Extended tummy tuck, breast Aug. 42 yr old mommy of two. Bryn Mawr, PA

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Since having my twin girls 10 years ago, I've...

Since having my twin girls 10 years ago, I've worked very hard to get my stomach back to it's original shape. I've been exercising consistenly since the girls have been a year old. After finally being able to financially afford this, and after much discussion with my husband, I started shopping around for a PS. I was relieved to hear from every surgeon I saw that no amount of clean eating or exercise would get rid of my stomach. I think deep down I knew this, it was just a relief to finally hear it from a doctor! Anyway I found a physician I was comfortable with and I am currently scheduled for a mommy makeover February 15th! I had thought maybe I would need a breast lift, but again, each PS I met with said I would benefit more from implants. So that's what I've decided to do. I will be getting a full tummy tuck as well as silicone implants. I am having my pre op this coming week and will decide the size then. As excited as I am to finally have this procedure, my nerves are kicking in! I've done a ton of reading on this site and I've gotten some really good tips regarding recovery and things that may be helpful. Im so grateful to have found this site!

Before photos

Also forgot to give my height and weight. I'm 5'11 and weigh 220 pounds

Surgery day!

Up and out early! Feeling good, nervous but very excited. Will update as soon as I can!

1st day/night

Took quite awhile to get nausea under control. The only pain control they were giving me up to that point was tremerol (not sure if that's correct name) it's basically a strong Motrin that also helps reduce swelling.
Was able to eat some pretzels this morning and www just given a Percocet.
I haven't been able to see any of myself yet! The boobs are higher up that's for sure! Will update once I get in from the hospital.

Heading home!

Being discharged from the hospital. Nausea has stayed away and I'm able to take some pain pills. So far so good! Got a good look when Doctor changed dressings. I'm amazed!! Will get some better pics when I'm home.

7 pounds of fat removed!

7 pounds! Crazy. Doesn't even count the lipo. He didn't have to do muscle repair. Said my abs were good and tight. I said, I knew they were under there!

3rd day post op

Feeling great! Took a shower earlier which was amazing. I am comfortable for the most part. Slept really good last night. I'm keeping up on all my meds and vitamins. I walk around every 20 minutes or so while awake. I am having some back pain, probably from laying in a bed instead of a recliner. Was able to get some pics this am. I'm still amazed it's me! And it will only keep looking better. So happy I did this!

4 day post op!

I seriously feel a little better each day. I am just in awe of the human body and how it recovers. Still very much swollen on my hips but that's really the only annoying part. Well that and the drains but not much I can do about that. Back is better as well. Been using heating bad on and off during the day while awake.

5th day post op!

I feel amazing! Again, I just can't say enough how thankful I am that I did this. The better I feel the more I feel the need to do things but I'm trying very hard to continue to rest. I don't want any kind of set backs. Took my dressings off for a bit this morning, felt so good to let everything breath! Again the only issue I'm really having is back pain, but it's bearable. Still have the swelling in the hips as well. I still can't believe this is my body! I am beyond excited! Keep on keeping at it ladies!

Day 5 post op!

Can't believe it's been 5 days already! I feel fantastic! My right hip seems much better, not as swollen and bruised as my left side. Drains are still in, right side seems to be filling up more then the left. Not sure what that means if anything. I feel really good and I'm up quite a bit but I also still tire easily. Trying to relax as much as I possibly can. Husband is back to work on Monday so my mini "vaca" will be over and it will be back to reality! Hope everyone is having a smooth healing!

Day 6 post op!

I woke up totally flat in my bed. Haha I thought oh crap, how am I getting up. Again, I am just truly amazed with the human body. I feel fantastic. I feel like I need to pinch myself because I can't believe this is my body! I am so grateful for such a smooth recovery and results already. I still have swelling on my hips and back area but I'm not complaining! I stopped my pain med and just continue to take the vitamins as well as the antibiotic. I take the Valium before bed just so I can sleep through the night.

1 week post op!

