360/330cc unders , 5'5", 130lb, 36A 44 year old - Mr Richards, Aurora, UK

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I'm a 44 year old mum of 2 older boys and I keep...

I'm a 44 year old mum of 2 older boys and I keep fit and active.

I have been unhappy with my boobs for about 10 years after having my kids and have tried creams , pumps ..... You name it ... To help increase their size.

I have finally plucked up the courage and booked an appointment to see a consultant in June in the UK who seems to be recommended a lot and features on here too. So, I'm really excited about the possibility of getting this done.

I am hoping new boobies will give me the confidence I need as I feel really self conscious wearing bikinis and certain tops as I just look flat chested. I'm about a 36 a/b depending on the shop but I'm not entirely sure as I've never been measured properly as I'm embarrassed by them! I also have 1 slightly bigger than the other due to a past problem I had in my 30's so bras always fit one side and gape the other side .

My only negative thought is that surely I should be thankful for what I have - ie healthy body etc and I'm feeling guilty for wanting something that is for my vanity and potentially spending lots of hard earned cash (that could do other things around the home) just to get it done and make me feel good. On the other hand I dream of having nice boobs and feeling good wearing clothes!!!

I will eventually post some photos - I'm just plucking up the courage !! ????

Wish boobies

Here are my piccys of my wish boobies - I would definitely want a natural look

2 consultations booked

I have now narrowed down my choice of PS to two and have booked a consultation with both in June.

Am really excited about this as I have been unhappy with my boobs for such a long time and it really does knock my confidence.

I have uploaded photos of my horrible boobies - I can't imagine them ever looking nice ???? but I've seen some great before and after photos that give me inspiration.

I'm 5 foot 5 and weigh around 130-134 pounds and want a natural look.

First Appointment

So finally met Mr Richards yesterday for my first appointment . Everyone was really nice but I essays nervous as anything. The time with him was very brief and I still don't have much info on what I need to have done except the implants need to go under the muscle as I don't have enough breast tissue - I also have one boob much smaller than the other.

I have booked my next appointment for the sizing in 4 weeks time - it all feels really surreal and I'm looking forward to being able to ask more questions on the implants they use (Nagor).

Hoping to have the surgery done October ???????????? xx

2nd thoughts re safety

So, today I decided to do some research on the safety of implants :/ Wish I hadn't as now I've read lots of reports to put me off with stats on lots of complications and photos of young people that have had the implants removed and not replaced (and the booby looked all crinkled n flat) Now having second thoughts as to whether I should take the risk and put my body through all that or just be thankful for what little ones I have. Feeling really deflated ????

360 moderate profile unders ...

Do today I had my sizing appointment in Buckinghamshire with Sinead. Shecwas really nice and friendly so instantly made me feel at ease. We discussed the look I want to achieve and I showed her my wish boobs and also ones I don't want! Based on my width and the look I want to achieve the 360 moderate profile seem to be perfect. She said they will be like 330cc once in as they are going under the muscle and do I put the 330cc in to see the final result. They looked a really nice size, in proportion to my body and natural. They are ordering 330, 360 and 390 for the operation. Am looking to finalise the surgery date for October. Wish it could be sooner but work commitments prevent me from having it done any earlier - I'm sure the time will fly by anyway. This feels real now and was ultra excited after my appointment ;) yay!!! Xxx

Surgery booked! Whoop whoop!!

Booked my surgery date for October (earliest I can do due to work commitments) and paid my deposit !!! ???????????????? Its really happening !!! Whoop whoop!!! Have 3 months to wait now but time will fly. I am having unders so was told to lay off the gym exercises I do for upper body until then - to try and relax the muscle a bit :/

Now thinking about the size of implants and still really happy with what we picked although I'm sure I'll have little moments of panic about them leading up to the surgery !!

Yipeeeeee!! Xxx

Reshapr.com fun

Ok, so found this website on here and spent last night playing around with some photos. The one attached is 330cc which is what I wanted after my sizing (360 under muscle) - me and partner couldn't stop laughing at some of the photos I got - they were huge and distorted. Even the 330s look massive in this picture. Got another sizing appt with Aggie in September so looking forward to that and confirming the size before my surgery :)

5ft 5, 132lb, broad- anyone with similar stats???

