25, No Kids, Breast Aug in August! - Buffalo, NY

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Hello everyone! Getting my BA done in 1 month and...

Hello everyone!

Getting my BA done in 1 month and 1 day! Feeling super excited now but....

After scheduling my surgery date, I began feeling nervous and apprehensive about the whole thing. I've wanted to have this procedure done for at least 10+ years, but finally going through with it was just so unreal and I was second guessing whether I was making the right decision or not.

I am currently a size 34A (barely), hoping to fill out a B. 5'6", 140#. I have narrow shoulders and wide hips, am pretty athletic/ in shape. Just have never fully developed breasts, and want to feel more comfortable with my body without having to wear padded bras all the time!

The doctor I chose suggested 325cc HP. I tried on the 325 and 300 sizers. Right now I am leaning more towards the 300 since I don't want to go too big, want something more "natural"/modest, and don't want them to interfere with working out. Will decide on a final size at pre-op appt. in 2 weeks!!

Oh, and Just want to say overall I am feeling alot more confident in my decision to get this done than I was 1 month ago. I think it just needed time to set in that I was actually finally going through with this. Iv'e put a great amount of thought, prayer, and research into making this decision. I am sharing my experience to hopefully reach out and connect with other woman who are planning to have this procedure done, or already have. Always open to advice so feel free to say hi, and share any suggestions!

Dr. Giacobbe

Going to get my surgery done by Dr. Giacobbe in the Buffalo, NY area. Had my consult with him about a month ago and haven't got to writing a review until now, but he's great and I'll write the review at the bottom! My pre-op appt. is next week when we'll decide on a final size. More updates to come :)

Pre-op! 275 Silicone Moderate

Pre-op done! Decided to go with a smaller size than originally
planned. I'm 5'6" but its allll legs, I'm very short- waisted and feel
that going too large will make me look heavy. Plus, in the end if I have
any regrets about the size, I would much rather wish I had gone bigger
(i.e. boob greed) than wish I had gone smaller. With my active
lifestyle, I would hate to have my boobs get in the way as well. I will
be getting moderate profile since it is smaller and it will need to fill
my chest. (I guess I'm 11", so rather small) but I feel more
comfortable that I'm getting moderate profile, rather than high profile
which was recommended prior with the 300/325

Went for my consult with Dr. Giacobbe for breast augmentation. He was the second doctor i met with for a consultation so at the time I was still weighing my options. I had a good feeling about Dr. G from the beginning, as I had heard positive feedback from a few other women on realself that had BA done by him. I was really impressed by the level of friendliness and professionalism by all of the staff (I know this isn't always important to everyone, but I took this into consideration when choosing a doctor). Dr. Giacobbe was great, I got really good "vibes" from him/ felt very comfortable with him, and he took the time to answer all of my questions. I made the decision to have my surgery done by him 2 months later.

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