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Hello ladies. This is my very first post. I have...

Hello ladies. This is my very first post. I have been anxiously wanting to get a BBL since I had my son almost 7 years ago. I had my daughter a year and 4 months ago and I am very unhappy with my body. I am gathering the money to book a flight to DR possibly to do my sx with Dr. Duran. I need a sx buddy if anyone is flying out in November and will be staying in a recovery house. Please comment and we can keep in touch. I will be sending an email and pics to Dr. Duran tomorrow to hopefully get a quote soon. If worse comes to worse I will look for a doctor here in Jacobi hospital and stay close to home. Wishing everyone the best of luck with their future surgery! Xoxo

Bbl, liposculpture, breast lift, and tummy tuck

Ok my RS sisters. I contacted Dra. Duran about 2 months ago. She is charging me for a bbl, tt, bl, and liposculpture $6,000. I booked n secured my date for November 21st. I will be getting my blood work done sometime next week in case my hemoglobins are low. I will be staying at Yazmine's recovery house. Dra. Duran suggested I stay for 15 days. I spoke to her n stated I would like to stay for 10 instead but said I have to be open to the possibility of staying longer. Anyone needs any info feel free to ask.

Deposit done!

I sent my deposit through wire transfer today for Dra Duran of $250 through chase bank. They charged me a $45 fee. I called Elizabeth Belen and she said to show up on the date Dra Duran and I agreed on and to bring my receipt. Everything is now starting to set in.

Wish pics


I started taking my vitamins on the 22rd of September. The best way to take your vitamin C and iron because it aids in absorption. I take it with a cup of orange juice every morning. Also, wait at least 2-3 hours to take your other vitamins. Do not take your iron with calcium or vitamin d since it interferes with absorption. I'll be at my PCP next week getting a physical- blood work as well as an EKG. My best wishes to you ladies going in before me. :)

Vitamins (fixed)

The best way to take your vitamin c and iron is on a empty stomach. Sorry for the typo.

Go for it...

If anyone is having a hard time reaching Dra. Duran my best suggestion to you is getting on Facebook and writing to her when she is online. She is extremely difficult to reach at times. With all of the drama Dr. Cabral has under his belt word is that a lot of his patients are going to Dra. Duran. I read on Facebook that she has a waiting list. Please don't quote me though. Again, this is what I read. You can't always believe what you read! I called the office and spoke to Elizabeth and there's nothing available till late December or early January. So ladies get on Facebook n stalk her page lol n once she's online write to her. Send your deposit and call the office and get a date. Don't wait for her to give you a date. Go for it :D I will post all her bank info on my next post. God bless.


Hey ladies. I'm 1 month away from being in DR. I bought my tickets on JetBlue for 475 round trip. On my flight back I got some extra space. This weekend I dedicated myself to getting all my supplies that I will need. The only thing I haven't bought yet are the overnight pads and the fanny pack!!! Do we really need the fanny pack? ???? please ladies let me know so I can order one. Thanks in advance. ????

Dra. Duran info

Sorry for taking so long to post Dra. Durans info! If any of you ladies are having a hard time keep emailing or catch her on Facebook. That's what I did! Her email is hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com her number is (809) 565-5348 or (809) 707-7163. You can obtain a quote with Dra. Duran and then call the office to secure your date. It's much easier. I emailed and secured my date through Facebook with Dra. Duran and I called the office to make sure my name was down for that date! I had to go into stalker mode because I'm determined on getting this surgery. The things we do sometimes lol well good luck ladies ????

Medical clearance

I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago. I had a EKG as well as blood work done. Boy was I nervous about my blood work even though I've been taking my vitamins for 2 months now. I went in on Thursday and received my results on a Monday. I got a 14.5!!!!! I was so happy to know my hemoglobins were that high only because I really want to do all of my procedures at once. If I have to do a round 2 later on in the future then so be it but if I'm healthy and with excellent hemoglobins I'm going for it. If youadies would like to know what I'm taking read my previous post. I wrote all my vitamins there. :)

16 more days left..