It's hard to believe this time last week I was in the midst of surgery!
Still feeling fantastic. Will see the doctor today. If it was allowd I would plant a huge kiss on him! I will be forever grateful for what he's done for me. I'm still just blown away! Never in a million years did I think I would get my stomach back. Soooo thankful I did this! Can't say it enough. Anyone out there still on the fence about it, don't be. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself!
Anyway, I think the one drain will be able to come out. The other one has been filling pretty consistently so I don't anticipate that will be removed today. I'm hoping for a new binder today and possibly a new bra. Or I hope I'm given the ok to wear my own stuff. Binder is getting itchy. Swelling on my hips seems to be going down some. Belly is still numb, I don't see much swelling though. Boobs have been great from the get go. They feel like my normal boobs, no swelling or soreness.
Still off pain meds and just taking antibiotic and vitamins.
Happy healing everyone!

One drain out one to go!

Was hoping to get both drains out today but one was a no go. Pulling out of the drain sucked, not gonna lie. But it's quick! Going back Thursday to possibly have other one removed. Received all new steri-strips on my incision. Doctor says I'm healing nicely. I need to continue to wear binder 24/7. Ran a couple errands after appointment. Felt good being out of the house. I am very tired now though.
Happy healing everyone!

11 days post op

Before and after shots.
Best decision I've ever made for myself.

2 weeks post op! 2nd drain still in :(

Wow time really days! Can't believe it's been two weeks already. 2nd drain is still in. I got scolded today from the PS that I'm doing way too much, which is the cause for all the fluid. So that being said, I'm back to taking it easy. Will get kids ready and off to school each day, then rest.
Drain is coming out Wednesday becouse I run the risk of infection if it's in much longer. As much as I don't want to rest, I will listen to the PS. It's gonna suck becouse I feel so damn good! Oh well. Guess it's time to find a good book on my kindle. :)
Happy healing everyone!

16 days post op! 2nd drain out!

I have mixed feelings about this. Although I'm thrilled to have that drain out I'm also concerned with seronoma. I've been waking with it at 20cc's but by bedtime it was 40cc's. Doctor said he couldn't keep it in any longer due to risk of infection. I just have to trust that he knows what he's doing.
Hope everyone else is doing well. Happy healing!

3 weeks Post Op!

Holy crap where did the time go?! Can hardly believe it's been 3 weeks already. I need to knock on wood becouse this recovery for me has been amazing. I have zero complaints. I feel incredible and I am so thankful I did this! I have the normal swelling and numbness that most people talk of. I am still wearing my binder 24/7 per PS. I am only wearing sports bra's and the surgical bra from hospital, I can't seem to find a comfy bra for all day. I thought I liked the Hanes Barely There but by midday I was looking to tear it off. Only thing I've found remotely comfortable is the ones I'm wearing in pic I'm posting. It's Marilyn Monroe collection, criss cross back. It's super comfy and I can wear it all day. My PS said I could go braless at night if I wanted to but I think the surgical bra has become my crutch. I don't feel safe without it! I haven't had any issues with my breasts at all. Just some soreness here and there. I am so glad I went with the size I did! Anything more would have been too big for me. They are still assymetrical which they were prior but I have no complaints, either does the hubs! He can't wait to get his hands on them. Lol
I do wear spanks if I go out for dinner or to run errands, PS said it was ok. I do immediately change back into my binder when I get home though. I don't feel secure without it. Again, I think it's becoming a crutch. I see the PS Wednesday for my 3 week appointment. I have no idea what my incision looks like. It's been covered by steri strips from day one. I'm not sure what happens at the 3 week point but I will update after my appt. I think he mentioned scar therapy? Could be wrong though.
I am beyond thrilled with my results! Can't wait to do some shopping. Right now it's all about the comfort for me. I hope everyone is doing well. Happy Healing!

3 weeks post op pics

Possible seronoma?

Put a call into my PS and he's going to see me tomorrow instead of Wednesday. Was changing clothes and noticed my belly was pretty extended, when I pressed on it did not feel hard or swollen felt more squishy. To me it feels like fluid. Was worried about this happening since I was still draining so much when he removed the drain last week. Will keep you posted!

