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Portland Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Burgess, her staff and the hospital where my breast augmentation was performed. The moment I walked into her office I immediately felt comfortable and assured that I had found the right doctor to perform this procedure that I had wanted for the last 20 years and finally built up enough courage to have done. I searched around for doctors in both Las Vegas as well as Portland. I knew I wanted a doctor who I felt completely comfortable with during the most extreme vulnerable circumstance. I also decided I wanted a female doctor and someone in my home city of Portland. I found Dr. Burgess online and read many positive reviews and finally made a consultation appointment and the rest is history. I explained what I wanted and it was if both the nurses and especially Dr. Burgess knew exactly what that was while understanding me as a person. That initial consultation was far better than I had ever hoped or dreamed it would be. I had always been barely an A size cup and talked for years about getting my boobs done but never actually acted on it until now and I will never look back! Yes, it is a financial investment but it’s well worth the price to feel complete as a female and feel more confident as a person. The number one priority for me with this surgery was to have the results that I potentially could have naturally had. I didn’t want someone to instantly look at me and think, “those are fake”. Dr. Burgess completely understood this and made certain the implant size was the right size for my body. She wouldn’t go any larger than what she felt completely comfortable with for me and for that I knew I was in good hands. Leading up to the procedure, I received such good care from the nurses at Dr. Burgess’ office. They made sure I was well informed of the procedure as well as what to do leading up to and after to ensure there were zero complications. I also received great information from the Hospital staff and even during the actual procedure was treated very well by them. Everything happened exactly as I expected, even the pain and discomfort, because I was so well informed. There have been zero surprises along the way which has been extremely reassuring. Dr. Burgess and her staff are 100% committed to you before and after your procedure. They have had me come in multiple times for follow-up to ensure recovery is going well, which it is because I’ve done exactly what they instructed me to do. Therefore, the results are exactly as expected as well as what I wanted. I highly recommend Dr. Burgess to anyone considering plastic surgery, especially a breast augmentation, because your health and wellbeing is their top priority and I promise you will not be disappointed. I am beyond thrilled and happy with my results and Dr. Burgess’ work and I thank her for giving me the confidence in my body that I had always wished for. I am now a full B/small C cup size and you would not know I had my boobs done unless I told you or you saw me without clothes on. The miracle bras are no longer needed and now I can be my “natural” self.

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