Wow I can't believe it's finally getting here. I never thought I would go through with such a invasive surgery. I woke up one day and told myself how unhappy and insecure I was with my body. I felt unattractive and so many other things. As I get closer and closer I am like a emotional roller coaster. One minute I'm like yes finally I can't wait and find myself smiling in the mirror just thinking of how I would like and then I start thinking about the pain I'll be in or what if something goes wrong and never see my kids again. I know this is all normal and I'm sure everyone on here as had the same thoughts. I have everything ready to go just need to get some Monistat just in case, some tank tops and slippers. Just wanted to come and vent for a little on here. Hope the dolls that went in this week all had a successful surgery. Sending prayers to everyone!

7 days away

Hello ladies...hope all is well. I am now officially a week away from surgery. I arrive to DR on November 20th (the day before surgery) and will be heading straight to Cipla per Dra. Duran. She said once I get to Cipla I need to blood work and see the cardiologist. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. One thing I really don't look forward to is the pain (who does right?) but I'll be bringing percocets with me and I will have my friend waiting for me after I come out from surgery. Wish me luck ladies.

Supply list

iron tabs
vitamin c and b12
acidophilus (don't want too throw off the ph in my private area b/c of the antibiotic)

iron tabs
vitamin c and b12
box of gloves
Clorox wipes
a case of ensure
bed pads
urine funnel--ez pee
antibacterial soap
alcohol pads
cotton balls
surgical tape
saline wash
lipo foam
boppy billow
3 hand towels
3 maxi dresses
white tee shirts
overnight maxi pads
night gowns
5 granny panties
body spray
hair brush
panty liners (maybe)
tooth paste and tooth brush
face scrub and mask
light foundation (to cover up the dark circles after some nights of no sleep..lol)

Last but not least: MONEYYYYYYY

Say cheese :D

So while I was on a search and reading reviews of Dra. Duran I thought to myself why not get a smile makeover. It's been years since I've shown my teeth in pics. I just want to smile in pictures with my children so the world can see how happy I am with them. In my search I found Dr. Jose Alonso. I wrote to him here and he got back to me the next day. I spoke to him on whatsapp and he was very polite, timely and informative. I probably have asked him the craziest questions all out of being nervous and trying to assure myself that he's the right dentist for me. I sent him my pictures on whatsapp and he suggested on what I would need to get the results I want as well as the price. So far everything is good and I have sent my deposit. Fingers crossed I leave DR with the body and smile I want

Pre op pics

This is me at 146 pounds and my height is 5'1. I will post my measurements later on today.

3 days left

3 days till I get to DR and 4 days till I have surgery. Packing my suitcase tonight.


I haven't sleep. Last night was very emotional for me. I couldn't sleep and keep crying thinking of all the time I will be away from my children as well if something doesn't go right. I was so excited but now I'm just nervous and sad. To top this all off I got my period at the airport. Smh. I hope Dra. Duran can still do my surgery since my hemoglobin was at 14.5. This means I'll have to stay longer in DR and truthfully I was only trying to stay 10 but pushed it to 13 because I don't want to be away from my children that long but now I guess I really have no choice and stay an extra 3-4 days. Making this about 16 days :( I guess when u have two small children it's harder. Sorry ladies just venting because I am really sad. Hope once I get to DR and settle down I'll relax a bit. I'm going to see Dr. Alonso. Wish me luck ladies

Post op!