Seroma confirmed

So I'm not just paranoid, had lots of fluid. Have no idea how much was drained but I know it was a ton! It didn't hurt at all, other then the pinch of the needle. One section of my incision is also red so he's putting me on an atibiodic. He thinks the fluid may have been pressing on the incision area which caused the redness/infection. I have to see him again next week. If my belly should fill up again, he may need to put an actual drain back in me. I guess that's better then having to be stuck with a needle each week. :(
Soooo that's where I'm at. I need to still take it easy as much as I can, could help keep the fluid build up to a minimum.

What a difference a day makes!

Side by side photo doesn't do it justice but no squishy feeling this morning. Incision infection is already looking much better as well! Fingers crossed no more fluid builds up! Happy healing ladies!

Side by side

Drain is back in! Whomp whomp whomp

Woke up feeling squishy again. PS saw me this afternoon and ended up putting a drain back in. I'm bummed but I'm trying to remain positive! This is can be a "normal" thing with TT procedures, it just figures it happened to me. Oh well. Will see him again next week. If I am still filling up even with the drain he put in, I will have to have a different drain put in by way of ultrasound which would have to be done at surgery center. With spring break fast approaching and the kiddos being home, I'm really hoping that doesn't happen!
Hope everyone is well. Happy healing!

1st night with 2nd drain

When I went to bed I was just shy of 25cc's, woke up with it empty. I immediately panicked and thought, oh no, my belly filled again. But as you can see in the photos, I'm flat! Who hoo! Incision is looking amazing. Other then this pesky drain, things are looking up! :) happy healing!

Important thought!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a board certified plastic surgeon that you can trust. I thank god I found the Dr. Jean. He's gone above and beyond to make sure I am ok. He calls to check on me himself, doesn't have his staff do it. Although I hit a minor bump in the road, this is still the best decision I've ever made for myself and I'm so grateful I chose the doctor I did for the job. No regrets!
Bottom line, make sure you feel comfortable and confident with the physician you choose!

I'm dreaming of jeans!

I never thought I would ever be sick of wearing sweat pants! But after almost 4 weeks of them, I'm ready for a change! Even had a dream about wearing jeans last night. It was a beautiful dream. They slipped right up over my hips, no shaking and wiggling or tucking in going on. Lol
One day soon....:)
Happy Healing everyone!

Question regarding ultrasound

Does anyone know if your insurance company will cover an ultrasound needed after a tummy tuck? My drain the doctor put in is not draining any fluid, I will need an ultrasound guided drain put it. I was told by the PS office that I will have to use my insurance for procedure. I'm just wondering if insurance will actually pay for it since it's due to a tummy tuck. Which we all know is considered "not medically necessary"

4 weeks and seroma update!

Can hardly believe it's been 4 weeks already! I still feel fantastic dispite this ongoing seroma issue. I will be seeing the doctor today or tomorrow to get this drain removed that isn't collecting anything. I'm not filling up too much so he may just aspirate again, not sure I need the ultrasound guided drain put in. Will see what he advises. Although I've hit a little bump in the road I am beyond thrilled with my results! I'm still have zero regrets. I'm thankful I chose a great PS who has been really keeping an eye on things.
Happy Healing everyone!

Seroma/ultrasound update

Ultrasound was performed and zero seroma seen! Thank god! Doctor said he'd still like me to take it easy for a couple more weeks.
I'm seeing him again in 2 weeks. Hoping to get cleared to start some kind of exercising then. That would put me at 6 weeks. I am thrilled, no more drains!! :)
Happy Healing everyone!

Good find!

I found a girdle type garment at kohls, it's by Naomi & Nicole style # 7926. If your looking to get out of the house and don't want to wear your bulky binder I recommend wearing this! So far it's been comfortable. I will be running several errands today, will post later how it feels after a day of wearing it. Happy healing everyone!

5 weeks post op!

