BBL with Liposculpture on 35 Yr Old Mother of 2 - Philadelphia, PA

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Hi everyone I have been researching having a BBL &...

Hi everyone I have been researching having a BBL & liposculpture for years now & have finally decided to do it. After countless hours of searching Dr's backgrounds& looking at 1000's of pictures I'm leaning towards Dr. D. Bottger. Seen lots of his work butt only 1 picture of his BBL work. Has anyone had a BBL?

Dr . Matthew Schulman

Hi guys. I'm still doing research on selecting a dr. for my BBL and body contouring. I've been seeing great reviews on Dr. Mathew Schulman and was wondering if any of his BBL patients are on here and if you are can you tell me about your experience. I'm still scheduled with Dr. Bottger for consult, but I'm going to schedule a consult with Dr. Schulman as well.

Consult appointment with Dr. Schulman tomorrow

I'm soooooo excited. I was on the wait list for a consultation with Dr. Schulman in the middle of march, but received a call today from his office saying there was an opening tomorrow ( of course I took it). I'm hoping if all goes well I can have my surgery by the end of March so I can be healed by Juky. Wish me luck everyone....:0)

Dr. Schulman

I had my consultation with Dr. Schulman today. I booked my surgery for March 18th ( I guess that tells you that my appointment went well) He was very personable and answered my question thoroughly. My time with him was short and to the point. Rachael who sits at the front dest was awesome. One thing I did notice is that people were given different prices for same procedure. That did have me curious, but because I liked him and the staff I didn't bother to ask why. Dr. Schulman ' s prices are a lot higher than his peers but as I said I was completely comfortable with him and I like the work I have seen. I even ran into a woman who was there for a post op visit and she let me see her butt. It was well proportioned and from what I seen looked good. I was very apprehensive when I wrote the check but did it. I pray I get the results I want. I will post pictures of my before in a couple of days.

Wish pictures

In three weeks I'll be a Schulman angel.

Can't believe I'll have close to my wish body in 3 weeks.

Wrong location

Don't know why it's saying Dr. Schulman ' s location in in Bryn Mawr pa. He's located in New York. How do I change this?

Can't wait till March 18th

I'm in the mall and see a young lady walk by with a huge boooooty. Can't wait to have one of my own. ...Dr. Schulman please hook me up

wish pictures

Before pictures

I'm so embarrassed to post these, but I have such confidence ( and belief that God will cover me and answer my prayers) that dr. Schulman will make it this shape go away that I'm going to post these anyway.

Before pictures

My fat arms

Thinking about getting my fat arms done.

pre - op photos

Ladies I can't believe I actually posted pictures of the body I've tried to hide most of my life

More wish pictures

Wish March 18th was here

Okay do I have been glued to this site though out the days and looking at future Schulman angel's results I'm even more anxious about my new body. I'm ordering the rest of my supplies tomorrow and my hotel is booked for the day b4 and after my surgery. My best friend ( u might as well say my sister is the only one that supports me in this journey ( besides u lovely ladies) so she will be working from the hotel and coming with me ( God knows she's such a blessing in my life, I so love her to death and would do anything for her). Her birthday is on April 16th and she works so hard that I want to do something to celebrate her while we're in NY. We are going to enjoy ourselves b4 my transformation

March is basically here

Just sitting here thinking as I'm ordering post op supplies that as of Saturday I will officially be starting my eighteen day countdown until my bootyday

Getting medical clearance

This is becoming reality. I'm at my primary care Dr getting my blood work and medical I'm really doing this. All my supplies ordered ( thank u Booty4Real and Elli for all ur advice)& will be arriving starting today. God I praise ur holy name for putting my best friend and this site in my life for support and advice. No turning back now Dr. Schulman's office has cashed the

Lipo of the arms

I'm still undecided about getting my arms done. Dr. Schulman said I would see a slight difference , but not dramatic. If anyone out there has big arms like me and has had them liposuctioned please help. My arms has always been the first area I gained weight in and are really big ( at least I think so) so I'm wondering if 1500 extra is worth only a slight improvement

Only one week left

I can't believe next week is my last week of being a square shape. I have already purchased all my post op supplies and just ready to get to the other side of the booty track.

