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Where you start...omg well here it goes I started...

Where you start...omg well here it goes I started developing breast in the 5 grade and they always been big. I was always embrassed and wore like a jacket to cover up because I embrassed that I was so much developed than the other girls. Of course the my boyfriend loves me having big breast I even self conciuous abou them in front of him and we have child and been together for 6 years. I just get embrassed about my breast and he can't understand. The pain and stress that they put on my body is stressful. I wake up every morning with neck pain and back pain. I can't sleep on my back or my stomach because my breast are in the way. It has gotten to the point now that I get pain in my breast very often so I went to the dr arnd come to find out my breast have been pulling on the ligaments in my breast that causes tremendous . My next visit will be will the plastic surgeon 10/28/13 to see how much tissue will be removed and what techniques he will use. I'm a ball of emotions right now because I wanted this for so long but im so scared....I will post any updates that come along ohhhh and pictures :)

Surgery day/Dr.Larsen

So I finally got a chance to meet my surgeon. Now I work with alot of dr's and some of tbem are so arrogant and rude. Dr.Larsen is very personable and has good bedside manner. I was comfortable talking with him about the surgery. We discussed how much tissue he is going to remove and its going to be abiut 700 grams which is 1.5 pounds per breast he may take more. He answered all my questions and didnt rush me he really is a sweet guy. So we have decided on a hospital and surgery date of Dec 6 2013. The only thing im waiting for is for my insurance go ahead and approve the surgery. Oh one more thing.....he asked about sagging now my breast have always been big but the sagging started a few yrs ago after having my son. When he took a look at my breast he told me that my skin is thin because they are hanging and pulling I was shocked and didn't expect to hear that.. Now im patiently waiting to hear back from my insurance company so keeping my fingers crossed.

Insurance Approval and Pre-Op date!!!

So my insurance was finally approved. There was kind of a mix up with my insurance because we were waiting on a pre certification but the whole time my insurance plan already had the surgery covered. So when I got the news I was beyond happy. After getting that news I got a call about my pre op appt date which is Nov 26 and yes I am nervous excited and scared. The lady who handled all the insurance issues was very nice and easy to talk to her name is sherri and she is great. So its getting close to the date and im ready and scared......ooohhh wait I dnt know exactly how much my surgery is because my insurance is covering but I do have to pay a $250 fee to dr.Larsen and my $ 500 deductible so all together $750 which is not bad for a surgery like this which can easily be in the thousands. My next update will be on Pre-Op day ;)

Pre-Op Appt

what a experience I have had my first pre op apt was just me meeting with Dr. Larsen and he just really checked my breathing and vital signs and we went over medical history. I also got all my medications which are a total of five meds. I signed my paperwork and the nurses gave instructions on what and what not to do the night before surgery. The next pre-op was me meeting the surgeon at his office and he put the markings on my chest of where he will making his incisions. Once again his staff is so welcoming and friendly his office is really nice as well. The following day which is today a Thursday dec 5 I had another pre op apt at the hospital a where I met with the nurse and signed paperwork as well and once again they checked my vitals and breathing. My procedure is scheduled for 7:30 am in the morning so I have to be at the hospital at 5:30am. I have to bring all my meds and leave my personal belongings at home. No makeup, nail polish, earrings or nothing , I cant even wear deodorant or lotion. I am so excited and scared at the same time because I have never had any type of procedures done..... wish me luck you guys and for all of you having surgery soon good luck and I hope everything goes well :)

