Duran TT n BBL - Brooklyn, NY

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I'm being very patient with her because perfection...

I'm being very patient with her because perfection takes patience. At least that's what I keep telling myself. I want to be a march 2014 Duran Doll! I haven't gotten a response yet but I will patiently wait! I emailed Dra Bello and got a response plus quote within two days. Her work seems ok but I've been hearing to many negative things. I'm going to stay patient even though its hard coming to this site every chance I get lol but I'm waiting for Duran!!

Still haven't heard from Duran

The 15th I'm going to pay Bella Vita to organize everything for me. The suspense kills me I swear!

Dr Duran quotes

What are some quotes you guys have gotten from Duran for TT lipo and BBL? I'm still waiting on my quote but I want to go in march. I want to get an idea or average of about how much I need to save and how much I'm working with!

Finally Spoke with Duran!! March 3rd,2014

It took a little over three weeks, Duran finally emailed me back! My date is set MARCH 3rd I will finally be a doll! All I have to do now is book my room lose 10 pounds :-/ and make sure my health is all that it should be. I have decided to stay at real Armonia recovery. So excited!!!! I'm going to leave from JFK I will book my flight in January.

Wish pic

I'm sticking with Duran! 80 more days

The question is should I do lipo or tummy tuck?! Still a little misguided.

45days to go!

So far I have found 3 girls having surgery March 3rd. I hope that's all because 5 would just be way to much! I haven't taken any vitamins, made any appointments, nothing! I'm excited and scared all at the same time. I think last minute I'm just going to fold under pressure!

12 days until I am a Duran Doll

This is all becoming real to me now! I just started packing which was not a good idea. Anyways I am using a list I have from one of the girls in the fb group. They have all been very helpful! I need to get some pads,funnel to pee, arnica cream, and the basis! I will post a list when I'm done.

5'9 n up club

I love her frame! I would be satisfied with this

Waiting at the airport

My flight was supposed to leave at 12:05. Because of weather conditions my flight will leave at 2:55. I have surgery in the morning. I wish I could just come out and be healed! No recovery process!

14 days post op!

Thanks girls for asking about me. I am doing fine. First I would like to see Duran is a sweetheart. I must say I was nervous before and after the procedure I did end up leaving after 8 days. First of all I had surgery probably around 8 or 9pm that's sacred me. I woke up I'm guessing toward the end of surgery. I didn't feel anything except pressure on my stomach. Scariest thing I ever experienced before. I woke up in a hospital room shivering and with a nurse provided by Yasmin. She stayed with me the whole night. It was rough sleeping and was very hard for me to eat the first few days. Getting into that faja was hell I couldn't close it my skin was too sensitive. Three days after surgery some bruising appeared only stomach and that scared me so much! Duran said it was ok and she would let me know if it was going to be a problem. The worse pain is the back pain from the lipo. My stomach hardly hurts. I am 14 days now so I'm just trying to be consistent with walking straight. It's so hard it's like zombie walking lol I just wanna stand up straight! I will go see a doctor on Thursday see if I can drain some liquid off of my back. I have had no complications this far!

Booty day 10

One month post op

I have been healing pretty good. Of course the swelling drives me crazy! But otherwise I lovey stomach! And I love my assets lol my results are exactly what I expected as I know I won't see my final results until at least 6 months so I try not to stress myself too much about little things I notice.
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