37 Yr Old Finally Decided on The Sleeve. Brooklyn, NY

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After spending countless money trying to lose...

After spending countless money trying to lose weight, I have been going through all the preliminaries to finally get a date for Feb 5th 2016. I've been reading other people's stories for awhile on RS and I hope to be as successful as most of them. I've still got time to go, but I will definitely update. :-)

I also want a BBL, but that's another story for another year LOL.

Done with Pre-op

These 6 months full of appts felt like non-stop and forever. Everything is done and I am submitting my clearance from my doctor on Tuesday. I am crossing for fingers for approval!! I was also told to lose a few lbs. I am already down 10 lbs and hoping to get another 10 down before surgery.

Surgery Approved!!!

I am so excited. Feb 4th, here I come!!

Tomorrow is the big day woohoo

Liquid diet week was not bad at all. I lost 3 lbs from it. And citrate of magnesium is terrible, even in cherry flavor. Ughh. See you guys on the other side xoxo.


I had such a great experience. Hopsital is about 45 mins away from and I found a parking within minutes in a part of brooklyn that is impossible to find parking. Signed the paperwork and was told theres a 10% chance surgery wouldnt be able to be done once he is in there because of a previous splenectomy that left me with a huge scar and mountains of scar tissue right on my stomach area. I prayed and woke up SLEEVED! I had about two hours of very mild uncomfortableness due to the gas and no more afterwards. I was so happy about that. I feel amazing and ready for my first sip of water tomorrow. Didnt use any morphine at all. Just the regular pain killer.


I hope to have some good numbers in the upcoming weeks lol

Am I the only one

Am I the only one that doesnt feel like their stomach was just cut off? I think the doc played a trick on me. Lol. He just wanted me to eat less so he stuck 5 holes in my belly, but didnt really do the sleeve. I have been burping like crazy though, so I assume something happened.

One-Der-Land woohooooo

I went for my 1 week visit and I was 199 fully clothed. Yayyy. Hopefully get out of the nineties by the end of this 2nd week of liquids.

194 and feeling great

I decided to go with isopure vanilla powder mix and i dont love the taste. Lol but i mix it with lowfat milk and its bearable. Please dont mind my sons dirty mirror. Lol. But as always with weightloss my butt is already half its size. : ( i cant wait to start exercising cuz im gonna be queen squatter, otherwise im headed to DR. Lol


What did you start with?? Tomorrow is the big day but im so confused lol

TMI but....

I just realized i havent pooped since surgery! Is this normal???

Losing slooooooow

I guess i thought id be losing faster. But people do notice the weight ive lost so far. Checking in around 182


yep. i did notice i lost couple of inches too. all my hair is falling out. and the weight is just taking its sweet ole time to go lol

Booty gone LOL

I need to incorporate some exercise. I haven't done any. I am 171 today and my poor butt has vanished! The photo looks better than in person lol.


Yayy. So happy.
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