A few pics before



post op day 3

So I'm 3 days out of surgery and I must say the pain is uncomfortable but once you take your meds its alright. I can't really lift my arms that high. So let's go to back to surgery day. So when I got to the hospital I was so nervous the nurses were very nice and patient with me. When Dr. Larsen came I'm to do more markings I realized that this is happening soon. After he finished the OR nurse came in and put my profol in my iv I mean literally it took less than 4 min for me to feel it kick in. So she rolled me to the operating room and all I remember was her saying ok sweety take deep breaths in this mask. I woke up to blurry vision of me in recovery and the nurse asking me about my pain level my mom came in I got dressed and went home alot of that was a blur to me. I didn't do much but sleep and eat that first day home. ..I do remember coughing up blood because I had that tube down my throat. But day 1 was really just sleeping. The next day I was able to get up and walk around and took off my bandages where I saw my chest for the frist time. ...Omg I cried because I'm so use to having large breast and they are gone. But they look awesome he did a excellent job. Day 3 being a little more independent and more walking around. ...I still need assistance with taking a shower and reaching for things. . My left breast is still kind of bleeding a little but not to the point where I'm scared. Tomorrow is my appt with my Dr since the surgery and I'm excited to see what he has to say....I feel like I'm forgetting some things feel free to ask any questions and to see my live go to my youtube channel at mzshawnee100 to see videos on my surgery thank you ladies

Frist Post Op with Dr

Today I had my first visit with the Nurse in the office and everything looks great my left breast as just a little bit if drainage which is normal. I have been using this cream called Arnica Montana two weeks before surgery and its to prevent less bruises and swelling. And the nurse said that I look great I really dnt have any bruising I may see some deep tissue bruising after the swelling goes away for now I look good we took pictures and that was it. Here are a few photos....

Week 1 post op

Well a whole week as past and I'm doing much better than I was last week. My swelling has seemed to go down slightly but I'm experiencing some tightness.. that is very uncomfortable also OMG Zingers!!!! I have had like three encounters with zinger sensations and boy when I tell
you they are sudden sensations that catch you off guard and they hurt as
well. .. My only concern is the tightness and semi hardness of my
breast. My left breast has always been larger so maybe the fact that there is more tissue in that one is the problem. .. just guessing My next appt with Dr. Larsen is Tue so I will be sure to ask. Other than that I just can't stop looking at them. . Lol oh yes before I go this tape is irritating me I just want to rip it off seriously. .. the nurses explained me that it makes some ppl itch. I have full feeling in both my nipples but the right one is super sensative which is not a bad thing for me. .wink wink!!! I can feel my breast when touched not much numbness. Have any of you experienced any of these same issues?

I just want to sleep on my side!!!!!

I'm 9days post op today and I'm being a big baby today. I'm a side sleeper and sleeping on my back elevated is driving me absolutely crazy. I need some type of solution I have propped pillows under both arms but its not helping me. I'm so glad I'm off from work because I would be terrible. But one thing I have noticed is that I'm very sore and tight the day after I have down some moving around. When I make up and before I go to sleep I'm the most uncomfrotable. But I have been getting dressed lately and I must say I get so excited at the smallest things my coat fits so nicely and shirts look so good now. I look so much smaller I love it. I will have to take some pictures now all I have to do is work on this stomach and I will be sunmer ready. I could not have given myself a better christmas gift to myself the joy of this breast reduction is wonderful I'm just to thrilled that "I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR A BRA" if I dnt want to but to keep these new babies nice and perky I will be wearing the right support and size.....How are all you laadies doing anyone having sleeping issues?

My Frist look at scars!!!!

Ok ladies today reality hit me I finally got a chance to see my scars. I have to say I was not ready. But when the nurse removed them I felt a since of relief. I'm doing fine I may need a tiny scar revision done but I really don't it. I knew my nipples and aerolias were not going to be exactly the same because one of my breast was really larger than the other. So when I left the office I immediately came home and took a shower to get some of that dead skin off and just give them a fresh cleaning I still use the dial anti bacterial soap. And I will be until the scars fully heal you. Over all being about 2 weeks post op I'm satisfied with the results. .. ;) Oh yea my nurse told me to put vitamin E oil the scars and start massaging them

almost forgot

I forgot to post this pic with my last post

ok last pics

Talked about my scars but never showed them.