What a crazy, nerve racking, amazing, wonderful journey this has been! I can hardly believe it's been 5 weeks already. I wouldn't trade this journey for the world. Even the not so good parts. I'm so thankful to have found this site, reading everyone's journeys and seeing everyone's pictures is such comforting thing. Just knowing I am not alone in this helps tremendously!
Now, on to the amazing wonderful 5 weeks. I feel fantastic! Since getting that 2nd drain out last week, I've been able to sleep in my "normal" positions. No more mountain of pillows on my bed. Seroma seems to be gone (fingers crossed) infected incision area seems to be clearing up nicely. PS hasn't started scar therapy on incision yet due to infection I had. Still looks really good considering. I won't see him again until next week, my 6 week point. I'm hoping to be cleared to start exercising! I miss it! And even though I'm eating healthy I feel like my ass is growing by leaps and bounds.
I feel like I'm at the point that most people are at this stage. Swelling. Hips are still very much swollen too. I have these two lumpy areas on my hips from the lipo. I know in time that will get better. Breasts feel great, they have from day one. I was having some nipple sensitivity but that seems to have passed. I think it's time for me to do some bra and underwear shopping! The only thing I've been wearing are sports bras. I am still beyond thrilled with my results, and they will only get better. I really can't believe it's my stomach or my boobs. No regrets! Happy Healing everyone!

6 weeks post op!

6 weeks already! It's amazing how time flies. Had a visit with my PS this morning. One more week until I can work out! Thank god!!! I was hoping I would get the go ahead today but due to my seroma issue I had he wants me to wait another week just to be on the safe side. So as much as I don't want to wait, I will.
I really can't complain about one thing since having this procedure, even the annoying seroma wasn't that bad. I'm beyond thrilled to have such amazing results and such a great recovery.
PS also mentioned weaning myself off the binder. I have a love/hate relationship with it so I know it's going to be tough.
I haven't started scar therapy on my TT scar yet due to two stubborn stiches that apparently were still in there. I had no idea. He pulled them out today. I have to go back after that area heals up.
I'm still wearing silicone strips on breast scars, he said once they fall off I can start using Bio oil.
Swelling on belly and hips is normal. That's my 6 week update! Hope everyone is feeling good!
Happy Healing!

A few new things..

Did a little shopping today. I purchased new exercise clothes which I love. I also bought two bras. Was sized and was told I am a 42 D. I tried on, close to 20 bra's I think. I ended up in size 44 C.
I'm not in love with them, I was looking for a non underwire, non padded bra. Unfortunatley due to my wide width I only purchase my bra's from Lane Bryant. They don't carry non underwire or non padded bras. So I settled for two that I thought were ok. I think they make me look top heavy, and way bigger then I signed up for! lol my friends tell me j just need to get used to them...I think I may be wearing sports bras from now on!
Happy Healing everyone!

My Trial and Error week..

So I've been in search for a comfy, wear all day, no pinching or strap falling don't look like torpedo tits bra! I'm embarrassed to even tell you the $$ I've spent to achieve this goal. The short of it is. I'm done with underwire and fully padded bras. Lacey stuff I will still get for the hubs and our "special" nights. But as far as everyday, it's all about the comfort for me.
Finally found what I was searching for at Kohl's of all places. Nothing fancy, just comfy.
This week was also my weak to "wean" myself off the binder. Let me tell you, it hasn't been easy for me! But I did go all day yesterday without it! My belly is still numb and it just feels weird without my binder but I know in time I will get used to it.
The pics are of my belly after an entire day of no support, some swelling. Nothing crazy.
I have not started the scar strips yet for my TT area due to the small areas in the front that are still healing. I have been using bio oil on the parts that are healed. So that's been my week. Happy Healing everyone!

The waiting game...

I'm feeling great and feel almost back to "normal" so to say. I'm just highly annoyed with the 3 spots on my TT incision that seem to be taking their good old time to heal. My PS found 3 stiches that never dissolved. He took them out almost two weeks ago. I am keeping the gauze in them and covered like he said to do, he also assured me they will heal on their own. I'm just hoping my back to working out doesn't delay them healing. They don't hurt, it's more the annoyance of changing dressings and such. I have been using bio oil on the parts of my incision that has healed (ps won't start scar strips till I'm fully healed)
The bio oil rocks! Can barely see my incisions under my breasts already and the healed section of my TT looks awesome. Only been using it less then 2 weeks.
Coming up on week 8 next week. Crazy!! Still best decision I've ever made. Happy healing all!