So ready to get this done

I'm so ready to get this done and get to see my new body. I have almost all my supplies except for 1 or 2 little things. My bff and I are going to hang out in NY a couple of hours the day b4. I'm surprising her with a birthday dinner at a steakhouse the Marriott Suggested. I purchased my yoga pants from bjs for 14.99. It's hard to find pants for me that's long enough since I'm 5'9. I'm praying I have amazing results since I can't afford a revision. I'm so trying to think nothing but good thoughts and get the crazy ones out my head. I have confidence in Dr. Schulman and trust his artistry ( most of all I trust God).

Last minute things

Since this will be my last full week I have until my sx I'm everything in order. Going to B'js to get food and supplies for the house ( my mom will be helping me and she can't drive), made arrangements with one of my daughter's classmates to pick her up a d drop her off at school & and paying off all bills so they will be out the way. My 18 yr old pretty much can do for himself until I'm back on my feet. I'm cleaning the house thoroughly Saturday and Sunday I'm going to stand at the alter at church and pray for a very successful recovery. It's funny bc my mother is not supportive at all but is willing to help bc of my children and I'm paying her. She continues to tell me I'm being vain and God created me perfect how dare I change how he made me. I told her she's right God did create me perfect but that I messed what he created up , not him and since I messed it up by being lazy not working out and eating horrible I'm trying to correct it by this sx working out and eating healthier. As she rolled her eyes and walked away she said whatever.

daughter's classmates mom

My daughters classmates mom

Surgery Tuesday :0)

Well all my supplies are here and Tuesday will be here b4 know it. I'm so excited and of course nervous. I know Dr. Schulman is going to make me look really cloth my wish pictures.

3 days to go....YAY!!!

This is my last Friday as a fatty.


I meant last day as a flatty ....ugh spell check

Really now !!!!

I do mean to gross anyone out but I'm so upset right now. I leave for NY tomorrow to have surgery Tuesday and my period comes on a week early. ...ugh . I mean I'm normally regular like clock work, so why now of all months does it decide to freestyle with the dates. Now I'm going to feel so uncomfortable.

Can't sleep

I'm so anxious right now. I can't stop in visioning my new curves. I've wanted this foe so long and it's finally going to happen. I was a little upset earlier when my monthly visitor campaign week early, but after reading Booty4Real ' s post I feel better plus it's part of being a woman so no more embarrassed feelings. This Tim tomorrow I'll be in NY with my bff probably still a her sure day dinner

In New York

I'm in NY with my bestie I'm so excited. Dr. Schulman is going to hook me up (God continue to bless dr. Schulman with a skillful had and a artist eye)

God is just awesome

God I thank u for not only blessing me with the opportunity to allow me to have more confidence in my body , but also thank u for allowing me to spend a great evening (with my sister from another mother my bff ) at dinner that we laughed and talked about life and a comedy show that we laughed even more at. God I'm so appreciative that even with my own foolishness that I caused in my own life u are always right there answering my prayers .

tying to fast

Excuse the grammar errors

Okay it's 4:30 am in NY and I'm up.

I'm up and I know I should be sleeping right now. Surgery time is at 1:45 to be there by 12:30. So I'm staying at the Marriott Courtyard 410 East 92nd street. As for Marriott's go go it's not their best hotel. I was given the Mt. Sinai rate of 188 per night. It's on the list of hotels Dr. Schulman's office gives you. My bestie and I went to Parlor Steakhouse a restaurant the hotel highly recommended. The food was okay , not great as several people from the hotel stated . It was however very expensive and service was great. I ask for a surprise b day dessert for my bestie ( her b day I'd not until April, but I figured we'll celebrate a little early while we were here) with a candle. We later went to the Comic Strip comedy club (hotel gave us free complimentary tickets). The comics there were hilarious. We had an awesome night.