So I finally took pics of my scar and have realized I'm slowly entering into the nit picky stage. I went ahead and massaged my scars for the frist time with vitamin E oil and it wasn't that bad.

other side

Surprise call from PS

Today I got a surprise call from my ps. Basically he wanted to know why the tape was irritating me so. So we discussed my visit from yesterday and went over everything that happen and what I didn't mention in my pervious posts is that I have extremely sensative skin to any type of creams and gels depending on what it is. Remembering that I had been using the Arnica Montana every night which was the cause of me being itchy and my skin being so irritated. So dr.larsen did say that if I wanted to come in and have them put the tape back on I could or I could just go buy it. Last night was a really bad night for me I decided to take 4 ibuprofen instead of the percocet because again I just was in pain from the nurse pulling those sititches on the side of my right breast. So I went out today I got the tape and took a shower let them air dry I put the messaged the vitamin E oil on my scars and put the tape back on I do feel a little better after that. My ps told me to take the pain pills tonight and call him tomorrow if I'm still in pain. And to discontinue using the Arnica Montana. I absolutely appreicate him calling and being concerned for his patient.

Suggestions on Sports Bras?

Ok I'm a little obessed with real no really I just want to ask do any of you ladies have suggestions on good sports bras that you like or may have tried?


3weeks post op and Depressed!!!

So I'm 3 weeks out and for some reason I'm feeling a mixture of things happy I did and a little unhappy. Dont get me wrong my ps did a good job but I keep thinking about what I have put my body thru I still have not had a good nights sleep every morning I wake up I'm in pain. And just doing little interactions with my 4yr old is a hassle. I went to the mall just to get out the house and was extremely tired and sore. Last night I decided to sleep on the couch and woke up swollen and sore. I have experienced a little bit of pain around the areola are where my stitches are with little pus bumps. I'm fine with the scars but I'm just a ball of emotions out of no where .I do work in healthcare and I'm a little concerned about returning to work so soon because I'm really active and and my consist of a lot of interaction with ppl who really can't help themselves so what am I to order for me to not hurt myself. Idk...........I will post pics of progress


Today was my one month post op appt and I have I have to say it was the the visit ever. The past couple of visits I have just seen the nurse but today I was so shocked when dr.Larsen walked in and I almost burst into tears. My first comment to him was before you sit down can I please give you a hug. So I hugged him and thanked him for what he has done. And I thanked him for the excellent job he has done. So he took pictures and he was amazed at how well I have been healing after that. I full sensation in my nipples and he said you should I tried my best that you would still have it so im happy to hear that. I told him about the Itching around the inscions and zingers he expressed that its normal and part of the healing process. ..So all in all im go to go I don't go back for another two months and in 4weeks I can start buying bras....I hope to loose a few pounds buy then as well because I want liposuction done on my tummy and guess who I will be going to:)......Im so in love with my PS he has given me something i wanted for years I was so scared because I have seen so many pictures of breast reductions that look bad and women complained about there results im blessed to have work in a hospital where I can kind of get a insider o doctors and get good and bad reviews on them...And he was highly recommended. My scars are pretty much flat now I just have go work on this sides and massage them more than once a day....So I will end this with im happy so far and for anyone thinking about doing it go ahead its well worth it.

so many typos

My last post had so many typos excuse them :)

2months Post Op

Omg where to begin......frist im so in love with my new girl's.....I am slowly getting used to the size I haven't been to any stores yet to get a measurement yet but I told myself for my 2 month anniversary I would by me a new bra...even though I dont need to wear a bra. I haven't had any issues so far but im still no able to sleep on my stomach for to long because my inscions do start to hurt a little bit. My insicions are healing well and they often feel
really sore depending on how I sleep at times. Im still messaging
with vitamin e oil and I use coco
butter as well. I went to see my
Obgyn for the routine torture we
have to do yearly and she was so
shocked I went ahead with the
surgery she was pleased with the
results and said im healing really
well. She also had the surgery and
said that she would do it all over
again. Im really please I bought a strapless dress and I was beyond excited that I didn't have to wear a bra. Since having the surgery I started working out and going to the gym because I couldn't work out with large breast they wear just in the self esteem has shot up because I feel so much better about my appearance and going to they gym makes me feel so much better. I will post some pics of the dress and me in my work out clothes..then I will do a update pic on the scars.....I hope everyone is healing well and for those of you thinking about it go ahead it is well worth it. :)