Hey ladies. As some of you might know I had surgery on Thursday November 21st. I had a breast lift with argumentation, tt, liposculpture and bbl. My hemo arriving to DR was 13.8. Things started off bad my flight was closed because I arrived 15 minutes late and my period came down while I was in the airport. I contacted Dra. Duran and said she will check my hemo as soon as I arrive. Thank god everything went well. I went straight to cipla and met with dra. Almonte and did blood work as well as a chest x ray. She was very nice but I wanted to meet dra Duran she was in surgery and was told 'll meet her tomorrow. Next day I go to cipla and there she was. I was so honored to meet her. She marked me up and told me I was gonna need a breast augmentation but that it was up to me. She said they will be the same size just full. I agreed and she took pics of me. I then went to emergency where they asked me for my medical history. After that they took me to a room changed into my gown and soaks and was told I had to purchase compression stockings. After that they bought me the blue pill. I staffed to feel woozy. After that I really don't remember much just seeing dra. Duran when I got to the operating room. I went in at 8:30-2-30. I later woke up in the recovery room. I was drowsy from the anesthesia and wasn't in much pain but at 4-6 am I was in the worse pain ever. This pain is out of this world. The nurse came in and gave me a pain killer through iv and a shot to knock me out. I was exhausted and very uncomfortable. My booty and back hurt like crazy. I rested for 2 hours until they came to put on my faja. They drained my back I had a lot of fluid build up. That part was very uncomfortable. They tried closing my faja but my skin was way too sore. A few minutes later dra Duran walks in and gives me my prescriptions and instructions. She was very attentive and took her time with me. She said I looked good and was a champion during surgery. I think I woke up. Noris (Yasmin's mom) and husband picked me up. Nice people! It was a bit difficult to walk but was glad to get off that bed. I've been at the recovery house since early Friday morning and they have treated me very good no complains. They feed you on time and give u your meds. Noris is a angel rubbing my feet and making sure I don't develop a fever. The food is simple but good. My buddy couldn't have surgery with me because her hemo was low. Noris and her staff have been feeding her kidneys and liver and she's also taking meds. Fingers crossed she'll be able to have surgery Monday. Ok ladies gonna get some more sleep. Wish me a speedy recovery please.

Pre op pics

4 days post op

Wow where do I start? Okay, it's 4:23 am and I can't sleep. I'm too uncomfortable to find a good position. Today makes it 4 days post op. I got my tt, lipo, bbl and breast augmentation. Dra. Duran decided not to close my faja so I haven't been wearing it (what's the point of wearing a faja opened?). I have been draining a lot from my back. I have two small drains on the top of my booty and another one going through my private part. I got a quick 10 minute massage today and the fluid coming out my back was ridiculous. Ramon (the massage therapist) massaged also my belly but let me tell you. It was so painful I couldn't hang. Smh. He said he'll be back tomorrow to do a 40 minute massage on me. I felt better instantly but boy tonight I can't sleep for anything. I feel the fluid in my back especially on my right side. I tried sleeping to the side that didn't work and now in laying on my back. I was uncomfortable today and upset so noris came in massaged my feet and said everything was gonna be ok. I fell asleep but now I'm wide awake. Yasmin came in to help me twice to find a comfortable position. I have to see Dra. Duran tomorrow because everything I stand up I hear my head pounding and to see if I can close my faja. I hope I can so this swelling can go down. Wish me luck ladies! :/

Post op

Okay ladies. So here goes!!! The first night at cipla was the worst night ever. Not because of the nurses or anything but because once that anesthesia wears off you are up for a fight. Boy was I happy when the nurse came in at 6 in the morning to give me a pain killer and give me a shot to help me fall asleep. I've been taking oxaforte and for me they don't do anything. Yasmin stressed how I shouldn't take Vicodin because one of the girls took it here and she stopped draining. Well let me tell you I've had to take it on 3 occasions (Dra Duran said I can take them if the pain is bad and to help me sleep) and it's only to fall asleep at night because I can't sleep with this horrible back pain and my ass feeling as if I have bricks in them. It's been tough all these nights trying to get some sleep. The pain from the epidural block bothers so much. My breast really don't bother at all. My arms are sore from the implants. I can't lift or turn my arms much. They have some bruising also.

Post op day 4

Okay so on Monday Nov 25th I was scheduled to see Dra Duran that morning. I didn't get any sleep the night before and was rushing to go see her so I swallowed my breakfast no lie. So I'm on my way to cipla and once I got to the second floor I had to throw up. The pain I felt while throwing up is excruciating. My muscles felt like they were gonna come out. I'm not exaggerating it's a bad feeling. I had to try to hold myself from throwing up but couldn't. After I threw up I felt much better. Dra Duran saw how I was and sent me to get blood work done. My hemo was a 9. Went back upstairs praying they wouldn't keep me at cipla. Dra Duran called me into her office within minutes. She said I looked good and not to worry about my hemo. She took the bandages off my breast. She gave me a lift and a implant of 375cc under the muscle. My breast looked wonderful. My whole body looked amazing. IM still swollen but happy with my results. I was amazed. She had another female doctor come in to assist and told her to take my drains out. I was a little confused because I was only 4 days post op!! They took my front and back drains out. It burned but wasn't as bad as I read before. We had to leave before 10 am and Dra Duran was seeing another patient so Elizabeth told me to return on Friday. Anyways did anyone have their drains removed so soon??