Praise God

Hallelujah surgery is over and from what I can see Dt. Did a great job. Okay details I arrived at the sx center an hour early greeted and told to change my the technicians then Jane the nurse came in tried to calm my nerves ( I actually had to get a blood pressure pill bc my pressure was 169/101 ) she explained what was going to happen and put my IV in. The anesthesiologist came in went over everything again and also tried to calm me down. Dr schulman came in tried to calm me down and took pictures. They wouldn't do sx until BP came down (it finally did). When it did I was taken back to sx room and next thing I remember is the nurse calling my name. I was laying on my back when I woke up dr. Schulman came in talked to but told he wouldn't go into detail bc I wouldn't remember it. Got in cab with bestie and went back to the hotel. I wore yoga pants ans I a button up oversized short and from what I see I like my results. Pain I'm not in pain pain but severe soreness. I had mu arms, bbl, upper € lower flanks, upper & lower back , Inner & outer thighs and abdomen done. Butt doesn't feel sore just a little sting all other sore as he'll but I walked to the cab and have been walking around my hotel room since I got here. Tried to eat but it's not happening. Thank u Elli and Booty4Real for reminding me to make sure I get the cup to urine in...vest idea ever.i think I covered everything. Will post pictures tomorrow b4 I leave NY. I rented a car service to bring me here and take me home. I will be sitting on my knees and laying down on mu y body pillow when the seat is adjusted all the way back on the way home. Oh will definitely bring my cup

Day 2 was hell

Day 2 was horrible. I couldn't move the soreness was beyond anything I've ever felt. Today is a little better. I'm so swollen that I look like the marshmallow puff man from ghost busters movie. .lol .the booty looks good though

Okay these are not the best pictures, but u can definitely see the amazing difference

side by side

Today is much better. Praise God! !!

Today is so much better. I can actually move without feeling like I'm dying. Every time I walk past a mirror I can't help but laugh at me having curves. I ts funny when I use to pull my pants up I just just pull them straight up , but now I have a bubble I have to go over to get them on. U guys just don't know how much that tickles and makes me happy.


I know this is way too much information , but u had my first BM today (and I keep going). Wow y guys had great information about the tub but my thighs weren't having it. (Here goes the gross part) So of course I'm using all the great information that Booty4Real , Elli , increaseme and all u other beauties are giving me especially the cup trick while urinating . Since I couldn't bend to squat and of course I'm worried about my hips I used the cup to do my BM. I know I know it sounds gross but works very well. I've been 3x's today alone and after I'm finished cleaning down there I throw all the soiled things in a double market bag and straight in the trash. It's actually really easy. Don't 4get to urinate first. So foe those who can't bend this may work for you. Gross but effective and no pain at all.

Please excuse my grammar

Ladies I know my post have been the worst as far as sentence structure and grammar. .Please 4 give me. My hands are still very swollen and the percocet pain medication has me very loopy and I can only take one

Day 5

Day 5 is hard again. Not as sore as first couple of days, but still very painful trying to get up and lay down, but as Al I said when I walk past the mirror it's all worth it. When I take my shower Monday I'll post more pictures ladies I'm still in shock that I have a booty. From Schulman freaking rocks!!!

7,700 ccs of fat taking out

Don't know if I posted how much fat was removed but it was 7,700 and 1500 in each cheek. From what I can see my stomach and sides are flat flat. As I was waking up in the recovery room Dr Schulman came to talk to me and said was thinking about putting 1600 in the booty but then changed his mind and started laughing. Ladies what he gave me is absolutely amazing. Ladies that's going to use him please trust this man .His talent is definitely God sent. I can't stop going on and on about my results and I haven't even seen the real results yet or should I say full results. I can't believe I'm bootylicious. My girlfriend just stopped by and couldn't stop touching my butt and saying how great I look. She was totally against the surgery butt ( pun intended) now she's like can he do my abdomen work. Needless to say she's making her consult appointment Monday

Still not great pictures but pictures

I'm going to try to take some good pictures soon

Arms look good

Just took my arm compression off and I can actually see that my arms are smaller. is all I can say

I guess I pushed it.

