Thermitight RF on Abdomin - Brookline, MA

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So I've lived on Real Self for at least 5 years,...

So I've lived on Real Self for at least 5 years, really wanting to get my boobs done but decided my stomach bothered me more and possibly less expensive to fix, not sure yet though. So, I had 2 procedures done yesterday by Dr. Leonard Miller in Brookline MA. I'm quite thin and didn't qualify for a tummy tuck. I don't have any fat really just this lose skin that hung around my belly button driving me crazy. I've tried to just shrug it off as one of the little trade offs for having beautiful babies but I just couldn't. My husband gave me the go ahead if I'd just stop talking about it. This is my last ditch effort and I'm going to just live with what ever these results are. I had the thermitight Rf along with microneedeling for my stretch marks. My stomach is so swollen it feels like there is a growth on it. The procedure lasted about 30-40 min. I opted to not take the anti-anxiety as I didn't have a ride home, plus I figured, I'm tough enough, I can deal!! ???? Well, I should have taken it. They numbed me up pretty good but the poking and jabbing under my skin just felt so gross the entire time. There were a few occasions where I wasn't numb enough and I could feel the burning heat but they adjusted and I was fine. I've had a really hard time finding any before and after pics for this procedure on the tummy so I thought I'd add mine for anyone else. The redness is from the microneedeling not the thermitight, but the swelling, I was told, is from the thermitight and could last 2 weeks! The microneedeling was done after by the nurse. Dr. Miller came in to check while she was doing it. That part lasted about an hour and didn't feel nearly as bad as the first part. The microneedeling tool they used is a medical grade one as the needles are longer and will produce some blood, plus they said you wouldn't be able to tolerate the pain w/o being numbed up.

Day 3 thermitight RF

So I'm considering today day 3, Sunday bc I had the procedure early Friday morning. The bruising is increasing on the lower part of my belly but overall I think the color is lightening up. Still crazy swollen. It's this weird feeling bc it's so swollen it feels like fat bc it jiggles when I walk. I usually have a pretty flat tummy, albeit a wrinkled one so this is just a weird feeling. I think I might get a compression garment to help. But here are a few pics from today.

Day 3 cont..

Oh I forgot, it's still soar but definitely less walking around. My main issue has been my 2 kids, ages 5 & 7, who I didn't tell. My 5 yo daughter always wants to sit on my lap and it really hurts when they bump into it but it's better then yesterday!

Day 5

So I've started to notice the brown part of my skin peeling off. This is the part from the microneedeling. I think I kinda like this bc it means this gross brown circle on my stomach will be home sooner then later. I'm still a little swollen and quite bruised. I've heard that the microneedeling is a very successful procedure that a lot of people are very happy with. My microneedeling was to deal with the stretch marks. Mine were very light/white but were part of what made my stomach look so wrinkly. I know this takes months to rebuild the collagen but they seem more pronounced at the moment. Depending on the angle I can see exactly where all of them are. I'm hoping that's just bc they are swollen. Here are some more pics.

Day 7

So it's starting to look good which makes me a little nervous. One of my biggest concerns was the wrinkling above my belly button and right now it seems to be gone. I'm nervous bc I'm hoping it's not just from the swelling. If it's not I'll be thrilled. All the dark dead skin has just about peeled off and has left me slightly pink, like new baby skin. I'm also still swollen and numb. I still don't have feeling right at my belly button. But here are some new pics.

Day 7

I'm really happy so far. Went to the Dr's for a check in and he thought it looked good too. It's still swollen and I'm still concerned that when the swelling goes down the wrinkles will come back but over time it's supposed to rebuild collagen and that is supposed to help things smooth out. All the gross skin has peeled off so the pics look pretty good I think, swelling aside. No reason to post daily but I'll check in as swelling lessons and then over the months to see the differences.

7 week update

So here are a few pics. I think the initial results have lessened a bit. The Dr did say the results would be minimum but "I" can see a difference so for that I'm happy. My last apt about 2 weeks ago, he did say I could do it again and it would get better. At $3500 if I were to do it 2ce I might as well have a tummy tuck. I honestly think the rest is up to me. If I went to the gym and worked hard I think it would improve more, by building up the muscle the skin would smooth out even more. If I could just find the time. Lots of people have private messaged me to see further results, technically the results are supposed to continue but I really think optimal results would include a weight training regimen. I would recommend but expect slight improvement, not drastic. If I could get it done for $1500, I'd consider it. I might consider doing just the micro roller. If anyone else does go through with this PLEASE post pics, there are lots of people interested, I'd love to see someone else's results

11 months later

So I think things look the same, improved from before when I did the procedure. I though I'd add recent pics from last week
Brookline Plastic Surgeon

He was very nice and straightforward, there are no guarantees with non invasive procedures as everyone is different and he was up front about that. I choose him bc he was recommended by another plastic surgeon as someone who is an expert and helped create the thermitight RF procedure.

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