Silicone Buttock Injection Removal - Brownsville, TX

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I can’t even put into words how many nights I s...

I can’t even put into words how many nights I spent hour after hour searching for topics on “fixing” bad silicone butt injections. There are quite a bit of stories of remorse for getting the injections but not many stories of a solution to the problem. So my plan is to share my journey in hopes to help inform others who are in the same boat. I've suffered from this mistake and it's ruled over my life for far too long. I can't quite put into words how horrible my self image has been since this all started. I'll do my best to sum it up.

I had illegal silicone buttock injections about six years ago when I was young and naive. Everything was fine at first, my new butt actually looked good. I had multiple sessions of injections and the last session was when the problems began. The injection sites on each buttock became infected (I’m still uncertain how, had to have been the product or non-sterile environment) and turned into boils, oozing nasty gunk. I went to a clinic and was prescribed some strong antibiotics, didn’t really help. Long story short, it took MONTHS for the open blisters to fully close and when they did, they formed hideous inverted scars all over my butt. It was awful and my backside was completely deformed. Other than the initial infection and now horrible scarring, there wasn’t really any pain, discoloration or hardness like I read about from other silicone victims. After a year or two my butt slowly began to sag creating rippling and cellulite, getting worse with each year. My butt just looked totally unnatural, even under clothing. It was asymmetrical, way too large for my short frame and had horrible indentions all over it. This deformation robbed me of all confidence and I am SO ready to move forward from this idiotic mistake I made so long ago.

I’ve tried regular liposuction of the buttocks as well as scar revision in the past. Both were fails and a waste of money. I’ve had consults with numerous doctors over the last two years and left feeling hopeless every damn time. Most of the doctors were clueless about the silicone epidemic or weren’t even willing to hear me out because they refused to mess with an unknown substance. Then I randomly came across a blog one night, dated a few years back. A girl mentioned a doctor in Edinberg TX who is familiar with silicone injections and has a method of removal. I researched the heck out of him and sure enough, he is experienced in removal and has done so numerous times with successful results. The doctor is Filiberto Rodriguez. His office is 5.5 hours from me but I didn’t care! I booked a consult asap and I’m so glad that I did. The initial phone call to his office was rushed and left me with a bad vibe of the staff. The office seems extremely busy but once I arrived I was treated very politely and promptly. The nurse, Trudy, who took my vitals also talked very in depth with me about what I had done in the past and what I was interested in having fixed. She actually had me fully undress and she felt my buttock thoroughly while asking questions. It was very obvious that she’s seen cases like this before and was educated on the subject. I never once felt judged by her. She was super sweet and professional and for the first time in years, I felt like there was hope for me. The doctor came in shortly after, the nurse stayed in as well and they both heard me out as I explained all of my concerns, expectations and so on. We must have talked for over 30 mins and I never once felt rushed. Dr. Rodriguez is simply amazing and has an awesome bedside manner. I can’t sing his praises enough! All the consults I’ve had in Houston (Dr. Cortez, Dr. Moliver, Dr. Tang, Dr. Bidros) could never compare to my consultation with Dr. Rod. So, the surgery plan we came up with is Vaser lipo of flanks and buttocks (apparently this is much different than traditional lipo and because my silicone is soft, this will help to remove it) as well as a traditional butt lift, the one that leaves a long scar across lower back. This is what I want because it’s the only way to remove the excess stretched out skin from years of heavy silicone weighing down my butt. This also somewhat improves my existing scars by smoothing them out since the skin will be pulled upward leaving me with a tighter posterior. Now, this is the plan that best fits my situation. Dr. Rod mentioned that every silicone patient is a bit different and may vary in what procedures they’ll need. The total price including one night stay at the hospital and surgical center fees is quite high. I’ll be sure to post the total amount once I pay but I try not to focus on the money. Money is something we can always make back. Having zero confidence and being ashamed of my body is a much higher price to pay. Well, this is at least how I rationalize in my head spending so much money, lol. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. Just having the feeling of hope is amazing. I’ll be sure to keep posting as I continue this journey. If you’re in a similar predicament and located anywhere near TX, get your butt to Dr. Rod’s office. He has patients coming in from all over the map for good reason.

Quick Update...

So I'm less than a month out from surgery. I wanted to upload another picture of my backside from a slightly different view. At some angles, my butt doesn't look so bad, maybe even small. Lighting and angles are tricky like that. I think this shows a little better just how uneven my butt is. My right side is higher and has much more projection while my left side looks deflated and has much less projection. The silicone has slightly migrated down the back of my thigh, just under my butt. You can see the rippling contour that looks similar to cellulite. Again, it appears much worse in person than on camera.

Feel free to ask and questions. I'm here to help if I can.

Pre Op appointment was today!

Just finished my pre op appt and registering at the hospital. I'm all set for surgery this Thursday, July 21. I'm extremely nervous. So many things are going trough my mind. Most importantly, I'm praying for a safe surgery and speedy recovery. Anesthesia is a scary thing! My surgery will last approx 5 hours. I will spend the night in the hospital and return to my hotel afterward for about a week before heading back home. I feel confident that the doctor and his team are clear on my expectations. Still, I have no idea what to expect, appearance wise.

I'm sure I'll have trouble sleeping tomorrow night. I've sought this help for years and I'm so relieved to finally move forward with what I feel is best for my body!

