Mini Tummy Tuck with Muscles tightness with Doc Morrison - Bronxville, NY

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Yesterday was my Mini tummy t. And muscle repair....

Yesterday was my Mini tummy t. And muscle repair. I m so excited I cannot wait for the outcome because doc Morrison is amazing on his field and everyone is talking nice about his work. Today is my second day. And I m feeling great. Yeah in a little pain but moving around . The Hospital at saint lawrence everyone is so friendly and very professional. I slept on a reclining chair semmi seating. I weak up like 4 time by my self with very careful slowly ladies . My right side was leaking a lot like every 2 hour I needed to empty which I called it" my bolls" . It is very scary but doctor explain me that it is good and normal to leak more from your right side than your left side. To be honest with you I was expecting to be like sombi today but nope I m moving. I m able to pee litte by litte but so far I haven't do #2 yet.!! Lest see what happen. I m eating a like fibers , fruits whole wheat to avoid constipation. I was very skinny but my two babies were 9 pounds both of then and they really stretch my skin from my belly and I wasn't feeling confident when I bend. In conclusion. The experience of my mini TT and muscle repairs is going pretty much like normal. I was so nervous yesterday when they were about to put my anesthesia but I told him not to tell me anything when he was about to put the anesthesia. "Just do it " and the next thing I know i was at the recovery room with my corsets already in my body.

Day 3 after TT

Feeling more with energy but still on pain . It is like burning feeling for moments. I try to suffer as most I can with the pain in order to avoid constipation from the pain killer . I m do happy the fibers , mango and whole wheat diet finally made it to #2 yesss!!! I noticed that the more you walk you feel more pain . But the doctor want you to walk a little bit but I'm not Killing my self walking. I read too many reviews that I took everybody advise. Thanks God this wedsite exist because otherwise I will be wondering if this is normal .. like the leaking pain etc.. I m just a little concerned because I forgot to take the right dosis of my antibiotics . But I call doctor morrison and he said it should be okay. On the name of Jesus everything should be right ladies !! Hold on there the pain is just temporary but the results will be permanent. That my motivation.

Day 6 after my Mini TT and tightness Muscles!

Well Ladies , all these days I have experiance different things . But today I was able to walk and continue standing for 1 hour . Before on day 4 and 5 I was only moving around like 15 minutes and then I was super tired than I needed to sleep. I was to tell you my bigger complains MY Back Pain is killing me every day Dios mios!!!!!! Today got a little better because I m walking a little more straight finally right ! I used to walk like a old lady. Yesterday, day 5 I experienced something crazy I though I was going to stop breathing Lord. I Just Put The Zipper Down Of My garment or faja like 1/2 of my body so I can take a picture. And then OMG 5 minutes I was having short breath I couldn't breath well . So I put back and zipper again . But what Tha hek*# why is that ? After that I feel like that for a couple hour. !
The second thing that I m concerned is my drains. The right side is still coming up liquids (but they look like blood to me) and tomorrow is my first doc visit after cirjury. And I have a feeling that he will not removed it Jesus!! Also the smell of those liquids is getting a little weird smell. I got to do my research about that. Anyway ladies don't panic keep up on your mom makeover 's project. And please i try to cough and it was like nife on my muscle. I run to got some water !! .Lastly, the brusses are also intense and the soreness and swelling .
These are only my experiences that I been having on these couple days. My intention is not to scare you or change your mine .it is for you guys to be aware because sometimes doctor don't tell you the whole part of the story and according to most of them you can work (well is you work in a office sitting ) after 1 week but you body will tell you the truth. ! Have a nice day everyone !

2 Weeks after Mini - tummy tuck and tightness of muscles.

It has been a long journey ladies oh Lod I cannot see the end of this tunnel. Today is 2 weeks and could you believe I still have those annoying drains.......! I have a lot fluids I m scheduled to taking out hopefully Tuesday. But I was supposed to go back to work Monday after my two weeks off but that is not going to happen. Have a plan B ladies because doctors say "2 weeks you will be able to go back to work "" BS because every body heal different and you don't know until you face the reality with your own healing journey. I had bad circulation on my right leg and difficulty breathing for almost 2 days that I end on ER which they were worry that it could be a blood cot ans thanks God after all test scan it came up negative. Today I m feeling like a normal person, still ypu cannot bend or run , carry heavy or run for a marathon. So I'm taking my time and not to kill my self. I bought a new Colombia faja and let me tell you those are the best cause it tight and shape your body like a Barbe. As you see at the pictures. I m still swelling but it takes time to go down. The one that I had after the hospital it was a joke cause it was getting very loose and I started to feel that did not protect my incision. I also using a colombia technique that make your belly flax. It is call abdominal board and it's very safe to used cause it s cover very properly and very comfortable. After I start using this my belly and muscle has go down dramatic. Again this Spanish Colombian technique if you haven't heard don't use it . But it work on colombias' ladies and you had see their bodies right ? Here is the link on youtube
Until my next posting happy healing everyone.

My 4 weeks update . You has to see it.!!

Hello ladies I hope you all are having a happy healing. Lest get to the points
1. My drains!!!! were taking off after 2 weeks and 4 Days!!! I was going to get depress I couldn't take it anymore.
2. Pain. I don't get it why it that most people complains about pain and they need pain killer No Me ! Yeah you will fell pain the most the first 3 days and day 4 and 5 just a little be. What is very true is that when you week up in the morning its is very uncomfortable and I feel like someone bit me. Overall , I m feeling great , the only thing is that I m still swelling from lower belly side and you will see it on my side pictures I look swelling a lot but it has come down a lot as well I asked the doctor when it will go down he said it take time ( hopefully before Christmas right ? ). So take a look the pictures and be my judge.

My 3 1/2 weeks update

Well is been a long journey. The swelling process is taking forever to get down . I still convenced that we cannot will not look super flat but for sure we will look better . The scar is healing nicely and little by little will fade . I will try to buy more embrace which I think is the best that is out there at the market. Be safe ladies and I wish all a healthy healing.

Photos of 3 1\2 month after my Mini tummy tuck

New York Plastic Surgeon

He puts attention to you and super honest. That is hat I loved the most from him his honesty. Let me tell you I went for 6 different consultations with different doctors and only Morrison really convenced me . He cares about his patients and always is in comunication with them super concerned. You will not regret it . I m a real person and I m just a mom who needed to bring my confidence back with my body and I wanted to keep good memories pictures with my children who are 3 and 5 Years old. The money it's worthy. !!!

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