9 weeks! Incision update

Hope all you flat belly ladies are doing well! I for one am feeling fantastic! I'm back to all my normal activities. I'm back to crossfit and running. I'm taking it easy with the weights, easing my way back in. I stil can't do certain movements (push ups, pull ups) without feeling an odd squeeze in my implants. Tummy feels good while working out, I do get a pulled feeling from time to time but I've heard that's normal.
I only wear spanx for working out. Other then that I am officially done with my binder. I had a hard time giving that up!
Now for the bad news. I am still dealing with my wound issues. I have three holes that don't seem to want to heal. I woke up with another hole this morning. I will be seeing my PS sometime this week to address these issues.
I was doing some research and I'm wondering if it's because I am an ex smoker I'm taking longer to heal. I was only 7 months smoke free prior to surgery. I'm not sure that explains the new hole I woke up with.
I am still beyond thrilled with my results! I am so glad I had this surgery.
Happy Healing everyone!

16 weeks post op!

So I have been MIA due to my email being hacked. Haven't updated in quite some time.
My three spots of necrosis finally healed. That took a good 12 or 13 weeks. I really didn't think it would ever heal! I'm seeing my ps next week to finally start scar therapy on my incison. I've been using bio oil on the parts that were healed and honestly I don't see much difference.
I feel really good. Been back to exercising since about 10 weeks. i took it slow for a few weeks due to the odd pulling I would feel in abdomen. I'm not longer wearing spanks to work out. Stopped that after a few weeks.
My tummy is still numb below my belly button and above my incision.
I still swell like crazy. I've noticed my hips/flanks are considerably larger. I'm not sure if this is from surgery or my hips were actually this size from the beginning and their just more noticeable with my stomach gone. Will ask PS when I see him next week.
I didn't go down a size in clothes but they do fit considerably better. I wasn't anticipating a drop in size, maybe I was secretly hoping though. Lol I still have zero regrets, still one of the best things I've ever done for myself.
Hope all you ladies are doing well! Happy healing!
Oh my boobs are fantastic! Zero issues since day 1. :)

16 week photos

Adding prior pics

Due to my account being compromised awhile back I delete all of my photos. Trying to add aome back now. Unfortunately I don't have the dates of each picture. I do know that I wish I had taken more before photos! So if you haven't had your surgery yet, be sure to take lots of before photos, no matter how horrible you think they are! Your gonna wish you did. I will post more current pics at my 20 week mark which is a few weeks away.

20 weeks post op!

It sounds crazy writing that. Time sure does fly. Things are going great. I. Back to all normal activity. I couldn't be happier with my results. I'm not down a size but all my clothes fit so much better. Still not brave enough to wear a bikini but my tankini fits great!
Due to the necrosis I had I didn't start my scar therapy until late. Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to the scar strip my ps gave me. I'm going to put a call into him and see what else he suggests. I have been using bio oil but not consistently. I do have a hard spot in my incision which the ps tells me is scar tissue. I was told to massage it.
Honesty I'm not too concerned with the scar itself. It's not like I will ever wear any kind of clothing that would show it. It looks way darker in the pics then it actually looks in person.
I still have numbness above and below my belly button. I also continue to swell throughout the day. I'm being told 6months to a year for that. Still so thankful I decided on having this surgery! Even with the few bumps in the road I experienced, I have zero regrets!
Happy healing everyone!

6 months post op!

It's funny how the thought of 6 months post op seemed so far away at one time. But yet here it is. Life is back to normal. Doing all my prior surgery activities. I feel fantastic. Although I'm not down a size, I am still thrilled with my results. I haven't been doing much with my scar other then putting on bio oil occasionally. It looks much lighter in person then it shows in pictures. Again, I'm not too concerned about it, the only ones that will ever see it are me and my husband. Happy healing ladies!

Weight gain post op??

Any other ladies experiencing weight gain? I'm up 10 pounds since surgery! Yes 10! Now my clothes fit better prior to surgery and I'm back to working out full time. I'd like to think its from lifting weights again but I'm not sure. Wish I had taken my measurements after surgery, but I did not.
My husband suggested that my new boobs may way 5 pounds each! Haha
Anyone else experiencing weight gain 6 months post op?
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Jean. He answered all of my questions and I didn't feel rushed. His office staff is amazing as well. The entire experience for me has been wonderful, I would recommend Dr Jean to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon. He was truly amazing. I'm so thankful for finding him. Wouldn't have trusted anyone else with my mommy make-over!

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