Good morning ladies. I felt really good this morning so I decided to make breakfast ( spinach cheese omelet) & some pineapple juice. Made breakfast and was on my way upstairs with plate and cups of juice for me and my 6 yr old and I when out of nowhere I trip and fall ( I made sure I feel forward and not on my phatty). I mean I literally feel into my son's rooms my body pushed the door open and everything. My son jumped up like "mom what did I do" . Juice was in my hair eyes my clothes were saturated my food flew all over his floor and my knees were in the rest. I just had to sit there for about 5 good minutes b4 I could even attempt to get up. On top of that I had to have a BM really bad...smh. Went in the bathroom ( thank God it didn't wet my garment just the outer layer of clothing) cleaned off and washed where I had and could and then used the cup for my BM ( the cup makes it much easier and less messy) . Put on fresh clothing and now I'm laying in my bed like I can't believe what just happened. Needless to say I never eat breakfast. To be honest I'm like was this surgery really worth all this then I walk past a mirror and say HECK YEAH IT WAS


Fell not feel


Ate not eat .Ladies my posts are horrible lately.

Still bad pictures

These are still bad pictures but I'm trying to keep u guys updated as much as I can . U guys can't really see the difference but there is a big difference everywhere even my arms

Measuring myself

Hey beauties I know a lot of u measure when u have surgery but that thought never crossed my mind. I was so happy with the size, shape and projection that actually measuring in inches was never a thought. I really don't think I will measure. I prayed to God that after everything settles my shape size ans projection stays the same. I know people will say that's crazy and that it has to change but I say people including myself said I couldn't get this body I have now and that my butt and hips would never look like this. How many know the God I serve hears and answers prayers. He answered mine and I know he'll keep answering as long as I know it's him and not of my own doing. ...hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah! !! U guys really don't know how insecure I was about my physical appearance it really hindered me in life . By the Grace of God I finally feel how God has always seen me. And yes I know some may think this is just vanity but it's not its making me feel better about what I have always hid. And I know this was a blessing from God bc this whole process went smoothly from beginning to end. So yes I know that my shape will stay the same and there is no need for measuring . Thank u Jesus for my new confidence and the talent that can't be anything other than from u that u gave Dr. Mathew Schulman. Lord let him continue to help women see themselves as u have always seen us...Beautiful. This truly is not just an physical change in my life it's an emotional one. If any ladies know what I mean can I get another Hallelujah!

I just want to be honest

Good morning ladies as I woke up in extreme pain as I do most nights from the stiffness setting in while I sleep ( oh and yes I an able to sleep 5 hours or more b4 I wake up) I was thinking about a question I was asked earlier " now that u know the pain and what else is involved I bet u wouldn't do this again if u could take it back would u"? ( I guess this was more a statement than question) . My answer in one of my most painful times is ABSOLUTELY YES. I told my friend yes at that time but I wasn't in pain then and I'm still in awe of the results, but as I said being at my highest pain which is always waking up in the middle of night I can truthfully without any hesitation say yes. Why u ask bc my results help me feel better about me. It's like God said u were always beautiful, I mean ur creator is perfect and can't create anything but perfect things , but I also created u in a world where I have u I mind of ur own and u can not always see things through my vision so if I have to allow u to do some things so u can see yourself as beautiful as I do and fall in love with u as I've always been then I'll allow u to do those things and give the talent to people and put the people u need to be the there in ur life for that journey. People can say oh its not thst deep but guess what it is. Ur struggle may not not be body insecurities but guess what???? , honey everyone has one whether it's drugs , liquor or sex . We all have issues that needs to be fixed so don't judge me on fixing mine then when I feel that fix helped me to be whole get mad at that. If u can't understand my struggle that's okay it's mine not yours, & I don't expect u to again bc it's my personal struggle not anyone else's. That's what makes me so unique and one of a kind. Ladies don't let anyone take away from u what makes u feel better if it's going to help u to love yourself and see how beautiful u were always created to be.

