanted. The staff there were great and as an added bonus he is very willing to work with me to get authorization from my insurance which I received in the mail a month back saying they will take care of my surgery and he is in network!!! This is such a relief and will definitely help the financial burden of it all. I am still waiting for my day to come when I receive my letter stating that I will go in for lower surgery in three months but they keep assuring me that I am top on the waitlist and that it will happen before the end of the year. When that happens I will contact Dr. Chike-Obi and get my surgery set up with him 2 weeks before GRS. Here are some pictures with him at the appointment. Sorry it took so long to update. It has been a crazy year so far.

Living life

So here is a few pictures or some roughly 260cc quinoa sizers with some regular street clothes to get a view of how it may look with regular clothing.

The phone call came.........

So while at work yesterday I finally got the phone call that felt as if it would never come. Robin from my doctors office called me as they had a cancelation for August 24th! So of course I said yes???? So I called my Breast surgeon to let him know that my GCS is scheduled now but they are hesitant as to whether they can get it reapproved within a months time????
In any case I just may have to do the breast augmentation after my other surgery. Oh my I now have so much to do!!!! I have to book flight, hotel, notify my job and get all of my stuff in order. I will keep you all informed but looks like I will be leaving for GCS (Gender Corrective Surgery) August 20th which is about a month away. Top on my list is to make a list of all that I must do and accomplish before I leave and most of all breath........
Lots of love!

Working with Dr. Chekeobi

In scheduling with Dr. Chekeobi at westlake dermatology in austin for BA and waiting on insurance confirmation that they are helping with surgery. Insurance had authorized it previously six months ago or more actually. So it should hopefully not be an issue. Currently I am on the schedule for August 15th before I leave for California for GRS Surgery with Dr. Bowers. Hoping that it all works out and I am able to pull everything together!!! Hugs to you all

Pre-op appointment

So I will go in Wednesday 8/3 for my preop visit with Dr. Chuma Chekeobi where we will discuss my surgery, out come, and finalize on size and type of implant. I will keep you all posted. Surgery is set for August 17th!!! So excited. I will leave for California on the 21st and meet my twin sister there for my Second procedure with Dr. Bowers which will be on the 24th. Flight and hotel are booked and everything is coming into place so far. Fingers crossed! I will keep you posted. Hugs to you all!!!

Preop visit

So I had my preop visit with Dr. Chuma Chekeobi yesterday morning. It went superawesomely yes that is my new word. LoL
So he was very kind and patient and has a wonderful calm demeanor about him. He answer my whole slew of questions and we came up with our final game plan for surgery on the 17th. So my main concern with under the muscle was A: I have a very physical job and B: I enjoy working out and lifting free weights and not sure how that would affect things.
So we are going with 350cc anatomical cohesive gel implants I did give him the go ahead if he feels that 375 would be better for my frame then go ahead. I trust his judgement. We are going over the muscle instead of under as well. I will be staying one night in the hospital for observation since my home is so far of a drive. I will let you know more probably the day before about how I am feeling but I am very excited and cannot wait!! Hugs to you all and thanks for following and commenting!!!

The Big Day

So tomorrow is the big day! I am all packed for California and ready to go. I have a small hand bag packed for tomorrow. I check in the surgery center at 11am and surgery is at one. I am a little nervous and in a way is seems a bit surreal that tomorrow starts the countdown to a cumulation of events that I have worked so hard to make happen. Breast surgery tomorrow then in a week GRS and then...........
THE WORLD!!! Hahaha
I wish you all the best!!

I made it out of surgery!

Everything went great. I was under about two hours. Made it through fine and spent the night in the hospital. Things are tight and sore and my ribbies and incissions feel the worst but pain med keep it under control. Dr. Chekiobe is absolutely wonderful.

Surgeries are done!!

Sorry it has taken a while for the update but things are excellent!! Healing from BA is marvelous and I had surgery with Dr. Bowers for GRS on Wednesday. The first 48hours was bed rest only. They took the dressing off yesterday morning. I am bruised and a bit swollen which is understandable but all things considered it looks to be marvelous!! She did a beautiful job. I actually slept hard last night as I was tired from all of my activity and I did not have my evening pain meds nor any that night till 5am but pain was well controlled. The Nurses at Mills Peninsula are so wonderful and accommodating. I got my drain tube out this morning which was quite the experience but not horrible. I still have a catheter in till I return to Dr. Bowers office next Tuesday when they will remove the packing and catheter. I am free to leave whenever I want currently and I will head to the hotel in about an hour. Just relaxing a bit and waiting for the motorin to kick in. I will enclose some pics for you all. They are a bit graphic so just be warned. Also an update pic of my boobies. If anyone has any questions or want to know anything please feel free to ask. Thank you for all of your support! Wishing you well from California!!

12days postop BA and 5 days postop GRS

So healing is going super well!! Swelling has gone down in both regions. Still a bit tight up top but skin. Will loosen in time. Suture sites look great. Still some swelling from GRS and a bit tender. Tomorrow I get my catheter removed and packing. Part of my packing actually came out last night but a quick text to the Dr. Assured me that it was all good. She told me if it is not all the way out to push back in which it was not having so second choice was to cut it off. No big deal as this happens. I think the worst part of this is my lower back hurting from the bed and being in uncomfortable positions. At least that is my opinion. Hotel beds are not near as comfy as mine. Healing is going beyond my expectations. I cannot believe how wonderful I feel so close to being out of surgery. So enclosed are follow up pics for you all. Take care and have a glorious day!!

