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I am 21 years olds and had lost 80 pounds about...

I am 21 years olds and had lost 80 pounds about two years ago. I've kept the weight off for two years now, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get rid of the extra fat and skin on my lower stomach.
I went to a plastic surgeon to look into getting a tummy tuck because I felt like at 21 years old, having worked so hard to lose the weight, I deserved to have a somewhat attractive body while I'm young. I told my doctor this, and he suggested a panniculectomy instead of a tummy tuck because I have good muscle tone under my fat and skin and because I intend to have children one day.
The day of surgery I went in at about 12pm and got out of there at 4 because they decided to be extra aggressive and take off as much as possible and I am a very healthy individual. I was cut above my belly button and from hip to hip. My skin above the belly button was pulled down and I was given a new belly button. I went home from the surgery the same day. I have two drains on each side.
The first day after the surgery, I wasn't in too much pain, I was just exhausted. Sleeping was awful because I needed to sleep in a recliner and still am 7 days out. They suggest you walk a bit after to avoid getting blood clots, which really sucks to be honest. You are hunched over and need to have someone help you get around.
As far as eating, I didn't have an appetite until around the third day...but they I was ravenous! Every day I've been getting better and have more energy.
My first drain was taking out 3 days after the surgery, I still have one in now and it's draining a lot still. My energy levels are getting better but I still feel tired a lot.
I had the surgery a week ago today and the results so far are...all right. I have a bit of a muffin top going on that I hope is a result of swelling. My incision feels very tight but I'm able to stand up straight now.
I have noticed that my inner thighs are swollen and my back had been hurting probably from being slightly hunched. I also have trouble staying still for too long so I may be moving around too much.
My stomach is also very hard and I almost feel like I look pregnant. I'm definitely loosening up, but everything still feels tight. My stomach looks extended and is very hard and I feel very bloated. I'm hoping this is all a result of swelling and will go down.
My incision doesn't look so bad and my belly button is okay looking. I'm just hoping everything smooths out and I don't maintain this muffin top look. I'm also looking forward to the leg swelling to go down. I'm going to see my surgeon tomorrow to ask about the swelling and hopefully he'll have good news for me!


I am 9 days post op and I could not be feeling anymore swollen:( everything from my legs to my back to my abdomen to my hands. I feel so gross all I wanna do is work out and move but I get so tired when I do too much moving. I put on a pair of jeans and they feel like they're going to rip off me if i move too much. I hope all this goes down and isn't be just gaining weight.
I guess it's yoga pants for me for a while:(

Feeling Better!

Today I went to the doctor for a post op and things are looking great! I am 11 days out and I feel like the swelling had gone down a lot. I can see my results a lot more now and I feel like once the swelling goes down it'll be also exactly what I hoped.
I'm a little disappointed because one of my drains is still in and seems to be filling up a lot every day. It's very irritating; not because it hurts, it's just a nuisance.
I am still sleeping on a recliner because I'm afraid of sleeping on my side and possibly turning the wrong way in my sleep. I just feel safer in the recliner.
I am still numb around my incision and I'm definitely swollen around it but it's getting better every day. I just want this drain out already!!
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