First shower

Today was my first shower and boy oh boy it felt great. I mean really great. I stayed in so long that the water started getting cold. It was a bit challenging at first but not as bad as I thought it would be. Thank God Booty4Real a and Elli told me to get the Medi-Sol adhesive remover because that foam is a muger to get off. I still can't believe my results. I meant to take pictures but the process wasn't that bad but I took my first shower by myself and did get woozy a couple of times so didn't get a chance to take pictures. But when I'm able to get someone to take some nice ones u guys are going to be amazed at the difference ( well I know I am). Just a suggestion that worked for me is buying an extra stage 1 garment dr. Schulman or whatever PS u use. I can't imagine having to washing the one and waiting to put it back on just bc I started to smell back up pretty fast and don't think I would want to put the dirty one back on.

b4 and after my shower

swell back up

That should have said swell back up" not smell. At least I didn't think I

10 days post op

Good afternoon ladies today I'm 10 days post op and I feel great. I'm totally off my pain medication and I sleeped last night with no serious pain. I feel great. Here are more photos

My first walk

I took my first walk today , it was an hour long and it felt great. The fresh crisp air blowing having a lil convo with God as I walk around and up and down blocks. It definitely helps with the cabin fever. I hear people talk about the physical part of surgery but not the mental ( maybe I'm the only that's experiencing emotional hick ups during healing). I mean laying on ur stomach 24/7 when ur not even use to being in ur own home definitely takes a toll on u. I was losing my mind in the house. I mean there's only so many times u can walk around the well if anyone else start to feel the walls are closing in on them relax, just take a nice long walk outside and it's amazing how it makes u feel amazing and normal again. I mean I'm almost 2 weeks down and only six more to go. As long as I stay prayed up, follow my Dr's orders take nice walks & let's not 4get to look at the booty and hips and see that beautiful new shape I'll knock those 6 weeks out like that. Ladies this is definitely a hard recovery ( I can only speak for myself) , but it's not impossible. I'm so grateful for my new beautiful shape and the confidence it has given me this process has also aloud me to spend more time talking to God ( now if I could shut up I learn to listen. Also congratulations to all the beautiful women who had their surgery today. U rock beauties!!!

I cheated

Ladies today I cheated. I took a shower around 1 pm and did not put my compression garment back on until after 7 pm. I know that was wrong but after I got out the shower I massaged a little then fell to sleep. When I woke up it felt so good to be free from the garment that I left it off....:0 ( Lord please let these 2 months fly by please. On another note I don't have any pain anymore and stiffness at night is getting better. I'll be 2 weeks on Tuesday. ..yay!!!


So I have to start taking my daughter to school tomorrow and I just tried to drive. It was so uncomfortable and I look like Frankenstein in my suv . I feel like Frankenstein driving. I'll be 2 weeks Tuesday and I have no other choice but to start drinking again . My daughter's school is only 10 minutes away and my daughter is very unhappy with the arrangements I have in place. I will not have my child unhappy for this situation. If any of u ladies can give me some suggestions on how to make things more comfortable please share. I'm sitting on a lumber roll with a towel wrapped over it with the body pillow on my back. The bottom of my booty stings from my test drive. Is that normal?

First time driving

So guys I drove for the first time today. Let's just say I have to get use to it. I used a inflatable balance thing shaped like a pancake behind my back and under my thighs I used a bopper pillow with a rolled up towel on top of it. I originally brought a lumber roll for under my thighs but that thing was way to hard and hurt when I sat on it.

pushing up

And yes as b4real and Ellis said I use my left foot to push up with and my right had .

