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I’ve spent an obscene amount of time on this...

I’ve spent an obscene amount of time on this website (and others) doing research for this procedure. As such, I’m going to give back by sharing my experience.
I’m a healthy 32-year-old female, 5’7, 135lbs in good shape – I eat clean and exercise. My fat bags have nothing to do with me, my weight, or my diet. They’re hereditary (thanks a lot, Mom), I’ve had them my whole life, but now I’ve just turned 32 and they’re more noticeable than ever, and only going to get worse. I’ve tried every cream, spray, gel, herb, lotion, peel, mask, shellac, witchcraft, spells, live-sacrifice (you get my point) …. known to man to make this better. Sorry people, but take my advice and stop wasting your money because those things will never work if you have actual fat bags.

The Doctor I chose was Dr. Lee in Bryn Mawr, PA; he’s an eye specialist and performs blepharoplasty on a regular basis. His credentials and reviews made me go with him – I can’t stress enough that you really need to do your own research. Don’t trust just any doctor because they’re a doctor. Guess what? There are stupid doctors out there – no amount money or education can get you a little thing called common sense. Don’t go to anyone who hasn’t done it a gazillion times before.

The procedure he recommended for me was a transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty – removal of the lower fat bags only. I didn’t have any skin tightening, peels, lasers, etc. I had read that some doctors recommend that fat be moved (rather than removed) over the orbital bone so that it prevents the hollowed appearance that complete removal of fat sometimes leaves. When I inquired about this, I was told that he used to perform that procedure, but with VERY mixed results. He stopped doing it because some patients reacted badly to it – the fat had moved, swelled, and become lumpy months later (despite being stitched). Yeah, no thanks. He said I could get filler after I’m healed if I didn’t like the “hollowness” but quite honestly, I’ll be more happy with said hollowness than looking like I’m smuggling a small family of immigrants under my eyes.

Seriously though, I’m not doing this to look perfect. I’m completely fine with my flaws – in fact, my eyes are not symmetrical at all. One of them is smaller than the other and also higher on my face than the other. I don’t care about that or anything else - I just want to look like the healthy person that I am and not have people ask me if I’m ill or if I was up all night.

6/10 (day of) – The procedure. I’m not going to downplay this, it wasn’t pleasant. Everyone has a different threshold for pain, and mine is pretty high (I have several tattoos), but I definitely felt it.
While I was injected with local anesthesia, it was still extremely uncomfortable and painful at times– not to say that the procedure is supposed to be like a trip to the spa or anything – but I had read other reviews with no mention of pain. Anyway, for the most part it was just uncomfortable – but there were two instances where the pain was extreme. One was when he was doing my right eye – it felt like my eyeball was being pushed into my skull very hard and deep. This actually hurt so much, it made me nauseous. I began to sweat in the freezing cold room and had to actively focus to keep from vomiting. The other was on the left eye where I felt the laser cut – I’m not sure if maybe he just missed a spot with the anesthetic, or that my fat was deeper than he thought– but I flinched uncontrollably. This brought tears to my eyes and again, I really had to focus in order not to cry. He did offer to take a break, but I just wanted it to be over with so I told him to continue. It felt like the whole thing lasted 45ish minutes - I was told I had a LOT of fat – the culprit for the bursts of unexpected pain. Immediately after, he taped me up but I was seeing double (side effect of the anesthesia) for the rest of the day – either get an eye patch, or put your hand over one eye to mitigate this. I went home, used ice packs as directed and took the pain meds, which helped. I slept on 3 pillows – more elevation means less swelling.
6/11-6/12 (1-2 days post op) – Just gather your collection of favorite chick flicks and expect to feel like crap on these days. It wasn’t painful, just annoying and uncomfortable. I could definitely see swelling and bruising under the tape, along with a broken blood vessel in the right eye – although it didn’t seem to look as bad as some pics I’ve seen on here. I’m fairly confident that this was due to the cocktail of vitamins I started taking. As I mentioned, I did extensive research on this procedure. I began taking Bromelain a few days before the procedure along with Vitamin C, Arnica 30c, and a probiotic. I also took 2 Arnica pellets on the day of before the procedure.

6/13 – On day 3, I began adding Vitamin B6 to my vitamin mix. So basically, as soon as I woke up in the AM (best time for empty stomach) I was taking the probiotic, 1500mg Bromelain (get the highest GDU you can find), 2000mg Vitamin C, and 300mg of B6, all this with 32oz of water. I also took 2 pellets of Arnica (those need to dissolve under your tongue). I waited a couple of hours before eating so that the vitamins could do their thing without food interfering with absorption. I repeated the same dosages as above later in the day in between meals – except for the Arnica, I was taking those throughout the day. Another recommendation I can’t stress enough – EAT CLEAN. By clean, I mean veggies and protein. Avoid carbs and definitely avoid sugar and processed food at all costs – those will only prolong your recovery. Your body is trying to heal and needs all the goodness it can get in order to do so quickly. I’ll say too that I did all of my own research on which vitamins to take – I was a bit surprised that no one in Dr. Lee’s office, or Dr. Lee himself mentioned them – perhaps because everyone is different and can tolerate different things. I’d say if you’re a healthy person with no bad reactions to vitamins, or any other sensitivity issues, you should follow what I did. I’ve also been putting an ice pack on my dome for 20 minutes at a time 6-7 times per day. The tape stays on for 7 days.

6/24 – 2 weeks. Honestly I’m stunned. I didn’t expect the results to be this apparent. I saw some friends and my parents over the weekend and no one said anything - probably because the procedure made me look like a normal person. Even this morning when I woke up, I looked fine – not like before where it always looked like I was up all night smoking crack.

Overall, I’m beyond thrilled with the outcome and feel extremely lucky that everything went okay. I don’t think I need filler at all. Dr. Lee did a really nice job and I’d recommend him to anyone.

I wish you well in your quest to find inner peace with your appearance.

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3 weeks Post

My life has changed. Each day when I look in the mirror, I just can't believe the difference. It feels like I've been wearing a mask my whole life and am just now taking it off.
Thank you, Dr. Lee!
Bryn Mawr Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Lee is an eye expert. He did a really nice job with mine and that's all that matters to me. The office staff are all very nice. 3% fee to use a credit card.

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