28 Year Old, 180 Lbs, 5'4 Height with 5 Kids - Brownsville, TX

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I will have surgery on January 5, 2016, very...

I will have surgery on January 5, 2016, very nervous but excited at the same time. I am getting the mommy makeover which includes the extended tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I am adding tubal ligation and vaser liposuction to 4 areas: arms, flanks, back and axila. After my consultation I went home and couldn't sleep because I was just thinking maybe it's too much, maybe I should divide the surgeries so I went in the next day to talk to my doctor and he explained to me that with my age and health he feels that he can do the procedure however while I'm the operation room if he feels that it's too much for my body he will stop the operation. Patient's safety comes first is what he told me and I feel safe and I trust him so I decided to go ahead with the surgery. It is about an 8 hour surgery. still nervous but I think that's normal. So I have my preoperative appointment today 12/23/2015 @ 10 am. Right now it's 3:15am can't sleep, I'm nervous. I don't know if it's me or does it happen to everyone but I was dreaming about the surgery and my results haha so I decided to write down about this very important journey that I will be going thru. I think I have mostly everything figured out. I have my husband's aunt that will be staying at my house for the first week. She will be doing everything from cleaning to cooking to baysitting. Of course with the help of my husband but men can't do it with out us so I had to have a women come in and help. lol my hubby is great I just want him to have that extra help. My older kids will be in school and they have after school activities so don't come home until 6 pm. I have a friend who is a nurse and she will be coming by to help me shower for the first time and drain out my tubes. So I will keep ya posted and will add some pictures along the way. Thank you for reading I love this forum I feel like everyone here supports each other.

Preoperative appointment

I went in today for my my preop and there did a cbc I think it's called and went over what is to be done before and after surgery I have a clear mind of what to expect after surgery. at least recovery wise it seems it will be a long process but all worth it at the end. I came home with copies of the paper work which is what my nurse explained but in detail, I'm making to do lists of what I feel I need to get done before the surgery because I will have to hand over control over my house. it's very hard because I'm used to doing things my way. so I might as well get accept that now. for example shopping for groceries and the things I will need after surgery and stuff like that. it went by smoothly and pretty quick once I was in the room. oh and the nurse took a lot of pictures so she could choose the best as the before and then said she would take some after too. I will take some myself and I promise to post tonight. Well I have an appointment Monday December28, 2015 at the hospital so that I can register. one step closer..

Waiting is the hardest.

So I finally took the pictures and will post them right now. I only have 7 days left before I go into surgery I am very nervous and excited I can't explain but I try not to think about it so much but it's impossible. I'm almost done buying the stuff I need like the robe, slippers, sports bra no wire, medipeds, over the counter meds, cold compresses, and all that good stuff. I've read that we need something to read so I'm gonna go tomorrow and find me a really good book or two. I called today to see if I could rent a hospital bed but no luck so tomorrow I'm gonna go to this one place they recommended but it was closed yesterday. I just don't want to forget anything..



So close..

It's 10 pm so the day is almost over.. tomorrow and then surgery, I am so excited and nervous. I think we all feel that way. I just want to make it thru. I have to be strong for my kids because I told them and I know they're just looking to see for any signs and I don't want them to worry. my oldest is 11 so he doesn't need to worry about anything. Well I'm going to take it easy tomorrow and just spend my day with my kids. Give them lots of hugs and kisses :)

The day of surgery...

The day is finally here. I'm in the waiting area and I feel calm. Maybe once I go to the back, maybe it'll kick in. But for now I'm ok. Well I ask that you please pray for me and the women that go in today for their procedure. I will keep you posted.

I made it to the flat side.

very tired. but if I'm doing better tomorrow I'll keep ya posted

over to the flat side.

so today is the 3rd day out of surgery, I tried showering but my blood pressure went down. it felt awful so I'll try again tomorrow.
it's not painful but just uncomfortable but if I'm able to.shower I'll post pics.. ttyl

getting anxious

still haven't been able to take off my garment, I'm scared since the first time was a bad experience. with it on I can move and walk and feel confident. I've been eating a little more so I'm hoping that will help me when I take it off tomorrow morning. or might decide to do it right now. I know if I do it now I will sleep like a baby :) and I can take some pics.... I haven't been able to see my results yet so am looking forward to that
will keep ya posted.

Better then expected...

OK so today is 6 day post op I thought it was gonna be the same as yesterday. but today is a better, taking it day by day. if they would of asked me yesterday if I recommended someone else to do it I would of said no.. but it's the emotional toll you go thru. I was able to walk a little longer and do a little more for my self. I can take maybe a boob pic but I wanted to take a pic of my stomach back and arms but I better wait it's been twice I have felt light headed not a good feeling.. I have my appt on Wed 13th so I think they change my garment.. well good luck to all the women who will go thru this journey as well. at the end its all worth it. I know it'll be just memories that I will keep once I'm running around in bikinis lol... no but on the real good luck and thanks for the support

1 week post opt

So today is a week, very happy just because I did it, I went thru with and now im recovering. the first days are very hard like a lot have mentioned but as the days go by it becomes a little easier. be patient enjoy the journey pain and all because at the end of the day it is your body and if we decide to put ourself thru this its for a good reason. I saw my stomach after surgery when the doc went in to see me and loved the results and that's because I was swollen cant imagine when im not :) so KEEP GOING GIRLS WE CAN DO IT

10 days post op

hello to all, well today is day 10 and I feel really good. strong, mentally and physically so that's a win. i got to actually carry my baby girl and feed her and put her to sleep she was so happy. I couldn't do it before because i had vaser lipo to the arms and with the sleeves i couldn't do much. i took them off to wash them so i took advantage of that time... starting with my breast i really like them they look natural well size wise, i think they'll end up like a full c cup im hoping 36c, my belly button is healing well (that's what my nurse said) i clean it daily with peroxide. my tummy tuck incision has tape and i think that lasts about 2 weeks so that's good too. i was told to eat high protein diet. i try to eat a clean meal the first days were rough so i don't want to just throw that away like nothing. i also don't want to deprive myself from anything because when ou do that then the day you taste something you want to devour it lol so ill have a nibble for now but i know i can control myself. i have a little pain on my right inner axila but i had lipo done there so i think that's what it is. my doc suggested i walk from 30 to 60 mins so i got to get moving... i like being independent, just wanted to know does anybody else get up without any help? cant wait to try on some clothes.... :) my nurse took lots of pics so i will post pics please be patient

1 week post op

this is a week after and like my results then right now as the days go by i see the swelling go down.
Edinburg General Surgeon

I went in for a consultation and my doctor was very patient and took the time to listen to what I wanted. I feel satisfies that after that I feel he has a clear understanding of what I want and he gave me his suggestions of what he believes looks better but let me have the final say. like it should be I believe. He is very polite and makes you feel so comfortable like I've known him for a long time.

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