old workout pic

2months post op pics



not actually a bra ; (

So this go round bra shopping was not a complete success. I guess my girls are still in a awkward shape so shopping for a bra was so frustrating for me. So I just got this sports bra that kinda looks like a bra. I love that I don't really need one but at the same time I miss having to put one on. ..I know it sounds weird.

I forgot

Oh by the way my girls where swollen the day picked this bra so it does look kinda big and it has padding

My New Bras

So ladies today I went to Victoria secret amd finally got measured amd bought bras.Im measuring at a 38d which is not bad from a 38g ....when me a the young lady where looking at bras she kept on looking at black and white colors I had to stop her and say ohhh no only bright cute colors honey I can finally wear cute I tired on Three different types a T-shirt bra a wireless bra that I did not like and a front closure bras....I hope you ladies are healing well and like the photos

My inscions are bleeding!!

Hey ladies I hope all is well. So I am 3 months post op and lately my nipples have really been uncomfortable...Today I got out the shower and started to message my scares and noticed I was bleeding and felt a mild pain. So I went ahead to squeeze the area and pus started to come out. I immediately started to freak out because im like what is
going on here. I pulled ouy my skin
tape and taped myself up and called
dr.larsen. they asked for pictures so
course I took pictures and sent
them asap. After claiming myself
down about this little bitty blister,
bump or whatever it I felt a
little better. Dr.Larsen did respond
to say yes this is normal and
happens often he did say to keep and eye on the area and squeeze it and watch for hardening or any major changes. ..I do have pictures that are kind of nasty so be I personally think it was maybe just a pimple maybe that popped as I was applying pressure while massaging my area :(

my skin tape application

update on bleeding

After showering this is what it looks like a little whole

4months pre op update

So I have not been to good at updating you all. So here goes I have been doing very well in the healing process. I need to really buckle down and message more than I have been doing because I have noticed my inscions do tend to raise if I dont. Sleeping is ok but the way I sleep kind of pulls the inscions underneath so I need to find another comfortable position to sleep in. Other than that I am doing wonderful Im still in shock every now and then when I get dressed or look at myself in the mirror it does take some time to get use to but I feel great!!!

Bra Update!!

As much as I love the pretty bras from Victoria secret and everything I have to say that I dont wear them all the time only when I feel I can tolerate them and by that I inscions on the side are very sensitive this may not be the same for everyone. So I went back to trusty old walmart and bought some fruit of the loom bras that are extremely soft and comfortable. They are cotton and I think that the material of the other bras are whats bothering me so much maybe around 6months and a year I will be a little better with the scar healing. As anyone else experienced this?

6months and counting

So where have I been life has gotten in the way. But the girls are still perky and fabulous. The ony issues that I have experienced is that my scars have healed just fine but they have turned dark which does not bother me. I went back to dr.larson and he gave me a steriod compound medication gel that I would rub on my scars everyday. Unfortunately im so sensitive to everything I developed a rash because I was allergic to the medication. I stopped using that and I am just using coco butter. I love my breast I feel more confident and and im kinda always looking at them I feel like this is how im suppose to look. I want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you to all the women that follow my journey and watched the youtube videos. I love you guys and I will continue to answer any and all questions you may have

long over due 9months follow up

First thanks to all of the ladies who have watched my youtube videos and showed extra warms my heart that I could help you along the way. I have been doing well I still dont have to wear bras just sports bras. I dont really like to wear them because the are actually uncomfortable now. Also my scars that turned in slight keloids have went down and are starting to lighten up and fade away. No injections and no medications just b vitamin E oil and coco butter. Im currently working on my weight but I feel wonderful and I have gained so much confidence its crazy
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