After looking at lots of profiles to try and find someone with a similar size to me - most people seem to be quite narrow - or 32 or 34 bra size.

I'm 5 foot 5 and weigh just under 9 and a half stone - size 10 - 12 but I have very broad shoulders and rib cage - see photos.

Am worried that my boobs will be miles apart and trying to find someone with simulate size frame and weight as me. I'm currently a 36a.

If anyone on here has roughly similar stats - I would love to see after photos and to hear what size and type implants you had!!

I also have asymmetrical boobs but going for another sizing appt to deal with those!!


Final sizing appointment and pre op tests - Aurora

So had a sizing appointment with Aggie - although I was really happy with my appointment with Sinead - I was worried about my asymmetric boobs and whether the sizes we had chosen would cover the difference in cc size. Originally I was looking at Nagor, 360 moderate profile . But some Drs on here said my boobs might need 50-90 difference in cc . This freaked me out a little so decided to have my second appt. Aggie was really nice too and thought my boobs would need 30-60cc difference - so looking at 360 cc in small boobie and 300 or 330 cc for the other . Also decided to get my pre-ops done as I had a day off so drove to the hospital and got my bloods and MRSA tests done. Don't know if I get the results or if they only contact you if there's a problem with them? I don't know...

Had cold over last week and op booked for 13th October so hope I can get rid of it in time :/

1 week to go...

I can't believe my ba is nearly here! Booked back in June and have seen so many others go through their ba that mine seemed like months and month away !! Here I am .... Now counting down the days and not the weeks or months anymore! Have a mixture of excitement and a little nerves... It almost feels surreal that I'm having this done, I still can't quite believe it ! Actually started dreaming about implants and operation which is odd as I don't always remember my dreams!! I took some final photos of my boobs pre op in black post op bra - the photos just reinforce the decision I have made . Have got lots of stuff ready for post op based on all the advice I have read on here. This forum has been a god send and I'm so grateful that all you ladies posted your own journeys as it's been really really helpful :) and I hope one day that my post helps someone else xxx

Less than 2 days to go .....

So, it's Sunday night and I'm due to arrive at the hospital Tuesday morning about 7am. Feeling surprisingly calm at the moment. Only my partner knows what I'm doing but I have had to tell a handful of family that I'm having an operation as I help look after my mum who has dementia so they will think it's odd that I'm off work and not around etc. I booked my surgery back in June so have had plenty of time to think about this and look into the pros and cons but now I'm ready and excited.

I'm expecting pain (under muscle placement) and I'm expecting swelling, nausea,bloating, constipation (maybe too much information lol) - do I'm going into this expecting it to be tough when I come out the other side.

The only thing I am worried about is the general anaesthetic and the risk of dying in surgery - don't know if that's normal or not, but that's the only fear I have.

I expect for my new boobs to feel heavy, odd and maybe I won't even like them when I first see them - who knows. I'm quite open minded and realistic that my emotions will change.

I will do what the dr says , and hopefully as my body adjusts they will feel like part of the original me :)

I have v shaped pillow, ice packs, straws, post op bras, body wipes, cocoa butter , arnica gel, paracetamol, books, magazines, music, dvd's and making a batch of homemade tomato soup that is lovely and filling and really healthy too.

I also have a great partner who will look after me.

Fingers crossed xxxx

All done :) !!!

So, arrived early for surgery at the Shelburne hospital and booked myself in by 7.20am. Was feeling a little sick with nerves but was much better than I thought I would be.

Was first into theatre at 8:45am and back in my room by 11am. Everyone here has been soooo nice and helpful.

When I woke from the anaesthetic I felt cold and shaky, the shaking is apparently a side effect of the GA and the nurse looking after me in recovery was keen to tell me they had placed 360cc in my right booby and 330cc in left - under muscle, Altho tbh I was just happy to be alive !

I was ecpecting the tightness across the chest as I've read that in here - and yes it did feel quite tight and heavy, but at the moment it's ok. Not sure what it will be like when the pain relief wears off !!!