Last of the bandages off

So I just removed the last of my bandages. I'm not talking about the foam I'm talking about the clear latex dressings that go over the white strip that dr. s puts over the incisions. That crap is just as hard to take off as the foam. All my incisions are healing really well thank you Jesus and the stiffness and tightness is getting a lot better another praise God. I'm slowly getting back to doing normal things except for sitting and laying on my back ( come on May 13th). For the last couple of days I've been eating normal. The first week and 1/2 I couldn't do anything but drink and take a bite here and there. I'm moving around constantly and even try to do light exercises with my legs and arms at home. When I take a shower I turn the water on super hot and let it massage my body. Ladies I don't know if it's me but that super hot water coming down feels as good as sex right now. I mean it helps the with the lipo areas and especially with the horrible inching. If some of u haven't tried the super hot water TRY My results still amaze me. I put on a pair of Khakis yesterday so the market could deliver my groceries and I couldn't believe how good I looked in them. Now these are the same Levi khakis that has been in my closet for years and I only wore them once because when I did wear them they sagged on my buttons so bad even my mom said don't wear those anymore. Now they look great. To all my ladies that just had surgery don't worry it does get better and quickly. I'm only two weeks and I can honestly say I feel a heck of a lot better than I did the first week and a 1/2 . It truly is amazing what prayers and a couple of days can do. I still can't wait till all the stiffness is gone and all my skin softens back up but I'll take the way I feel now over the way I did the first week....heck naw I ain't going back Again I praise God for covering me with the blood of Jesus throughout this whole journey. From me picking my plastic surgeon to me finding this site and my healing is healthy and coming along great. Hallelujah... can't nobody tell me my God ain't real and a protective covering all around me. Be blessed my beautiful ladies and please please be careful and knowledgeable about who does u r surgery and where ur getting it done at.

Found a cure for the itching

So I told u guys that the itching near my incisions were driving me insane and I'm happy to say I found something for it. Benadryl works wonders. I popped 2 pills and bye bye itching. Now it did make me go to sleep but I really needed that sleep. I still wake up stiff but not at all as painful as before , just a little discomfort and when I wake up I'm up. So after I dropped my daughter off today I went to Walmart and brought the benadryl. The 2 pills it lasted all day ladies. So tomorrow I'll take 1 pill prayerfully it won't make me drowsy. On another note I ordered some clothes so I'll have more than enough pairs of yoga pants to wear. I ordered from Old Navy only because I had a 20% off coupon. I normally wear a size 10 but I ordered everything in a 12 thinking that will be big en into give the boot some breathing room (prayerfully it's the right size). I ordered sweatpants and khakis. I have to order all my pants online because I'm 5'9 and don't like wearing high waters. I know I sound like a broken record but I still can't believe my curves. I'll take more pictures soon. One more thing I really think the Arnica pills work. My bruising is a lot better and I'm the type person that bruises easily and they last forever.


That should have been more than 3 pairs of yoga pants

I 4got to post this last week


Okay my experienced bbl vets what do u wear? I'm almost 3 weeks post op and becoming more active and getting back out into the world but I have no clothing. I read on here that jeans are bad ( that's what I have the most of) so I ordered some khakis in a size 12 (I'm normally a 10) and they are tight. How the heck is a 12 tight when 10 is loose on me....ugh. What am I supposed to wear? ??? I can't believe that I'll actually have to buy a 14. Please all suggestions are welcome

