I had an s-shaped septum deviation - Septorhinoplasty - Budapest, Hungary

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Hey realselfers, I've finally managed it to the...

Hey realselfers,
I've finally managed it to the operating room. Had two other appoimtments before, that had to be cancelled due to a cold and a herpes infection. I was really disappointed, but the good thing is, at the third attempt i wasn't even nervous anymore.
I had an s-shaped septum deviation, and had also asked for some tipwork in local anesthesia. Everything looks good so far, have no swelling or bruising in my face, i guess it's just my nose, that looks like a piggy potato.

Day 4

Before pictures

Day 6- tape on the tip got sticky and i was allowed to cut it off

Well, i finally can see my tip area, and i'm a bit disappointed. The columella is really big, swollen and droopy, my profile is very round at this point. i was prepared for the swelling, but i feel so unhappy today. Tomorrow i go to my surgeon and i'll see my whole nose. Scary!


Cast off- extremely swollen tip and columella

10 days post

These are the best, most de-swollen shots of my nose.


actually, the bump is a new addition. My doctor said it would be swelling, but it feels rock hard. I hope that it stays, because i really like it, i think if the nose is otherwise feminine and soft/cute looking, it only adds some characterto my face.
What i do not like, is my bulbous tip and columella, which are also new. I hope its really just the swelling, not the columellar graft, that i got.

Slowly getting where i wanna be

On the operating table

Nose is already swollen, full with lidocain (liquid)

16 days post, swelling


Slightly long, bulbous, droopy tip, pollybeak. Anything you can imagine!

Morning- evening swelling

Before-after front

Day 5- day 8 swelling

Looking at the pics i am amazed, how much the tip has defined in just 10 days. In the mirror i didnt realize! I am very happy and optimistic, that the nose will be beautiful in 6 month!

3 weeks post op vs. Planned nose (simulation)

Although the angle is not the same, i think its pretty accurate.

Before- after

5 weeks

There are days, or at least hours, when i absolutely love my new nose, but most of the time, i simply dislike the big, round, still droopy from some angels tip. I really hope, that its just the swelling -had an open rhino- and that it'll turn out beautiful and small.

5 weeks- 10 days

Dr. V K

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