Healing Well!!

So here is the latest news 11 days GRS postop and 18 days postop from BA. The healing is super well although I had to go to the ER for lower back pain on Thursday 9/1. Apparently when they put me in the stirrups and did the procedure it is rough on the lower back and it managed to slip my L4 disc out further according to the CT scan which admittedly I have had minor problems with since last year but at worst my pain has been a 2-3 but since surgery it has been a 7-8. They gave me prednisone on a lowering dose to help with the disc and Valium 5mg to help with my back muscle spasms which has been magic and for the first time since surgery I could actually walk instead of waddling and also I can actually stand up straight for the first time. Now I still have pain and discomfort but it is tolerable now. I just hope that it stays that ways and gets better or at least back to "my" normal!! So enclosed are updated pictures from today and I hope that you all enjoy the progress. Breasts are also feeling good and wonderful. They are getting a bit more supple but the skin is still a bit tight. Thank you again for all of your prayers and wishes and I hope the best for all of you in your own recovery and lives!! Love and hugs to you all!!

Healing and dilation updates

Healing up well. Swelling pretty much gone. As in very minimal. Some slight bruising in other places but not very bothersome. I get wore out pretty quickly but I just try and take my time and not overdue things. So I tried my hardest ever to try and make the blue (middle dilator) work. The first picture is my Max depth with the purple dilator. As you can see you can barely see the fourth dot but by no means does this hide the third. The next is the blue. Which took a lot of patience and lube to get it thus far. I had to turn it sideways clockwise and insert it just to get it in that far and then try and turn it upright to get the max depth that I can achieve. Which is still barely not even to the first dot. To which upon removal I started bleeding like crazy because I guess I broke some stiching or something causing blood to run down because it is too wide and tore something open but as I stated it did stop fairly fast. I am still waiting to hear from the Dr.'s office which now being a weekend will have to wait until next week. So we shall see. As I am supposed to have worked up to the middle (blue) dilator by next Wednesday. Robin was great and returned my call quite fast but still waiting to hear from the tech nurse or doctor. Other than that healing very well and breasts are great. Enclosed are pictures for those that would like to see not just the healing but yet also dilation procedures. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.


Medium dilator progress

So just fyi I just finished dilating and although it took about a half an hour I was able to work up slightly to the middle dilator with no bleeding. So it is just going to take time and lots and lots of patience. Trying to relax the muscles inside takes quite a bit of mental preparation along with relaxation and meditation definitely helps and when you think you have enough lube apply more! I still cannot quite make it to the first mark on the blue dilator but I did come close. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

A little late but one month postop

So sorry this is a bit late everybody. I have been crazy with family and friends, healing, and trying to care for myself. That and I just recently had my 41st birthday with my twin sister!! Hard to believe it has been a month. Well more actually! So here is updated pics from a month or so post op. I will post the newest ones for ya'll. I am healing well though but still cannot handle standing or doing remedial tasks. To stand while washing dishes is torture by the end of a small stack of dishes. But I can walk for quite a ways. It is just the standing puts a lot of pressure down below but it is getting better slowly but surely. Nerve pain is getting a little further apart for those electrical jolts. Breasts are still dull nerves especially my right breast more so than the left. Suture sites are healing up wonderfully!! Still only maintaining 4 to 4.5 inches of depth but as long as I can maintain that I am happy! The girls are settling in nicely! Hope this helps you all and that you have a wonderful week. Take care!! Hugs;oP

Birthday Pictures

I almost forgot my birthday was September 25th and here is a couple of pics from it. I am so loving the way that my clothes fit now. My tops in particular fit soo much better!!

So worth it!

So here I am at home almost five and a half months post op from GCS on the 24th of August and the 17th for BA. Also during the GCS procedure they herniated my L4 disc causing severe pain and I had to have surgery for that on November 3rd. It has been a wild and crazy ride and super busy as I finally returned to work December 22nd. I am doing good although dialation is still a bit painful. Hoping that goes away but they say to give it six months to a year. Anyhow sorry for being so late but here is some updated pictures of my healing. I have been back at work and the gym for over a month now. I still a work in progress and trying to get back to bikini shape after being off of the gym for five months and work for four. Being in pain and not being able to do much for all that time was very frustrating and definitely tried my sanity. I hope that you are all well!! Take care and my best to you all and thabks to all who sent well wishes.
Hugs & Kisses
Dr. Chuma Chekeobi

Dr. Chekeobi is a wonderful surgeon with a super pleasant and calmed demeanor and bedside manor. His staff is wonderful and his practice mirrors his habits and the air of his staff! I cannot recommend him enough. He does an excellent job not only as a person and caring for his patience but also with his visionary skills and artistic ability for a natural look. So just for FYI he is in Austin and this website will not let me change the location as I originally started looking with a Dr. In California. I did however get GRS done with Dr. Bowers in California but I don't think that it would be correct of me to add her to this review even though my results and updates intersect. I wanted Dr. Chekeobi to stand out on his own which is what he deserves.

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