Feel free to comment/ask questions. I'll do my best to answer. I'll be sure to update on here after surgery, once I'm able. Keep me in your prayers, ladies! I'll also post a breakdown of what I paid for what procedures later on.

Day one post op

So, I survived! Currently laying in hospital bed. I'll be discharged around noon today. I stayed overnight, which I HIGHLY recommend doing regardless if you have a family member to help you or not. This was a major surgery and it is my highest suggestion to stay one night in hospital with around the clock professional care and meds. My blood pressure dropped very low a few times. If I were home with just a friend or loved one looking after me, how would they have know? I can barely turn over on my own and require two nurses to assist me to reposition. Not to mention the need for a catheter! Stay overnight in the hospital with these types of procedures. It's not mandatory but it's well worth the extra money.

I'm still a bit woozy from the Valium so bare with me. The doc just came in and said my surgery went great. He showed me a pic he took on his phone of all the silicone he removed (I'll ask him to text me the pic next time I see him). I was in shock. Apparently most of the silicone migrated down my butt, creating the sagging. The butt life went great, too. He was able to lift enough skin upward to give me a smooth tight butt. I have a super tight garment on so my but looks much more flat than im used to seeing it, but, after seeing what he took out of it, I COULD NOT be happier. I'll update once I'm back in my hotel. On a scale of 0-10 my pain is probably a 4. But I'm also hooked up to an IV of drugs, lol.

Talk soon!

I removed my garment for the first time and..

I'm back at my hotel room. Was not feeling so good- sore, stiff, weak. So I had a snack, took some pain meds and had a nice nap. I feel much better now. I was cautioned to not remove my garment myself until I had enough strength due to it being a tad difficult to get back on. So I slowly removed it to just under my buttocks and...omg, my butt is cute again! To me, anyway! I had horrible scarring and asymmetry in my before pics. Now, my but is symmetrical, lifted and hardly any brusing aside from my flanks which were Vaser lipoed. I'm so excited for the final result. The butt lift incision still has staples and tape over it so I'm cautiously optimistic how that will heal, since I can't really see it right now. I do have two drains, major bummer and hassle. Hopefully doc will remove them along with the staples in 5 days. My butt may be little again but it's in no deformed anymore and that all I can ask for!
Please excuse the bad pic angles, it's hard to take them myself.
I'll update in the next day or two on my experience with the hospital and surgery. Thank you for all the love and support. This has been a dream of mine for over 5 years. Please, please seek out dr Filiberto Rodriguez if you're in this predicament. You will NOT regret it. I will also try to get the picture of all the disgusting silicone balls/lumps he removed from my buttock and thighs.

3 Day Post Op

I have my post op appt with the doc this upcoming Tuesday in which I'm hoping he will remove these awful drains. Initially, he did not think drains would be necessary but explained to me that due to the amount of silicone he removed, I was left with a lot of "dead space" or empty space between my muscle and skin which would just accumulate fluid, hence the need for drains after all. The drain insertion site is tender and a bit annoying. The staples from the posterior lift incision is beging to become a bit itchy, which I'll take as a sign of healing.

I am out here completely alone, which has been super difficult but possible. the overnight stay in the hospital was great. The staff at Connerstrone regional hospital were superb. It was a tiny facility compared to what I am used to back in Houston but every staff member I encountered addressed me by my name and and with a smile. A few of the the RN's even did their best to make me smile while i was coming out from anesthesia. I felt safe and comfortable the entire time. Recovering from anesthesia was a bit hard due to having a horrible case of the chills that no number of blankets could cure. But no nausea, thank goodness.Doc's orders were nothing by mouth other than Coke. Weird, I know. So I couldn't eat, drink water or even ice ships for about 12 hours which was brutal. Overall. my pain level never went about a 4 on a scale of 0-10. Doctor came to see me the morning after surgery, I was still a bit groggy but he took his time talking with me even though he was running late for his next surgery. His bedside manner is A1!! A true professional and gentleman. He showed me the pictures of what he excised from my butt and thighs. I will do my best to ask him for a copy to post on here.

my energy levels come and go. some hours of the day I'll feel fine and be able to lay in bed watching tv or reading (I am back in my hotel in the area via cab) other times I just want to take a pain med and sleep the weakness away. It is a process and my main concern is a healthy healed incision, aesthetics come afterward.

I am excited to see what happens at my post op check up and be one step closer to SLOWLY resuming my normal active life.

At this time, I don't not wish to have a bbl or implants. For one- I'm thin so bbl isn't really an option and butt implants don't sound too appealing to me. Arrogance and vain go me into this horrible predicament to begin with. God granted me with the opportunity to correct it and save my health. This is my stand on this issue for ME. I wish the best of luck to anyone pursuing a different path. God Bless. Talk Soon

New found confidence

Life is back to normal. Sometimes I forget that I even underwent such a serious surgery. My scar is starting to turn white (yay) which means it's maturing. Once it's totally white I can start looking into different laser treatments and/or scar coverup tattoo options. No pain, no more lumpy saggy butt, just a cute perky behind that I now get complimented on!!
Edinburg General Surgeon

Dr. Rodriguez listened to my entire story and never once made me feel judged or rushed. He answered ALL of my questions thoroughly and we came up with a plan together to best suit my situation. I am so grateful I found this doctor after years of searching for someone to help me.

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