New clothes

So in my last post I told u guys how I only had three pair of pants to wear and today I tried on my old pants and jeans ( I know jeans are bad right now). Well my jeans are a no go. There were like three pair I could squeeze on but they were tight as heck. My pants were half and half. The pants that had stretch in them I could fit ( again they were tight) , but the others didn't go past my hips (lol...I have hips). Arden B sent me a coupon for 50% off my entire order so I ordered some dresses ( like booty4real suggested...ty sis) & maxi skirts. I also ordered more skinny khakis in a size 14 ( can't believe I'll be in a 14) from old navy And Will Be sending The 12s back. I'm not wearing anything that the booty4real can't breathe in at this point of recovery. Can't wait to see Dr. Schulman this Friday for my first post op visit with him ( I know I'm horrible for canceling the first one and waiting so long). On another note I feel absolutely wonderful. No pain at all and the stiffness at night is very minimal. Still swollen but that's to be expected. Besides not being able to sit and lay on my stomach and some swelling I'm back to normal. I have lost volume in my hips.....tears but they still look great my butt has gone down a little but hopefully it won't go down anymore. I tried on a pirate outfit that I brought for a costume party for our vacation this summer and I looked awesome in . I didn't have anyone here to take pictures and the ones I tried to take didn't do the shape any justice I mean I couldn't believe I was looking at myself in the mirror. I'm still amazed at this shape. ..I give all praises to God for allowing me to look at my body in the mirror and love what I see. I also gotta thank Dr. Schulman the vessel God used to sculpt this new shape. God gave that man skiiiiiiiiilllllssss. I also want to pray for and tell all my ladies that's having surgery tomorrow and less then two weeks post op it gets better so quickly. I know it doesn't feel like it while under two weeks but believe me it does. Just last week I didn't think I could do this recovery and now I'm like I could easily do a round 2.....sike I'm lying.....lmbo but after the 2 weeks I was really great.

First Post Op

Today was my first post op appointment with Dr. Schulman today and Praise God it went great Dr. S said I'm healing great and asked where did I get my small waist I will tell tell anyone that Dr. Schulman is amazing, only is he God gifted with skill and sculpting, but his personality, compassion & genuine care for his patients are out of this world. This man never rushes u and always asked u about u. I don't know if I mentioned to u guys that I had 2 panic attacks after my surgery and the second one I called Sr. Schulman on a Saturday night and he called me right back stayed on the phone with me until I was calm. Guys I mean there were moments of outright silence and he didn't rush off the phone or act irritated he just patiently stayed on the phone and helped me through it. Can't no one tell me Dr. Schulman is not one of the best Dr.'s in the world ( yes I said world). I don't know too many Dr.'s that would stay on the phone in awkward silence and talk their ps surgery patient through a panic attack. I can't stop smiling when I look in the mirror at my results. I love looking at me naked and that's something that I tried not to do in the past because my body was so unattractive to me. I actually cried in the office telling him and the staff how happy I am with my results. I can't thank God first then Dr. Schulman , Amy , Rachel& Amanda enough for the compassion and care they given and continue to give me as a patient and a person. I have 3 friends that are going with me to my next post op to have their consultations because they are so amazed by my results and that a Dr was actually able to give me this shape. I know I sound redundant but I will say it over and over that Dr. Schulman is hands down one of the best surgeons in the world. If u want a dr who has God given skill and will actually care about go to Dr. Schulman. I even asked dr. Schulman about getting thigh liposuction and he said ....."no...I'm not going to just take u r money to take it. Give urself time to heal and work out"....I love this man for his honesty and caring. Will post pictures in New clothing soon.

New clothing that I would not even look at b4

Hey guys I know some of u asked me to upload pictures with clothing on so here they go.

Long torso

Hi ladies can anyone help me with finding a squeem for tall women. I'm 5'9 and all my squeems stop 1inch 1/2 above where it should and it causes a bulge at my lower abdomen. I have to go to a small bc my medium I can put my whole hand under with it being on the tightest clasps. Please help

almost six weeks

This body is ready for summer....:0)

Swelling is going down.

Just to let everyone know the dresses I posted yesterday are a size 8....yay

Able to sit , but still hesitate

Hey ladies as of last Tuesday I was able to sit, but I'm still hesitate. I' m not 100% comfortable with sitting at this pointe and I'm still following my previous precautions. I see Dr. Schulman on the 23rd and talk to him about this. I've read that whatever u have after 3months is there forever. I've been going to the gym off and on but I'm but have to get back on my regular schedule. Any advice on my paranoia from seasoned bbl'ers are welcomed.

