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So I went in for my consultation today with Dr....

So I went in for my consultation today with Dr. Cusenz. He was very nice and funny, I felt very comfortable with him. I had another consultation scheduled with another surgeon on the 20th but I just wanted to book my procedure as soon as possible because summer is approaching. Since my meeting with Dr. Cusenz went so well I decided to just go ahead and schedule my surgery right there. In six weeks I will finally, for the first time in my life, have boobs that don't sag. I can't wait, I wish I could have the surgery now, I'm ready to knock out this recovery period and enjoy my new body. I've lost 40lbs in the past year and I have fallen in love with myself. I stare at myself for a good 20mins throughout the day. I'm proud of myself. I've been overweight since the 3rd grade, which is probably why my boobs are saggy in the first place. But now I'm ready to complete this transformation. Ill upload pics when it gets closer to my surgery date. I have full cosmetic coverage under my mom's insurance so they didn't bother giving me a quote for my procedure so I have no idea how much this costs.


I've decided that I should go in for more consultations before my surgery date just to be on the safe side. :)

Not Adding Lipo

So I was gonna add lipo in with my breast lift but I've decided not to. I don't want to take the chance of things going bad in the long run. I worked hard to get where I am now and I am close to my dream body. So if I have to wait another year to look absolutely amazing in my swimsuit then I'll be ok with that. At least I'll know that I won't have anything going wrong due to the surgery, I'm a wuss so things like that scare me lol. But kudos to all you lovely ladies who have gotten it and are getting it. It just doesn't seem right for me. I'm kicking up my workout regimen and I've completely cut out sweets until summer. So hopefully my lil gut will come in a bit more by summer :) I am also still on the fence about my lift but as of now I still plan on having it.

Time is moving so slowwww lol

I'm impatient lol. April 14 is still a month away. I'm trying not to think about it so much but it's hard not to! Anyways, I want to buy my post op supply but I'm not sure what I should have. Also should I buy sports bras now or wait til after?

Two more weeks!

Ok so two more weeks until my surgery. I guess I'll finally upload some before pics. Im so excited. Nerves havent hit me yet, they'll probably hit me day of. I bought two sports bras, gauze, antibiotic ointment, scar sheets, and tylenol. Not sure if I need anything else..? I go in to get my blood work and pick up my meds tomorrow. Not thinking about it so much has made these past couple of weeks fly by. Ive been focusing on school. Oh by the way, I've been accepted into the R.N program :) Anyways, any tips you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

Nerves Kicking In

Less than a week away and I'm nervous. I just want everything to go ok. I don't wanna have a horror story! Deep breaths. Keep praying. Ok. I can do this.
I hope my job is understanding of my limitations. I only took a week off, I hope that when I return I can at least manage to half ass if need be. I've been trying to practice doing things I do now but much slower and with limited range of motion.

Curious how big I'll be after

Hmm. I wonder how big I'll be after. I'm fine with being a nice B cup if they look good. I'm a 36C right now but I feel like I don't have enough tissue to remain that big. Idk. I guess we'll see. Either way I have an excuse to go shopping for new bras :)

1 day PO

Pain is not bad at all. Wasn't bad yesterday either. About a 4/10 when the pain meds wear off. I took a peek from the top and I can see the middle of them and they look pretty good. Won't see the whole thing until next Tuesday. Gonna be a good girl and listen to my doctor. Drinking lots of water, I usually drink 2L a day but yesterday I got 3L down. Peed like crazy yesterday and sometimes I had to push down a little to get it to come out. I would pee,then wipe then more pee would come so I sat and waited for more until I felt I was really done. So I'm usually irregular and I know the pain meds are supposed to make you constipated but I feel like I may actually go today, I went yesterday before they took me in. It could be all the fiber I ate yesterday. Two fiber bars, two apples, two low fat whole grain waffles. Idk but my tummy is a little bubbly. I hope that my recovery continues to go well. So far so good but I'm only one day out so I cant judge how easy or hard it is just yet. I'll update if anything changes. Be blessed and keep praying :)

One week

Went walking today. Did a little over 3 miles :) It felt good being active. I get my drains out tomorrow morning and I go back to work. I'm a home aide, but the clients I have don't require lifting thankfully. I started practicing ways to do things before my surgery so hopefully everything goes smoothly. I'm so excited to finally see my boobs out of all the bandages and pads. I haven't seen them fully yet, as much as I wanted to just take this stuff off and peek, I was a good girl. I am very itchy, been itchin like like crazy since about day 4 post op. No pain though. I'm not taking pain pills or Tylenol. I took Tylenol yesterday and Saturday but that was for period cramps :/ I'll update after my appointment tomorrow :) love you dolls

After appt

Omg the drain removal hurt like a motha. But I survived :) I just took my first shower. Went fine. I'm scared to get them wet so I didn't let the water hit them. I put on some bacitracin and put gauze pads on the nipples. Back to work tonight. Here's some pics. I like em. My mom and bf said they look smaller but I don't think you can tell until I put regular bras back on

Almost 3 weeks

Sleeping on my side again. Incisions healing nicely. The parts that have healed already look great. You can't even tell. Hopefully the rest heals just as good. My opening closed then the scab came off on my gauze and now there's a little baby hole again. But nothing major. It may be scabbed over now, I haven't looked today. Still haven't really gotten them wet. When I shower I don't put them directly in the water but of course some water still gets on them. They're softening up, the bottom doesn't have a numb feeling anymore. I have full sensation in my nipples. Do they go back to a more normal appearance or do they remain how they are?
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