Post op pics

Here are some pics. I will upload better booty pics once I can actually take a pic myself.


Sorry ladies I went to see Dra. Duran and she said I can go back home. She said I looked good just have swelling. She drained my belly. Not painful but uncomfortable yes. She took pics and said she wants pics once the swelling goes down. Also I need to correct something. She gave me a minimal lift and put in implants on top of the muscle not under. Sorry I misunderstood her the first time. Now I'm on JetBlue to see the difference of flying back home Sunday and not Wednesday. So excited to see my babies.

Dr. Jose Alonso

If any of you ladies have been following me and are curious to dads a review in regards to the dentist Jose Alonso I will be writing a complete review about him on Sunday.

11 days post op

Okay so I'm still feeling pain from the lipo in my back. My butt doesn't feel like bricks anymore thank god. I left DR yesterday and got home. It felt good to bed in my own bed. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a faja that Dra. Duran suggested which is called fajate. I leave u girls with a pic

Pics of cipla and the beautiful DR!


Pulmonary embolism and DVT

So as you ladies know I flew back home Sunday December 1st. I got the ok from Dra. Duran and changed my flight to Sunday. On Tuesday I started to notice a discomfort in my left leg particularly my calf. I brushed it off and thought nothing of it but on Wednesday when I woke up and couldn't even walk I decided I needed to get my ass to the ER. I went to the ER and as you ladies know I was there all dayyyyyyy. They told me I needed a Doppler test to look at my veins and circulation in my legs but unfortunately the people who performed that exam were gone. Mind you it's 12 am and they leave at 5 pm. Smh anyways they discharged me saying it's either dvt or a muscle sprain. They told me to return to a Montefiore clinic so I can have the test done the next day. I return the next morning still with the same pain in my calf. They perform the Doppler test and I got my results right away. They sent me back to the ER because they said I had DVT. They put me right through and was told I would be admitted. They gave me 3 blood thinner shots in my arms. They hurt like crazy!!! After around 10 pm they take me upstairs to get a VQ scan to see if I had any clots in my lungs because I was experiencing shortness of breath. At 1 am they bring me up to my room after being in the ER for 12 hours and said I had pulmonary embolism and DVT. They started me on fluids till the next morning. They came in the afternoon and gave me another shot. They said I was cleared to go home but had to take blood thinners for the next 3 months. Bummer huh?! Truthfully, I'm just glad I'm the kind of person that one thing that doesn't seem right I'm at the doctor. I know my body very well and knew something wasn't right. Just happy to be here because we all know pulmonary embolism and DVT is very serious. Glad to be home with my children!!!

17 days post op

I am still swollen and have pain in my back from the lipo. My scars are healing well both my tt and from my breast augmentation. I found a massage lady at Alta Spa here in the Bronx and she is amazing. I can't wait to go back I felt so much better.

Some pics 27 days

I will post a review on how I'm feeling soon.


More pics of breast augmentation

7 week post op

I'm feeling so much better. My lipo pain is very very minimal. My skin on my back is a bit sore but nothing overwhelming. I have been in contact with Dra. Duran. I know you ladies mention she's extremely hard to reach but once your her patient she is 100% dedicated to you. I am wearing my fajate faja. I am wearing a medium since 10 days post op. It's time to move on to a small. I might just get it tailored because they're quite expensive to be purchasing every other month. I've read reviews that m&d fajas are super comfy. Will be looking into it. I leave some pics for you ladies.


Here are some pics of my breast. I had a breast augmentation. The stitches are absorbable. Duran said they'll fall out on their own or I can remove them myself and I did. After I saw they were healed but weren't falling out I took them out myself (tugging on them a bit) and it didn't hurt a bit.

