26,no Kids, 32b Preop, 5'2,120lbs, 475mod+ Mentor Silicone. Brownsville, TX

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I had been wanting this procedure since I was 18...

I had been wanting this procedure since I was 18 years old and finally decided to do this this year.
Measurements preop- 32b-25-36
120lbs, 5'2", pear shaped, 14.5 cm chest
I originally wanted 500ccs but my doctor said that would actually make me look unproportional so I settled for 475 mod plus mentor silicone.
I really wish I had done this sooner. I thought the pain would be the worst part but for me the worst part was taking a shower the first few days because it hurts to move around. I highly recommend this to anybody that desires of fuller bust and to fit into their tops and feel more confident.

1 month 3 days

A month has come and gone, and I still have some numbness on both breast. My right nipple is still numb too. But I do not have that much pain at all. For the most part I do not wear a bra. I have been doing my massages as directed by my PS. Everything seems to be going great right now.

5 week update

This is where I'm at right now. Nothing has pretty much changed except they are a lot softer and squishier. I love it. But, here it is. I still wanna go bigger. Eventually. :-(

6 weeks post op

I can't believe it's already been 6 weeks. I'm doing well and my breast don't hurt as much anymore. I was experiencing morning boob a few days ago but it has gone away since. I still do not feel anything on my right nipple unless I pinch it really hard.

I went to Victoria's Secret recently and I tried on some bras. I tried on 32dd and 32ddd. They both fit but I am more comfortable with 32 DD. They are still riding up really high so I'm going to wait till they settle down to confirm that they are really 32dd. I used to wear a 32b at Victoria's Secret.

Overall I really like the size that I picked and I know that once they drop and fluff that they will look really natural. Sometimes I wish I had gone bigger but I have seen a lot of girls overdo it and later down the road they are having to do revisions because the implants are way too big for their small frame. I think I will stick with these for as long as I can. I'm just grateful that I I'm not a b cup anymore. It was worth all the pain and I do not regret anything. My doctor did an amazing job and I am so thankful that I picked him. he is amazing.

Full body at 7 weeks

So I decided to post some pictures of a full body shot to show my proportions. I don't think I went too big or too small. I saw my PS on Monday and he cleared me for underwire. He said he would prefer if I wore underwire bras 24/7 to avoid displacement. I found at least three bras that I feel comfortable in but it's very hard to find my size. I also want them to drop a little more because I feel like they are still high. Still wearing my sports bras once in awhile because they are just more comfortable.

Nothing has really changed except they are a lot softer and bouncier. I did want to go bigger and I did talk to my PS on Monday about this. He said that the most he would feel comfortable with was 605cc high profile. I currently have 475cc mod plus. The difference is 130ccs. I don't know if I really should. He told me I would look very top heavy if I switched but that my skin would be able to handle it. I also know there are more complications with bigger implants. So it's something I have to think about. |

Pictures did not upload

2 months and I'm super happy

So it's been 2 months and I am in love with my boobs. They are settling really well. I still don't have any nipple sensation on the right side, but the doctor said it will come back soon.
I've told some of my friends about the procedure, and they want me to take them to their consultation. I am a full 32DD and I'm happy I didn't go into the DDD/E category because I honestly think this size looks natural yet big for my petite body.

The big question

I currently measure 32DD. Do my babies really look like DDs? I feel like they are small, like Ds. What do you guys think? I can't believe I went from a B to a DD with just 475ccs.

Swimsuit issues

So as I mentioned in my post last time, at VS I'm a 32DD but I got this swimsuit top and it looks kinda small? Maybe I should try 32DDD?

More bras

So I decided to go look for more bras because the 32DD from VS doesn't really fit ??? I put pictures of 32 DD and 32DDD. I guess my PS was wrong? He told me I could buy bras already and that I wouldn't change that much anymore. But I really don't feel comfortable in 32DD anymore. So I went looking for bras. The best one was 30G by DKNY. It fit perfectly! None are pushup except the 32DD. I ordered a pushup in 32DDD. Let's see how that one fits. I'm gonna look huge!

11 weeks almost 3 months

So here they are at almost 3 months. I can't believe that it's already been that long. From one month to 3 months they settled nicely. I still cannot believe that they went down so much more. I'm wearing 32DDD and that is what feels most comfortable to me.


I haven't posted any pictures of scars, so here ya go. I'm wearing some silicone straps because I feel like Mederma did nothing for me.

Pushup bra 32DDD

So I got a pushup bra, the very sexy pushup VS 32DDD. Idk how I feel about it because it looks huge...like I need anymore hahaha

12 weeks!

I love my boobs!!!!


So here are some new pictures of bras I bought. I feel like 32ddd is too big. Yet it feels right. I wanna go down to 32dd because I feel there's prettier bras and because I can't believe still in a 32ddd. What do you guys think? Do they fit?

Going on 6 months

I can't believe it will be 6 months in 7 days. Wow. Time going by so fast. I have recovered nipple sensation on both sides, no more pain, I have stayed at 32ddd which is amazing. I love my boobs. Here is my update pictures.

Dr. Rodriguez has got to be the best doctor in the RGV. I knew as soon as I saw his work on his web page that he was the doctor I wanted to do my surgery. He answered all my questions and gave me suggestions and I'm glad that I took them because I love my results. I highly recommend him. And was my surgery a little pricey? Maybe it was but it was well worth it. As far as his staff, they were all very nice and also answered all my questions. If you live in the RGV I highly recommend that you go see him either and Brownsville or Edinburgh. You will not regret it

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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