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Portland Plastic Surgeon

The moment you walk in the door of Dr. Burgess's office you are met with warmth and professionalism from everyone on her team. It immediately provided me with a calming confidence in the practice. I knew that this was going to be my place! What I didn't know was that Dr. Burgess would not only become my surgeon, she would become my Guardian Angel as well! I had been struggling personally for some time with negative a body image, weight issues, and an overall lack of feeling comfortable in my own skin. When I came to Dr. Burgess I had spent the previous year losing 100 pounds. I was ready to get to work on the restoration of my body. My hope was that Dr. Burgess could help me resurrect the areas that gravity and life had not been very kind to. My immediate focus was on my Breasts, as they currently looked like two deflated balloons hanging down aimlessly after an all night party! Dr. Burgess and her nurse showed great empathy and explained in detail how she would get "the girls" back where they belonged. Dr. Burgess did my Breast Lift several weeks later and literally took 30 years off of my breasts! They are Perky, natural, and youthful looking, and I feel amazing!! I LOVE MY BREASTS!!! The best part about my story with Elisa Burgess is very unique, and has nothing to do with the beautiful breasts that she gave to me! During my initial consultation, Dr. Burgess noticed a suspicious looking mole on my abdomen. She urged me to meet with a Dermatologist within the next 72 hours. Dr. Burgess was so serious about her concern that she told me that she would not proceed any further with the breast surgery discussion until I confirmed with her that I had seen the dermatologist and had things checked out. Highly motivated to proceed with Dr. Burgess, I went the next day to the Dermatologist thinking that the mole would be of no concern. The Doctors in the derm department actually found an additional spot that they were suspicious of and before I knew it I was having two biopsies right there and then! tested I tested positive for Spitzoid Melanoma. I was absolutely stunned, but also very thankful! Dr. Burgess truly is my Guardian Angel. I would never have known to have that mole checked, and would have never caught the Cancer!! I thank Dr. Burgess for the pure Artistry that she performed on my breasts, but most of all I thank her for saving my life!!! I wish I could give her 100 stars!

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