Almost 2 months..

So my tummy has softened but my back and waist are still hard. Unfortunately, I haven't been going my massages I just started working again so hopefully next week. God I miss the massages! :/ I massage myself when I'm in the shower and it helps a bit. I'm now wearing a size small in faja now. This faja I had when I was much skinner and didn't even think about having surgery done lol. It came into handy. Here are some pics. I'm thinking of going back maybe in a year or so to get just a tad bit more booty lol :)


Duran booty

3 months post op

My waist is still swollen and I have a lump from my tummy tuck that with massages will go down with time. My measurements are 37 (chest), 28 (waist) and 40 (hips).

4 Months..............

Hi Ladies. I haven't been on here for quite sometime. I made 4 months on the 21st. I still have very very little swelling in my waist. There are some days I have some soreness in my booty area but nothing I can't handle. I have been working out but very lightly because I'm scared to go hard because of my tummy tuck. The lump I had has gone down just hoping it'll be completely down by summertime. I have some pics I took this morning.

4 month post op pics

Dr. Alonso

I wrote a review on Dr. Alonso but don't see it. If it's not posted by tomorrow morning I will rewrite it and attach the pictures.


Forgot to mention

That he immediately blocked me in whatsapp and hasn't responded to my Facebook messages. I told him I didn't smile in pictures and just wanted to finally smile in a picture with my kids and he didn't deliver!!! I haven't received not even one compliment on my teeth. This whole thing is just sad and a waste of money.

6 months!

Hello ladies. Thank you to everyone who has left me comments on here. Sorry I've been busy with work and my family. I am feeling much better and loving my body. I am going for round 2 in October. I am having lipo to my arms and another bbl. I trust Dra. Duran and wouldn't go to anyone else. She's a doll and she always responds back to my emails. She emailed me saying she needs full medical clearance on me before I leave to DR because of the blood thinners. Thank God I have a wonderful doctor who will be referring me to a clinic in Montefiore which is specifically for medical clearance for surgeries. That'll be sometimes in September. I've been in the gym 3 times a week doing cardio and strength training. I refuse to gain weight lol at the moment I have an appt coming up to see a plastic surgeon because I have developed a hernia in my upper abdomen. It's uncomfortable when I get out of bed and it's noticeable when I finish eating. I will keep you ladies updated.


Just a quick update. I went to a plastic surgeon yesterday and was told it's not a hernia. It could be that she tightened my muscles too tight on the bottom and not enough on top or that a stitch popped :/ he said he's leaning more towards the muscles not being tightened enough on top. With that being said I guess we'll decide what's going to happen once I get back to DR in October. I have uploaded some pics. I will try to post as much as the date gets closer. Just need to learn how to inject myself for the anticoagulant. I've learned with my experience of DVT and PE that heparin is not long lasting lovenox is. Heparin has to be given every 3-6 hours I believe and I was injected once a day on the top of my wrist for 7 days. Yes, I know why my wrist?smh I can't answer that either!!! Would I have known that was wrong I would've had them correct that right away. I now know it's suppose to be your thigh or abdomen. I am trying to get my hands on lovenox so when I go for my clearance in July or August I'm going to try to convince my doctor to give me the prescription. I hope she does I've been her patient for years and we cool she's my age lol it's worth a try it won't hurt plus I don't think she'll want me taking heparin instead of Lovenox knowing I have a PE and DVT. Wish me luck ladies. I by all means will read up on even the slightest information to make sure this time around I have taken every precaution. I'll be purchasing TED hose instead of compression stockings. Goodnight!

7 months


Hello ladies. I'm sorry but I had to delete all my pictures because I have a HATER AND STALKER! My purpose here was to share my experience and my before and after to educate before you go on your transformation. I was here to help with open arms because I am a helpful and non judgmental or envious person. I'm sorry to everyone but I don't appreciate someone taking my pics and making fake Facebook pages of me. Again I wish all you ladies a happy and successful journey. Xo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Love her!!! She's awesome. I wish I can fix the mistake in location I made but she is located in the Dominican Republic. I recommend her to everyone.

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