So grateful

Good morning ladies. I skipped church today ( my pastor wasn't there so I played hooky. I know so wrong) so I had some time to update. My son's prom was this past Thursday and he looked sooooo handsome. His father's family in which I haven't seen in years (his dad passed away 15years ago) came to see him, and the first thing his aunt said is 'when did u get a big booty"... she asked did I have padding on and even asked to feel Of course I told her I have really working out ( I hate to lie , but I'm not broadcasting I had PS). The whole family kept complimenting on how great and thin I looked. ..:0). I have been getting compliments everywhere I go. I still can't believe this is actually my body I'm looking at when I look in the mirror. I'm still not completely sitting and I dare not lay on my, but I'm easing myself more and more into the sitting position. I see Dr. Schulman this Wednesday.

So very grateful.

So I've been very busy lately and haven't been on here much. Hope all u beautiful ladies are doing well and loving ur new shapes.


These pictures were taken after I just piged out and my stomach is still flat. While being fitted for jeans at Levi the lady took my measurements and they were 34, 29,41....she was an older lady and she told me I was built like a brick house. ..laughed so hard . She also said I was blessed to be born with such a beautiful face and body. If she onot knew the shape is

Hi ladies

Hey ladies hope everyone is well. Just stopped by to say I'm still enjoying my curves and loving the confidence they are giving me. Dr. Schulman emailed me my before and after pictures so I'm sharing them with u guys. I've been reading some comments on how some people think Dr Schulman's prices are high. Well I agree they are high I also think they are worth every penny you'll spend with him. His results are absolutely amazing and he and his staff are, so informative. My life is definitely not something I would bargain shop with and coming a family of Nurse Practitioners a Neurologist, DO and Anesthesiologist they all felt his skills and bedside manner as a Dr. first and than a Plastic Surgeon was excellent. I couldn't have picked a better Surgeon for me than Dr. Schulman


Anyone considering getting ur arms done....DO IT!!! I'm so happy with my arm results and the difference is crazy noticeable

First time wearing jeans

Hey guys so just wanted to post pictures of my first time wearing jeans since my surgery

Hi guys

Hi guys

Hey guys hope all is well.

HI everyone hope all is well

Schumann is amazing

I had my surgery in 2014. Haven't worked out one but ( definitely don't recommend that) and I'm still in love with my shape

3 years later

3 years later

New York Plastic Surgeon

Amazing surgeon - Almost 3 years later and my body by Schumann is still going strong Had my surgery in 2014 and I'm still amazed about my results . He was gentle, kind and very informative. I recommend him to anyone. This man gave me my confidence back. He helped me choose the best shape that fit my frame. Staff was awesome and Dr. Schulman is a very personable person. He's very honest about your results. I have not worked out not one time since my surgery ( would definitely not recommend that) and I still have a beautiful shape. Dr. Schulman in my opinion ( and believe me his work speaks for itself) is one of the best Dr.'s in the world. Not only is his skills and talent God given but his personality compassion & honesty is amazing. Dr. Schulman exceeded my expectations of what I expected my body to look like after surgery. He not only used his skill to sculpture my amazing new body but he also used his caring compassion to help me throughout my recovery. Dr. Schulman ' staff is wonderful. They talk to u anytime u need and they are so personable with u. They are honest and down to earth. I can't say enough great things about this man and his staff. He did such a great job with my lipo and BBL that several people have even asked if I got my breast done. I have never waited more then 10 minutes to see Dr Schulman ( & I'm not sure if I ever even waited 10 minutes). He doesn't let u spend money on procedures u don't need , he will tell u right out if it will help u or not make a difference he's truly honest. I went to 3 other Dr's consults and two told me I would need a TT and one told me to get butt implants. When I asked Dr. S about a TT he told me I didn't need one . Dr. Schulman got my stomach and flanks completely flat with no loose skin just from lipo. As I said b4 this man is truly amazing and blessed by God. I would recommend Dr. Schulman to anyone and honestly tell them that they can trust him and his skill and they will look amazing with his recommendation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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