Feeling very thirsty , been to loo and just chilling.

I will be a good girl and do exactly what they tell me re post op care and leaving on bra 24/7 - so no piccys until after my 1 week follow up.

Happy healing to any other ladies that are having their surgery and I'll keep you posted :) xx

Post op Swelling...

So it's now Friday and my op was Tuesday.

I expected lots of pain as went under muscle, but there hasn't been any.

I ad tightness when I woke up after surgery but you quickly get used to that .

The bit I wasn't totally prepared for was the swelling n bloating!! Even tho I knew it would happen, the bloating has been terrible and quite painful and my boobs were really swollen yesterday.

Have been eating high fibre foods and drinking lots of water and even tho I managed to go to the loo today, I still feel bloated in the tummy area.

I've been icing my boobs periodically yesterday and today but still feeling quite swollen around bus and sides of bust.

Apart from feelin tired, I feel better than I expected - so happy with progress so far.

Really nervous about seeing them for the first time as I know they will look swollen n big and unnatural ????

My first post op appt is next Tuesday with Aggie xxx

1 week post op follow up

Have been feeling pretty good, except for the swelling and hard boobies - but had my appt with Aggie yesterday and my right scar was weeping slightly :(

This means that I've probably done too much with my right arm (I had started doing light housework due to boredom!)

Anyway the left one was good, she cleaned both and I may have to go back next Tuesday if the right wound is still weepy. Couldn't see the wound as my boobs are in the way lol (never thought I would ever have a problem with my boobs being too big!!) Altho my BF saw them and he said they both look really neat and the weeping was minimal. Now making sure I totally rest my arms.

Now for the good news - got to see my boobs for the 1st time yesterday :) They look massive (rock hard and swollen still) but really happy that they look more even in size and looks like they will have a nice shape once the swelling subsides and they drop n soften etc - so really pleased with how they look. I'll take some proper photos when the dressing on the right wound is off.

Still taking paracetamol for pain when I need it, but mostly I'm comfortable with just tingly nipples and odd throbbing pain.


How long does swelling hardness last for?

Oops, I forgot to ask in my update - how long does it take for the swelling n hardness to start going? I had under muscle - so I know recovery is slightly longer, but when should I expect to see them soften a little and the swelling to reduce? Xx

Hard n swollen

Swelling doesn't seem to be getting much better - my left boob is pain free, my right is painful (right handed, so guess I'm using it too much) so have been making a real effort to use left arm more than right. Both boobs are still rock hard n swollen even though I've been taking it easy and icing them periodically . Also been taking a combined paracetamol and iboprofen tablet to help - but still hard!! :/

Feeling better!!

So, boobies are still swollen, tight and hard but the swelling has gone down slightly. Left scar healed really well and is disappearing fast, right scar much slower to heal. Left boob has very little pain too, right boob had more pain. Just taking paracetamol when required and moisturising boobs. On a good day where I feel no pain I love my boobies !! They feel part of me and I feel so much more feminine - on a bad day where I have pain and heaviness I wonder why I put my body through this!! I know I have to be patient - but despite the ups and downs- my only regret is not getting these done earlier!! When I compare my before n after piccys I'm extremely happy!!! Xx

3 weeks post op 360/330cc unders ...

So yesterday marked 3 weeks post op. My boobs feel like the swelling is slowly reducing (boobs and back were swollen) and I've started drinking more water which is supposed to help reduce the swelling . Boobs are still pretty hard and tight - but sometimes show signs of softening up - have been gently rubbing in oil/body cream to keep the moisturised. Have posted a couple of pre op and post op piccys (as of today). I have a very broad rib cage (33 inches - which technically makes me a 38 bra size) - I hope as my boobs soften n drop, they might move slightly closer together lol! I appreciate I can't change my body size and I have to work with what I have :) and I didn't want larger implants than what I have. If anyone has any tips on how to help difyen hard boobies - would be great to hear from you!! Xx

Full piccy - 3 weeks po unders

Frustrating right scar ...

