Implant Removal Because of Capsular Contraction and Breast Reshaping/uplift. Belgium, BE

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I first had implants when I was young, incredibly...

I first had implants when I was young, incredibly under confident and under the impression that it was the way to become attractive to men. I cringe now when I think of me back then so self depreciating at a time when I should have ben at my most confident. I had just split up with a cheating boyfriend and had lost weight, mostly from my breast area. To me, this was the answer to my sadness so I booked in, saw a consultant in a hotel room who convinced me that bigger was better (seriously!) and two weeks later was walking round with breasts far too big for my frame and struggling to find anything to fit me. I stayed like this for many years, never enjoying the way I looked and always embarrassed thinking that people must know they were false. Eventually one of my breasts became hard and misshapen, also due to the weight of the implants my breasts were starting to sag. I knew from researching on the internet that I had a capsular contraction and that I was going to have to have another operation. I also knew there was no way I could afford to have it done in the UK. I had decided that I no longer wanted implants. They hadn't made me happy, I don't think I looked better and they were just in the way, especially as I like to go running and they had started to hurt every time I finished a run. My first consultation was with Elyzea, my consultation was in London but I was really disappointed to find out, it wasn't my surgeon I would be meeting but a surgeon's assistant. I certainly didn't want to commit to paying for surgery without first meeting my surgeon because that is the mistake I made last time. I can't say there was anything wrong with the consultation other than that. The price that I was quoted for implant removal, capsular contraction removal and breast uplift was about £3700. This was a lot less than the UK but I went home still not sure about the whole surgeon thing. I decided to do a lot more research and one name that kept coming up with good reviews was Dr. Oelbrandt. What I was really impressed with is the fact that consultations are with him. Hallelujah! Exactly what I wanted, to talk to the person who was going to perform my operation. My consultation was in Harley Street, and I met Tahira, Dr Oelbrandt's assistant who was lovely. My first impression of Dr Oelbrandt was that he was very friendly and down to earth. I liked the fact that he was matter of fact too. He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, he just told me the truth. He was realistic about what was achievable but most of all, I felt that he was an expert in his trade. I had made my mind up before he quoted me a price as I knew it would still be cheaper than the UK. I couldn't believe the price he quoted and really felt close to tears. £2700. It was like I could finally accept that this was going to happen and that I could right what I stupidly did wrong all those years ago. Dr Oelbrandt offered me another free consultation so I had time to go away and think about it but I just didn't need to. That's the beauty of meeting your surgeon, you just have that instant feeling of whether you are in safe, genuine hands or not and I know I had made the right decision. He really took the time to fully explain what was going to happen and the look I could realistically be able to achieve. he made sure I was doing it for the right reasons and I had to fill in a questionnaire that ensured I wasn't emotionally unstable or just not ready for the operation. None of this happened on my first operation.
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After my first consultation, I was kept informed about what to do, where to go etc by both Dr Oelbrandt and Tahira. I had all the information that I could need to get me to Brussels and to the clinic. I was provided with mobile phone numbers in case of emergency and I found it very comforting that I had my surgeons mobile number in case I couldn't find the clinic etc. I got info on what hotels to stay at, their prices, taxi numbers, costs of transport and so on. I was travelling on my own and so all this info was very reassuring. Travelling on the Eurostar is easy and the clinic is very easy to find but if I was doing it again, I would remember to ask my phone provider to make sure I had international roaming and then I could have used my satnav which would have been even easier. The clinic was clean and bright. Small and not what I expected at all. I kind of thought it would be more like a hospital but the main thing is that it was spotless. Dr Oelbrandt greeted me and made sure I was ok. I met his staff and they were just lovely and I immediately felt at ease. Dr Oelbrandt seems to go into a zone on the day of the operation. He wasn't as chatty or jovial but it was clear that he was just in the Zone, completely focused on what he needed to do. I remember chatting to the anaesthetist and laughing but the next thing I remember I am waking up in the private recovery room. In my first operation, I was in a recovery room that was like a hospital ward. When I was ready, I got a taxi back to the hotel. which was a really lovely hotel called the Hotel Beveren. My room was huge and the hotel was beautiful and so clean. The food was good too. Dr oelbrandt had put me in touch with another lady who was on her own, with mutual consent of course and we met up for something to eat before the tiredness kicked in. Unbelievably, I had no pain whatsoever. Dr Oelbrandt had told me there would me there would be less pain than having implants but I had none whatsoever. I don't know why and it seems pretty incredible but I had pain killers directly after the operation but that is all I took. The other lady however, was in a lot of pain. she had under the muscle breast implants and everyone is different so I'm not saying it would be painless for everyone. I went home 2 days later armed with all the dressings and things I needed to keep my wounds clean. Dr Oelbrandt kept in touch and made sure I was ok. I didn't like having to change the dressings. That first look at your breasts after uplift surgery is shocking. Frankensteins monster comes to mind. I certainly had that panic of Oh my god, what have I done but then I knew I would look bad as uplift surgery has quite significant scars. I phoned Dr Oelbrandt as I was scared. things didn't look right to me. I had scars that looked wider than they should be and my nipples looked like pieces of stuck on salami. Eughhhhh! Dr Oelbrandt reassured me that this was all natural and that they would just get better and better, I just had to be patient and trust that if there was anything actually wrong, he would put it right. Well he was right and things did improve drastically. Give it at least 8 weeks before judging/ panicking! That would be my advice. You are NOT going to look pretty for a while! Now to tell you the end result. I now have natural breasts, no implant, no capsular contraction and they are nothing short of beautiful. Yes I have scars (I have been using Bio Oil since week 2). but they are fading fast. Dr Oelbrandt saved as much of my natural breast as possible so I ended up with a small C cup. I love them. They are so much lighter, more pert and more importantly they suit my frame and don't hurt. I have never been happier, I just wish I had met Dr Oelbrandt and his team years ago. I have had my post op check up by Dr Oelbrandt in Harley Street and all is excellent! I couldn't be more happy.

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