So, just passed the 4 week point and been feeling good ! I changed my scar tape on Monday and my right scar which had been s bit late in healing looked really good. I changed the tape again today (3 days later) and it looks worse again!! Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Apart from that, I'm feeling good and looking forward to starting gentle exercise - Lower leg stuff. Will try and keep my arm movements to minimum in case I'm aggravating the scar - any thoughts anyone? Xx

Another before n after

Forgot to show this one, from side view.

Feeling happy!!

Ok, so I wish my right scar would settle n heal properly - but right now I am sooo happy I took the decision to go through with this. I had asymmetric boobs before on a broad frame and had realistic expectations, knowing that no PS can change my physic - just enhance it with bigger boobs!! Needless to say, I'm really happy with the outcome so far, am just over 4 weeks po and now waiting for them to soften etc. Happy booby Friday everyone!! Xxx

Super comfy bra !!!! UK Asda

So, purchased some bras in the Asda comfy range so I could wear something at night, these tops are really quite supportive and only cost £6 each. The inside of the top has super soft material which feels lovely (especially against my super sensitive nipples!!) Sainsburys also had some supportive white tops which look to be exactly the same, again £6 .

5 week PO 360/330cc unders UK

So, not much else to report from last post. Trying to limit movement with right arm to left the right scar heal better. Left scar is great. I'm really surprised that my boobs feel like part of me and they have done since I woke up from the op. I hated wearing padded, push up bras because they felt so weird and horrible so before the op I was worried that I would feel the same about the implants - but oddly they have felt part of me from day 1. They still aren't softening much, been massaging bio oil on them . I have my 6 week appt with my consultant next week, so I'll see what he says- maybe I will need to massage them!!?? I went unders and have very strong pec muscles so I don't know if that slows the softening process down. Anyway, I'm not too fussed about it as I know they will drop n fluff in time do just being patient. Morning boob has gone now and I woke up lying partly on my side (which I'm not sure I'm supposed to) .all in all feeling great and so far loving my new additions !! Xx

Freaked out !!

Sooo, I was reading a post on another boob site and it gave information on safety - especially posting naked photos and pervy men. The article mentioned geotagging where the photo you have taken tags your location without being obvious and therefore you can be tracked to the location of the photo. Erm ...... Freaked out.... It took a lot of courage to post piccys on here and now I read that people may be able to track you by the pictures you upload. I checked my phone settings and the location part was set to on. Decided to remove the pictures I've uploaded as I'm a little concerned :( We all post photos in the hope that our journey may help someone else, but I would encourage everyone to check the settings of the camera they use xx

6 week PO update - Adrian Richards, Aurora, UK

So had my 6 week PO follow up today with Aggie and Mr Richards. Was short and sweet. Photos taken, boobies and scars checked! All good, can start rubbing bio oil onto scars and gently massage boobs! Boobs quite hard still, but they did say they will take time to soften as pec muscle strong. Can start exercises again :) yipeeee!! Can also sleep braless but will continue to sleep in super soft/ comfy cheap bras from asda n Sainsburys . :)

7 weeks po

All good in booby land - started to get some normal non wired bras to wear instead of the macom. Sloggi do a lovely soft non wired everyday bra which is ultra comfy, couldn't resist trying on a bikini as only ever worn padded frilly tops to make me look bigger on top :/ Scars are healing well, my right one not as good as left but have bathed in salt water to hopefully help it.

3 month PO - 360/330 unders

So, I can't believe 3 months have already passed since I got my boobies!!

My scars are healing nicely and my boobs finally dropping n softening . I am back exercising Altho stay away from pec and arm exercises at the moment.

Boobs look same as they did after month 1 Altho they are dropping a little as the scar is now on the fold.

I wasn't sure how I would feel having them inside me, but I can honestly say they feel part of me, in fact they have since I woke up from the op. Not sure if that's because they are unders and therefore u don't feel them as much - I'm not sure? Anyhow, I kinda forget what they looked like before !!!

Still very very happy with decision to go ahead with the BA - they have given me more confidence and I look more womanly . :)

My family are unaware of what I've had done, and that's how I like it! In clothes I just look more shapely. But naked, in underwear or bikini, gym top they look quite big to me.

Good luck to anyone else considering BA, it's a oh decision but for me, definitely worth it!! Xx
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